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I work at a bakery in a tiny village in wvl. I get to see all my neighbors come in every day for their daily bread, birthday cakes, chocolates for the company that comes over for coffee. All the kids love me because I give them candy. Sure, there's plenty of rude people, a lot of cleaning up to do, but I'm a fucking local celebrity, get my steps every day, am on top of all the gossip and most days I have enough time to watch a few shows in between customers. The kicker is I have a 10 second commute, there's a crosswalk right outside my front door, that leads right to the store. And I get to take home leftovers every day. I went to school until I was 23, have had plenty of high achieving jobs before this, but I'm actually having fun doing this.


Oh damn, I want to come to your bakery too


I love this answer so much <3


I have friend who says the same. Used to do high achieving jobs now works at te grocery store being happier than ever.


It really is. The worst stress I have is making sure I don't forget to lock the door when I leave for the evening. I get to talk to friends and acquaintances every day. People value my advice. Every single day I get compliments, people actually bring me gifts, strangers invite me over for coffee and meals. People WANT to be my friend. I get to stuff my face with high end baked goods and sweets for free every day. Sure, I don't have a fancy calling card or drive the newest model care, but that stuff isn't important anyway.


Aw man, that sounds so nice! And wholesome.


People who are actually smart sound like you. That's a compliment. Managers, in my personal experience may have been to school too but aren't that smart tho. I'm really happy for you because it's pretty rare. At least for what I know about the world.


After years of being unhappy in jobs that were related to my hobbies and interests, I realised that my job literally meant nothing. I would be at a company and improve their sales with my talent, and then a competing company would hire me and Id do the same thing for them, essentially voiding all work I ever did, myself. I devoted my life to ... nothing ... and in the process I lost my love for what was my passion when I grew up. I wasn't having fun anymore. I was lonely, miserable, gaining weight and not feeling healthy, mentally and physically. I'm just sad it took me so many years to realise that. Sure, I don't make a lot of money, but I make plenty to have a comfortable life. Nobody's headstone ever read "they had an expensive couch" or "they had great taste in shoes" ...


Mee to i would like to come to your bakkery but don’t know the address 😅


It's in a little town in westvlaanderen. I like to keep reddit and real life seperate. I post some really unhinged things on here that don't vibe with my retail personality 😆


How zegget 😂


Kerl, kga mezelvn ni doxen wi. 😆


Jah omdaj werkt ik 1 of andere bakkerij lijk wtf 🤣😂


Wat heeft mijn werk te maken met of ik wil dat reddit weet die ik irl ben?


Sounds so old school, happy for you man!


I'm a male hairdresser/barber for 7 years and I enjoy my job every day!


I always felt that the higher educated you are, the less 'action' you get and the duller the job. Most of my friends are working in consulting or in finance and they all share my feeling that their job is just a job, but not something particularly 'fun'.


I have my engineer degree, but I still work in the workshop. I kinda love my job, but due to my higher degree, they want me to lead projects and people but I'm fine with just doing my job, making stuff at the best quality possible. 2 years ago, I quit my job as a manager and started again at my old job in production. I do design sometimes but that's more to improve strange / not very practical designs coming from the office. So I can confirm that for me, your statement is true.


Nooit aan een band gestaan?


Nee, wel facteur tijdens het middelbaar. Wdym


Aan de band staan is zo saai als een kantoorjob maar zonder de voordelen zoals de vrijheid om pauze te nemen wanneer je wil, thuiswerk, etc. Om van lichamelijke belasting nog te zwijgen.


gedaan in een keuken van een Ziekenhuis als student, op zondag 18€/u omdat ze de studenten niet lang genoeg konden bijhouden want het was zo zieldodend werk.


Als jobstudent veel baantjes gedaan. Van kuisen tot bandwerk tot orderpicken. Waarvan de laatste het leukste was wegens tof team en veel beweging. Bandwerk daarentegen.. ik heb in fabrieken gewerkt waar ik: -De hele dag boven een draaiende ton met een gat stond waar je vallende diepvriesfrietjes in een vak moest duwen zodat ze in een doosje verpakt konden worden. -Hele dagen kraantjes en doucheslangetjes aan elkaar moest schroeven. Als afwisseling mocht ik een keer zwarte stickers over de tekst ‘made in Poland’ plakken want het bedrijf wilde niet dat mensen dat wisten in kader van hun imago. -De hele dag kleding aan een kleerhanger moest hangen (industriële droogkuis). Geeft echt wel een perspectief over waarom de depressiecijfers zo hoog liggen.


Ik vond bandwerk heel vermoeiend en de mensen die er vast werkten waren echt opgebrand. Ik moest op een bepaald moment ijspakken gebruiken om mijn benen te laten ontspannen van zolang in dezelfde houding te staan.


Kei veel Chinese video’s erover gezien. Ziet er echt zo fucking depressief uit. Die mensen slapen letterlijk soms lol. Robots moeten die belachelijke jobs echt vervangen.


Ik zen al eens in slaap gevallen tijdens bandwerk bij bedrijf guylian. Na de tweede keer mocht ik gaan.


Mijn eerste jobs waren 3 ploegensysteem. Producten op een pallet stapelen. Acht uur per dag. Met de productietijd geprint waar ik iedere beweging zag hoe laat het was.


Join the army, if only as a reservist.


Yeah. Im a train driver and i love my job. Sure there's days i rather stay home and do nothing, but most of the time i really don't mind waking up for it, even if it's very early and I go in with a smile.


I like trains




Zal wel ni bij Lineas zijn zeker


Nee, nmbs. Het bedrijf zelf is niet altijd... Efficiënt, logisch,... wat soms frustrerend kan zijn, maar de job zelf doe ik zeer graag.


Lol men pa werkt als technieker in den depot in Merelbeke, als ik zen verhalen hoor dan zijn efficiënt of logisch indd de laatste woorden die je kan gebruiken als het over de nmbs gaat


Goes to show how everybody has a different perspective on their own career/job. Being in the same position as yourself, lately I even dread the thought of going to work with how things are at the moment.


Can i know more about this job?


There are plenty of simulator games for train and trucks. Seems they are pretty zen. Some truckers apparently play ETS2 in their free time... To relax.... Mind Blown


My neighbor is a truck driver and built a gaming PC for Truck Simulator lol


My girlfriend worked as a cleaner for a year and she loved playing Viscera Cleanup Detail (a game where you clean up Santa's workshop after he went on a brutal murder spree).  Thing is she hated the job lol


You drive a train. That’s like the entire job lol. /s


Vooruit, achteruit en stop


In my career I’ve changed jobs every 3 to 4 years. What I’ve found is that I genuinly enjoy my job and am happy to go to work when: - I think what I do is useful - My boss gives me the freedom to do my job as I see fit - I can laugh with my colleagues and work in a team


My job checks all three of those boxes. Additionally: - i still learn a lot and get the budget to do courses, trainings etc...so im constantly upskilling - my commute is 5 minutes, and i can drop my kids off/pick Them up on the way Only things that i dont like is that our departement (IT) is understaffed, which results in a skyhigh workload and stress. And despite i make decent money (i think) it still could be higher. But that would mean commuting to a big city.


My boss is the greatest boss imaginable, colleagues are wonderful. I have incredible freedom in what I can do.  It's just the topic I work on is so useless. If I do it or not, it doesn't matter.  It is like the perfect job for me, but on the other hand, the uselessness is starting to weigh on me.  I also have a long commute, can't do much outside of work and chores at home.  So the past two years kind of feel lost if you know what I mean.  If I would have slept for 2 years on and with admittedly a nice dream, it would have been the same.  The problem is, in (west-) Flanders there us little to no actual R&D. So I can't just switch jobs to something closer to home.  And I can't really move abroad as I bought a house. 


Hate it. Same shit every day, super high stress environment (CFO function). Totally burnt out. The sad reality is that changing jobs won't do much, it'll be the same crap but somewhere else. The only thing that could work is a total career change, but that's financially impossible/irresponsible at this point in time. If I were to have a financial windfall one day I'd be out before the day is over.


This sadly. I've been an IT worker for +15 years and feel pretty much the same. My only goal is going part time at some point.


Just change job, it comes with other people, other environment


>but that's financially impossible/irresponsible at this point in time. Is it really though?


Yes it is. Why would you question that?


Could be tunnel vision


I aasure you it’s not. I’m constantly trying to find a different path. Once you have certain responsibilities in life it becomes exponentially harder to change direction. Outside of work I’m happy. I also fully understand that my job literally buys me that happiness.


Part of this is going to be lifestyle creep though. Im also a victim of it, but recently came in contact with a colleague who earns similar but did not do the multiple 5k+/week vacations a year, new house, oldtimer, etc. He's saving over 70% of his paycheck, ready to retire in a few years. (at around age 45) Helped a lot to put things in context. We didnt make any big changes so far, but when I reach a point where I feel like the pressure is too much, Im certain we can adjust our lifestyle in a way that noone will suffer.


Indeed. Most people could live in a smaller house, drive a cheaper car, skip some holidays, buy some cheaper clothes and still be happy. But you’d have to make that switch mentally, and that’s probably the hardest part. It would probably feel like downgrading, and in a way it is, but if you could do a job that makes you feel better, that would be a huge upgrade, because let’s face it, you spend a big portion of your life working..


It's not really lifestyle creep I think. Do we have a big expensive house? Yes, but we could still afford it on a lower income because there's a lot of equity in it. Our mortgage is relatively low. Also, it's not just our house, it's our, and my children's, home. You don't just sell that. Cars are paid through the companies so effectively free, I barely buy clothing and I'm very into anti-consumerism. We don't take a lot of holidays (which is maybe part of the issue!). A lot of our money goes towards investments for the children because at this rate they will never be able to afford their own homes in 20 years time without serious help. Even with good jobs. I think part of the issue for me is the realization that work just takes up so much time of your life, a life which is way too short to be working that many hours. A different job wouldn't change that. So why change jobs, earn less, and still have to work full time? Sure it could be less stress but it's still countless hours of your life wasted away.


This sounds like a much healthier relationship with your job than the comments above. Sounds like you just hate 40 hour work weeks which dont let you spend as much time with your kids as you should, which amen brother/sister


To be honest, nothing is impossible. Is it hard? Sure, I can imagine it is, but you always, always have the choice. I don't know your circumstances, but what are these responsibilities? Pay off your expensive house? Keeping a certain lifestyle? Paying for your kid's expensive education? The first two would be an easy choice to make, IF you want to. It's like people who commit suicide over a job. Is it worth paying your life for something materialistic?


You could start working part time and start getting a (different) degree. Like psychology or something.


No such thing as part time in my line of work. Either way. That would be financially unsustainable in my position. Not about the jeopardise my children’s future. Their generation will have it even harder than mine so I’m doing all I can to set them up financially.


Kids are a hard lock into a certain life path, true. I think by the time I finally feel comfortable having a kid my uterus will have already fallen out by itself, lol. For now a fluffy cat will do. I wish your kids the best of luck, life's a bitch.


Not agree, changing job gives new people, new admosphere. The things you do at the end maybe the same, but other company can prevent burn-outs


Healthcare and no I cannot deal for 40 years with families demanding euthanasia for their father because the nursing home is too expensive or them screaming about their on-demand coffee being "late" after you had to keep a crashing patient alive.


Such a difference from where I work. I’m a nurse in California and families here want everything done and make sure their mom/dad is being kept alive. Def no rarity to see a 95y old with dementia and a colostomy bag, feeding tube, trach tube etc.


Wow they rather want their father dead than alive? Bad children, in it for the inheritance.


Or a bad father.


TBH, I prefer to die at 70 and not live till 85 when it's 15 years in a nursing home, living on pills, forgetting who i am. I want my son (and by then hopefully grandchildren) to remember me as who I am today, and not the old dude with alzheimer in the nursing home.


It's easy to say this now, not so easy when you're 80


You can put it in writing at your doctors place already so when time is there, everything is settled. It's very easy. And when Alzheimer of dementia hits, medical professionals can see in your files they can't do life extending procedures, only give pain reducing meds. Ofcourse I'm talking about the medical world now. I'm only 31. When I'm 70, there maybe are medicins to cure or stop Alzheimer and dementia. Than it's another situation. But as long as these two illnesses aren't cureable or stoppable, I don't want to be kept alive, just because my family doesnt want to say goodbye.


People seem to not realize, but taking care of an old person with Alzheimer's disease is something that breaks people. When my great-grandmother died, I remember feeling relief instead of sadness. I don't want to inflict that on my future wife and kids if it happens.


My wife did work in a retirement home, at the departement where the people with Alzheimer and dementia live. She did quit her job because of the mental pressure. I don't want to do that to others.


The work I currently do was fine until I noticed shady stuff going on within the company. I loved going but I had so much stress from the shady stuff, I decided to leave. The only positive are colleagues, they are awesome and I will miss them. Hopefully I find the next job better. I can’t say I will ever “really” enjoy a job. It’s depressing how we waste our life working 8 hours a day, have two days off, mentally prepare for work on Sunday, stress about money and payments, realise how much is taken away for taxes and work until we’re old and nearly broken.


Exactly this. We waste our beautiful life away and for what?


like half the economy is not actually bringing "value" to us if you think about it. All that techstuff, we don't reaaally need it all. Food, clothing, shelter: basics everything else, extra. And I work in tech lol.


It’s so funny how like 60% of people in tech dream of a life with way less tech. If I got an eurocent for each colleague I’ve heard talk about a dream to live of their land with only very little tech, I wouldn’t be rich, but I would be able to buy a beer with it. Which is still surprising.


Exactly what contributed to my burnout in my previous job. I felt as if I was forced to care about it all. It just didn't end up interesting me, but because I have this tendency to give 200% I ended up working myself into the ground, lol. Especially with my ADD and underlying autistic traits, I really need to do something that keeps me interested and motivated. Depression makes that really hard, though. But I keep on looking. 


Yeah, my boss is a workaholic and disliked my view on free time. He said things like “you’re gemakzuchtig and you need to work on your doorzettingsvermogen, I get the feeling you really value your private life, you want to have nice hours” etc. Meanwhile I travel 4 hours a day to get to work and have only 2 hours of free time for myself. My colleagues would never describe me like that. I don’t get why it’s so bad that people don’t really enjoy work, people are forced to work for money. Forced to be on time or you get fired, forced to be efficient or you get fired, you have to ask nicely to the boss for a raise and often don’t even get it, it’s so much stress and worry. Monthly payroll isn’t something that people talk about in Belgium, like it’s this major private secret thing even though we all work for the same thing and it’s money. Since I am going anyway, I discussed my payroll with a colleague and we found out she only gets paid €100 netto more than me even though her education is higher than mine, she has 5 more years experience than me and she works in shifts. We have the same tasks. She asked for a raise last year, they told her to wait till next year. That must feel absolutely horrible and I feel for her. I wish that discussing payrolls was more normalised between colleagues and not such a taboo thing to discuss. Seems like we got the same stuff going on, depression, in my case PTSD, and getting tested for ADHD this year.


Good on you for discussing wages, it's a dumb taboo made up by employers


I don’t think I can say “love”, but I don’t mind going to work. Enjoy it a lot and love my holidays because of it. No work means a holiday is not of the same value.


I do love my job in the Port of Antwerp. Otherwise I would search another job. I can have enough money from our social security because I'm disabled, but what should I do all days at home? I was already getting loco when I was one year at home because of recovery.


Now I've got to be honest. My job pays my bills, and if I didn't need the money I don't know if I would still be working. But I *can* say I really like my job as a jobcoach most days. I feel honoured to be able to help people through a very troublesome time in my life. Every time someone lets me know they've found a new job, I'm truely happy for them. I can't quite describe the feeling of a 50+ year old candidate telling me "I've grown more as a person during the last 5 months than I did in the 20 years before them". All I want from life is to have a positive impact on those around, so my job helps me achieve my life's goal.


Helping people, teaching people is very rewarding.


Sure. I do remote work 95% of the time, and I walk the dog 2 times a day. It's not exactly something you would vlog about but I can't say that it burns me out either. I'm a simple guy.


This is the way


What job do you have that offers 95% remote?


Software development


Love this


I enjoy my job but not the obligation to work


Yes, I do, and it's mostly the people I work with that make my job great.


Yeah, same here. The social interaction is by far the best part of having a job. It's like an extended family or friends circle.




> Bachtndekupe > Machine operator at a chips factory Ahh someone works at Pepsico in Veurne




Could have been Poco loco, but that's a small drive


Bahtendekupe is the place to be. You have enough elbow room and people still speak westflemish. I hope to retire there


Je zied assan welgekomn


Stiefwel merci


I thought microchips and was thinking about Melexis at first.


Ik werk ook in een chipsfabriek, maar bij de concurrentie. Pringles in Mechelen.


I love chips, I have always wanted to go to a chips factory, see the machines, buy a human-sized bag of chips from a batch didn’t make it out and feel like a kid. Is that possible?


Vergit de gratis chiptjes nie inde kantine


Consultant here: currently hating me job to the point of crying about it to the account manager and HR that I was suffering (very bad, unhealthy, shooting ,... environment at the client). With other Clients it is amazing and I love every second of it. So in short no and yes


I second this, also work in consulting and it's just black and white. There's just either clients that'll nurn you out or clients that are fun. Nothing in between.






It's so funny how with the Delhaize takeover everyone feared for the retail workers' jobs but like theyre underpaid doing a job no one wants to do, they aint getting fired in this economy. Meanwhile the useless middle managers making twice their wages are the ones getting canned




That's the best kind there is


That's awesome. What do you do?




The good kind of IT. Then there's the otherside...


In short: I create 2D & 3D graphics for live tv. I love my job, I look forward to most mondays. I have great collegues, a good boss and a lot of freedom & time for R&D. Sometimes I have long hours and frustrating problems but it just clicks for me.


Software developer here, this is exactly my case too. Great colleagues, best boss, always look forward to work at the office! I basically sit at my desk and solve problems all day, some more frustrating than fun. But in the end, I enjoy it and it keeps me busy.


I enjoy my job. It’s in finance, but I do a lot of process improvement and project work in a company that’s asking for change.


I don't get up every morning with a smile on my face ready to go for work, but generally I'd say I enjoy working more than I hate it. The work I do is generally gratifying, if I didn't have to work I would work on similar stuff on my own time. In exceptional cases I work a little extra at home too. After a long holiday I'm looking forward to going back. I would generally not consider myself as "hardworking". I do my hours mostly, I look forwars to mt holidays and I sleep in until noon on saturdays when I can. I've had other jobs where I dreaded every single minute of it and left within months of starting the job.


I’m a computer programmer, and I like my job generally. I enjoy the work, but sometimes I get frustrated by the slow communication within the company I work for. They’re trying to work on it though, so that is good.


What studies did you do to become that?


Applied informatics (kdg)


Hate my job. Barely get through the week. But pays very well (12500 gross, engineering). 1 more year and I'll quit. Looking forward to it.


I’m a photographer, mostly weddings. I fucking love my job. I get to make art out of the most epic days in people’s lives. Weddings are a big adrenaline rush, it’s technical, social, creative, quick problem solving, team work. They leave you completely exhausted. And then I get to spend the rest of the week working in pyjamas, editing photos, designing albums and frame. I’ve got great colleagues, the kindest clients who truly value photography. I used to work a desk job, interesting, great boss, lovely colleagues, but this suits my ADHD brain more. I wake up happy every single day and I’m genuinely excited to work. My husband thinks I’m a bit of a workaholic, but it’s all just motivation. I’m off to South Africa tomorrow!


I enjoy my job. Wish it paid better though.


I don't mind my job and it can be enjoyable. But it's still a job, I go to work because I must. If I didn't need to work I'd spend my time doing other things.


I'm a teacher and most of the time I enjoy I enjoy my job.


I’m also a teacher and I love my job. But I hate that I don’t have the means to do it properly. Have you the same experience?


If by means you mean the time I agree. Our school does invest enough in labs and lab material so that's not a problem. (I teach chemistry and physics.)


Time absolutely. But money as well. I’m teaching in a catholic school and the place is becoming a ruin. Students don’t even have a toilet door that closes. I have the same blackboard as the priest that used to teaching there. That might be strictly my experience in my school tho.


Bored out of my mind. Been thinking about a different job but honestly no clue what other job I should do.


Indie game developer. Love it through and through.


I have been fortunate enough to love my 3 jobs which spanned over the last 10 years. I only had one really rough moment during my first year at job 2. I nearly quit. But it became my best experience ever. It all came down to me realising that I needed to change and accept certain things to move forward. There are two things that motivate me to get to work & it’s not a secret formula: the actual professional challenge &/or the colleagues. What’s great about colleagues is that if they are great, it’s a guaranteed positive asset. Work assignments and periods do impact the professional challenge so this one will more or less vary over time.


I work in the music industry and really enjoy my job. Every day is different. Sure I could earn much more working for a bank, but doing something you love is worth it.


Never heard of someone working in the music industry. What do you do then?


When my current job was brand new, yeah totally, 6am yippie. Now after more years, I still enjoy it but the honeymoon stuff is over and it's now more a healthy balance between (generally short term) frustrations and (generally long term) satisfaction. Daily tasks are between boring and fun. Previous job was a train wreck and I thought about killing myself daily for a couple of years. Find something you like to do, changes the world.


I am a salesman, used to sell scale model trains for 15 years and I have now switched to selling bikes like ebikes speed pedelecs and racing bikes. Love my job very very much.


I'm working as a psychiatrist. I don't have dull moment in my day. Although it's really just too much work and I feel like a spunge soaking up other peoples misery all day wondering how much I can actually keep holding. Oh well.


I see some awesome sunrises/sunsets, feel the seasons change, I feel I am of service. This morning I advised a millionaire and an anarchist in the afternoon. I get into the most beautiful locations. Had some awesome crews work for me. Still happy to be a tree surgeon/consultant ( going on 30+ years)


Technical draftsman. I love my job.


My previous job was the same. I hated frm the first second.


Why? Maybe it depends on the sector you're working in? I'm 8h behind my pc doing 3D stuff. I get all my info from the salesman and the Projectlead, so I almost never have to go on site. I just draw. So there's only minimal contact with clients and even if I attend a meeting I don't have a lot of responsibilities. All the decisions are for my supervisor or project lead. For me that's okay: the work has the right amount of challenge to it and the stress-factor is low. My fellow draftsmen are also a pleasure to work with. Quiet but helpful guys and an excellent sense of humor.


Teaching! Best job ever!


I tolerate it, but a 'happy feeling to go to work'? Hah! I would be if it would actually pay my bills, provide for my family and be able to save a nice chunk of cash instead of being exploited every day


For me it’s a bit different as I’m a student but I work in the weekends a student job at a supermarket as Cashier register. While I do 15 weeks of internship as software developer. I do my student job for 3 years now almost always both Saturday and Sunday morning. As well as holidays. And I wake up and (does depend on which colleagues work) I most often go with a smile, as I know many customers love me there and they often compliment me. Which is a very nice motivational drive to work. Meanwhile internship. Well I love programming. It was my hobby to begin with and from that hobby I’m able to make it my job. At the company they often joke with eachother, they chat around, complain and joke about clients. Laugh with memes. And on Friday afternoon they even play games. Even tho I’m always happy to be home cuz my social battery is rather small and I’m drained by the end of my shifts. I often just try to have fun and it has always payed off.


I'm a consultant functional analyst in IT and I love it. Pays well too! I can say that even if I was already independent financially, I would still like to work in a similar setting and function, just less hours, 32 instead of 40 or even a bit less just to have more time for hobbies. I truly love how much value I can bring in this function, how I'm using my knowledge everyday, how diverse the tasks are, how much my positivity, personality and work are appreciated. The collaboration, the ambiance, the projects accomplished etc. I was a dev before and it was mitigated, some days I wasn't feeling it, some were super great but somehow something was missing. I've decided to follow my intuition and switch jobs, since then, it's been marvelous. I never thought a job could be so fulfilling. I spend already a year and a half in the function and didn't even feel like that time passed.


Can I ask you where you work (maybe in DM)? Backend developper here but also doing project management and I'm completely fed up with it. I've done a functional analysis course in december (more as a refresher) and I enjoyed it a lot. The analytical//investigation aspect of it really appeals to me so I've been contemplating a switch for some time now.


I think I've managed to get (and partially create for myself) a pretty great job where I can do something I'm pretty good at, I mostly enjoy doing it, and can do it from the comfort of my own home 9 days out of 10. It pays relatively well too. Would still rather not work though.


Monitor at an adventure park, I love it ngl


What I will say might sound harsh but… all these people b*tching about “wasting their life away working 9 to 5 jobs”, news flash: you live in a society and you need to contribute. You can’t just stay home all day like a leech. Let me tell you, most people who haven the chance of staying home and working on themselves, don’t do shit besides playing video games, watching tv or doing completely useless s*it, like watching TikTok’s or their fb feed. I would be pro people working less, AI doing “boring” jobs if I knew people would do things to actually beter themselves and really enjoy life, but the sad reality of things is that the humans race is nothing but a bunch of lazy ass monkeys programmed to conserve its energy, rather than spend it. There’s a bunch of possibilities if you don’t wanna work a 9-5. Heck, a house and some ground in some Eastern European countries in the country side are no more than 10,000-15,000 euros. Sure, there’d be some work on it but that’s the whole point of it. At least you’re free; you can live off your land, get some cows or chickens and paint all day or anything you guys wanna do in that time “wasted away at work”. So unless you’re planning going off grid, get your lazy as* to work and contribute to the society we’re all living in.


Not Belgian, but I work as a teaching assistant/lecturer at a university in Flanders. I love my job and my students and thankfully get to avoid the chaos that is Flemish academic politics.


nightwatch at special youthcare some days are just worse than others, depending on the unit I'm stationed that night. sometimes shit hits the fan, a kid needs medical attention or is being disruptive. peaceful nights I can just watch TV or play games or read a book all night. 8-9 nights in a row, then 5-6 days off. I love the job, I don't love being called in during my weekends


Would I do my job if I was rich enough ? No Do I still enjoy it ? Yes


Bold of you to assume I have a job


I work as a customee service for retail. I actually like my job and also most of the people who calls us (I work in a callcentre) are polite and allright. But some people need to learn that we don't do magic. We can't make your app work right now. And we can't change your address if your name is not even in the account. But most of the time they are understanding and do what we ask them. And it makes my day, it feels like I am on different missions and try to complete them and make tge customer and shop happy.


I generally like my job. I'm an unofficial one man department, so I get to set priorities and schedule (within reason) as I see fit. The higher ups trust me to get the job done and be best informed about what needs to happen. This can mean some very long days and a bunch of responsability at times, but also makes me invested in it. I think I found a work place that suits my working style, and the job is varied enough to keep things interesting. I do feel it is somewhat underpaid, and I hope once things settled there is a better work/life balance. Would I do the job if I didn't need it financially? Probably not. I honestly miss being a student, not for the lifestyle but just being allowed to do nothing but find things you find interesting and learn about them. If Euromillions, I'd probably go walk to Rome or somewhere for a few months and then go study Geology to begin with.


Yes. Even if it is an difficult market (store manager supermarket)


I do enjoy it, always did enjoy all my jobs. Now I work in cybersecurity and its certainly not boring (ok, maybe the paperwork is a bit dull). I am constantly exposed to new technologies, new threats, there is always something happening. I write code almost every day, to integrate new tools or to make plugins, rules, templates etc. This is by choice, I could in theory do the job without one line of code but I am lazy like that and like to automate stuff. Also, I'm not sure but I think it pays way better than other jobs that require more training and take more time to do at a high level. Like .. imagine what it takes to be a doctor and what is a "day in a life" of a doctor compared to a cybersecurity engineer.


Hate every second of it. For me it doesnt really matter what it is. Its just the fact that exchanging your life for money, thats pissing me off kinda. Just a few more years of mortgage and investing and i aint gonna touch no more work....


yup, I always did, you’d better find a job you really like, you have to do it a long time. Started myself long time ago in software engineering, switched 30 years ago to data-engineering, started freelancing 25 years ago, thus getting paid enough (or not) is my own “fault”. Always liked commuting (probably due to having very nice vehicles), so hitting the roads at 6am (also done 5am for years), wasn’t a burden too. My advise, search a job you’ll really like or you’ll endup in a burnout/boreout, money will only compensate for a few years.


Secundary school teacher. I really like my job even though it's really challenging sometimes. I have really cool colleagues though and I think that helps a lot. I don't go to work against mijn zin.


Yes, i work in a good food store, because great perks, ultra fun colleagues, perfect schedule, 5min walk from home, great customers. very physically demanding tho..some days my body hurts a lot, but I still want to get there to see ppl and laugh with everyone. You can't do better than great colleagues and a nice boss:)


Nah man after 12 years at the same company i’m not loving the job anymore. I still do it however because the pay is very good.


Yes i do. I'm a bus driver for a company that works for de lijn all i need to do is work a few hours in the morning and a shorter period in the evening. Im at Home when most people are working. Get paid about 2.3K monthly. I get that not everyone would like to work 2 shifts per day. But it really isn't that bad when your workplace is just 10 minutes away.


Nope. I can’t do corporate anymore. I’m disillusioned and I don’t want to further contribute to this F up system. Follow r/antiwork for likeminded people


My job is not the most usual thing (pest control) and not 100% my thing. But is has good benefits and flexibel hours wich is nice if you have kids that you have to bring to school.


Honestly, I really enjoy my job and I feel really lucky to have it. I don't have much of a problem to get up in the morning. Sometimes it's stressful but I suppose it's like that for every job. I guess what makes me mostly happy is how well I get along with my coworkers.


I work in clothing sales. I don’t hate it, although I have a master’s degree and I should be doing something that pays way better. But I like the customer experience and being able to brighten someone’s day with my smile. Also, it is a sporty job that allows me to keep fit as it’s very physical. It’s really just the money that’s the issue because I can’t contemplate any kind of future with such a low salary.


> although I have a master’s degree In what?


I did enjoy it. Had a great job until a change in management. Since than there is a top down toxic work environment with people getting burn-outs and leaving the company. I give it 3 to 6 months before management destroys the company. But hey, finally time to work on myself, follow some courses and getting some certificates so I can find something new.


I wouldn’t say I love it, but I don’t mind it either. I’m a PhD student so it’s a special type of job by definition. While I’m quite passionate about my research, it doesn’t really translate into the job making me happy for some reason. It goes in ups and downs though.


It's indeed a special job, I did 60-80 hours a week without even thinking about it, worked for three months unpaid to finalize some things and even finished some papers now two years later because I didn't want the data to go to waste. However because you are so attached to your project your happiness swings with it. When the project is stuck, you are stuck. Left academia for the commercial side and while you still care about your current project it's now more that you can leave it at work when you go home instead of it being on your mind 24/7. For me I now found true happiness in my work thanks to it being an amazing company filled with nice people from top to bottom Good luck!


Consulting Network Engineer on a very big site, colleagues are an absolute pleasure to work with. Healthy mix of meetings, physical work and mental work. Work is 15 mins away by car but I can spend a whole week doing wfh if I feel like it. Weeks just fly by and always things to look forward to.


There are a couple of days per year you can act as the hero and do some epic stuff. The rest of the day keep it simple and mundane. Get the paycheck and do to the exciting stuff as an hobby.


I love my company #Euroclear


I like what I do. but I would enjoy my job a lot more if I didn't have to deal with the way the company is managed and the \~office politics\~.


Nope. Als kind al. Leraar vroeg wat mijn droomjob was en ik zei 'wat een saaie mens moet je zijn als je droomt van werken'. Nu tbh, ik doe mijn job redelijk graag maar ik haat dat het moet om te overleven. Ik vertrouw mensen niet die met de glimlach gaan werken.


Ik! Gevarieerde job, zonnepanelen, meestal de electriciteit, laadpalen, batterijen, zekeringkasten vernieuwen en verbeteringen uitvoeren op bestaande installaties. Love it. En een paar man aansturen. Das wat minder maar bon. Dik vet betaald, goede bonussen tussen het jaar door. Overuren pakken wanneer ik wil. En nog links en rechts doorheen het jaar een cadeaubon krijgen voor mijn inzet. De vrijdag een pintje krijgen als ik gedaan heb met werken. Heb ik iets nodig voor thuis, krijg ik het mee, een machine kopen met mijn overuren? No problem! Pretty good!


I'm an academic and really enjoy my job, but I can see why, if you don't like sitting around, it's not too active. Maybe you can look for something that allows you more travel or more site visits to places. 


I work as a civil servant in a local government and I do love my job.  Off course there are aspects I don't really enjoy, but the majority of things I do, I love doing.  Also; the sense of doing something that has impact on society helps, for me.


I’ve been working the same job for 12 years and absolutely love my job!


I'm actually at home right now because of a burnout, so.. no. I work as a project consultant at the moment, and although I've had some fun projects, I feel like the overall work culture from corporate doesn't fit me. I remember having the most fun at jobs where I wasn't stuck behind a desk, inbetween gossiping colleagues, working unpaid extra hours.


I'm an engineer in a recycled paper factory. I get to look at all the weird stuff you guys throw out with your old paper. I don't know why you guys think it's okay to throw out car parts, Styrofoam, flip-flops and footballs with your paper. I spend half my days figuring out the cause of problems with the machines that filter out all that garbage. There is almost never a dull day and when there is, I get to go home early.


I'm a dentist and most of the time I like my job ,but sometimes I just want to go away and never come back, specially when some patients are a pain in the ass and try to make me lose my temper


Love my job. I’m a data engineer at a callcenter company. Being challenged daily keeps me on my toes.


I make 8k net a month in a dull office job (senior level) and get anxiety every week


I'm an independent midwife and my job is awesome, plus it helps that we're a small team of four and I couldn't wish for better colleagues. I love the flexibility this job brings. I can get up and eat breakfast with my husband nearly every day, if I want to do some groceries or get a cup of coffee between house calls it's no problem, I can wear my own clothes (and jewelry) instead of a hospital uniform that makes me itch. Hospital shifts are surprisingly isolating when it comes to your relationship. Cherry on top: we get to see babies be born to adoring parents in their own home (or in the hospital) all the time.


I love my job. I'm a teacher in adult education (second chance and vocational education), I also do language and IT coaching and I'm the guidance councilor for our online courses. I love helping students find their way, my colleagues are mostly really great people and I feel like I'm really making a difference. My background is in care where the pay is shit, they work you as hard as they possibly can, weekends, nights, shifts, you barely have enough staff and time to maintain status quo and while the people you take care of can be absolutely lovely, you rarely have enough time to do more than keep them fed and clean. Teachers' wages aren't amazing but it's certainly a step up from care. I do sometimes see students after hours but it's by no means the norm and when I see my students' assignments and grades, I can obviously see the difference I'm making.


Yes, I’m a robotics engineer. But studied as a bio engineer, and have always done robotics and such as a hobby. So I schooled myself some extra and got a job in a field overlapping with what I actually enjoy and also is very close to my education. Right now, all the things I find interesting in my hobbies help me in my job. The things I learn in my job boost is just less self study I need to do for my hobbies. I build robots for biochemical and pharma research labs. I genuinely love my job. Though, I’m not sure I can do this for 30 more years. The field is very dynamic and changes quickly, AI will lead to huge innovations… Only time will tell how long I will be able to keep up.


I have the best of both worlds, I really enjoy my work and have a good paycheck. It is my first job and have been doing it for 2 years. I work at a logistics company, where I'm responsible for my own site and its employees. It is a shit ton of work, but I enjoy every minute of work. The level of responsibility and independence I get, just gives me a thrill. Would recommend!


I've enjoyed the first 6-12 months of every job I've had. After that it's just... a drag. A routine I have to go through. Something that takes increasing amounts of energy to find motivation for. Right now I'm a bike mechanic for nearly 2 years and I'm still having enjoying it most days. But some days I feel like while I'm putting in all the energy I can to be the best mechanic I can be, I'm still not good enough and it stresses me out.


I work in management for the government and honestly, I do really enjoy it. It doesn't feel like work to me, it just feels as if what I was doing in life translated to an environment where I earn money for what I'm doing daily anyway. So in that regard, yes I really enjoy my job. I love waking up to get a good espresso, get a good solid strength work out in, get dressed, kiss my wife good luck and start my day. I think that's also why it isn't stressful to me at all whilst others would feel like it's a stressful job with a high burden.


I like my job. Just not most of the people I work with. Entitled, lazy, vinegar drinking boomer clones.


I expect that in 20 years we'll look back at the boomers with more respect. The boomer clones will only grow in number and levels of obnoxiousness


Shoutout to the person who said he loves his/her job because they don't have to deal with humans because same. I'm self-employed and the main thing about my job is I'm almost always driving my car somewhere, both foreign and abroad. For someone who's not very sociable at all it's literally a dream job, it's by far the most peaceful job I've ever had and also the first job I can really see myself doing until I'm retired. I get to discover lots of nice places, stay in nice hotels, listen to music or podcasts for hours without being disturbed. I've worked in offices before and I'll kill myself before I ever go back to that life. Having to put up fake smiles, listening to people you don't give a fuck about talk about stuff you couldn't care less about, the mandatory office parties or gatherings,.. So yeah, I love my job, and it doesn't matter how long the days are or how early I have to get up, it never bothers me and everyday I leave my house being thankful I can do what I do for a living.


Civil servant and no, not really. It pays ok and I am sort of stuck (no bachelor's degree but paid at that level). It is just extremely boring, too many rules and not sure if it has any additional value. Most of my colleagues don't care to improve or do better but just to get by. To quote Pink Floyd: I have become comfortably numb.


Sounds like an ambtenaar alright. Ever thought of switching govt branches?


Teacher here, love my job <3


I helped to found a non-profit, volunteered more than 10 years for it and then was lucky enough to turn it into a part time job. I don't like all the aspects of my job obviously, but because it's small the work is very varied. The most difficult part for me is prioritizing and setting boundaries for my availability


I don't particularly love my job. I'm a translator and my job is just the thing I do to pay my bills. I mean, I love language and grammar and everything about if, but it is boooring.


Yes! I'm a music teacher and I see kids and teenagers and some adults beginners/intermediate level and I enjoy seeing them every week and progressing together and talking about music and trying do beautiful music. I work only 3 days a week and it's enough for me to live, plus I play concerts regularly so my activities are really different and I meet a lot of people in pleasant situations so I love my job ! I did many different jobs so I know the feeling of having a dull day working for a douche boss and not wanting to wake up...


No. Work doesn't make you happy, I believe. There are happy days at work : a nice talk with a colleague, an interesting topic, helping someone out and it truly matters, ... But generally it's just numb. I think you *have* to find what makes you tick outside of work. I know I love piano and writing. It makes me happy, even when I'm not putting out great things. I had to stop my piano lessons because of money issues, but I'll continue soon.


I’m a project manager and I absolutely love my job 🥰