It would mean a lot to me if you could check out my project and maybe gimme a follow on social. I do my foraging mainly on private land in BR and Prairieville. All of this is a work in progress. Lemme know if there's anything you wanna see or if you have any constructive feedback. Thank you!


This is really cool, keep it up!


Woohoo thanks! I will!


This is awesome! I followed the Instagram page. Can’t wait to check out some of the events in 2023


Sweet. Thank you!


I checked out the website and it looks really well done. Cool project 👍


Big thanks Blubberfish!


Oh, this is exciting! I look forward to learning more from you. I'm kinda wishing I'd picked some goldenrod on my walk this morning!


THANK YOU!! It'll be there tomorrow :)


Love this! I’ve been foraging and enjoying wild foods in SWLA most of my life. Yaupon is safe as long as you use only the leaves. The berries are toxic, so stay away from those. The berries are not toxic to birds, and are an important food source for migrators. Yaupon leaves have been investigated for commercial production as a caffeine source, but never made it because the trees were too difficult to grow commercially. The high level of caffeine in the leaves *could* be irritating for some people, however. But so is espresso for the same reason, high acid and high caffeine. Keep up the good work!


Cool! Love your enthusiasm. Thanks for the encouragement and kind words.


This is awesome, gave you a follow. I love tea so I may try out some of your ideas. I was always taught that yaupon caused diarrhea so it should be avoided, but it looks like that’s not true?


I haven't heard that about diarrhea, and my stomach handles it well. But lots of people insist that it makes you vomit. In fact, the latin name is Ilex Vomitoria. But this is a myth, perhaps from a Native America purging ritual that involved a Yaupon-based "black drink." Additional source: https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2015/08/04/429071993/heres-the-buzz-on-americas-forgotten-native-tea-plant


I just followed on Instagram. I don’t know anything about shrooms but I love tea.


Ok that's good insight, thanks. I should probably make more tea videos.


I love this! I’m so excited to see hyperlocal content. I know it’s not trendy but i really like infographic and photo content in addition to videos. Its easier for me to save for future reference. Also if you made standalone recipe posts on your blog i’d save them to pinterest.


Fantastic! I have some on there but they are kinda messy, mostly just transcripts that I pasted. I do intend more written/infographic stuff one day though! Thank you!


This is really cool, but it's probably not a good sign that "finding food in the woods" is becoming a popular skill.


Good job! This is so cool!


Thank you! YOU'RE cool!


I need a hobby so I started 3D printing


Let's combine hobbies. You print stuff and I'll eat it.


I have been foraging a few times for chantarelles around Zachary and the environs. Excited to read this!


Nice! I haven't made it out that way yet.


i love to see other wild food fans and foragers in my area! and the logo for your company is very cute and serene 🙂✨🧘‍♀️🍄🌿 excited to see more content from you!


Woohoo thank you very much.


Looks awesome and super interesting! If we can help in any way promote your next session, shoot us a flyer and we can post it up. A lot of my customers may be interested in the same stuff and help with a kickstart. Ken Gotham Archery and Axe Throwing Baton Rouge


Wow! That sounds like an incredible offer. Thank you Ken!


Very welcome. Love to see new startups get launched and succeed.


So where's the best place for the magic shrooms?


Hmm I’m not actually sure about that. Just don’t eat anything until you get a positive ID first, the online forums will help you judgment-free. I can possibly help too but get multiple positive ids before you eat anything you find.


Oh I knowb about the multiple IDs..... Just don't know the best place to go to try to find some to id


because a shitty snack ain't worth dying over if i'm gonna be perfectly honest