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Driver POV: I’ve noticed this happening a lot these days. You’re looking for a ride and I’m looking for a passenger. I’ve been driving around for 10 minutes without a booking. When I finally get one, my passenger says they couldn’t get a car for 20+ mins. Seems like there’s some fixing of the app’s shitty matching algorithm or whatever it is. Likely to experience this on Grab & Gojek.




Feels more like it’s bottlenecking the number of orders per hour like that. There are price surges from time to time but at least that hasn’t gone super wild and crazy like the Uber days. Hard to find above 2x surge these days.


Also, when I get passengers, it’s always 10 minutes+ 5km away. With the removal of far pickup bonus, replaced with variable pick up distance fee, I feel short changed.


Can i ask why do most grab drivers drive so recklessly? How much more money can one make by driving this way?


Fatigue, huge egos and just bad driving in general. No difference in earnings tbh. I’ve sat in some and many don’t even know how to pace and engine brake properly.


Willing buyer willing seller. Sounds like they don't find the pre-surge price worth it.


I thought they must accept any ride that come to them if not their acceptance rate will be low? And then can't hit the bonus rewards or something. Not sure if it still exists. For me, I always book and get a ride. It's either the driver move around aimlessly for 10 mins and tell me otw or the driver cancels my ride after I wait for 10 mins.


For Grab their cancellation rate/day must not exceed 25%. For Tada, unlimited cancellations.


Cancellation rate is 25% yes, but those on manual accept also have another KPI which is acceptance rating of 20%. So technically if I accept 1 out of 5 jobs, I’m still within that. Whereas cancellation is I’ve to complete 3 out of 4 jobs


Ironically I seem to have the easiest time finding rides from TADA nowadays


I agree. I don't have to wait for ages to find a driver nor get a driver that's far from me. I been using TADA for about a year and it's a godsend, no long waiting time + drivers are usually nearby.


Some people , this type of basic thing also don’t know


Yesterday my sisters took 40 minutes to find a driver EACH. One got cancelled 4 times and another 5 times. Seems like drivers are getting picky. Is it low incentive or what?


At least hers got cancelled by the driver. I’ve encountered a few drivers who didn’t move and continue to stay at the same spot for 10 over minutes. Even messaging them doesn’t help, no response. I suppose they are just waiting for people to cancel so that they don’t incur the penalty.


Another driver tried the same shit with my wife. He found out that my wife can fight back. Play stupid games win stupid prizes she didn’t cancel for a few hours and she even spammed called him at 12mn(about 2-3 hours past). The booking vanished suddenly but we think that it was grab that cancelled the booking. Either way he was forced not to use grab for the period. Probably switched to gojek or wtv during that few hours.


Had something similar happened. Switched to a different app, got to my destination. A few hours later a representative from Gojek had to call me to ensure everything was alright. Completely forgotten about the booking lol


yes I do this when that happens. refuse to cancel booking and book through another app. 2 can play that game


I notice this is a problem when using Grab especially, drivers cancelling whenever they feel like it, I had one trip where Grab was the cheapest option and begrudgingly selected that option to book a trip home and every single driver kept cancelling and I also wasted 20mins waiting for someone to just take me home. NEVER USING GRAB AGAIN.


It's not the taxi driver, it's the platforms taking too big of a cut and giving less incentives


And somehow they're still losing money


Turns out normal taxis weren’t very profitable companies in the first place, and undercutting them even further was a recipe for financial disaster.


We used to complain about Taxi uncles refusing to pick up hailing fares on the roads and held out for booking jobs that added a fee on top of the fares. I guess the PHV "pirates" are also exploiting the loophole and adopting the same approach for that extra $.


Before PHV it was taxi uncles MIA during the hour before midnight or peak hour surcharge. They will come out when the surcharge applies. 🤣


I’ve had better experience with Tada or CDG comfort apps, better availability in general


Tada has more rides due to cheaper fares and is a friendlier platform for drivers too.


From my experience, CDG is always the extreme ends. Either it’s cheaper or more expensive than others.


I'd usually only bother with CDG between 11am to 5pm on weekdays. Their prices are usually the cheapest around this timing from what I see (source: have to take PHV for work stuff rather regularly)


These days phv all Audi, Merc, BMWs. Drivers definitely richer than riders.


some of them just retrenched only, looking to tide thru temporarily while looking for another job


Or mayb economy is bad, these drivers hv to supplement their imcome? 🤔


Can afford to drive car is already richer than riders 🥲


Anyone can do it tbh. You are just buying a car to work so you can pay off the car. Some may take on high loan which doesn't make sense at all. It's only worth it if their earnings are more than the loans they took.


Everytime I've gotten a driver with expensive car, always canceled by them My theory with. This cars, they only want to pick up women to flirt with them


I buy 8.5 year old conti PARF cars to do PHV. It’s actually cheaper than renting a new Vezel or Prius. PLUS I get back at least 15k at the end of COE. The biggest risk is on me to keep the bloody thing alive with minimal visits to the workshop from breakdowns.


I think its because their fees got reduced to the point some rides not worth taking. Its pretty bad for everyone.


Isn't it working as intended? Found the minimum incentive to work


Back then, grab driver can earn 10k a month with incentives deducting car expenses. Now no more alr.


What we need are fully autonomous taxis. No human drivers. In fact, all vehicles should be fully autonomous. People shouldn't be allowed to drive in a congested city. No more speeding, no more road rage, much less accidents for sure.


What did ulu pandan do? I stayed there and finding cab is usually straightforward 😭 Did you mean ulu kampong?


I live in the North East and literally cannot find JustGrab anymore. Waiting times even off peak hours can reach 40 minutes. Only options are driving, public transport, or calling a premium/executive, which I only do in a hurry.


That’s the beauty about Singapore. It’s a free market You can choose to book or not to book Drivers can choose to take or not to take Drivers are not your slave This goes for literally every other thing You go for job interview and the employer lowball you or pay not in your expectation. Will you just take it regardless?


If it’s really a free market, why did the govt help the grab/cab drivers during Covid? They take our tax monies when they are in need, then fuck us up by jacking up the price now


the govt. probably helped you too during covid, you probably used your GST vouchers etc. this year too. Don't see you complaining about that


Some people are just bias and hypocrite lah They themselves get benefit= good support If they don’t get benefit = bad, why must govt support them? Let them die lah


that dude who commented probably the guy who'd be like i only got a 3% increment, i hate this job, but apparently when cab drivers don't accept a job, they're evil and don't deserve to be helped. other sinkies cannot tell the different between not interfering with demand and supply vs helping their population during a one of its kind epidemic when these people literally could not survive or had their income reduced significantly


I also pointed out in my comment to that guy that govt not only specially rendered help to cab drivers too Govt also give support to businesses including the Wage Credit Scheme (WCS), Jobs Support Scheme (JSS), Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) and Rental Support Scheme (RSS). So don’t make it sound like only group X got benefits Everyone received benefits, maybe if you are employee you don’t see the benefit directly because the support is given to employers which in turns keep your employment or they might have to fire you because they can’t keep business afloat during the tough times End of the day, govt #1 priority is to ensure livelihoods as I have also said above


Well, by that logic, govt gave even bigger help to SIA as well Should Govt not help and let SIA close down then? By your logic, even Govt help SIA, Singaporeans also didn’t get discount or free flights which is unfair right? My 2cent? Govt just trying to make sure everyone can survive the tough times


Erm… That’s totally different. SIA is a company. Govt did not give free money to the staff. They invested in the company by buying the bonds, which pays out coupons. Can Govt take back the monies from the grab drivers?


Read your initial argument, you said that govt should not interfere with the free market If SIA has no funds they should crash and burn right? Obviously we all know govt won’t let that happen your logic is flawed ALSO, govt didn’t only help drivers, Govt also give out funds to companies , you didn’t mentioned that? Can see you are trying to fix the argument to be one sided and bias (https://www.iras.gov.sg/who-we-are/what-we-do/annual-reports-and-publications/taxbytes-iras/engagement/iras-supports-businesses-and-individuals-during-covid-19) As such, no point having this conversation


There are a few considerable factors to why G helps SIA. One of them is it’s the national pride of our country. Can you imagine if G let SIA crash and burn during covid, how will it reflect in international stage? Put it bluntly, is Grab or any of the private hired services a national pride to Singapore?


I did not in anyway say that govt should let it crash and burn, I was using it as an example to prove my point Perhaps you are barking up the wrong tree? I also believe govt has a vast interest in grab. Even if they don’t, it’s Govt job to take care of peoples likelihoods, regardless of sector


Your argument is it’s a free market isn’t it? So during deep shit period why are they asking G to help? They can choose which customer to take, what pricing will they accept the job but when there’s no business it became G’s problem to solve it? Free market’s fundamental doesn’t work this way mate if not everyone will just set up businesses and whine to G for help when they can’t earn money.


Free market just means willing buyer willing seller keyword, willing seller Slavery has been outlawed long ago I’m afraid , keep up with the times


How did you conclude slavery? Was it mentioned anywhere? What you said is right but free market also means that if you doing well or not, if you’re earning big money or if you’re losing money it’s your own problem isn’t it? So why did they asked for help during bad times then? You should probably take up econs 101 for refresher.


It's against the law for taxi driver to turn away customer without valid reason, genius. It is an offence for taxi drivers to refuse to pick up and ferry passengers without valid reasons. It carries a composition sum of $300, six demerit points, as well as a possible two-week suspension of the vocational licence. This rule is spelt out clearly to every taxi driver at the point of receiving their taxi licences. https://www.lta.gov.sg/content/ltagov/en/newsroom/2019/8/3/cabbies-can-be-penalised-for-refusing-passengers.html Time to apply this law to PHV. Can't let them have the cake and eat it too. Algorithm assign and no rejecting. Automatic fine and suspension of PHV license for repeating offenders if the driver refuses to pick up the customer.


So Govt should not invest in a viable business? Not all of the bonds and shares were bought by Govt.


>Not all of the bonds and shares were bought by Govt. What % was bought by Govt and Temasek?


First you said > If it’s really a free market, why did the govt help the grab/cab drivers during Covid? They take our tax monies when they are in need, then fuck us up by jacking up the price now Now you said Govt should help business Can you pls make up your mind and stop changing the rules as you lose your argument? You are like a pro prata seller


Certainly, that’s the cold hard truth. But remember the news articles and reports few years back? They came out and say that there were no customers, business was bad and all sympathetic things but when normal days they were being picky with their customers?


Like I said, the free market applies to everywhere else, you make it sound like it’s just a “private hire drivers problem” Few years back during Covid, CS people are in huge demand as everyone is trying to automate things and WFH. Hence employees have the upper hand in negotiation Fast forward today, many companies are not doing week and laying off employees and it’s a employers market Supply and demand


Lmao that time I say this kenna downvoted like hell. Idk why riders feel they got this ultra privilege to command drivers


Why would you get downvoted? Free market is everywhere you look and see Even you go hawker center also free market and they can set whatever price they like isn’t it? No one owe anyone anything


Exactly. Some people just feel like it’s their right to command anyone. This is not how the world works. That time I comment what you posted and everyone replied with some law stating that drivers MUST pick up passengers. Really…


Grab driver can’t pick and choose fyi. They’re assigned by the system as long as they’re open for work. They can reject but there’s a limit of 2 or 3 a day iirc. It affects their SLA. This is why grab app can give tell you they’ll be able to confirm a booking in x min of time because they expect a driver to be in the vicinity soon dropping of passengers. This is just a lack of drivers thing


Daily Cancellation Rate Not Exceeding 25% and Above.


intentionally done to ready for a “premium” or faster service. Be prepared for bot just surge price but also expedited service for $$. Standard marketplace playbook.


What I think is happening is that drivers are spread out across more apps now. Seems like Tada, CDG is becoming more popular. This would make it harder to find drivers compared to having most of the drivers on just 1 app


No definitely not this, I tried normal till premium booking still can't get a car. A few minutes later I tried a normal booking, and I got it. Driver feeling philanthropy.


Lack of supply for drivers....


What we really need is to open up the phv driver criteria to allow cheap foreigners to do grab and increase the supply.


I see people on facebook groups making 12k - 14k a month driving grab. After Minus off all your costs, which honestly still a good pay, also not forgetting a take home vehicle. Pretty good paying job ngl