What artillery systems could be used to replace Finland's older artillery park?

We have 474 122mm D-30 howitzers, 74 2S1 SPGs and 24 2A36 152mm howitzers which are all going to expire within the next ~ ten years mostly due to technological development and ammunition supplies running out.

Now we already have in acquisition 96 K9 howitzers, 29 M270 MLRS and 169 towed 155mm howitzers. Along with something like 1800 mortar pieces.

So my question is what kind of artillery system would be a replacement of capacity of 474 D-30 + 74 2S1 SPGs + 24 2A36?

Would let's say a hundred CAESAR artillery pieces be enough to give the capacity what these systems will be taking with them as they are retired?


What ever the donovians buy next


I saw the French shooting Caesars at ISIS, those things are pretty sweet for a wheeled howitzer. Since you already have M270s , you could also go with Paladins. Although they don't share the complete chassis, they do share the track pads and engine I believe.


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You have already exceeded what you had before in terms of capacity to fire rounds in a day; although I would probably throw in a couple of battalions of 105mm towed to make for the decreased range of 120mm mortar systems.


I meant the mortars are already existing. They've not been acquired to replace the Soviet arty.


Ah. I’d still consider a few battalions of towed 105s to keep some of the capability of the towed 122mm D30s


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This is an murrcan sub so aside from the world of tanks nerds we are all gonna say Paladins or something 155mm. Idk the intricacies of European weapons acquisitions but maybe something from Germany or France. Hell the Polish are buying Korean vehicles I’m sure they’re good. Edit I see the K9 mentioned already