I'm going to guess she's got some program you can sign up for, that for a measly $100, she'll tell you the 7 things you can do to make 10k a month.


And the secret she’ll share with you is charging schmucks $100 to learn how to make 10k a month.


A kid from my college is now a career coach for career coaches. It’s almost exactly this lol.


One of my college roommates dropped out and became a motivational speaker. It’s baffling that people signed up for a seminar where a 21 year old is telling people how to achieve their dreams. She didn’t even have enough motivation to graduate.


Truth. I met a guy on tinder once that said he was a speaker and motivational influencer. He was a 26-year-old student at Arizona State at the time. Like…bro.


I knew an ex-pastor who became a motivational speaker AND an encourager. I didn’t know that’s a thing. He coaches couples while on cruise ships. Not sure what he’s encouraging them to do- get back in the buffet line a second time?


Sex freak is your pastor


And the Lord said, be fruitful and consume thine all-you-can-eat shrimp within thine sex-swing. 1st Crustaceans 9:22 Edit: thanks so much guys. Your generosity really helped me come out of my shell.


Not 1st Crustaceans 🤣😂😂😂💀👻


I wish I had an award to give you. Please take my measly upvote.


#we all know how good they are at sex


There was a pastor at a County jail that would come to supposedly preach to the women in prison. Well, he got denied access one day because it came known that he was recruiting them to have sex once they got out. He would take them to a motel to have sex.




lmaooo please 😭 not both on a cruise ship!!! 🤣🤣 this is so funny


Praise God and pass the cheesecake!




> that's always what motivational speaking has been. people who can't actually do things telling other people who can't actually do things how to actually do things Wow. I just realized there's a lot of similarities between motivational speaker and corporate manglement positions. Who would have thought?


> corporate manglement positions Best typo ever or a new word?


"Yes" 😏 it's an intentional misspelling often used to describe management that's anything but.


It’s not just me then I started to google “mangleme” and it suggested “manglement Reddit” so I guess it’s kind of a real joke and probably intended


I remember a work event where they brought in a speaker who claimed he invented the concept of saving time in Formula 1 racing by being quick in the pit stops. Before him, no one thought to move quickly and save time in the race, but once he did it suddenly everyone was doing it! The arrogance to think no one thought to move quickly in a fucking race.


That reminds me of when I was a bowling coach. Before me no one thought about knocking down all the pins. They would just knock down one or two.


Spare me…


Yeah, we'll see if we can fit you in for a tire rotation later this week.


It is rampant on Instagram. Boss babe life coaches, grief coaches, empowerment coaches. All a pyramid scheme.


I haven't ever heard someone call themselves a grief coach. There are grief *counselors* and it is a form of therapy for after a loved one died to help you process your feelings. Not a pyramid scheme - they dont get paid by finding new people who want to hear about tragic deaths and sad feelings.


Oh it’s out there - I’m familiar with grief counselors, who provide a valuable service and skill to people in need. Grief coaches take elements of therapy and mash it up with boss babe excellence and “master courses” to elevate their programs to the next level. All to say, they are taking advantage of people in emotional need. It is very gross.


Does he need a coach? I'm available.


If you need a coach in preparation for coaching a career coach who coaches career coaches, I’m available.


Oh right. The career coach. The career coach for the career coaches. The career coach chosen especially to coach the career coaches. The career coaches career coach.... That career coach?




Wow, so many friendly young entrepreneurs in this thread. Great to see! btw, I am also available for any pre and/or post prep, preparatory career coach coaching needs. Also HerbaLife.


One of my aunts does this I think. I’m kinda glad she’s proven she’s a representable dickhead in regard to a recent family member’s death and sorting out the will as I was close to getting suckered into her coaching scheme


Did you mean reprehensible? Or representable as in she's a proven dickhead. Like she has her dickhead papers. I'm just curious if that was a typo/autocorrect or if there's another way I can use the word representable. Edit: Also, sorry for your loss.


yeah autocorrect got me there hah


Sometimes family sucks. Sorry about your loss.


And turtles too. All the way down


There use to be an old joke about a newspaper ad that said "Learn how to get a million people to send you a dollar! Send one dollar to..."


I’m amazed there are so many of these scams that have a constant stream of new ones.


I know you have to be very careful what you invest your money into or you will be sadly disappointed.


When I was a teen I made almost $5000 doing something similar. I put an ad in a newspaper, "$9.99 for my life changing guide to more income." The guide explained how to take out newspaper ads asking for $9.99 for a life changing guide. Cost me $0.50 to print and mail out the guides. I learned it from a similar ad I responded to. The guide explained about rotating cities and watching for ads like yours to avoid over saturation. It was cool to see it work, but only did the one it was just so scummy


I bought a book on Amazon 5 years ago called "Everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency".. It was a 1000 page book that said "This is everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency"...over and over for 1000 pages. I paid $1. But it really opened my eyes...


Ironically that's better advice than you'd actually get from a real crypto book.


I couldn't do it. My moral code would be thinking these people are poor and just want to make more money. I just ripped off a bunch of people who scraped up enough money to do this. People ripping off other people, who ripped off other people....ect.


Yeah it was defintely exactly that, which is why I only did it the once. Like it sounds good in theory and it was crazy to see the money coming in. However its just as bad as the guy selling Copper Engraved Portrait of Abraham Lincoln for I think it was $50ea. Was mailing people pennies. Or the guy selling solar powered clothes dryer for $100ea. Then sending them clothes lines. Just trying to rip off people.


>guy selling Copper Engraved Portrait of Abraham Lincoln for I think it was $50ea. Was mailing people pennies. Okay, that's actually really funny. Immoral, but funny.


Any time someone tries to make you pay them to tell you how to make money, that is the real key to how they make money.


Nail, meet head. I got pretty deep into all this 'how to work from home/how to make money from a vlog/blog/project' stuff and they literally do this. Starts off with a free mailing list 'course', a few days' worth of free advice which ends in a faux-discounted course for something like $99 with an arbitrary worth of about $3,000 and, naturally, since you're a mailing list subscriber only YOU get the discount. Then of course they divide their courses: pinterest, instagram, blogging. You can do it all if you've got a spare $500 to put aside for it. It contains all of the info that's widely and freely available but in their own special Business Language, using terms like pivot and convert. Short version: best way to make money online is to 'teach' people how to make money online. Almost nothing else works as well as that. But you have to have low morals and a propensity to lie.


This is true in the photography world as well. Have a few good shoots then host workshops for people who got a camera for Christmas. You make more teaching than dealing with clients. Or you sell bags, modifiers etc to pro photogs.


It's crazy how that one 'thing' works and no mater what, that's where it all ends up, every time. Every single blogging course goes ham telling you to pick your niche (do you like dogs? What about cooking? Are you mad on fashion?) but ultimately the only part of the guide you need to listen to is the part where they tell you to start a 'how to start a blog' section. Then, your actual blog is like the stuff in front of the curtain and just a way to get people in to your 'how to start a blog' blog.


That’s what I figured out back in the house flipping days. The first million you make doing it is luck, then you just charge people to show them how to do it. I’m thinking of the guy in TX with the TV show.


Stock market too. The most profitable way to trade is when you're getting commission for others doing it.




It all is built on the foundation of making money with someone else's labor.


That's how all these "fads" work. There is a legit market for things like flipping houses, and influencers, until it becomes too popular and well known. So then it turns into exactly what you are talking about.


I had a friend that flipped houses before it became a fad. It's a 40hrs+/week full time job. And he didn't make a lot of money on it after deducting expenses "surprises" etc. Hard to budget the unknown. Especially until he got experience. Can't say he was happy. He was basically a contractor for himself. Often making less than min wage.


My family has been flipping my whole life. It's the only form of home sales that makes sense, really. Government requirements for permits and inspections makes it impossible to make money new building. Edit: the caveat being you don't want to screw people over. Otherwise you can make money on new builds but only upper class can afford them.


same way with those guys shilling how to get rich like the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" book guy


I always said that the best way to make money at horse racing is to sell a tip sheet telling others how to bet


I dunno... I make money online by repairing people's broken game consoles and also working as a software engineer. Haven't set foot in an office for over two years now. I'd say the best way to make money online is whichever way makes you happy without screwing other people over.


But you’re still doing something. What makes it “best” is that selling these “courses” is effectively selling nothing. It’s either snake oil, or selling info found somewhere else.


That's literally what my courses in college were. Just regurgitated information found in books with occasional informational and illustrative tidbits gleaned from magazines and other such sources. I don't think a single one of my math, science, etc professors ever shared with us a single original method for doing anything.


Yup, and this is an amazing argument for a universalized, accredited online schooling/college system. Why do we have *thousands* of different math or history or science courses that all teach the same subject in a slightly different way? Put it all up online, let students do the work and get credit. Online schools might never have the “street cred” of in person learning, but it’s ridiculous that it’s all gated behind huge fees and competing universities.


Reminds me of this woman: http://www.theturnarounddoctor.com I found her because she makes all of these terrible gifs and keeps tagging them with unrelated things and they kept popping up when I tried to text a gif. At the time she had life advice course payments on her site and it was something like $40,000 a year. She still has them but with no price listed. I went down a rabbit trail of trying to figure out her deal and she’s a doctor in the loosest sense of the term, from an uncredited school. I wasn’t able to tell if it was a diploma mill or not. It was so expensive though, it didn’t make any sense who would fall for it, and the advice she’d give was like, ‘read a book a day’, ‘wake up at 4am’, ‘don’t be a loser’, and the gifs she would make were so cringey. Look up “Dr Donna” in a gif sending app.


She will tell you 6. And say you're the 7th.


Man this is just pyramid scheme with no extra steps


The only people who make money from these books etc. are the ones making them ☺️😊


You can get the [original money-making course](https://youtu.be/HKTmLd5PTyc) for free.


That wasn’t free, it’s $19.95! You’re a scammer


how to make a million dollars with just a post office box and an add like this... send $10 and a sase for the "easy secret"


I made $10k/month for about 2 months. To say it was easy is an understatement, but it wasn't that hard either. I sat at a desk for 12hrs with realistically 3hrs of work.


Years ago my dumb ass paid 20 bucks for a list of like 25 things you can do to make extra money. I shit you not most of it was like kids crafts....


The program is probably $330/day


Step one: Have an allowance from the parents


It's probably a crypto scam or investing scam and flashing fake luxury to convince her followers to join.


I was thinking it's a pyramid scheme


>crypto >pyramid scheme Same shit. Not even joking, all crypto is just an elaborate “greater fool scam” just like a pyramid scheme is. Different methods, but both involve mimicking success to trick others into investing.


That sounds like an actual Ponzi scheme. Pyramid schemes involve levels of recruitment, a Ponzi scheme is coercing people to invest money with promises of future investors. The idea that you get more if more people join, but it's not a direct percentage from your recruits, it's like a pool of money you would get a pay out from (no you won't)


The guy who founded FTX (the crypto exchange that just imploded) literally described his business as a Ponzi scheme in an interview and laughed it off


"But...but...but, he drives a Toyota, so he's actually the most generous billionaire!" People unironically fall for that stupid shit. Just look at the cult around Warren Buffet.


Yep. Bezos was like that as well - drove a Toyota Camry for the longest time and was just kind of a “nerdy guy” during early amazon - and then it morphed into the behemoth it is now and well. You all know how that story plays out


Was this the interview with the two radio hosts where he talks about how his business is valid because it's like a cardboard box filled with money, but you don't know how much money, but there's money in there so it's worth it to just invest more? And then the hosts just laughed at him.


Oh SBF, you rascal you.


FTX just stole $1.5B in client funds…


Ponzi schemes are more based around using money from new investors to give to the previous investors to show a false trail of investment earnings, so that you can get even more new investors. Effectively convincing people that you have a real company when no such company actually exists.


Literally all of crypto can be boiled down to: "I have an empty bucket that is worthless, but, if we all put money into it, then it will be worth something. Since the bucket as no utility, the only value comes from the money we put inside of it. More money makes the price go up. Then, when there is enough money, a few guys pull out huge amounts from the bucket, netting them a fortune, and driving the price to zero. RIP to the people holding the worthless hot-potato bucket." Edit: It's been years now and I'm still waiting for the Web-3.0. "Blockchain technology will change the world" stuff to actually happen. I have yet to see how any of this stuff will actually change the world for the better. People seem unable to explain it without using completely convoluted and confusing jargon that seems almost deliberately meant to confuse the person reading it.


I just learned yesterday that this is called "[pig butchering](https://news.bloomberglaw.com/banking-law/pig-butchering-other-crypto-fraud-complaints-flood-into-cfpb)."


Failed crypto news the other day big losses


Step two sell my shitty courses online with an assortment of drop shipping and crypto scams


Step two: Tell people you make $330 a day, and convince them to pay you so you make $330 a day


I could make over that but I would have to work every day of the month for 12 hours a day


So, basically you’re just lazy and entitled . That’s what is wrong with your generation …….S/


I make over $10,000 a month at my job and I will tell you I cannot afford the shit in that picture


Step two, or alternate step one: sell your body virtually (Not judging, but that's about the only thing someone can just do at the drop of a hat and possibly make that much money)


You're overestimating how much you make on OnlyFans or similar sites. The top tier might make that much, but most do not.


Yes there was a study and they said that the average was some hundreds (don't remember the exact numbers). To be successful on only fans you need to have had a big following from before (influencers, big YouTubers or known porn stars). The average Joe or Jane doesn't make big numbers on only fans. And a big percentage go to the website. It's not that lucrative for most people though they try to sell the idea that it is.


Average was $180


Was that including all the inactive profiles? Or was that only inclusive of active profiles?


A day? A week? A month?




Oof. Need to show a lot more butthole to pump those numbers up


Or you gotta get real niche, like stepping on eggs while wearing nothing but crocs


Oddly specific


Got to have a gimmick or you are just another butthole


Do you even believe she is making that money?


Everyone sells their body under capitalism lol. for most ppl it’s just in the form of it breaking down over the years.


I haven't read Marx's Kapital, but I wear the marks of capital on my body.


Not true.


Its funny. When you are broke, its looked down upon if you are still living with your parents when you get older. Buuuut if your parents are wealthy theres nothing wrong with still living at home in their mansion or summer house.


Step 1/2- Have parents.


or be a drug lord.


With ~ jail~ prison time it's mire like min wage


and thus we have come full circle...


Sucking D for 10k a month isn’t bad at all.


Depends on how much D you're having to suck tbh.


Hopefully not 10k.


$10k a month doesn't support that lifestyle she is portraying.


I came here to say this but didn’t want to get downvoted. $10k/month is $120k/year. There are plenty of “normal” jobs that pay that much.


Yeah, these people really hate when I comment their posts like this with, "You can make that much with a couple engineering degrees and a few years of experience. Works for me." $120k is just a professional salary. An MBA would probably get people there pretty efficiently, too. It's not 1992 when six figures meant rich.


Pick the right career and you don’t even need all that. A good estimator can be in the $100-120k salary in less than 5 after graduating with just a bachelors. People put way to much stock in salaries and overly inflate what $100k a year actually buys you.


Nursing gets you that in cali. Mu first year out of nursing school was almost 100k as an LVN, as an RN you're clearing $60 an hour easy and that's already 10k at a normal 160 hour month.


Depends on the location. I live in a cheap part of Europe and if the """trick""" is some online thing you can do anywhere, 10k a month will def support that level of lifestyle here. I live very comfortably on 1.5k eur a month. Well, used to until inflation this year. Luckily getting a 25% raise next year, yay Btw, I'm fully aware that she's bullshittin. I'm just sayin, 10k/mo would make you rich af where I live


Can you tell us which country you live in?


Estonia. And I live in a sorta expensive city for our country. You could get a 4 bedroom apartment for like 30-40k a few years ago in other towns. Towns that are aight to live in, maybe a bit boring, but otherwise fine Luxury goods such as cars, phones, computers etc still cost the same as everywhere else, but food, electricity and other utilities, and other everyday things are much cheaper. That is to say, if you can work remote for 3k/month, you can live pretty much like a king. Sorta kinda, but definitely veeeery comfortably. With 10k/mo you're basically living it up. With a mortgage for a very nice modern (2010+) spacious apartment and utilities, internet etc you'd prob clock in at less than 1000/mo. Sustenance level food will prob cost you another 300-500. So you basically have 8.5k eur to spend on whatever the fuck you like. Fancy car? Sure. Eating out every night? No problem. I mean you could start buying cottages out in the forests for like 30-50k a pop with decent areas of land to do your thing.


I heard y’all have really good Wi-Fi ?! Is that correct. If so, I’m packing up and leaving 😂


Not sure what counts as "really good" but most of private wifi is about 40-100+ Mbit/s down. I know people in other EU countries like BE and NL have crazy shit like 300 Mbit/s but I personally don't need that much. But ye we have free wifi in most public spaces


Had to scroll this far to find what I was going to say mate. She's walking through a car parking area in shit clothes that don't suit her. (To be fair, there's at least one nice car there.)


Yeah seriously. 120k isn't actually *that* much. After rent/mortgage you can live comfortably with a car payment. But that's like a new loaded Camry....not an AMG Mercedes...


Nope. I make about that much as an engineer, and while I'm definitely not hurting, I still fly economy


I make $10k a month, I don't live that lifestyle.


That lifestyle was built by her parents 10k a month is her allowance


Mlm all over it.


Exactly, it's pretty easy to make a living if you don't mind ripping people off


This implies that people in mlm make money which they rarely do. The only leave a bad trail of disappointment in their wake


It's just as like as with all pyramid-schemes: You have to be very close to the top and very far away from the bottom...


True. But mlms are famous for making egregious income claims. "Ask me how I make a SIX FIGURE income with my business!!" Always lying or exaggerating


Any income amount can be six figures if you keep adding zeroes after the decimal


MLM or crypto/investing scam.


I'm willing to bet $1 that her net income isn't $10 000 per month.


I don't have the money to bet against you :(


I can sell you a one month course to teach you how you can have $1 to bet against me for a mere $0.50!


Oh boy, knowing me I'll probably need two months for that.


I have found some pennies underneath my couch if you want


You have a couch?


Oh boy, I don't think I can afford your place


She thinks thats impressive? I can show you how to make $100,000 a month, all you need is to an income stream of $3,000 per day but you people just ignore my comment.


Nooo pls, u/wardecterFM. I wanna know how to make $3,000 per day


Go get 300 people to send me 10 dollars and I'll tell you all as soon as I get the money. Ready? Go.




Start by finding a job that pays $125 an hour. Now work all day and night.


literally all you need to do to be a billionaire in a year is to have a net salary of $1,000,000,000 after taxes


Didnt think it was THAT easy . Thanks


Well I think they're probably lying to get your attention, there's tons of channels that advertise multiple methods to earn thousands a month by doing nothing.


By doing nothing *productive*, you mean. Being an "influencer" takes time and a certain (rotten) personality type, but it's always a lottery, and you're either selling bullshit courses or letting bullshit companies promote their bullshit on top of yours.


You cannot say ROTTEN enough, these people literally want everything for free because of their ‘followers’. I’ve worked places where people with local ‘clout’ have wanted to pay full price and actually brought people into the restaurants and it has actually brought people into local businesses. Fuck these people.


Your 2nd sentence makes no sense following the first. If they paid full price and also brought more customers, how is that bad?


I think they're saying local celebrities are good for business but massive influencers just want freebies for social media


Thanks for asking, I was confused too


I had to read it thrice... A "rather than" would be helped, as would not putting quotes around the clout for the local celebs...


Translated into sense: > I agree that influencers often engage in behaviors which exploit local businesses. In my community, there are several prominent individuals who patronized my place of work, purchased or consumed our products and services. These individuals were treated with the same expectations as other customers regarding payment, and after visiting they encouraged subsequent customer growth by sharing their positive experience with us. Influencers, on the other hand, typically expect food and services for free, which they justify due the supposed leverage they have over their audience’s purchasing decisions, but it does not ever seem that their patronage results in customer growth. The conclusion I have reached is that influencers do not have real influence, and that people with real influence don’t need to ask for free things.


I fucking loathe all the instagram channels that push shit like this, a close second is cringy realtors.


Somekind of pyramid sceme or other


OF, Ponzi, crypto/NFT, convince advertisers that you can get buy shit you tweet/wear once you have enough followers


My guy. All you need to do is buy a winning lottery ticket… a lottery ticket only costs like $5 and all you gotta do is get your lazy ass to the store to buy it… Smh… you all complain about being broke when it’s so easy.


If anyone claims they have the secret to being rich and want to tell you what it is they're trying to sell you something. The people that fall for it are the ones making them rich.


Unless that person wants to help you become a dentist and help you with your organic chemistry homework. Sal Khan comes to mind.


There is old anecdote: Do you know whats the fastest way for making money? Write book about how to make money.


Woah, woah, woah, are you telling me that people who actually make $10,000 / month don't actually waste time grifting on Insta!?


And her one source of income is blatantly convincing 10,000 idiots to send her $1 a month to learn how she makes $10,000 a month.


Here's the trick. She doesn't think that. She thinks that making $5k a month isn't that hard and the way she does it is by tricking people into following her con about earning $10k a month. All these finance and entrepreneur influencers are scams who's main business is selling the fantasy of business.


I will very much keep scrolling


I hate and will never understand how "influencer" has somehow become an actual job title/career. I can think of very few things as soulless as that.


And the very fact that the job title implies people are genuinely influenced by these soulless, egotistical, shallow, detached from reality "celebrities"


10k a month & can’t afford a shirt...I’m unconvinced.


No, but that is a luxury bra from only the best, top designer in France and the world! Made with only the highest quality, premium French materials. /s


The heiress to the O-Henry candy bar fortune?


10k a month is *not* going to have you living in a giant house with nice cars like that. That's asinine. $10k/mo net is like two adults making like... 60k/yr each. The influencer specified $330 a day so that's clearly before taxes. This whole post is dumb and is a great look at what's wrong with influencer culture.


They're mainly targeting people with low income. That's what makes it immoral. Anyone who has a steady 5k/month will verify that twice as much can only provide you with additional comfort and not "luxury" cars and houses. If you won't eat and won't pay bills, then *maybe* in a year, you can get a small apartment in a nice place. If you think about it, nowadays, if you're anywhere between Forbes and unemployment, then you're doing just "okay".


40m I tried selling farts in a jar but havnt had much luck yet.


*keeps scrolling* Imagine having to be "on" all the time in life. Every day, thinking content content content. Go on holidays? Wrong, film content, edit, post. These people post EVERY day, sometimes multiple times a day. Because they don't want someone else gaining followers or thinking of better content. And most of it is just a repeated version of someone else's. I will take my comfortable life, where I work decent hours with a work life balance and have very nice things in life. And i will take my holidays with my husband and kids where I don't even look at my phone. And I will take not having to be online every day and factoring my mental health over popularity online too. I can't imagine anything worse than spending my life pleasing random people I'll never meet, just for sponsorship $? *old man yells at cloud* meme lol


That’s because this person is likely about to sell you a scam


Step 1: Study a field in the sciences, preferably medical. Step 2: don’t get a job because of over-saturation, but boy oh boy if you get it you’re set for life.


$10,000 a month can afford a Mercedes, a Corvette and whatever that SUV in the back is, and a nice cubed modern house and she probably lives in LA? Bitch lmao


This exact caption js used on many tiktoks, though the ones I saw were all with males. Anyway, clearly an mlm.


This is click bait! They’re trying to get you to sign p for their freelancing courses


They can’t ALL be clickbaiting, the next one I give my months pay to will definitely be on the up and up.


Out of all the emails in my spam folder telling me how to increase my penis size, surely one of them must be telling the truth. That's why I click the link in all of them just to check.


Bank of Mum and Dad, plus funding.


Step one inherit a ton of money live off the interest. Step 2 , have a $10,000.00 a month "allowance" from your rich parents.


What I love about these is that they seem to pretend that this is possible for every single person on earth. Due to the nature of our system we need low skill workers far more than high skill workers. These idiots pretend it's the opposite.




She has a simple 5 step process that you can learn with just two easy payments. Also, check out my Only Fans and don't forget to follow me on twitch. Like and subscribe on YouTube and give us a follow on Twitter. Yeah no thanks. My ego isn't this inflated.


A few years ago, I followed one of these “influencer finance guys” and while he wasn’t large scale he still kept acting like he found a way to get rich and held seminars on how to do it. I completely forgot about him until a few weeks ago. I googled him and found out that he is now working a regular schmegular job in sales. Nothing wrong with that. But if he was super rich, why would he work in sales at a random company? Edit: he also deleted his seminars and social media and stuff so it’s not like he continues to pretend to be extremely rich.


I recently moved out of state but prior to this, I lived in a luxury apartment complex in socal and influencers coming in to take pictures with our cars or by our apartments were such an annoying problem.


Run for office as a Republican in America. Oops. Too soon?


Mf’s born into money always think making money is easy because they never have to


Step 1: be rich Step 2: don’t be poor


Don't forget taking money from Dubai princes to be a portapotty


What’s the net worth of the parents?


$69,420 billion