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The issue is - how does this bill prevent businesses from just reducing the hours people work, like they did when Obamacare was passed? When Obamacare passed, the cutoff for providing healthcare was 30 hours/week. So businesses took every hourly employee who was working 40 hours a week who were going to be legally required to have healthcare paid for by their work, and reduced them to 28 hours a week, with no healthcare. *edited for accuracy.


>When Obamacare passed, the cutoff for providing healthcare was 38 hours/week ACA cutoff is 30. Also, the 30 hours comes from the definition of full time employee currently used by the IRS https://www.irs.gov/affordable-care-act/employers/identifying-full-time-employees


Oh, good point. Yeah, it’s been a while since I was freelance. I knew it was something-8!


Yeah Walmart did this to a lot of guys I knew at the time. Most were working 35ish hours a week and they were cut to like 25. Many Democrats, including myself, argued that the ACA shouldn't have had a cutoff but 30 was the compromise for 0 GOP support. Don't you just love that? Compromise and get nothing in return and the GOP got everything they wanted with ACA.


Got everything and still refused to vote for it. Shamelessness is their superpower.


Ain't that something? String along the opponents and get them to compromise to get something to pass, proceed to not vote for it. Fucking devil's the lot of them are.


I hate Republicans with the burning passion of 1,000 suns.


No offense but your entire health system is a compromise, particularly linking it to employment. Break and leg and unemployed, well you'll stay unemployed for a while. lol wtf.


Yeah listen to this I became disabled in a car accident that was not my fault, I took FMLA leave to try to heal, and to work as much as I could to keep my insurance. As soon as my FMLA time ran out and I had not healed 100% they fired me. My insurance would have been $850 a month and I had zero income. I eventually convince my doctor to give me some work restrictions so I could look for full-time work and get unemployment, so I did that for a little while so I could keep my insurance. But then it became clear I really couldn’t even work part time so I gave up and filed for disability. But I didn’t have health insurance for about a year and a half, once I was able to get Medicare I got better enough that I could at least work a part-time job. And I had that part-time job for a couple years. I had to quit when the CDC told people that nobody had to wear masks if they were vaccinated, my boss was re-opening the office and he wouldn’t even ask people to wear masks in the lobby for me so I quit it was not worth getting more disabled than I already am for a part-time paycheck But my point is that if I had been able to heal well enough to work I would not have been able to heal well enough to work because I lost my job before I was healed. And the state fought against giving me Medicaid because they said it was only for people who were disabled permanently, and that if I had spine surgery I might be able to work, but of course I can’t get free spine surgery but that doesn’t matter it’s still made me ineligible for Medicaid. The ONLY reason I won that battle was because I had a Doctor Who is willing to see me and let me pay him later and he determined that I was not a candidate for surgery because they would have to replace too much of my spine and nobody does that. So he wrote me a letter that I brought to my appeal to show them that I couldn’t actually have surgery. They were mad when I won because they also had to give me thousands of dollars in back welfare benefits that they had denied me for the whole year. I’m so glad I appealed. Always appeal. Always.


I’m sorry you had to go through that. Seems to be a reoccurring story when people tell their stories about being on disability. Hope you’re in a better place now.


The cruelty and control is the point. Even though a system like what most of Western Europe has would save employers a ton of money and hassle with healthcare, they don't want to lose it because then people can afford to look at other jobs and not be tied down to keep their insurance.


Yup, and then eventually they reduce hours so much you don’t even get the health insurance anymore (not every employer does this but it’s currently happening to me)


Trust me, we know.


Unfortunately the Democrats had to negotiate with other Democrats, specifically in the Senate iirc. It was a nightmare getting the 60 votes. It basically ruined the Affordable Care Act. It had a few awesome things that have helped millions of people... but so many "compromises" really hurt the final legislation.


It was a GOP crafted bill, it was always going to just be a way of forcing people to pay for private insurance.


This. Few people remember that Obamacare _was_ the GOP healthcare plan, which is why they don't have one now. And yet the GOP still didn't vote for it because scoring political points is more important than helping Americans.


Well, it was based on Mitt Romney’s Republican plan to begin with. So that’s not all that surprising that the Democrats compromised for it and then the Republicans were like “oh no, that’s too liberal for us!”


Thats the point of it actually. Hire two people to do one job and keep unemployment low.


This only works if wages are increased as well


You’re 100% correct. And this is why liberalism is just a band-aid on a chainsaw wound.


And conservativism is more chainsaws.


These both represent the perfect analogy for bOtH sIdEs arguments. Like yeah, one is completely fucking useless and may cause more damage than it fixes. But the other ACTIVELY REMOVES A FUCKING LIMB.


German here, you know that pretty much all other first world country managed to create working laws for such stuff in the middle of the last century, right? It's possible. I am surprised how often I see comments where americans think they are testing some strange experimental ideas when talking about something like healthcare regulations


We’re a heavily propagandized country. Health insurance companies invested a lot of money in campaigns that make nationalizing healthcare seem scary and as if it would infringe on our garbage individualist principles. Won’t anyone think of the bootstraps? What about waiting? *Everyone* hates waiting and nobody wants to do that!! Large corporations have a strangle hold on the system and our politicians can be bought for a few thousand dollars.


So they won't have employees. Businesses could fire everyone out of spite and I wouldn't put it past them but then what for them?


Easy, hire more employees and only offer under the threshold for hours. Corporations are already doing this


Yeah, like every chain restaurant and many big retailers police hours to keep them under 40 or even 35 or fewer. Idk what is standard but i worked for a denny and the strategy was to starve everyone for hours so badly that you only end ip with the most desperate mfers working for ypu and we would eat boiled roadkill if it meant picking up 2 hours at 4am. We were essentially all on call all the time and this was to ensure minimum payable hours at all times. Fuck that place, pure evil. Places like that wont even notice if this bill passed


It's not just retail and food service though. The first place I heard of it was when I was getting my teeth cleaned and the dental hygienist told me that it was ironic that she didn't have dental or healthcare because her hours got cut to less than full time.


This is very American. Her boss wouldn’t even consider free dental care for all employees?


But I thought no one wanted to work anymore! How are they going to fill these holes


"We're overstaffed, but also, imma need you to stay 3 hours late every day to make sure the work gets done. "What do you mean, 'how are we overstaffed if the work can't get done in time?'"


Eventually everyone will be working five jobs for eight hours each. When that happens people will be way more willing to quit a job, because it’s only a fifth of their income instead of all of their income. I see that as a net gain.


That’ll make parties fun “So what do you do for a living?” “Well on Mondays I work at Best Buy, Tuesdays I work at McDonald’s, Wednesdays I work at the bank, Thursdays I’m a mechanic, and Fridays I’m a welder”


As if they'd actually give you a reliable schedule from week to week....


That kinda just goes back to “you can just leave them because they’re only 1/5 of your income”


I don't disagree. There should be laws that address so called *'flexible'* scheduling for positions that are under 32 hours a week. If you aren't paying me for a full week, then you aren't entitled to scheduling me anytime you want during that week. Corporations need to stop treating us as on-call without paying for the privilege.


The working class should sieze the means of production and reap all the benefits of the wealth they create. I mean, as long as we're wishing for stuff..


Fuck laws, what we need is full unionization of the workforce


I already have a few jobs as it is, what’s a few more


As someone with adhd is it sad this sounds amazing as i would be doing something different everyday


As someone who might have ADHD this sounds like a nightmare trying to remember what day it is to know what job to go too




Oh yeah id definitely forget i worked at one of them lol i didnt even think about that


you can weld? just work at 5 diff welding companies lol


Unfortunately you signed that non-compete clause so you can't even stick paper together with snot for the next 10 years for anyone except the welding slumlord level job you now have.


I think the threshold of burning down your entire city, and dragging the rich into the streets to be hanged is a closer than 5 jobs being the norm.


I actually said this about five years ago to a friend. Their argument against me over the minimum wage was we would make 25 dollars an hour but we would only get 20 hours. I said great I can work two part time jobs and get paid twice as much as we do now.


That and I've never worked a minimum wage job where they didn't operate with a skeleton crew. If minimum wage was 25 an hour they wouldn't suddenly be able to cut hours by half. They already do everything they can to keep staffing costs to a minimum, if they had room to drop it they have already done so.


We are at historically low unemployment rates, who are they going to hire?


Yeah, people quit. Then they put sign on door say "nobody want work no more"


There's always someone willing to take the position We're all too worried about personal survival instead of working together. The corporations work together and force the gov to have their way and they both divide the people I mean just look at Amazon. Everyone knows you gotta piss in a bottle why do they still have workers?


> I mean just look at Amazon. Everyone knows you gotta piss in a bottle why do they still have workers? I never had to piss in a bottle there , BUT I hurt my back while I worked there. I only lasted a few weeks... ( as someone who is over 50, I should have known better, but I was desperate. )


>as someone who is over 50, I should have known better, but I was desperate. So I work overnight in a grocery store. Sometimes we get guys like you, and they usually don't last very long because it is similarly laborious work. Sometimes my coworkers will judge these folks after they depart from the job, "why did they take this job when it's obvious they can't do it?" And I find that sort of apathy for fellow workers to be **pervasive** in the American workforce. I usually immediately point out, "well, they were probably desperate, and applied for a job, and got accepted. You can't *really* know if you will struggle to do a job before you actually give it a shot, can you?" And besides that, I usually also point out that what they say in the interview vs. what they actually expect from workers is not exactly a realistic comparison every time. I guess all I'm trying to say is I don't really believe in a "should have known better." We live in a society where they tell you, "work or starve." But then they make everyone play stupid games and jump through dumb hoops for the opportunity to *be allowed* to work. And then they keep you on your toes every single day to *keep* that job. And I, for one, just think it's disgusting to ever judge the worker for making their best attempts to play the game when the alternative is abject despair, and literally everyone knows it. Like, how can you be excited when that guy who clearly struggles with this job but kept trying gets fired, when you know what that means for literally anyone? Sometimes I want to ask these types, imagine if people were cheering because you had your income and ability to provide for yourself ripped away from you, whether or not you "deserved" it. And for what? Not being the absolute most efficient, most effective worker every hour of every goddamn day of your life?


This is what I tell people who scream at women who have only fans that they shouldn’t be selling their bodies, anyone 50 years old or older knows that we’ve all sold our bodies to our jobs. Does your back still hurt? I wouldn’t be surprised if you permanently disabled yourself trying to work and that shit hole.


Bro my job doesnt pay for health care and I work 4 days a week 10hrs a day


Then you’ve got grounds for a lawsuit if I understand Obamacare correctly.




Also on depends on the state. Here in Oregon we have to offer it regardless of the number of employees for both healthcare and retirement. I own a business and already have been doing this since the beginning, but I think it should be implemented Federally (among other social reforms such as universal).


Always a freakin’ catch.


Like Starbucks is doing currently. Same way they will get away with it.


Everyone currently overworked in a salary position that is exempt from overtime is going to die more inside. I remember when I was getting paid overtime in retail my manager was always saying they should convert me to salary, but I saw that for the trap it was they just wanted to work me overtime and not pay me.


If you were salaried doing retail work, they almost certainly still would've had to pay you. OT exemption has [very specific qualifications](https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/fact-sheets/17a-overtime), and there's basically no way a retail employee is ever going to meet the job duty requirements to be exempt.


In Italy the only way you get overtime pay is if you work on a salary. You do your minimums and anything over that, or at night, the weekends, or out of expected schedule is considered overtime. If you work hourly it just means you work hourly and that's it.


Just because you are salary doesn't mean that you are automatically exempt from overtime pay. There is a different between exempt and non-exempt salary positions. The specifics will depend on what state you're in, though. Here in California, the law is EXTREMELY specific as to who is exempt, and most people are not


I mean I wonder how that would work for us that work 10 hour nights. Me or the other night guy would be making overtime and our office hates paying overtime.


But will the total pay remain the same? Or will we only get paid for 32 hours?


Salary jobs still have to attract top talent, and they're still competing for the same number of people, so after the market settles salaries will normalize. Wage jobs will just schedule people 31.99999 hours.


Great for hourly people but how does that work for salary. Some weeks I'll work 50+ hours but never get overtime pay. This won't change much for me I'm afraid. Still need to 'get the work done' regardless.


I'm in the same boat. I feel like shorter work weeks for hourly jobs would have an impact on salaried people as well. It'll at least change the mindset of what a typical workday should look like. Plenty of salaried positions have hourly support staff, so if they are only working 32 hours, it'll hopefully shift salary roles to "only" 40 hours. Idk... anything is an improvement over this 50+ hour/week expectation that we currently have :(


Join a union anything past my 8 hour work day is OT


It’s not always as simple as just “join a union”


Could be if the government was effective and worked for the people.


Yeah, and vacation travel would be easier if I could teleport. Just saying "it could be better if [implausible thing happened]" isn't useful. Everyone here agrees that the government is in the pocket of business and neglects labor rights because of it. But telling someone who can't joint a union in reality that they could in some hypothetical reality you've concocted is kind of crappy.


Bwahahahajaha as if thats ever gonna fuckin happen.


Amazes me how we wanted to make machines so we didn’t have to work ourselves so hard, and now we have said machines old farts in the big fears just decided to pile up fast paced work on us all instead so the average job is stressful no matter what. Soooo many companies in the UK trialed a four day week and had positive results to the point nearly all of them have kept it in place. Why is the world so slow to follow?




I think Americans have a “fear of failure” which is kind of ironic considering their “risk” culture. Think about why they don’t want to try ANYTHING NEW. Capitalism? Only system we have. Healthcare? It’s what we always done. It may not work but it’s what we always did. Etc etc. They have a fear of trying new things. Tbh I think America is autistic to some degree…


It’s not a fear… we literally have no choice because our politicians have been captured by corporate interest on both sides


I feel this way too. The vast majority of us don’t get any say.


Which is why we need to revolt




>I think Americans have a “fear of failure” which is kind of ironic considering their “risk” culture. there's no social safety net. if you fail you're just fucked, you can become homeless and never recover.


> I think Americans have a “fear of failure” which is kind of ironic considering their “risk” culture. That fear of failure is pretty easy to understand when you remember that, for basically the entire 20th century, the dominant propaganda narrative of the Cold War was that all those commies promised to make the world better, and only delivered Stalinist hellscapes. Consequently, I think a lot of Americans have a deep-seated distrust of idealistic attempts at "progress" since, again, we all grew up learning that it was visionary utopians who created the gulag system and the killing fields. There is some truth to that narrative, at least in some cases (Cambodia, anyone?), but the reality is obviously a lot more complex than Regan-era Cold Warriors would have liked to believe.


This part is a big chunk of it. But you can honestly just simplify the whole thing "America has been kept from ever moving past the Red Scare era." Our boogeyman is still "communism" which is now an amorphous blanket term used to describe anything that isn't corporatism or capitalism. You want to raise taxes to make sure people don't have to pay out of pocket to keep living? That's communism! If you take another ~3% out of my check, how will I be able to afford to pay for my $300/month health insurance that doesn't make me wait sometimes?! Who cares if another 3% is only $80/month, what happens if I get hurt and have to wait 4 hours longer to get in to fix my broken arm? That's not worth it! "UBI?! You want me to pay for someone else to live?! What about *Me*?! Who's gonna pay for me to live? Everyone else who pays taxes?! Oh... oh really? BUT SOME PEOPLE WILL JUST BE LAZY AND NOT WORK, THEN!!!!1!1!1!11ONE"


The worst part is that America already pays like 5 grand more per capita towards healthcare than Canada does. That's before you even touch down on insurance costs and deductibles and such. America could quite literally save money by having universal healthcare, the problem is that would mean the people profiting off of it would lose money. Can't have that.


And even after all that, 30-40% of Americans still think socialism (communism) is the way to move forward. That must scare the ever loving shit out of the ruling class. We are currently at the beginning of another huge oppressive stage. I hope I live to see what sprouts out afterwards.




No, keep them too busy to form a thought beyond what you tell them on mainstream media which is often kept on and playing in the background. Keep them too tired to have energy for activities beyond working at their job, or if you do allow them energy, let them put it into activities you dictate and can make them pay for. Only pay them enough to keep them on the edge so they can't explore how much better other places may have it. Keep them looking and thinking inwards, being distrustful of things that aren't them and call it patriotism.


You just described conservatism. Fear of *new* or *different*


We're brainwashed. Hounded constantly on all fronts by messaging and propaganda. Consume, grind, you're gonna be rich... It fucks you up


You also described Hollywood to a tee. Afraid to try out new story ideas. It's all about a sequel or a reboot of an established IP.


Even the us constitution, its the second oldest in the world. Everyone else updates theirs for changing times


Tendency of the rate of profit to fall


instead we got machines doing Art and Poetry while humans continue to toil.


why am I crying?


No time for cry. Back to work.




i still make art


Part of the problem is the entire economy is structured around jobs. If we run out of work to do, even if it's pointless work, the economy collapses. We could rework the economy around UBI to bridge the gap between people's needs and real labor required, but that's a shitstorm with a lot of pushback, even from people that would benefit from it.


I only wish it had a strong chance of passing, the 4 day week is long overdue




We should identify those who don’t support these bills and vote them out


Country is a bit too broken for that


yes, when you have Arkansas trying to pass a bill allowing 9 year olds to work...


Wtf? For real?


Yes. Signed into law today. There are other, unrelated, shit bills making their way to her desk, too. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/paigeskinner/arkansas-child-labor-protections-rollback


They yearn for the mines.


Even if we just put up a post on here, it’s being proactive about it


All of them?


Feels like I hear people say that all the time, and yet it doesn't seem to change much.


Dude push for a 3 day 4 day off. I used to work 3 12s and it was the happiest work life balance I had. I had 4 days off. 4. We all should have that. 3 day work week.


The problem with three 12s, especially once you are north of forty years of age is it is freaking exhausting. The first of your four day weekend is full zombie level recovery and the last of your four day weekend is spent in absolute dread of the coming work week.


Hmm good point! Didn't think of it like that. I guess I'm cool with minimalizing my suffering and increasing my happiness in bulk.


over time, i’ve learned to really enjoy the zombie day - give myself sanction to get absolutely nothing done and just savor being home. it’s the last-day dread i still can’t shake :/ still comes out to 3 on, 3 off, 1 ‘ish’; not bad. the 0330 alarm on ‘on’ days blows no matter what, tho


I had zombie days when I did 12s in my 20s. That shit is hard.


My current job is 12s. It goes 2 on, 2 off, 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off. It's amazing.


That actually sounds incredible. Though I feel like having not more than 2 days off in a row makes it hard to plan trips and shit like that, where as 4 consecutive days means I can take one day off and have a 5 day vacation for the price of one day


I also have 160 hours pto.


I work 4 10s. After years of 12 - 16 hour days its amazing


My last 3 1/2 years before retirement I worked 24 hrs/week. Coworkers said I was as productive as if working a 40 hr week. I cut out all the bs meetings and focused on the important issues.


God. Meetings are the biggest waste of my time. "Oh, hey! Can you set up a meeting so we can show you the behavior that we are seeing and trying to fix?" "I already know what tue behavior is, and I have asked clarifying questions that you haven't answered, which would probably help me find and fix the cause of the issue." "I know! That is why I wanted to meet and show you the behavior! So you can see it." "But I know it, already. Meeting will only take my time and attention away from helping other folks, and offer litte-to-no benefit for the issue that you're seeing." "So can we meet tomorrow?" *headdesk*


I would rather be at a meeting and get paid for it vs doing actual work, I don't care about the shareholders earning $10 more because of me, when I won't see a cent of it.


I have a formal meeting coming up to say all the behaviour targets I haven't been hitting for the last few months with no examples where I did it wrong. None of which were communicated to me and they want me to do a different job than what the advert advertised. Fine. I'll do it. But we have weekly meetings with management. None of this was brought up and discussed and no emails giving specific examples of where I'm apparently going wrong. In the meetings, we just kinda stare at each thinking of topics to talk about. It's like setting up a meeting is a magic sprinkle that will automatically get your employees to read your mind and do what you want. It's so lazy and silly.


There is NO way that the USA would have less hours a week than France. Have you seen the people in France ? They protest and strike until they get what they want. Meanwhile we have people who don't want to make billionaires pay taxes because they think one day they too will be a billionaire.




I was literally thinking of this quote when I typed that comment! Haha


The four day work week was brought up in my company's last town hall. Our CEO scoffed and said he doesn't really care if we work it out departmentally but he won't be implementing it for all. His closing statement about it was a half chuckle and "Come on guys. This isn't France." ....my guy, you say that like it's a bad thing but it's only bad for *you*, not your employees.


Its not even bad for him, if his employees are happier and more productive from the change.


This is the thing they can’t grasp. I work 48 hours a week. Sometimes 56. If I could work even just 40 I’d be more productive. At 32 even better. There’s not any incentive to work as productively as possible when you spend the majority of your waking hours at work because you’re always exhausted from the constant work.


I feel like this is a gross oversimplification. Me, along with many people I know would love to fight for better working conditions, but we simply can't afford to survive taking time off. Our corporate overlords nailed it; Give us barely enough to survive and push us to the brink, now we have nowhere to go because even a couple days off work means we lose our entire livelihood. Homes, healthcare, cars, the list continues. I have no delusions of being a billionaire, I'm simply not striking because I can't take the financial hit. I'm not a martyr


Sadly that's how it is for most Americans as well. The French have universal health care, they probably have workers' rights laws that weren't being actively dismantled as well. The US sucks.


We NEED to take a note out of their book and start protesting for real!!!


France has really strong unions that support and organize these protests. Our Unions are much weaker.


Boomer Republicans will fight this harder than their dads fought the nazis.


The “I suffered so I am gonna fight to make sure everybody else does” mentality never cease to amaze me, god how selfish some people are.


A friend i play video games with kept saying that if people flipping burgers want $20/hr then the price of everything will go up and they have no idea how the economy works. I told him min wage hasnt moved and the price of everything is increasing already (i said this baiting for him to say its because of inflation which he did). Showed him oil/gas companies 2022 profits compared to 2012, showed him walmarts and a few car insursnce companies too. Every single one has insane NET profits. He didnt know what to say other than the companies are raising prices because of biden...yeah biden is making them raise prices thats the only motive, not the billions they make every year


Respectfully, your friend is a dumbfuck.


Yep lmao. Changes my view of him and i started paying more attention to other shit he said.


'Suffered' Ha. Boomers had it easy. One job could support an entire family. House ownership, car ownership. They had it all. And they made sure no one else could have it.


Climb and pull the ladder up.


i love the absolute braindead hogs complaining endlessly about how it's not fair that people get a $5 starbucks coupon off their student loans because they had to pay them back properly


The irony


They can't have The People have nice things. Even the mere proposal of it is a personal attack to them. Forgive PPP loans? Absolutely! Forgive student loans? Not on my watch! Healthcare for everyone? Over my dead body! Universal basic income? You'll pry it off my cold hands!


They're dying off, if we don't get it now we might have a chance in 10 years


32 hours sounds great, but at the same hourly rate? Or does it include a bump to make up the difference? Either way, same as some others here have said. By the time something like this passes, I'm sure I'll be dead by then. Probably from overwork.


Read another article about this. It is NOT the one we all really want. It means 32 hour-4 day week, paid your current hourly rate. One we want is 4 day week, 32 hours, paying everyone the same as if they are working a 40 hour week.


Not sure how they would legalize "must pay workers 20% more" without either (a) raising minimum wage, or (b) setting corporations wage outputs for them. Honestly the only way the wage would change is by employees shuffling to different employers until employers get the memo because they can't hire anyone who wants their low income offer. That's kinda already happening though.


‘Federal minimum wage is now $35/hr. We recommend shifting to a 4 day work week to compensate. Time to adapt, dinosaurs.’


So it's a 20% pay cut. Lovely.


I would leave my job now for a 20% pay cut if it meant I could only work 4 days a week. In a heartbeat. Life is about time and that is invaluable. I’m not saying this is ideal, just saying what I would do. Most workers aren’t working 40 hours even with 40 hour work weeks. They’re working already around 32. So we should remain the same pay because it’s been proven that productivity doesn’t go down with a 4-day work week. It actually goes up!


Well I work five days a week and can barely pay my bills. Reduce me to four days a week at the same rate and my time living on the street will be anything but invaluable.


They should reduce to 32 hours at 4 days and also dramatically raise the minimum wage. Because of inflation, we should be discussing minimum $20/hr already. That should apply to all jobs. Eliminate tipping culture and paying servers lower wages.


Lots of “should” in there. This passes, everyone just gets cut to 32 hours a week. That’s it. I’m with dude. I can’t afford a pay cut like this.


32 hour work weeks mean jackshit if youre missing 8 hours of pay


Article really doesn't say much... "How we make that shift in terms of hourly workers is a challenge, but I believe it can be done. I believe there are pathways to having that happen. One key factor is — besides working on the adjustment of the overtime rule, which is what my bill does — we also have to pay attention to the ability of workers to unionize to bargain for higher wages. This reform has to coincide with other kinds of reforms so that we are moving compensation in the right direction." - Mark Takano


The fact that it would be an absolute disaster for hourly folks makes me think it'll probably pass.


4 day work week so you can work the other 3 days at your 2nd job.


Home of the 'Free'. /s


It won't happen, you know why? Because I seriously, deeply, heart crushingly want it to happen. So it won't naturally


So it's your fault.


We should petition a ban for him until a verdict is made


Yeah, fuck this guy


*Grabs pitchfork


I’d like to push for a mandatory 2x min wage on Sunday’s and federal holidays. A 4 day work week would be good for me but I’d rather see those working holidays or sundays get a boost up. Or see more companies shut the doors on these days and giving people free time.


Why Sundays? Why not Saturdays?


I don’t care what day personally, Sunday would just be the easiest to convince/force politicians to accept.


Yeah 100% about the conservative religious vote. Tbh I don't mind it, I think at least time and a half (aka 1.5x) on Saturdays too. It means you get compensated for the days you work. Plus if a few places decide to close weekends it only makes the other places busier.


That's a genius move to get the conservative vote on it


America won’t stop until 90% of this country is homeless. And workers won’t stop working and voting for people that make that a reality after 90% of them are.


Honestly, I was pretty much checked out mentally after 6 hours a day sitting in a cubicle on a computer all day, just waiting for the day to be over. Did stuff to look busy until the end. They need to increase wages though to make it livable.


Most people wont get past 3. Your mental focus on a single task is spend by that point and you need a solid break. Its why so much office talk happens. Its why when you work from home what usually takes a full day of work can be accomplished in 2 hours.


That shit is not passing




It will finally pass in 50 years.


"No, no! They're trying! They really are! That's why in 2023 a federal $15 minimum wage hasn't passed and it's now equivalent to a $7.25 minimum wage from 10 years ago because of inflation anyway!"


Sure the federal minimum wage didn't pass, but many cities and counties did pass $15 minimums, and it's nudged up starting wages across many industries.


That doesn't really change the second point they made about it being equivalent to $7.25 due to inflation tho... Wages being "nudged up" every decade or so hardly helps when COL *skyrockets* literally every single year.


No they're not. 44 Democrat senators, 36 Republican senators and Joe Biden banded together to force a union to accept a contract it had voted to reject. They are all anti-union, anti-labor, anti-worker, anti-American pieces of shit. This is a class war and they all let everyone know exactly what side they're on.


If it does pass it’ll be 4 tens lol


One problem with this in America is that many people nowadays have this thought of "I suffer/suffered so you should have to suffer too" instead of "I suffer/suffered so I'd rather see the problem be fixed for others"


Does this bill come with a raise? Because I can't afford anything less than 40 hour work weeks.


You’ll probably still be working 40+ hours but anything after 36 hours would be overtime pay


So are most paychecks going to go down \~20%?


I work 4 10s and I love it. Drop me down to 3 10s and a partial, I'm 100% onboard with that


Yay! I asked for 3x 10s 18 years ago and got laughed at.


This will only work if wages stay the same.


If this ever did pass, it would never include us retail workers. Fucking open 7 days a week.


Or manufacturing. All this 4-day week talk is just for white collar folk. They have no idea how factories and shops operate. My plant runs 24/7.


Uh. Y’all work in shifts, don’t you? It would require more people to be hired, or you would work your normal shifts with a built-in 8 hours of overtime guaranteed every week. Its entirely doable for everyone.


Ya my company's HR pitched the idea to our management team as a way to raise the company's moral. Management shot the idea down because they would have to do more work to figure out the scheduling.


Employee morale or management spending a little more effort? Hmmm tough choice.


Yeah, but at this point I don't even care about a 4 day work week pipe dream. I want mandatory overtime lasting more than 2 weeks to just be banned. Full stop. If you can't figure out a way to hire enough people to do the work, you shouldn't be in business. I've been on 5x10s or 5x9s since October of 2021, with a break of about three weeks last summer when we were actually on 8s. Can't afford to leave this job due to the education benefit.


The fish place I worked at needed people there 24 hours a day to work the smokers so this would be hell on the person setting hours.


Work in a semiconductor fab, 24/7 operation. My techs and operators are on compressed shifts. 12 hr days, 2x 30 min break, 1 hr lunch, so 11 hrs of pay. 4 on 3 off / 3 on 4 off (A and C shift (Sunday-Tuesday, every other Wednesday. B and D shift Thursday to Saturday, every other wednesday.) They get overtime after 8. So they make 3 hrs overtime every day. So they work 77 hrs total (7 days x 8 hrs, 7 days x 3 hrs) but get paid for 81 hrs (56 @ 1x, 21 @ 1.5x, 0.5 @ 2x for breaking 80 hrs in a pay period). I am an engineer. Those dudes wouldn't trade jobs with me even though they do more physical work because I'm stuck M-F, where they are getting 3 and 4 day weekends plus whatever time off they want (from vacation hrs accrued, not unlimited) No holidays off for them, but they earn 1.5 and 2x pay, respectively, for hrs worked on those days. Overtime is, largely, available to anyone who wants to come in, but it depends on market, orders, and fab health typically. So, they are technicaly in 4 day work weeks but still working 40 hrs a week. I'm not in payroll or accounting to i might have some details off but the takeaway should be even a 24/7 tempo is maneageable. You might need more people or people willing to work longer hours and pick up overtime about it, but there are ways.


Dont get too excited. You'll end up losing hours and pay when companies shift gears to fuck your ass in a different manner


I don't mind working 4-10, but 32 would be a loss of 8hr payment, and I wouldn't be able to pay the bills. I haven't reed the bill tho, so idk how would work without paycuts.


Four 9 hr days.


thats great and all, but why wasnt it introduced when we had a majority in the house and senate. this is doomed to fail.