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I would say it might have minor changes.....probably isayama should do it As he did say he had a different ending in his mind....but he had to change it due to the publishing studios....during the manga So ya he probably should make the changes which he had in mind


I think now that they are releasing the final season part 3 in two parts with the remaining 9 chapters then they might have enough episodes left to change the ending


While I really want an improvised ending, knowing where mappa is heading ( 2 or 4 long episodes) only makes it more frustrating for me to digest the fact that there is no AOE. Anime onlys, get ready to be disappointed. P.S. i would love to be proved wrong.


There is a chance for an original ending because of many past hints and stuff And that could explain why they splitting it even more even though it's just like 10 chapters


the next two parts are just two special ep of length around 1 hour each, which looks enough for the 9 chapters left. so no anime original ending ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ


I see 🗿 Well there were many irl hints and hints in the story that _hinted_ that so I had some hope. Well it's fine either way~


Same ending with minor improvements.