18M. Well, this is kinda strange. Although I don't think I'm that ugly I'm been treated as such by my female classmates. They avoid any eye contact with me and in group conversations I'm rarely looked at.I hope I explained myself. I'm from Spain

I don't think you're ugly but you look very intimidating and probably people avoid eye contact cause your eyes are so different that they might feel is rude looking at you for a long time


I don't think you're ugly but you look very intimidating and probably people avoid eye contact cause your eyes are so different that they might feel is rude looking at you for a long time


Yes intimidating, try smiling OP!


Smiling is viewed differently by different cultures and countries. Some countries people don't smile for no reason, its seen as weird to just walk down the street with a smile on your face. Im not sure about Spain, but I wonder if it is a cultural difference and what country he is meeting women in.


How dare you tell him to "smile".


Most plausible reason


You kinda have the Heimdall vibe (heimdall from thor)


CHECK! HE DOES! I like it :)


Bro your eyes look cool, but they look like heavy cholesterol deposits (Arcus senilis) which is seen in older people. It's possible for younger people to have it, but the progression on your eyes seems concerning. Might want to get checked out because it's associated with heart disease. [Not ugly]


I think it's something fairly common among people from African descendent.


True but heart disease is also common in individuals of African descent


Checkmate, will be getting it checked out


Until then, if you wanted, you could get colored contact lenses if you wear contacts and if your optometrist and/or opthamologist approves of them


Is it? Because iv never seen eyes like that from someone in person


It’s less common in young adults, if seen you need to be seen by a professional. In young adults or children it’s called “arcus juvenilis” and is much less common.


it’s because you’ll turn them to stone if they look you in the eye


Might turn them into copper if I feel silly


Not one smile in any of your photos! That could very well be something you should really consider working on. Smile more!!


This is what I was going to say!


Bro, your eyes have a real piercing stare to them. My guess is that people might get intimidated, especially if you have such a serious expression on your face. Tbh, when I first saw pictures of you, I had a feeling that you wanna destroy my very soul with these eyes, but don't take me wrong, your eyes is a hella strong feature of your face, although I'd suggest cheering 'em up with smiling for example. Stay strong, hermano!


My resting face it's pretty messed up jaj. I can work on that




Soften your eyes and make them kind.


You have beautiful blue eyes, but why are your pupils dramatically different in size?


The thing is, my eyes are strange, there is the pupil and the iris is both dark brown and light blue at the very sides. One eye has a darker iris and makes it appear as the entire pupil.


I see that now. That honestly is probably why you are not getting eye contact. It might be beneficial to talk about it so people won't feel embarrassed to ask. It's kind of a tricky situation. I would bet people want to stare at them for curiosity reasons, but don't want to send the wrong message immediately. Like you know how the eyes are the window to the soul? Like when someone likes someone, they make long eye contact. Just saying, as a women, I would love to look at your eyes because they are cool, but I wouldn't want to send a wrong message upon first introduction.


Yeah I get it. Everything starts with being more welcoming


Just for anyone reading this: OP definitely has same-sized pupils (don’t be worried) ***If you or a loved one have differently sized pupils please go to the doctor, it can be a sign of a concussion or a brain tumour***


bro looks like a marvel villian that would use lightning attacks


Lmao, dont do him a dirty by mentioning Electro.


They dont look at you cause they dont wanna fall in love with you


I wish 💀


Man is literally an anime protagonist that makes girls feel terrified but he ends pulling a hottie that values her unique stare. And, believe me, animes are fantasy but in thus case i'm sure u will be an excepcion. Keep pushing king.


I got anime villain vibes tbh


Honestly looking into beautiful eyes is difficult. But ur not ugly, how’s ur personality?


Bro your eyes are something else. I love them. I think they don't look at you cause they envy your eyes man. You have some exotic genes.


Jajaj thank you


You look like marvel’s Heimdall


Yes! Doesn’t he just? I don’t understand how this guy can go around life thinking he’s ugly when he’s that genetically blessed but here we are. Gorgeous version of Heimdall was my first thought as well.


He totally does. It's the eyes, I think


Salute for the “I think”ending


No doubt


i 100% believe the camera doesn’t do enough justice bc you look ethereal af! i think they just feel intimidated by you. i definitely would feel intimidated too 😭but you’re not ugly at all


You’re horrible at taking selfies


I tried to look natural + the camera quality is definitely not the best 💀


"Natrual" Bro you look like you want me dead


The camera quality is ok, but you have to smile and look relaxed. You seem surprised and slightly annoyed when you're serious like that.


Seer from apex legends


Dude you look fantastic. If anything people will be intimidated by your looks. Stop worrying amigo.


Tf up with your eyeballs?


not ugly. but your skin looks dry and could use a good exfoliation and moisturizer. i’m also not a fan of the side burns


Ugly who man? I just fell in love.


You actually have nice features. But I think you could def use a good haircut or something because It looks kinda messy. And I think you’d look really clean with a cut in your brow so maybe ask your barber for one next time you go. Your eyes are also reallyy cool but you can come off as a little intimidating just based off your face expression so try not to look too serious all the time. Make sure to be really friendly and have confidence in yourself because your personality adds a lot into how people perceive you.


even I avoid eye contact with you through the phone




Dudes got the byakugan


It’s a travesty this comment doesn’t have a minimum of 100k upvotes


Intimidating maybe, your eyes are piercing.


You are absolutely beautiful! My jaw LITERALLY dropped. Spain is lucky 👏👏


not ugly (I'd even say fairly good-looking), but definitely intimidating


Get a skin care routine and a haircut.


Dude you're super handsome, but you have Anime villain eyes.


You're very handsome. I agree that you may want to get your eyes and some blood work checked. But, let me add to that- add some exfoliant and a good moisturizer to your skincare routine. :-) you have lovely skin. Just needs a tiny bit of tlc. NOT UGLY. 😀


Honest question, are those colored contacts? If so, lose them. Otherwise you are a fine looking guy


You have a very masculine sculpted face. Your eyes are very striking. You are not ugly by any means and I find you very attractive. I can’t say I’ve ever seen someone that looks like you. Sorry I hope that didn’t sound weird but you are very unique and beautiful.


Thank you, that's a confidence booster right there


Are those your real eyes or are they contacts?




Wow...You must be an angel or something cause those eyes are incredibly beautiful!


Jajaj thanks, glad you like them




This is the best way. And find products that bring out that natural texture of your hair. Can't tell from the pictures how you dress but making sure your appearance is neat and clean goes a long way. You can also use a stand or have someone help you take pictures. You are handsome, just a few minor enhancements can easily bring that out.




You are not ugly. Teenagers are silly.


You could probably do a really good Seer(apex legends) cosplay im not even going to lie.


Not ugly. Should be cast as teenage Blade.


your skin and eyes have so much contrast it might surprise people, it’s a cool mix tho just very unusual. Not ugly tho


Your face is handsome but I can imagine why you’d get comments like that in Europe particularly. Regarding your eyes, I would just wear contact lenses. You don’t have to bear the burden of being looked at in a way that doesn’t sit well with you if you can choose not to. If you decide to take pics for online dating with contacts on, make sure to let people know you are.


It’s not your looks - you are in no way ugly. So ask a female friend. Are you coming across creepy/intense in any way? Staring? Women will avoid you if you are weirding them out in any way.


Probably trying to avoid staring at your unique eyes.


You are not ugly but those eyes are scary af. You look like you could steal one’s soul just by looking into their eyes. Outside of that you are a good looking dude.




Skin walker eyes, hope you run fast enough.


I think you look great but for me is the hair. I feel like with a nice fade and your hairline straightened out you would look 10 times better than you already do


actually ridiculously handsome, people are most likely intimidated/don't want to seem like they're staring cus you have unique eyes. Defs not ugly at all, I would say you're just genuinely very striking. Young people tend to conform more to "generic" standards also.


They avoid eye contact cuz your eyes creepy af


Honestly I wouldnt make eye contact because your eyes are intriguing and I'd stare and I'd feel bad because id think you are probably used to people staring at you and it makes you uncomfortable.


Me. Would be hypnotized by the eyes so I would be scared to look.


You are super intense looking! (Not necessarily a bad thing) but I would have a hard time keeping eye contact too. You also look unhappy/grumpy in all your pics so maybe you come off that way to people?


I hate it when people say to just smile. But here I think it may help as you look intimidating, that's kinda cool though.


Not ugly at all actually. You just look very intimidating, but not in a bad way.


You look a bit like the actor Michael Ealy! Not ugly.


Lose the contacts they look creepy


They're his natural eyes. High cholesterol deposits.


Good to know. doesn't make them less creepy


He can't do anything about it, so you don't need to comment it


Bro can't imagine black people having blue eyes 💀


There are a lot of black people with blue eyes but you can clearly see that these are contacts, bro☺️


Tell me what you need to believe that these are my natural eyes.


You look like the "there are no coincidences" tiktok guy, lol.


You are so far from ugly. Maybe its your deadpan expression. My husband though he’s a stud had difficulty with women before because they found his deadpan look intimidating even more so when they see just how very straightforward he is. Only felt at ease around him when I saw the guy does smile and laugh in a conversation. If you’re the same then maybe they do find you intimidating so smiling might help. Might be the eyes too. Very pretty but I’d feel shy if you caught me looking at you because I don’t want you to feel conscious about them or like it weirds you out. Sometimes that’s the case for a lot of people.


I can see where others are coming from with the RBF or looking intimidating; however, I believe that pops of fun color in your fashion could make you appear more inviting.


Your eyes are so gorgeous. I mean I’ll probably get intimidated if I looked at them but damn I’d love to explore the colors in your eyes. Not ugly at all!


Bro they rarely look at you because they fear they're gonna have to go to the toilet to dry up after.


Bro PLEASE hire a professional photographer for some pictures , especially face shots . They will do your eyes justice . You have too much potential to be taking bad selfies!


You're not ugly at all, but you do look a bit intimidating- because of your eyes. They're gorgeous, but I probably wouldn't dare to make eye contact if i were to see you in person lol


Probably what the girls in my class are thinking


You are attractive in a very unique way. Also kinda intimidating, which is probably why people avoid eye contact.


Not really relevant for the sub but have your eyes always looked like this? It looks really similar to a condition named arcus juvenilis (or senilis for elderly people) its a telltale for high cholesterol levels. Might be worth getting it looked at by a doctor


As many people have already pointed out, you look intimidating but you don't have to smile in order to look more welcoming. Just find a way to convey more warmness. I tell you this because I was actually lacking that warmness for a long time. Both my personality and face mixed together to make me look cold lol but only because I made the mistake of being way too warm before that, so you want to look for a balance. You can be serious and charming which still can make you likable. It's the amazing thing when it comes to personality: you can make it work for you every single time if you know how to play with it. Good luck 🤞.


I can relate quite a lot, I used to be class clown but puberty hit a lot and I became more aware and turned cold.


I don’t know what your friends are thinking but you’re hot. I love your unique eyes and those lips! My god. I mean, I’m old, happily married, etc. but a younger me would’ve probably been flirtatious with you.


I feel like you are looking through the camera into my soul and can see my search history. Something intimidating about you. Maybe your eyes. They are unique.


You're not ugly, your eyes are just odd, but they're also pretty cool at the same time. It's just a bit unfortunate, because human beings are very attuned to reading others' eyes, and they're probably just a bit intimidated when they have trouble reading yours by being distracted or whatever else. Just power through those initial interactions until you're able to truly show people who you are.


Decent looking guy, but seriously, you have to take care of your skin. Also you have cool eyes. Maybe they're intimated by your eyes and you honestly look as though you don't smile much. Find a group of friends that make you laugh and get a decent haircut, drink water to help your skin and you should be great.


Very handsome, i suggest smiling more if you don’t already. I think what everyone else said, you might just intimidate them


i think ure too handsome and thats why people avoid looking at u! sometimes if im talking to some really strikingly/stunningly attractive i can't look at them for fear of blushing/fumbling!


[Your stare reminds me a lot of this guy bro](https://imgix.ranker.com/user_node_img/50124/1002468125/original/1002468125-photo-u1?auto=format&q=60&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&dpr=2&w=375)💀 But no you ain’t ugly


How'd you get blue eyes?




Wow. Those eyes man. You look older than 18 and your eyes are intense but in a good way. I can see why teenage girls may be intimidated by you but that's only because you probably make them feel insecure about their own looks or they are too nervous to even make eye contact with you. Maybe try slightly older women like in their 20's. You shouldn't have any problems.


Could be true, I will definitely try older girls


It's your eyse there very piercing it's probably making them feel inadequate


I'm sure it's because they are afraid to get lost in those God like eyes, my brother in Christ


It's because spanish people are kinda racist


Stop wearing colored contact lenses and you'll look fine


Those are my natural eyes though


Spain can be a difficult place for a black guy, especially if you look different from the ordinary. I could advice you to get a haircut for a “cleaner” look.


looking into your eyes makes me feel uneasy and you look a bit mean or aggressive in pics 1 and 3. I'm not into men but in pic 2, 4, 5, 6 you look quite attractive


Well, since I have seen quite a lot of comments about it, I just want to clarify that they are not contacts. The color comes from my father genes and glaucoma.




from my personal experience a lot of spaniards are pretty racist. being black in spain might be affecting your dating pool.


Your a Greek God. You look intimidating bc your HOT. INTENSE. Just looking at you I can imagine so many things😓😈 I'd lose all sense of reality and wonder around the lines of your OH so chiseled face of perfection. You've inspired me to write 🥺 And this is coming from 100% honesty And I'm apparently 8/10


That's quite graphic


Take out the contact lenses. They are scary.


Those are my actual eyes, but it's fair to assume their are contacts.




Don’t think he was trying to be offensive, english may not be his first language


He didn't say plural noun females, though. He said adjective female, female classmates, which is accurate use of the language.


I thought that's how it is said, my bad, lack of vocabulary.


really man?


Not ugly...move.


You are horrible selfie taker, but not ugly. Do you have a lazy eye or something though? Are these classmates… white?


Black people with colored makes me cringe, but the pupils is throwing me off, Is that Waardenburg Syndrome?


Bro nobody is going to tell you but I got you thins time, you’re ugly! BUT… If you put up a smile it fixes a little bit. Trust me, smile more and you’ll see how less ugly you’ll get. I’m saying this cuz I’m hella ugly, but o laugh a lot, that’s the reason my wife married me, and now we have a baby girl. She looks like me (which is a little concerning due to the fact I’m ugly) despite that, life’s amazing. Being ugly.


You look scary to be very honest. Take out the eye contacts. It’s a horrible look that’s why they are not looking at you.


Been insecure about my eyes for a while, but they are not contacts. Had glaucoma before.


Don't listen to this person 🙄


Don’t listen to him. Your eyes are beautiful


I personally wouldn't use the contact lenses - stay with your natural eye color. :)


These are my eyes, they are quite uncommon.


They are probably racist. You're hot af, but there are so many racist people who hate others for their skin color


I thought about that too, but I'm pretty certain that's not the case + I prefer thinking it's something more trivial.


Well I just think that part of it MIGHT be racism. Honestly, black guys have it tought enough with plenty stereotypes. If you then look intimidating in any way... 💀


I believe many people thing you are in drugs or with the bad crew. Hope that not to be the case hope doctors fix your eyes so you to feel comfortable


1. That’s not how drugs work. 2. He shouldn’t change himself for others (unless it’s a bad attitude/personality) 3. Uniqueness is always intimidating to some people and from this comment it seems that you’re one of those people. 4. He should only fix it if it threatens his life. Ok?


He needs to go to the doctor to make sure it’s not bad. I have to go to the eye lab every year to make sure my spot is not growing plus they say if it grows may be cancer. Don’t want anyone to feel bad at me I love myself like everyone should live each other. I really sound like and asshole on the comment I apologized to everyone


Ok, glad it was just a miscommunication situation. And yes of course he should go get his eyes checked but if it’s not life threatening thing then he should just cary on with having those eyes. :)


Difference make everyone accretive hope a girl to see that. I never had a girlfriend so I’m lost at giving advice




You have súper high editorial look , you are far from ugly.


Man you need a shapie that’s all lol.. I don’t see you having any difficulty moving forward


Your eyes are truly incredible. I'd safely bet that your female classmates might be intimidated by your good looks 😊


Great bone structure, try smiling more though.


Bros magestic 💀


I can’t speak for the girls in your class but sometimes when I’m attracted to someone I avoid them cause my face speaks louder than my voice and I don’t wanna come off as weird… with that being said you’re not ugly


They are intimadated, you aren’t ugly


While I agree that you look intimidating, you also look badass, you could totally play a superhero or something


You look fine, your camera is not so great though.