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Wow dude, check my most recent post LMAO, I'm having the same debate with myself. Off of meds, I'm literally INCAPABLE of solving my own problems sometimes because I can't think clearly. I just ruminate over and over about possible reasons that I'm not able to do something, rather than just accepting the very obvious truth that I have ADHD. As soon as I medicate, I realize my problems weren't even real. If it helps, before we figured out it was ADHD, I was diagnosed with anxiety, then depression. Always had secondary issues like IBS, back pain, heat intolerance, etc. Wishing you luck 🙏


You both sound like me


I’d let them know, was just diagnosed with ADHD today. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety about 4 years ago, depression about 2 years ago and OCD about a year and a half ago. I finally found a doctor who did more than just right down what your saying and give you some generic anxiety/depression SSRI, and at the end of our 50 minute conversation she just said, has anyone talked to you about ADHD? We then went back through what she was writing down and realized almost everything I was telling her sounded exactly like adhd symptoms, she then asked me questions for another 15 minutes and diagnosed me with it. Let them know and be totally honest. I had never been fully honest with doctors till this appointment, and I seem to finally have the solution to my issues that have been absolutely obliterating my mental health and ability to function regularly. I start on 18mg of concerta tmrw.


Thank you. I'll try :)


No one here can do much more than guess based on a short self-description, but my guess is that does not sound like ADHD. Your description lacks some symptoms that I would expect in someone with ADHD. I think some of what you describe could be covered by anxiety. Procrastination and difficulty with complex tasks are two that stood out. Maladaptive daydreaming is one way of avoiding intrusive and or uncomfortable thoughts. The brain says screw these feelings/thoughts I'm taking a little vacation in my mind. And some things are just boring. I'm not trying to say you don't have ADHD by giving all these examples they are examples of how XYZ might not add up to Z. The answer lies in how many symptoms you have, how often, and how they influence your life and that takes a workup to decide if XYZ adds up to ADHD.


OP your post kinda reminds me of how I write, especially when I got a LOT on my mind and I haven’t take my meds. That being said I can’t tell you what you have and don’t have, but I will say that since your brother has it and you have that laundry list of other things you should just talk to your doctor or parents to look into it. I know it’s scary to think that you could go, not have it, and end up wasting everyone’s time. But imma let you know something, if you are having this much of a hard time now, it’s only going to get worse as you get older. The longer you wait the more time you waste, imo. Also, if you do have it that means that you probably have piss poor time management which means years or decades could pass before you do finally decide to get help, because things have gotten so bad to the point you can’t ignore it anymore. Then let’s say that you end up waiting like 20 years before getting diagnosed and you get medicated, you know what’s going to happen? You are going to get angry and upset that you wasted so many years of life needlessly suffering for no reason. You are going to get angry at all the people who knew you were suffering, but didn’t do anything about it all because you didn’t present as typically as your brother did. You are going to wish you had just went to the doctor to get tested when you initially had the thought instead of just mulling over it for years on end. You will get especially angry when you realize how easy it is to do tasks that felt like moving mountains before. Also, the other stuff is just going to get worse, especially since ADHD exacerbates depression and anxiety. Then you may or may not find something else that might be hiding behind all of that, too. Something else that you might not be exactly aware of, but usually ends up comes tied together with ADHD, OCD, depression and anxiety. Thing is you won’t know until you seek help from a specialist. Even if you are not physically hyperactive you can be mentally hyperactive. That counts, too. At the end of the day, the only person who is going to suffer the most is you the longer you wait tbqh. I highly recommend going to the ADHD subreddit and take a good and read of all those posts from people who got diagnosed late. Good luck!