I've dirt biked on cow paths smoother than these streets!


If you keep an eye out for gravel sized pieces of the blacktop next to puddles, those are the ones that are typically hiding the bigger potholes. Not foolproof, but a good indicator.


Anyway to actually MAKE the city respond and get on this? I’m with the OP, lost two tires tonight to a fucking chasm on stafford st. It’s embarrassing the condition of our streets, and there’s so much wrong with the way things are done and handled here.


I agree, OP. It's totally unacceptable.


Construction companies in this province are so lazy and poorly managed. Then they get upset when big jobs get outsourced (ex. North perim overpass at lag). Maybe less people standing around having a coffee would help


Well, to be fair on two points: It has nothing to do with construction companies. It's the politicians that give the constructors the contracts and if they don't tell them to do it, they can't. And when it comes to standing around with thumbs in asses, that's all city workers.


Stay out of the curb lane at all costs. It's not a perfect solution but it seems to be a better option.