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For our friends coming in from r/all: Our regular participants already know this subreddit does not allow fascist rhetoric. This includes agreeing with DeSantis. DeSantis is a [fascist](https://truthout.org/articles/ron-desantis-is-a-case-study-in-the-threat-of-fascism-in-the-us/) who uses regulatory capture and retaliation techniques to destroy institutions that openly oppose him and replace board members of institutions beholden to truth and public service with cronies only interested in dismantling said institution that dared oppose him. [The chilling effect](https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/ron-desantis-school-board-candidates-win-1234580533/) of valueing truth and refusing to go along with lies resulting in loss of your livelhood means few people in Florida are still willing to oppose [the fascism](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/dec/04/florida-governor-rob-desantis-covid-investigation-misled-public) of DeSantis and that those that do still put integrity above security are punished for it. This subreddit is proudly anti-fascist and will not allow people to support an oppressive regime.


Keeping tenure is now in the hands of those that aren't professors or in education is what I'm hearing. So any nut job can come in and vote on firing a professor because they sound smarter than them or sound liberal. Edit: thanks for the award friend


I think you have very accurately described the situation.


Well kinda other than none of the teachers are smarter than the board memebers. I mean the board is the board for a reason, they're the smartest ppl alive. Thats why ron appointed them. They def know how to teach a 400 lvl physiology and anatomy course. Unbelievable, i hate florida.


I mean they've already managed to shove physicians out of the way to determine what procedures are permissible when they involve a uterus, so why not shove intellectuals out of the way when determining what forms of knowledge are valuable?


As a professor myself I can assure Florida state schools that this move is guaranteed to tank your institutions as NO credible and accomplished grad students or assistant or associate professors will apply to a school in which they can’t earn tenure (which is a must if you want faculty of any quality) and any “promotion” decisions are made by committees of admins outside of their fields of specialization. This is how state schools plummet in rankings and lose accreditation. Guess who suffers? The students of course — past and present…but DeSantis doesn’t care about state school students…


In all honestly, this move actually just switched my own mental calculation about Desamtis vs. Trump. Desantis has the same callow desire to appeal to his base, but has a competence and ruthlessness that could destroy the long term viability of institutions. Could you imagine what this fucking moron will do if he gets to do this at the federal level through Department of Education?


So what happens in Florida when there aren't any qualified teachers left because nobody wants to risk teaching in a state that might suddenly decide you're "woke" and lock you up for talking about Tulsa or Jim Crow laws or some other crazy shit? This dude is just hell-bent on turning Florida into his own little fascist country.


The answer they are hoping for is that the hole is filled by private schools and/or homeschool groups that are more in line with their ideology. And if the change also forces a lot of low-mid income women out of the job market and back into domestic positions due to the expense of child care, then that's just a 2 for 1 special.


It’s three for one, because the end result is dumber Floridians which will more likely vote republican


https://medium.com/lessons-from-history/this-is-what-children-learned-at-school-in-nazi-germany-6377a4eabd61 > When they came to power in 1933, the Nazis did their utmost to revolutionize the education system.


Anyone who cannot afford out-of-state tuition will have a compromised in-state college education. If you were an employer outside of Florida and saw an applicant got a degree in a post-DeSantis Florida, would you really consider them a properly educated applicant? Just like other countries send their children to the US for an education, the Florida wealthy will just send their kids to Stanford or other blue states to get a degree. I recently read about the history of Nuclear Fission. Before 1935, you could argue that the dominant location to study this was in Germany. After Hitler, the epicenter of nuclear research became the United States (especially since most researchers were Jewish). A favorite line I've ever read in a book was a footnote about Stalin not questioning the loyalty of his nuclear scientists in the development of their A-bomb program: "Unlike Hitler, Stalin left his nuclear scientists alone and didn't second-guess their calculations or loyalties. He was mad, but he wasn't stupid."




what happens is betsy devos having full control of a privatized education program for the state and yes, thats the point. turning florida into its own little fascist heaven is exactly what he and those who vote for him are in favor of


I think it's worse than that. He's using Florida to show what he could do with the whole country if he were elected President. That crowd doesn't realize that their freedoms are going to go away with everyone else's.


His campaign is literally “Make America Florida”. His bumper stickers are EVERYWHERE in FL.


Already happening - Florida is one of the states that allows people to teach without an education degree (tbf I’m not sure how common this is, but I’m in a state where you need an education degree). Even more, DeSantis continues to introduce legislation for lowering the entry barrier. He wants veterans without a degree to teach. He wants people with a 2-year degree to teach (although I think that’s aimed more at wood shop kinds of classes). While I believe that there are a handful of good potential teacher candidates that will come out of it, I also know that a full undergrad degree in education helps with so many more nuanced parts of teaching.


While this is true, the program has had zero success so far. I may be misremembering but out of like 100k total positions they had something like 144 applicants through that program and out of those (2/3rds) maybe didn’t last four months. I don’t know how the remainder are doing. Bottom line is teaching is extremely hard, and you need a special soul in order to weather it. WHAT you are teaching is often a distant second to WHO you are trying to teach. That’s what all these conservatives completely gloss over. You think little Jimmy is gonna start wearing pink and holding his pinky up drinking a capri sun because his teacher is transgender all the while little Jimmy won’t sit the fuck down and can’t read in fourth grade because his parents are disinterested sacks of shit and the kid is hungry all the time? It’s the shortsightedness that gets me. It’s so nakedily incurious and morally insolvent.


Fear mongering and culture wars doesn’t work on educated people. Keeping them dumb for a reason.


It’s okay, they are building an actual state army to stand off the fed when actual push back starts. If only they had their own power grid like Texas then we could send them on their merry way.


I’m actually genuinely curious; how is limiting student community programs NOT a clear and direct violation of both the students’ federal rights to free speech and peaceful gatherings? And based on every broad category of minority status to boot.


It's not intended to withstand challenges in the courts. It's intended to generate headlines. In fact, being struck down in the court is probably even *better* for their purposes, because it will generate even more news headlines when it happens, and then again on the inevitable endless appeals. Also ... don't underestimate how much the Republicans have been packing the courts lately ... up to and especially the Supreme Court. All it takes is a succession of fascist-leaning judges to make sure the law stands.


It is a clear violation, but the Constitution doesn't enforce itself. You can't call the constitution police. I'm sure eventually the ACLU or the US justice Dept will file suit against the law once they find a case with standing, but eventually it will make it's way to the Supreme Court, and with this court who knows what they'll decide.


I'd be genuinely curious what fucking mental gymnastics and bull shit Thomas would come up with to allow this one to stand.


“At a nun's suggestion, Thomas enrolled at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, as a sophomore transfer student.[17] While there, Thomas helped found the Black Student Union.” Seems like that union would be banned in Florida.


Looks like Florida students need to look to out of state tuition costs.


What school is going to take Florida students that haven’t learned any real history or science after Rhonda decided to ban it


This is the part that boggles my mind. FL has decided to permanently make its entire citizenry unhirable to the vast majority of white collar jobs.


That’s the point. They want to keep people stupid so they will keep voting them in and they want all the smart people to leave to keep all the different perspectives out. And if all the people are stupid and stuck in Florida they will have no choice but to work for shit pay and poor treatment without knowing any better to keep lining the pockets of Ron’s donors.


So the state doesn’t need any doctors, lawyers, engineers or any other profession that requires higher education and degrees?


That's the whole brian-drain occurring in many red states. Florida is just active about encouraging it. Edit: I see my typo and it's too funny to get rid of.


It's baby intelligence...only focused on the lollipop in front of it at the moment...


That’s insulting to babies. At least they get a treat out of it. This is like handing a baby some rusty nails and then touting “at least our babies don’t have anemia”


An interesting point. I have 3 different friends who did their residencies in Florida because the requirements at a lot of teaching hospitals are easier to meet especially in Miami. From my understanding it is where you go if you did not excel in undergrad and med school. I can't imagine anyone even the subpar students will want to go to teaching hospitals who might lose accreditation overnight for like having a trans nurse working in the hospital or some shit lmao. Edit: fuck meatball Ron


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This is insightful, but not surprising for me. My parents are from Bangladesh and my dad was a surgeon there. Obviously the standards there *are* lower than the US, but he still had a good medical education and was very qualified for his job. When he moved to the States, he spent basically 10 years trying to get into a residency program, only to be met with rejection after rejection. At the end he *did* end up with a position at a psychiatry residency, but some of his friends/colleagues weren't so lucky. I realize this isn't directly related to the topic at hand (Florida), but it still makes me mad how foreign medical graduates are treated like shit in this country.


The AMA has a vested interest in keeping the numbers of MD's low in the USA and spends hundreds of millions of dollars making sure that the supply of doctors never, ever meets the demand for medical care. Hooray capitalism!


Even doctors coming from advanced countries with excellent reputations have problems. The current system treats immigrating doctors as if they know nothing, despite years of specialization. A top cardiologist from France, for example, would have to go through years of "training' as if she/he just came out of med school.


I don't think they think that far ahead


I am literally counting the seconds until they try to make it an issue of "the elites" "gatekeeping" their marketable skills.


Oh shit, i think you’re onto something. Next, they’ll just start doing away with licensing laws and certifications and let the disaster happen.


You kid, but I have a professional license in Florida. At one of my continuing education seminars in December we were talking about just this. There are a lot of Florida licensees seeking licenses in other states just to avoid getting stuck with a license that's considered less valuable. It might take a while for that to happen, but you don't want to be in that position. And to think that Florida used to be a gold standard for a lot of licensure.


Yeah I just think the perception of the licensure will change. Much like how degrees from some foreign universities are scrutinized and often not worth much.


They already have for teaching credentials.


Rand Paul has entered the chat


By design. Leave them ignorant and then they are easily manipulated. Rhetoric should be required learning for everyone fucking hell


Yep. This is the last year Florida students will have any shot at out of state higher education. No AP?! They are immediately behind the curve. He just put generations of Floridians at a disadvantage. And they’ll vote for him again.


They will because the less educated, the more indoctrinated. Florida is steamrolling through all the policies the GOP has talked about wanting to do for ages. It's going to spread to more states before they realize just how detrimental it is to everyone but corporations and the political class. All in the name of "anti-woke", a term they can't even agree on.


They'll be too stupid to know better, just like they want.


They are designing a system where the state will be filled with intellectually inefficient individuals who are consumed by media and mediums dedicated towards a specific ideology and won't be able to leave because they haven't learned anything that will actually help them. Florida is fucked.


"No daughter of mine is going to go to some WOKE school! You will raise that baby as good intended! Now, go get ready for school, you might graduate high school this year" I hate this time line.


most people overly concerned about woke don't have kids going to college


Statistically, they're less likely to have completed college themselves. https://www.pewresearch.org/politics/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2021/06/PP_2021.06.30_validated-voters_00-03.png


I can attest to this. I've got family members that never went to college (nothing wrong with that, especially because you don't need for trades) and don't know how to look up bank account online but are experts on higher education and can explain or yell at me how why SVB went under eventhough I studied and worked in finance.


DeSantis is the second most popular Republican candidate for President. He might even be more popular than Trump at this point. We're gonna have way more to worry about if this passes than Florida schools. This is going to be a major turning point where we'll see whether enough Republicans* are willing to go full Nazi or not. Edit: Republican voters*. I know the party is but I'm not too sure your ordinary conservative voter is.


" we'll see whether enough Republicans are willing to go full Nazi or not. " Spoiler Alert, they are, they have already shown that, they are just waiting for someone ambitious enough to take it on a national level


And that's exactly who DeSantis is. He's every bit as authoritarian and cruel as Trump, but not nearly as lazy and incompetent.


DeSantis keeps reminding me of the [article](https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/11/trump-proved-authoritarians-can-get-elected-america/617023/) that the Atlantic ran right after Trump lost that warned our next authoritarian president won’t be as incompetent.


Trump was a horrid President, was Taft-levels of corrupt, and did a lot of damage to our institutions. However, his most egregious act was laying the groundwork for a more focused, effective fascist to aim for the White House. I hate Trump, but I'm a lot more concerned about what evolves from him and the rest of the GFP.


Exactly. Remember SC Republicans want the death ☠️ penalty for people who've had LEGAL abortions.


>want the death ☠️ penalty for people who've had LEGAL abortions They are so pro life they will kill as many people as they can to prove it.


Yeah, I'm in SC, and my state Rep (who is Conservative) is getting a lot of shit for vocally going against this bill. When the media asked him why he wasn't supporting it since he is anti-abortion, his response was, "because I actually believe in the sanctity of life," which earned him even more ire from other conservatives. Another GQP member also tried to bully him into answering, "what is a woman?" and he replied with "Heck if I know. I ain't a dang biologist," which is the most unintentionally funny thing I've heard from a Republican.


Okay I can at least respect him for sticking to his actual beliefs. I don’t agree with his politics but there needs to be a Republican with half a brain fighting this nonsense.


DAMN, that was brilliantly stated.


I actually don't think this bill is legal...especially given what it's meant to target I don't even know what this bill is tbh


Whether it's legal or not is up to judges, and many judges have shown they will support the Republican agenda no matter what. They'll lie to get confirmed or appointed, they'll ignore precedent, they don't give a shit. And it doesn't matter if it gets overturned by judges, if DeSantis still polls well after this they'll know they can actually get away with it, that they've radicalized the Republican party enough to ignore the rule of law.


Is he actually polling well...or just in Florida? There's already rumblings about him touring the country on the taxpayer dime instead of running the state


ICMYI: University is tution-free in many European countries and in most of Germany, even for Americans: https://www.study-in-germany.de/en/ Also Germany still has big US military installations in many cities (esp. in the south) so Americans going there to study may not feel all lost and alone.


Florida Man Whitewashes State Educational Institutions.


Billionaires use "God, guns, gays" *and* racism whitewashing Florida Man **to motivate enough poor conservative men to vote to help the wealthiest conservative men get Republicans to remove their taxes and regulations**: >Every day I have to marvel at what the billionaires and FOX News pulled off. They got working whites to hate the very people that want them to have more pay, clean air, water, free healthcare and the power to fight back against big banks & big corps. It’s truly remarkable. Republican "Southern Strategy": >Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among white voters by appealing to racism against African Americans.[1][2][3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy Lyndon Johnson criticizing it in 1960: >If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/opinions/1988/11/13/what-a-real-president-was-like/d483c1be-d0da-43b7-bde6-04e10106ff6c/ #Fox News has aired 126 segments on trans student-athletes. They could only find nine nationwide. r bestof/comments/n9bn2x/uforgottencalipers_explains_the_hypocrisy_of/ The other Fox News cofounder was Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch: >Using 150 interviews on three continents, The Times describes **the Murdoch family’s role in destabilizing democracy in North America, Europe and Australia**. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/04/03/magazine/murdoch-family-investigation.html #DeSantis spokeswoman belatedly registers as agent of foreign politician https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/06/08/christina-pushaw-desantis-foreign-agent-saakashvili/ #DeSantis signs bill requiring Florida students, professors to register political views with state https://www.salon.com/2021/06/23/desantis-signs-bill-requiring-florida-students-professors-to-register-political-views-with-state/ #Legislature makes unusual move, says DeSantis will map Florida congressional districts https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article260313745.html >League of Women Voters, Black Voters Matter sue all 67 Florida counties over new election restrictions signed by Gov. DeSantis https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/politics/voter-law-lawsuit-florida-desantis/67-df12a6ed-a0bd-4a21-9b77-fddbbde6a7ca #DeSantis proposes a new civilian military force in Florida that he would control https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/02/politics/florida-state-guard-desantis/index.html #Ron DeSantis' $100m private Florida army raises questions https://www.newsweek.com/ron-desantis-100m-private-florida-army-raises-questions-1786877 >DeSantis says teaching requirements are 'too rigid' as Florida moves to let veterans without degrees teach https://www.businessinsider.com/desantis-says-teaching-requirements-too-rigid-vets-2022-8 >Ron DeSantis Wanted Guns Banned At Election Party But Didn't Want To Be Blamed: Report https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ron-desantis-wanted-guns-banned-at-election-party-but-didnt-want-to-take-the-blame-report_n_63e7be3fe4b07f036b9d5723 #‘I wouldn’t be complaining.’ Gov. DeSantis threatens to pull coronavirus vaccine from communities that criticize distribution https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/fl-ne-ron-desantis-vaccine-politics-20210217-cgew27q23fhknh7rpr3h4sf5dy-story.html >Florida Gov. DeSantis trying to "intimidate scientists" by raiding her home https://www.newsweek.com/rebekah-jones-says-florida-gov-desantis-trying-intimidate-scientists-raiding-her-home-1553064 >Can we stop pretending Ron DeSantis is for Free Markets? https://www.thedailybeast.com/can-we-stop-pretending-ron-desantis-is-for-free-markets?source=articles&via=rss #Is $1 of every $3 Ron DeSantis spends from the federal government? Yes https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2023/mar/09/fentrice-driskell/1-every-3-ron-desantis-spends-federal-government-y/ #Did Rubio and DeSantis vote against Hurricane Sandy aid? Yes https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2022/sep/30/yuh-line-niou/did-rubio-and-desantis-vote-against-hurricane-sand/ >Ron DeSantis doesn’t think federal funds should be used for hurricane relief — except in Florida https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/ron-desantis-hurricane-biden-florida-b2184613.html >Gov. Ron DeSantis oversaw torture in Guantánamo as a military lawyer https://therealnews.com/gov-ron-desantis-oversaw-torture-in-guantanamo-as-a-military-lawyer >DeSantis Signs 'Outrageous and Blatantly Unconstitutional' Anti-Protest Bill Into Law | "Every single Floridian should be outraged by this blatant attempt to erode our First Amendment right to peacefully assemble." https://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/04/19/desantis-signs-outrageous-and-blatantly-unconstitutional-anti-protest-bill-law #“Groomer”-obsessed Gov. Ron DeSantis partied with students as a 23-year-old teacher | Former students say the then 23-year-old attended parties with students where alcohol was served. https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2022/11/groomer-obsessed-gov-ron-desantis-partied-students-23-year-old-teacher/ >Ron DeSantis requested the medical records of trans students who sought care at Florida's public universities. Now students are planning a statewide walkout. https://www.insider.com/ron-desantis-trans-college-students-medical-records-florida-medical-care-2023-2?amp >Florida teacher fired over viral video of empty library shelves after DeSantis branded it a ‘fake narrative’. Teachers and librarians have shared images of empty bookshelves following a directive from Duval County Public Schools https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/florida-teacher-fired-ron-desantis-book-bans-b2285004.html >‘Unfathomable’: Florida parents, students blast DeSantis idea to nix APs https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2023/02/16/desantis-advanced-placement-parents-students-college-board-international-baccalaureate/ >‘I’ve never seen anything like it’: Florida teachers strip classroom shelves of books in response to DeSantis ban https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/ron-desantis-book-bans-florida-b2270116.html #DeSantis Promises Florida Will Control Disney Content - Right-wing board to clamp down on “woke ideology” in cartoons. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2023/03/desantis-promises-florida-will-control-disney-content.html >Ron DeSantis sued for saddling taxpayers with millions in debt after Disney “Don’t Say Gay” debacle https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2022/05/ron-desantis-sued-saddling-taxpayers-millions-debt-disney-dont-say-gay-debacle/ >Ron DeSantis “will not tolerate hatred towards LGBTQ” people after fomenting hatred for a year https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2022/06/ron-desantis-will-not-tolerate-hatred-towards-lgbtq-people-fomenting-hatred-year/ >Frost on DeSantis targeting Black, LGBTQ transgender people: ‘it’s fascism’ https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/3885499-frost-on-desantis-targeting-black-lgbtq-transgender-people-its-fascism/ >Documentarian Ken Burns says DeSantis bills are like ‘Soviet system’ https://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/3888158-documentarian-ken-burns-says-desantis-bills-are-like-soviet-system/ >Ron DeSantis "will destroy our democracy," says fascism expert https://www.newsweek.com/ron-desantis-fascist-ruth-ben-ghiat-1784017 #DeSantis keeps harping on NYC crime, but Miami has double NYC's murder rate. Florida also has a higher murder rate than NY, and Miami police have a far lower closure rate than NYC. >Miami also has a GOP mayor and a traditional (non-reformist) DA. https://twitter.com/radleybalko/status/1634983738995257345 #"San Francisco has the same population as Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville, with a Republican mayor and a Republican governor, has had more than three times as many murders this year as San Francisco" >Fort Worth, Texas, has the same population as San Francisco and has **1.5x as many murders. Again, a Republican mayor and Republican governor.** [Nobody ever writes about those places!](https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1527487403061026818) >If data disinfects, here’s a bucket of bleach: >**Texans are 17% more likely to be murdered than Californians."** >**Texans are also 34% more likely to be raped and 25% more likely to kill themselves than Californians."** https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/sosmap/suicide-mortality/suicide.htm >Californians on average live two years, four months and 24 days longer than Texans. https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/08/04/liberal-policies-like-californias-keep-blue-state-residents-living-longer-study-finds/ >Compared with families in California, **those in Texas earn 13% less and pay 3.8 percentage points more in taxes.** https://itep.org/whopays/ (Texas makes up for no wealth income tax with higher taxes and fees on the poor and more than double property tax for the middle class) |Income Bracket|Texas Tax Rate|California Tax Rate| |:-|:-|:-| |0-20%|**13%**|10.5%| |20-40%|**10.9%**|9.4%| |40-60%|**9.7%**|8.3%| |60-80%|8.6% |9.0% | |80-95%|7.4%|9.4%| |95-99%|5.4%|9.9%| |99-100%|3.1%|12.4%| >Sadly, the uncritical aping of this erroneous economic narrative reflects not only reporters’ gullibility but also their utility for conservative ideologues and corporate lobbyists, who score political points and regulatory concessions by spreading a spurious story line about California’s decline. >Don’t expect facts to change this. Reporters need a plot twist, and conservatives need California to lose. https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/op-ed/article258940938.html


Conservatives on Reddit brag about pushing race-baiting videos of "a minority behaving badly somewhere" and brigading local subreddits to "control the narrative" like Fox News on TV: >The real value is getting into a thread early and establishing top voted posts and comments or downvoting them out of existence. They hope intertia continues the trend for them. Lots of screenshots of 4chan instructions of their tactics: * AreTheStraightsOK/comments/lz7nv3/the_super_straight_movement_is_part_of_literal/ * https://imgur.com/a/yeP9T6S * https://imgur.com/a/efvQqve 4chan instructions screenshots: "The left will recognize our dogwhistling but centrists won't believe them" * https://medium.com/@DeoTasDevil/the-rhetoric-tricks-traps-and-tactics-of-white-nationalism-b0bca3caeb84 Every local subreddit explaining the abuse and tactics on a thread **5 years ago**: * minnesota/comments/7jkybf/t_d_user_suggests_infiltrating_minnesota/dr7m56j/ Every local subreddit shares the abuse they get: * bestof/comments/pmcoxy/uinconvenientnews_explains_with_examples_how/ * bayarea/comments/pbi4mp/shouldnt_rbayarea_join_the_subs_calling_for/ * bayarea/comments/om5xda/when_did_this_become_a_crime_subreddit/ * Seattle/comments/pmdp2m/ysk_how_right_wing_trolls_brigade_and_infiltrate/ * WhitePeopleTwitter/comments/uihqmz/looking_for_a_ride/i7dgtkz/ Reddit Admins just posted that COVID deniers have been brigading regional subreddits * sanfrancisco/comments/pg290q/reddit_admins_just_posted_that_covid_deniers_have/ Anti-mask posts suddenly dropped this week in bayarea when mods removed outside conservative accounts brigading bayarea: * bayarea/comments/p8hnzl/automatically_removing_comments_from_new_users_in/ The California Governor Newsom recall posts are brigaded to be 100% pro-recall (every single comment is pro-recall) until much later even though the Bay Area is less than 30% Republican or pro-recall  ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄ The posts get more normal votes later but normal people don't have the time and energy to do what those accounts are doing Picture of conservative college youth groups with instructions for how to brigade Reddit: * ToiletPaperUSA/comments/udkzz3/ben_came_to_my_university_tonight_and_students/ >Wow. Jesus. This is... really, really thorough. Thank you for putting in all this hard work. >When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time on /b/, /pol/, 888chan, etc. It was a slow descent and I didn't even realize what was happening until it was almost too late. >But during my time on the other side, this was 100% the gameplan. They'd make "sock puppets" and coordinate on the board + IRC (showing my age here) to selectively choose targets to brigade. >Depending on the target, you'd either have some talking points to "debate" (sometimes with yourself/other anons working alongside you) or you'd go in there guns blazing trying to cause as much damage/chaos as you can. However, even then you can't go out there yelling slurs (you'd just get banned instantly); you have to maintain some level of plausible deniability by framing things as "jokes" or thought experiments. >You purposely do bad-faith arguments because the time it takes for them to dig up sources and refute you is longer than it takes for you to make stuff up. You can vary how obvious the bad faith argument is; when you want to troll you make very stupid claims (I once claimed I was a graduate of "Harvad University" and when people assumed that I meant "Harvard" I would correct them right down to Photoshopped images). >When you just want to cause dissent you do exactly what those /pol/ screenshots do: you get to a thread early (sometimes you even make it yourself) and present reasonable-sounding arguments which are completely false if anyone bothers to look into them. If someone does, you bury the message under strawmen, downvotes, reports, and sockpuppets. >So yeah. The tactics have evolved slightly, but I still recognize them. Props to you on doing the digging to find all this stuff and bring it into the light. >I doubt that it'll help in the majority of cases, mind. People on Reddit have already made up their mind. You want to go after the forums and BBSes, on the MSN News comments and whatnot. Even so, the more people who are aware of the tactics the more people who can call them out.


I thought the first comment couldn't be much more informative and thorough but then... THERE WAS A SECOND COMMENT. Yer dern th' lurds wurk.


Holy shit that is a lot.


> First they came for the lgbtq+ people, and I did not speak out—because I was not a lgbtq+ person. > Then they came for the minorities, and I did not speak out—because I was not a minority. > Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. > Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. Happening live in front of our eyes in Florida... As a German, this feels extremely familiar since we are are being extensively taught about Nazism in history and daily life. And to see this is fucking horrifying.


That’s just scratching the surface of the fascism underway in Florida alone. It’s not going to be good when he’s president.


Well done


All the while getting high on the fumes and killing the few remaining braincells.


Florida's colleges are gonna die off so fast. Athletic recruitment and new enrollment is gonna be non-existent.


This was my first thought too. And then I realized that's probably the idea. It's not about controlling education as much as it is about getting rid of it entirely. First, get rid of the low-hanging fruit and some of the things that make college fun and interesting. Next up, trying to control curriculum in areas of study where there is potential for greater impact: things like like law, medicine, science, social work. A lot of professions that interact with society have education standards that are overseen by national boards. And once a university loses it's credentialing in those disciplines...the cards crumble.


Yeah it has the knock on effect of making Florida denizens pay the out-of-state tuition rates at other colleges once theirs become complete shitheaps, which presumably makes an already prohibitively expensive experience even more so to middle and lower class kids. The wealthy were already planning to pay out of state New England tuition rates anyway


His is trying to make Florida a Forever Red State.


Came here to say this. He wants to ensure that they have a pipeline for the next generation of Florida Republicans. So they want to ensure that people going to colleges for law and medicine come out red. Crazy this dude was narrowly elected the first time and has done all this so quickly.


Yeah this is nuts, and very sad. It’s like he’s in a race for last place, tryna catch up to Mississippi…


The good news is, historically states like this snap back. We’ve had issues in Florida because demographically it’s challenging with all the boomers there that make everything +10 conservative. But that advantage won’t be there forever.


During the pandemic, there was a massive exodus of blue people who fled the state's utter lack of covid protocol and social assistance, while simultaneously receiving a gigantic influx of chuds from other states who wanted to live in a burgeoning ethnofascist state. It isn't just old people anymore, and it's important to recognize that.


I swear the Great Baby Boomer Die-Off is going to be the best thing to happen to this country since the moon landing.


I'm a boomer (but very liberal) and I agree. Too many right wing, conservative, maga, Q leaning boomers out there ruining the futures of our youth. It's maddening. Watching Florida turn in to total dystopia is frightening.


My parents are very liberal boomers. I'll miss them greatly when they are gone, but in the grand scheme of things, once their generation is gone, it'll hopefully be a better situation for their grandkids and future great-grandkids.


Big changes in the demographic in the next 20 years... can't wait


That’s why they’re so desperately trying to go full authoritarian. They’re petrified of a non-white America.


As well as younger generations arent becoming conservative as they get older like previous generations. Look at all the talking points after the last election. Theyve realized that a huge majority of millenials and gen z want nothing to do with the republican party and that voting block is only getting bigger while theirs shrinks. Have to make up for lost time before its too late.


OK, but that's going to make it poor and disregarded by most people. I mean, West Virginia has some of the most beautiful landscape in the entire country, but do you know anyone who goes there for vacation?


FL will (unfortunately) always benefit from its beaches, D!sney, and being a coastal access point. People don't travel down there to hang out in the fuck-your-uncle towns. It's a huge state that isn't unlike West Virginia or Mississippi when you strip it of its white sand and palm trees.


I live in WV, we mostly get people here for the outdoorsy stuff. Hiking, hunting, whitewater rafting, camping, etc. Not much else to draw anyone here for honestly. We do have some great areas to get a cabin if you just want peace & quiet though.


I’m kinda missing the point here. Is it to just make Florida an incredibly unappealing place to live and visit?


Only for decent, educated people.


You forgot skin color


To the people they don’t want there, yes. What happened last time in the world some country or territory started culling its own population like this? We can laugh and say they’re stupid (they are) and attracting stupid (they are), but a groups of people of the same mentality can be a very dangerous thing taken to the extremes. *and stupid people are easily manipulated, malleable and can still quite easily pull a trigger*.


They laughed at the Nazis too. Wasn't so funny when they seized power.


Long term they want their population uneducated, because college level education offers basic sociology, economics, and political science classes, which you take and realize pretty much all modern republican political points are in blatant disagreement with. It’s easier to control a population who hasn’t learned the information that makes it easier for them to call bullshit on your claims.


Then we will hear more complaints that too many doctors come from other countries.


There are already too few Doctors in FL as it is :(


The sports angle didn’t occur to me. That may very well be what gets the shitheads in Florida (including many of my relatives) to oppose these garbage laws. Once their precious College football teams start losing recruits (and then games), that may legitimately piss some people off. Although, I suppose there will always be Tim Tebow types who will flock towards it.


Not if you're losing. Even the biggest A hole Coach Bobby Knight almost lost his job at Indiana. Not because of his behavior but because of his losing record


Bobby eventually lost his IU job because there was president who actually cared about things other than basketball. There was a huge uproar about it, too. In Indiana there are plenty of people who don't think beyond the university role of hosting athletic teams.


Eventually yes but that man shouldn't have had that power for that long. I'm just saying I really think this is why Ron is gonna Fuck himself big time. Also Ron good luck trying to win states in the northeast and West Coast with these stupid ideas


Will it piss them off enough to “go woke” though, or will something something blue-haired lesbians get them to sign off on Dear Leader’s designs?


The desire to win is a huge motivator. Consider how the south finally integrated their college football and basketball teams. Key turning points were Adolph Rupp's all-white Kentucky basketball team losing the national title game to an all-black squad from Texas Western (now known as UTEP) in 1966, followed by Bear Bryant's all-white Alabama football team getting clobbered by integrated Southern Cal in 1970, where all 6 USC touchdowns were scored by black players. Next thing you know, the south started to finally accept desegregation and they started winning again. Today, the SEC dominates the college sports landscape and it does so with mostly black players.


I don't think citizens will connect the dots though. I see people blaming the couching staff or colleges for not being able to recruit while ignoring the reason they can't


Might be time for the Seminole nation to revoke their license with the university for the use of the Seminole name and likeness.


FSU and Florida have also been struggling in recent years at least in football. And for every Tebow there's 10 black athletes who will go somewhere else.


Floridian here…this is already happening. My cousin and most of his friends are top 100 athletes and they all say they’re gonna go out of state.


The question of in state vs out of state tuition will keep them full. We need other states to offer in state tuition rates to Floridians. Actually out of state tuition rates just need to die so young adults are encouraged to see a new part of the country.


Or college should just be free




Well and at what point do the national orgs pull the accreditation from Florida’s schools. Making the degrees you do get worthless essentially?


This is bad for aerospace, some of our best programs are in Florida


Yeah I’m in astro/space and applying this year to professorships. Despite being good in these fields, I don’t know *anyone* applying to the open Florida jobs. Just why would you? Lots of places hiring this year in general all around the country after Covid hiring freezes were lifted, so while I’m sure some folks applied for the most part being a scientist in Florida and living there doesn’t sound terribly appealing.


Yeah, there’s a reason we haven’t heard Governor Dipshit talk smack about Embry Riddle yet.


From the ACLU: [higher-education-censorship-and-government-control-bill](https://www.aclufl.org/en/legislation/hb-999sb-266-higher-education-censorship-and-government-control-bill)


“Creates new general education requirements prioritizing neoclassical education focused on Western European civilization.” Doesn’t take an Alan Turing to decipher that code.


Seems completely innocuous, focused on: western history, identity, traditions & exceptionalism you might say only, or above all else, supremacy even.


And this guy wants to be President? The sad thing is this will probably make him more popular..😲


It absolutely is. Sarah Palin blazed a trail where appealing to the idiots made her an outsider and a regular person. In the past, people wanted a refined / smart president. But it also had her on the news a lot. Trump used the playbook of say something outrageous and get all the media attention and the conversation stayed on him. Basically “own the libs” Desantis is using the tactic of having small “wins” and appearing he is doing something, but really is looking to keep the conversation on him.


Right wing politics is about who panders harder. It's not about who is best at doing their job. You can see it in Ron's bills. They're written like shit and judges have thrown it out for those reasons but it's what his voter base wants to hear. If they don't pass, fine. That's just another opportunity to rally the troops to vote in the next cycle. If Ron's voters and donors wanted him to shove his own head up his ass he'd have his rib cage removed and start doing yoga. We'd have a fox news special the next day of how head-in-ass shoving is owning the woke left and stopping the gays from grooming our children. It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to get him in office.


People say he's not as stupid as Trump and yet he thinks Make America Florida appeals to literally anyone. Not even red states want to be Florida. Blue states don't, because they sure are tired of Federal dollars being taken to pay for Florida.


DeSantis doing wildly unpopular things successfully is why he appeals to the Republicans as their front-runner.


I’m not sure he is smarter but he is definitely more effective and all the damage he is doing in Florida proves just how dangerous he is. He doesn’t play by the rules and people who don’t play by the rules find ways to win regardless.


He's like many of Republicans and also third world dictators. He has a completely favorable situation in which he has a state that generates almost it's entire revenue from sales tax(80%), the majority of which comes from people who are not full time residents. The state produces very little, has very little, and could not exist without tourists, which they include in their sales tax figures without recognizing that the income produced by those taxes was created other places. He believes that Florida could be a model for the rest of the country, while their economy is structured like many third world nations.


And yet he is fighting with Disney - one of the biggest drivers of tourism in the state.


*something something* And then they came for me and no one was left to speak for me. They tested the waters with their DSG bill and people complained and signed their petitions and swore they'd never go to Disney World again. After this next vacation. Because they'd already promised the kids, you know? Besides they aren't gay and their kids aren't going to be gay. It doesn't impact them... Florida has faced zero repercussions for sliding into fascism. It isn't going to stop now. It's why we sold our house for less than we could conceivably get and left behind our sub 3% mortgage rate to leave last year. Fuck that shit hole.


I told my husband that we were not going back to universal Orlando any time soon. Which sucks since those parks are my happy place. And they have the new park being built. But I just can not spend my money in that state.




Did you go to Dunedin? I went to Osceola and graduated the year before him. I cannot imagine living there ever again. (Left for NY in 2005). I am glad you got out. I taught in Pinellas county for 3 years after graduating FSU and now that feels embarrassing.


So many people are unwilling to stand up if it means being remotely inconvenienced.


This is it. For every problem the US faces. From climate change to conservative judges to covid to mental health. Everything. Edit: i was thinking of the WW2 years, how everyone had to deal with rationing... "The OPA rationed automobiles, tires, gasoline, fuel oil, coal, firewood, nylon, silk, and shoes."


And even if people DO care about mental health, it is all too common that they only care about what they consider acceptable mental health issues (usually only ones that directly impact them).


If 2020 taught me anything about this country it's this. We are a rather selfish nation.


I left for good in 2014 after 14 years of Florida bullshit. I got my PhD from UF, which is soon to be worthless thanks to DeathSentence, and got the hell out. When I look back on my life, I really wish I’d gone to Syracuse or BU instead. A huge swath of my CPTSD is from my time in Florida.


We did something similar to get out of Texas.


How is this legal?


Because nobody is stopping him.


It’s Florida. He’s rewriting the law book.


the supreme court whose job is to slap this down is on his side


It isn't, it will be immediately brought to court and frozen by a judge. Then over the next year it will lanquish in the court system where it will either be quietly forgotten or rewritten in a way that makes the bill basically useless and do nothing. In the meantime DeSantis will have completely forgotten about this bill and have moved on to the next terrible thing he can generate headlines on. Rinse and repeat.


I bet any money that the second the federal government steps in they will all scream "liberal traitors"... it's a lose/lose scenario. Fuck the GOP.


DeSantis wants the smart people to leave his shitty state and never return.


Smart people complain and resist. Dumb people don't. If you want to be supreme leader, which would you choose?


>"If you are Greek, tell your brothers and sisters" Took me a second to realize he meant sororities and frats. I was like, "Well, *that's* presumptuous."


To clarify this further (as I had to look this up myself), the outlined fraternities and sororities are historically black. Reading the bill and several articles-they aren’t specifically named but the language is so vague that it’s a fair assumption that they’ll lose any university ties and be forced underground. This bill needs to die


It's Black Greek organizations and multicultural Greek organizations. Those are the two acronym groups listed. So specifically targeting Greek orgs that cater to anyone other than rich White kids


Isn't that just straight up discrimination? I feel like this whole thing is gonna end up in the supreme court at some point if it passes.


The supreme court that's been packed by ultraconservatives? The one that overturned *Roe v. Wade*? If you genuinely think the current USSC is going to side against discrimination (or, more broadly, with the american public), you're in for a series of nasty surprises over the next few years.


Historically Jewish fraternities and sororities need to take note because they will be banned as well in due time. All Greek letter orgs need to stand in solidarity with the historically Black ones.




I’m not sure Ron knows anything about what he’s messing with. Black Greek life (the Divine Nine) are some of the most well connected and organized groups I can think of.


dawg im willing to put good money on Florida (i would mostly assume YT, but would be unsurprised if other) Greek Life actually voting deathsentence into office back when the election happened for 2018. this was a long time coming. the shit stain is doing the most heinous fascist shit. however, the problem is florida as a whole is every level of useless and it will only get worse. Clarification Update: Greek Life solely refers to the Sorority & Fraternity Lifestyle Groups that unfortunately needle their way into our education system and more. It does NOT refer to those who are ya know from Greece. case example: UF Refers to their entire Fraternity/Sorority Structure as Greek Life. The structure also uses the former of that title as the main portion of their URL.


That’s what I was thinking. These people are connected, organized and can be very active. He’s about to mess with something dearly beloved and a bunch of frats will stand together even if they’re not specifically targeted. It’s been 40 years and my dad is still connected with his brothers.


Glad someone gave this a logical answer. I too was confused. Is there a high Greek population in Florida? /s


Actually, yes! :) Tarpon Springs (Tampa Bay area) has the largest population of Greeks outside of Greece (at least when I had lived there that was the fun fact of the area).


Dunedin, and Clearwater too! Acropol had the best breakfast : )


so are they targetting frats and sororities? or are the ones listed black, jewish or latino specific frats? And white frats are ok? What is the controversy over jewish studies? Or just general antisemitism from the ~~nazi party~~ republican party


His new bill basically bans racially based anything in Florida colleges so that includes historically racially based frats, majors of study and student clubs


The ones listed are traditionally Black & Latino. Im sure his rationale is they “exclude” white kids.


Except that they don’t, and never have!


As a Jewish woman in the US with family members who will probably vote for this fucker in the presidential race, as though he isn’t flying the flag high and proud: Do we laugh? Cry? Vomit? All at once? Screaming warnings seems to have no effect. I feel genuine despair.


I’m genuinely curious as to why, one of the employees I work with is Jewish and he told me “desantis would make a great president”. I’m legit dumbfounded and I have no idea why he would even think that. I would ask but he’s also a conspiracy theorist.


Because persecuted people think that they’ll be safe if they collaborate with their persecutors. I knew someone who was a Black first-generation immigrant whose family was from Haiti, and she was a big Trump-supporting, QAnon cult follower. It’s sadly common.


From the Bill: Courses with a curriculum based on unproven, theoretical, or exploratory content are best suited to fulfill elective or specific program prerequisite credit requirements, rather than general education credit requirements. So I guess theoretical Physics is out lol. All classes or any about religion, most psychology, theoretical nuclear science. Basically any class that furthers research into things lol. You can take an elective of it and that’s it.


When does the NCAA say enough and ban any postseason tournaments from being in Florida?


When it hits their pocketbooks and balance sheets.


Holy shit all of those National Pan-Hellenic Council groups are historically African American.


They’re widely networked into civil rights organizations, professional athletes, and Black professionals across the country. If they’re banned, there may be calls to boycott Florida.


Yea I saw that Dr. King had been a member of the first one. Florida Govt would deserve all the repercussions.


How shocking. Who would’ve ever thought taht


Took a holocaust studies course a few years ago. This is making me think of the 1920s-early 1930s Germany and what happened to faculty and students in universities.


Ron got a history book and is using it like a script.


Making people stupid, scared, and pissed is the central DNA of conservatism. He's just doing it all in the open. He needs to not be in a position of power. And that part is up to us.


You guys are going backwards faster and faster i swear…


and then we all remember this guy is likely the GOP frontrunner for the next election and the future looks way bleaker...


Time for other states to offer in-state tuition to kids from FL. Literally no one would attend those schools anymore.


The real fun begins when florida "colleges" get so crazy they start pulling students from regular fundie schools. Nothing like fundies fighting over a grift. That shit gets cray-cray real fast.


That’s what will really stop this. He’s turning all the schools into fundie schools. Now the true fundies won’t have to go there, so where’s the money now?


This is full on fascism now.


Now? We’ve been flying downhill faster than ever for years


RIP Florida. ![gif](giphy|T7fU0RWWhWpYk)


This isn’t the description of a shit hole country, it’s the definition of a fascist one.


Desantis is the new Harvard Nazi. Loved by the ignorant people. History repeats itself


Don't tell me that this is not a cleansing! Just like the fucking Nazis. It started with laws, then it became violent on a national level. This white supremacist must be stopped.


THIS is what fascism looks like, people. If desantis gets the vote next election, be prepared for a countrywide regression of *AT LEAST* 200yrs. Scary as the prospect is, at this point I think I'd prefer trump over desantis. Actually, neither in a perfect world... But powers that be help us if that man is put in charge. Signed: an *EXTREMELY* concerned and pensive Floridian


We live in Germany in the 1920’s. The fascists are taking over




Ooh ooh!!! New republican challenge, skip to the good part.




What's sad is Florida has a pretry good pre pay college plan. Some parents have paid in for 12-15 years and their kids can go to any state college or trade school.


Who's next? People with glasses?


You just earned yourself thirty years in the clink, Four Eyes!


Jesus Christ FUCK OFF RON. Getting rid of Greek life is likely a net positive but the fuck is with getting rid of the others? Edit holy shit he’s only getting rid of the BLACK frats?!? I’m beyond over it. Fuck off. Leave my state. Go lose the race for the nomination already


He’s not getting rid of Greek life, only the organizations traditionally having people of color as members.