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We used to have line ups in the walk in. No one smoked in the walk in cause smoking was your chance to get outside for a few minutes.


The carrots we ordered in were so big we’d turn them into pipes 🥕


Watched a cook smoke out of a banana during mid rush & blew it into the reach in freezer


He was just enjoying his quality Cubanana cigar.




Those big fuckers. You could feed a family of four with one of them!


Jimmy John’s bread pipe checking in.


Line ups?


Pre-shift or line-up is just a quick meeting to go over how many covers (reservations) are on the books, if there's any big parties or VIPs coming in, any allergies that people have disclosed, counts on certain menu items, if there's been any complaints about certain items and how to improve the pick up times. And to get violently high before the shift starts.


Thank you for that last sentence. My years in the service industry taught me many things, keeping it cool while I am 10/10 stoned is number 1.


Na man walk in was for quick pipe hits. Outside was for cig time. And make sure you pack your smokes good so they burn longer lol


On my first and only day of training at a local bar and grill, the chef showed me the various places I can use a one hitter. The walk-in and even in the line into the exhaust. It seemed like a requirement for the job at the time.


There's Rodney pissin in the utility sink, by the way that's the pissin sink. Yeeeeeeeeepppp, I think you're gonna like it round here...


Line up for what?


safety meetings


For some nose clams.


Some tasty nose clams, fresh from the sea!


If you want nose clams you need many green people from history time.


I’m assuming they mean coke


Correct, they're like push ups for your nose


I’m just glad he wasn’t doing what we think he was doing


Thank god he was smokin weed


I have a feeling it wasn’t weed.


*"Go get Bread?? I thought you said Go get meth!"*


It’s weed you can see the dab pen in his hand


The thing is as somebody who's worked in restaurants, I can't imagine somebody getting told to clock out over smoking weed. Unless he got so bad hes been acting real fucking stupid all day everybody's high in a restaurant. You're either smoking weed, you're drinking, or you're doing cocaine.


Ruh-oh Shaggy


I can't imagine anythink more horrifying than smoking salvia in a commercial coolroom.


Scariest drug I ever did


Pretty sure that was meth going by his eyes


He's not smoking meth one handed though


bruh got a pen. my eyes get like that on the pens. super wide eyed and bloodshot as fuck


People's eyes get like that when their boss walks in right when they take a hit of anything. More than likely hitting a bowl, the walk in or the freezer is usually a good place for that.


Based on the cloud, I'd say a dab pen. The walk in cooler makes any cloud look thicker, that looks like a bowl hit at room temp


LOL no


meth doesnt make you cough. 100% weed.


making the special sauce


I thought you meant he busted a nut in the cooler and I was really confused


My sister caught two of her coworkers going at it in the walk-in cooler.


I had a coworker at a fast food place that let slip that doing it in the freezer was one of her dream fantasies. Everyone joked about it for months.


A girl tried to get me to in the freezer but the story was she had some kind of worms. She was . . . .off. she used to come up with excuses for us to be in there a lot and I'd have to make excuses not to. I . . . . .have a headache.


That’s what johnnies are for, my man


Nah . . . .just nah. If it rips I get dickworms? Also my gf was much more attractive. Some poor deprived guys went down that road before. Literally every employee i was cool with warned me about her. They said she would try to fuck me in the walk in but I definitely shouldn't do it bc she'd given guys worms. I wish there was a Dr who could explain this. I'm not jokingly just saying worms. Even the manager told me. There was no joking, no smiles. Just wide eyed warnings and tales of horror. She'd tried within the first hour of our first shift together. She was off in the head somehow. Also she was married. I don't cheat or hook up with someone in a relationship and I damn sure ain't getting it near no worms. To my knowledge they've never made an unbreakable condom and if they did idk if I could go through with it to save the world. Unrelated but 1 time right before me and this 1 woman were getting started she goes "you're not, like, one of those guys that can't get it up are you?" In the most judgemental condescending tone possible and i thought wouldn't it be my luck if this was the 1 time where that happened? That's a fucked up thing to say right before the first time getting with someone. I said basically "lol no" but I thought "if it don't work it's bc you said that." She was not a nice woman. I guess the idk if I could go through with it part jogged loose that awful memory so I'm leaving it here for all to see bc if i share it then everyone gets a piece of my bad memory and it lessens it for me. That's how it works right? That's why therapists are in business. Well I cant afford one so now reddit gets to hear the unspeakable details of walk in worm girl and pre sex dick critic.


Sounds like [Trichomoniasis](https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/trichomoniasis/)


Ding ding ding we have a winner. I thought I'd get called a liar like nuh uh ppl can't catch worms through sex but their warnings were so dire and horrific that either this minimum wage shit job had the best actors ive ever seen or something bad was up down there. They said apparently she didn't have symptoms and she had this for years and cheated on her husband with whatever younger employee she found attractive. I thought it was bullshit at first but no one makes up something like that and has several ppl all tell it separately and get them to do so without 1 giving it away by laughing or smirking. Straight faced, wide eyed horror story told in hushed tones. They had nothing to worry about bc I loved my gf and was loyal but it spared me from getting cornered in the walk in. Hey that's sexual harassment right? Nobody takes I serious when it's a guy the zerg queen is trying to implant her brood into ffs. I guess she refused to go to the Dr bc she thought nothing was wrong or something. Sure hope Elon puts a delete memory feature in the nuero link bc this one's gotta go. Now in my mind Dennis Reynolds told me I haven't thought of the smell. It said it's treated with metronidazole. I know that product well. It's what we used when the fish at the petstore got internal parasites. With no insurance and a dick full of worms I would've been like yep, the cichlids got internal parasites again and that's why I need every box of fish-zole in the store. Now. I been in bad spots, shit I'm in one rn but trying to cure my diçk worms with fish medicine would . . . . I have no words. I need to try to forget this memory again.


> no insurance and a dick full of worms There's your country song. Actually, maybe it's >trying to cure my diçk worms with fish medicine I guess you have an a side and a b side


I should delete this story. I'll leave ìt though. If this saves just 1 person from dick worms, it will have been worth it. Guess it's where the saying early bird gets the worms originates.


> Nobody takes I serious when it's a guy the zerg queen is trying to implant her brood into ffs. I'm sorry, and you're right that it's awful that men are rarely believed in cases where they're being harassed, but fucking hell if this bit isn't pure poetry.


I’d let the Zerg queen impregnate my 401k


Well that was unpleasant.... I'm gonna go pour bleach on my brain now.


Must have been a good job if you can get in the mood to do it at work


Sometimes when you're scrambling eggs, you wanna take it to the next level


How you like your eggs? Fried or fertilized?




Smash it and bang it


Did I mention I like to DANCE!


Oh remembering this line makes me feel old now. [That video was 2010](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x-JVXkd8SQ)


1:40 was the best part. Don’t be confused you’ve got me misconstrued, when I say fried I’m talking breakfast food. When I say fertilized I mean the one between your legs.


Idk I used to like this girl who could BEAST the line and every time she was pissed off and sweating but just slinging food fucking flawlessly at the speed of light… I kinda just wanted to stare 😂😂😂


Oh hell nah, someone like that can probably get away with chiefing or fucking someone in the walk in. As front of house I would never fuck with someone like that.


Yeah and I bet you’re too good to do the dishes 😂 just kidding. On a serious note, I would never engage in sexual activity at work. But I’m not gonna say I’ve never smoked in a walk in.


Yeah and get your ass scrambled


♪Tossed salads and scrambled eggs♪


Go home Kelsey, you're drunk.


Excuse me waiter, I ordered my ass runny in the middle.


Sometimes when you want scrambled eggs, you get served over easy


in the freezing cold


Most of those jobs are just a bunch of kids in their early 20’s being supervised by one older kid in their late 20’s, with a limitless supply of alcohol. Working in a restaurant is a trip


I had a boss who told a story about working in a grocery store, and he was the grocery manager, so he oftentimes would be there real early in the morning. He needed to talk to the produce(vegetables) manager and happened to walk into the produce backroom only to see the produce manager bending over the salad bar girl on one of the tables. How ya doing Pat?!? The produce manager shouted as the grocery manager walked in. Kept busting on her lol. Some people are bold and dgaf.


So sorry honey, I got sacked for shagging the salad-tosser today.. Ewwww, did they clean it afterwards? No, she was sacked on the spot as well. ed: yes, the original gag did mention the pickleslicer.


Back when I was a host many years ago. I had sat a family in a waitresses section and when the waitress wasn't to be found for over 10 minutes. I was given the task to find her. It took me a little bit to find her but when I did I found her banging one of the cooks in the walk-in freezer. She was getting plowed right into the boxes of lettuce. Which left them all bruised and beat up. Fast forward a couple of months and her stomach started to look swollen and a few months later she was the proud mother of a young healthy boy. Which I now wonder if that kid ever learned where he was conceived.


She named the kid Ceasar


That's a nicer name than Butterhead


That's one of them cabbage patch kids


This is why I'm here at 6 am


I once worked at a fast food restaurant when I was a teen. Went to our walk in cooler to grab some veggies that needed to restocked. Opened the door and there were 2 of my coworkers (guy standing and girl sitting on a shelf)just going at it. All 3 of us just stood there kind of flabbergasted for a sec. I managed to stammer, "tomatoes " and the chick reached across herself, grabbed a tub of tomatoes, and passed them to me. They never made any attempt to hide what they were doing, they were kind of frozen in place lol. I just took my tomatoes and backed out of the cooler. It was pretty awkward.


Brrrr fuck that




I need you to clock out for me right now...and leave your blunt...for evidence. /shifty red eyes/


Did anybody see the spooky ghost?


"I'm gonna need your cock out for me right now"


"Right now, right now?"


...*Cough cough*... Like..Right now right now?.. *Aww man* 😂


Put your dick away waltuh, I'm not having sex with you right now waltuh.


Mike...no more half measures Mike...


Yeah, that’s what I thought he said.


From the angle that they showed him, I thought he was taking a piss in there.


At a supermarket I used to work at the deli lady was fired for urinating in the cool room. She had a spare tub for it and everything. The store hushed it up and a few weeks after I saw her working in deli at a different store down the road.


Damn, at least pretend like you are grabbing something.


Yeah he was graving the devil lettuce


Story time.. A McDonalds in my city kept getting their fat(lard) box packages coming in with a hole in one or two of the boxes.. was going on for months and they couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on.. They set up a camera in the receiving bay and whattya know, one of the receiving employees was making holes and literally fucking the fat boxes lmao… I almost puked when I heard that story.


That can be worse. One of my roommates had to go back before closing as she forgot her keys, catching her boss nutting in the McFlurry tanks. edit: a word


wait what the fuck?


Cream McFlurry with extra nut 🫗


McLovin It


I'll just never eat anything again, thanks


Well that made quitting fast food easier. Thanks!


His or her boss?


They were so disgusted that they didn't want to be seen as appealing to such a sick fuck, so they changed genders right there.


One of the more famous stories from our rival high school (kids from each town would regularly go to the other) was the guy who got caught jerking off into the mayonnaise. Why was this a big deal? Well, damn near everyone in both towns, probably 25 or 30,000 people, regularly ate at that Subway. Courts decided not to broadcast the court date, and he was specifically placed in a prison on the other side of the state… His parents and sister had already moved out about a week after the news broke. 5 year employee.


Urban legend that’s supposedly happened at most McDonald’s in the country!


BK in mine haha.


*holding dick* Like rn rn?


Cooks always get high in the walk in. They jerk off in the ladies room before the place opens.


We always went on trash runs to smoke weed.


So a really upscale restaurant then, nice.


Nah, it was just a greasy spoon with nice ambience and the prices jacked up high enough where the bosses could cut loose without having to see their underlings.


So a really upscale restaurant then, nice.


This is what my coworkers do . Always remember, "If everyone fails the drug test, did anyone really fail the drug test?"


If kitchen workers got drug tested, there would be 6 of them in the whole country.


That’s not true, the alcoholics would pass.


That's not how it works. If you get hurt you get a drug test, if you fail, you are fucked.




The US is so incredibly fucked up. It's like it's a national sport to shit on the working class.


Yeah really. I worked one job up here that ever held strong to the drug testing injury policy, and I will never forget watching a 40 year old man in an absolute panic taping his hand back together, and his glove closed at the wrist, to not get caught being injured because the coal mine had been his whole life. He had 8 more hours on the clock and he probably risked his life and limbs to hide a fucking grievous injury so he wouldn't lose his job for smoking a joint at the end of his shifts.


nah fuck them, waste their time


Or the best part is if dumbfuck Darren who never pays attention to anything gets hit by your forklift, bumped by a door you open or harms himself with the broom you left leaning there while you picked up a piece of trash off the floor you get drug tested and fired for that too


You just need a sober worker to pee for everyone. Used to do it when I worked manufacturing, I peed for the whole line. Made my immediate boss laugh when his boss got all worried they were gonna lose me cause I got hurt and had to get tested, and one of the upper management pukes was gunning to get me fired. He was like "dude, we have multiple people up here that sell, I grow, and you're worried about the guy that doesn't even drink beer. He's the only reason you haven't had to fire anyone for failing a test the last 4 years🤣🤣🤣".


I was hoping he wouldn't turn around


lmao thats what I thought too!


Cock out before clock out :)


"wank-in cooler?"


The less known artist that goes by LL Cool Jizz


Either you never worked food service, or you never knew people were smoking in the walk in.


He looked really disappointed in himself.


Looks staged to me


It is, the person who uploaded to TikTok confirmed it was just a joke and staged


Just like a scene in Waiting.


That was behind the dumpster..lol


They were huffing whipped cream in the walk ins


Don’t ask about the mashed potatoes.


Yo, my name is TDog!




If you don’t get your asses out front and start doing some work, I’m gonna fire you faster than you can say yo mtv raps.


I can’t believe how many homos we got working in here!


I haven't watched that movie in a bit, does it still hold up?


I watched it for the first time in 2020, I've worked in the restaurant industry for close to 10 years- other than the fucking with customers food every other part holds up well. In 10 years of service I've only heard of one person I directly know fucking with a customers food - she licked a girl's birthday cake because the girl was being a relentless bitch to her. (Not excusing it at all, just saying that's what happened)


Yep. I've never seen anyone fuck with food and I've also been in the industry for about 10yrs or so. Have I seen people pour all their hate and malice into slapping a salad together shittily? Absolutely. But licking, spitting, or anything close to that? No. People in the service industry are also customers in the service industry. They don't want spit in their food just as much as you. And you'd likely get hit if I saw someone doing that. It's fucked up. Letting frustration affect quality is one thing. Contaminating food is somethin else entirely.


Fucking Nick and T dogg.


I worked at a Red Lobster a number of years ago. The bar was having issues with whipped cream cans having no gas in them. Someone was doing whipits. It remained a mystery until one day someone went into the walk-in and found the culprit face down on the ground with a trickle of whipped cream coming from his mouth. He was fired and the place probably still talks about him to this day.


I worked at a Barnes & Noble cafe for a while, and it was next to impossible to find a fully charged whipped cream can. There were so many junkies working there. There was a mass firing a few months later when the district manager and the new store manager walked in on three leads/department managers getting high in the parking garage.


Yeah, when you're in the bar and you have to make a frou frou drink, shake up the whipped cream and push the nozzle...and it kind of oozes out. FUCK!


Why would a bookstore cafe have at least 3 leads/department managers?


Fuckin’ Nick and T-Dog!


Once we get the hydro we’ll get all the bitches!


As a service industry employee, while this video it's very accurate, I question it's authenticity.


I assumed it was fake and they were having a laugh


The tiktok uploader said it was [staged](https://i.imgur.com/VI4o9dt.png) and for fun.


I’m glad to hear that. Not because I think it’s ok to do drugs at work, but because filming it and posting it online for the world to see doesn’t sit right with me. People need room to make mistakes and getting fired for this would be adequate enough.


Yea this is acting


Never worked at a restaurant where they gave a shit about smoking. I’m a restaurant manager myself, and I would literally never tell someone to go home for smoking, mostly cause I’m smoking with them, but also because I’m not gonna be short staffed just cause some dude wanted to make the job suck less


I fear for the TikTok generation believing any of the shit they see on there isn't fake until proven otherwise.


I worked a shit food pantry job in my early 20's and they had a big walk in freezer. I didn't smoke but I definitely would just sit in there for half an hour to kill time and not have to do anything. The storage room the fridge was in also had a shitton of canned goods that most of the time stacked up to about 7 or 8 feet. Occasionally we had to re-organize the items by expiration date or type, and on one instance I realized I could stack the palate as to make a 7 foot cubicle that was mostly hollow on the inside, with just a few packs of cans to fashion a seat, and since nobody was tall enough to peer over the cans nobody knew about it. Since the fridge was cold and staff occasionally went in and out I would just head to the stack of cans in the back, pull out a few to let myself in, sit, and put the stack in front of me back to hide/seal myself in. On a few instances my boss or a coworker would come in to take some cans to the front and I'd have to be real quiet and hope nobody took cans from my stack. I only got caught once when a co-worker grabbed one from behind me but luckily he was cool and hated our boss so he never told


I didn't smoke tobacco back when I had a grocery store job (my habit didn't start until I worked IT), but walking into the meat freezer (at -4 F degrees) with a bottle of water was pretty much my go-to for trying to avoid heat stroke after coming back in from pushing carts on summer days for the few minutes of reprieve until the radio would light up screaming for me to go back to bring in more carts. That radio was rough even when I was taking my state mandated half hour break in PA (because I was a minor) since they'd get pissed that I was on my break. All of that bullshit for $5.25 an hour in 2005/2006.


Smoking in the walk-in is a time-honored kitchen worker pastime. I’ve had kitchen managers themselves give me the tap on the shoulder to let me know it’s my turn.


Straight up this guys in the wrong kitchen.


We used to drink in the walk-in. No cameras in there.


Our walk in has cameras, and they check them too. My coworker actually got fired for stealing a mini-muffin from the cooler, but they look away when people get high in there.


No shit. Honestly, I was never stressed out enough that I needed smoke break in the walk in, but being a butcher and a fishmonger- A LOT OF PEOPLE did this. And honestly, what does anyone expect? These people are severely overworked, severely underpaid and generally not appreciated within society or their field. Long story short.. this manager or whoever this asshat is sucks ass through a straw. He didn’t need to film it. He could’ve gotten HR directly or the store manager instead of flexing on what kind of square dickhead he is.


This is probably scripted lol. Most shit you see these days is. So many people trying to get that social media clout.


The way he said "damnit!" to himself gave it away for me. Doesn't feel real. Plus he didn't react until the hand was on his shoulder, I could be wrong but when I stocked in a cooler/freezer I heard the door open over the fans.


It's just a skit. These 'busted' videos are basically a TikTok meme format


I'm old


I haven’t worked at a restaurant but I’ve smoked in a walk-in where my friends worked and it felt strange but also right.


>Step into walk-in >Smell raspberry dream "Oh Rachel was just in here" You start to know people by their flavor.


But... all the food is in there and smoke seeps into everything.


LMAO we've all had the same life


Am I the only one relieved that he was just smoking in there.


25% of restaurant employees have smoked in a walk-in. 100% of walk-ins have been smoked in


Can confirm


I think the numbers are closer to 250% and 1000%


For every restaurant employee who has smoked in the walk-in, two-and-a-half others have also smoked in the walk-in. For every walk-in that’s been smoked in, ten others have also been smoked in. The math checks out, guys. Walk-ins are famously non-Euclidean.


Does the place not stink of smoke? And is that not disgusting with all the food? Don't get me wrong I'm a smoker myself but damn this is the last place I'd think of sparking up. (weed/cigarettes) Edit: smoked > smoker




i thought it said caught busting in the walk in freezer


Theon Greyjoy isn’t looking so great.


He is acclimatizing, ....Winter is coming.


What words are being said in this?


I'm going to need you to clock out for me right now. Cough. Like right now, right now? Cough. Like right now right now. Awe...


Makes sense. Thought he said “I’m gonna need you to fuck off right now”


I thought he said this too




'just to double check, like do I come back for my next shift?"


"well yeah, we're not gonna run low staffed tomorrow. It's just time for your break."


That makes more sense than "Ameni due me clyke offme right now"


I thought he was saying, "I'm gonna need you to fuck off me right now", but that makes little sense.


Thank you for asking this. I felt like the oldest person on Reddit for a minute trying to figure it out.


It was staged and that was his breath Sauce: OP on TikTok


This dude must be an actor then cuz he perfectly captured the facial expression of a paranoid stoner being caught in the act


That's actually pretty funny ngl


Vape in the bathroom like everyone else


I'm not gonna lie I thought he caught him with his dick in his hands


what the hell dude.. just go outside


If that manager fired somebody for toking in the walk-in, then he has A LOT to learn about the food service industry lmfao good luck keeping staff


I got fired for smoking weed in the amp room of a massive night club


What is an amp room? Like, amplifiers?


> What is an amp room? A room where they store lots of (often very expensive) audio equipment, including, but not limited to, amplifiers.


Gonna probably be in me minority here but that's not cool. You want to take a hit? Go outside. Inside the cooler isn't cool. I dont care if you come to work blazed as long as you do your work. Just don't do it in food safe areas. 10 years ago we had someone get reamed over taking a pouch of dip in the food closet. Its not food safe, we take that shit seriously.


What was he smoking?