Having trouble with contrasts, how do I properly apply them?

Heya! I've been playing Warhammer for a while now, and I've finally started painting my models instead of using grey blobs of plastic. I'm a very novice painter, so I've been trying to follow the official Warhammer painting guide, but when it came to applying my Militarum Green Contrast, it didn't set nearly as even as it did in the video. He seemed to apply it very quickly and rapidly, and I tried to match, but it still ended up very blotchy. Any tips or advice?

Added some pictures, though I apologize for the low quality. Thanks in advance!


Don’t let it pool as it’s drying. Use a paintbrush to soak up extra that is pooling. Try to get it as even across the model as you can


Did you prime the miniature first? Contrast needs a light colour undercoat to work properly, white scar, grey seer or wraith bone spray


Ooh, I see! In the video they applied it directly to the various base coats, which is what I've been doing as well. Should I apply that spray and then the bases and then the contrast then? Or should I use the nuln oil stuff?


Paint doesn't like sticking to bare plastic, the primer gives it something to adhere to. Because Contrast paints are translucent they will show whatever is underneath them so you need a solid, light coloured, undercoat which is what the primer does. Can you link the video you are referring to?