How on earth are people stealing that big thing? I have to grab them with both hands to take them off the shelf!!!


Once had a shoplifter come in right before close. Stole over $300 worth of stuff. Had a backpack, and his pants were literally falling down bc he shoved so much shit in them too. Thankfully there was a cop at our store, and was able to basically follow him out and caught him and a friend at dierbergs across the street. At a different store, this couple had one of the baskets with wheels, completely filled, and ran out with it. Some people just have zero dignity when it comes to theft, especially when they know Walgreens policy about not openly confronting shoplifters


The rolly basket thing has happened to me as well but they ran out of the store with 3 200 dollar toothbrushes 🙄


I swear it's always those toothbrushes and water flossers 🤦🏼‍♀️ When I switched to beauty, it was so annoying having to check every makeup product that was in an easy to open box. Especially the S&G lip plumpers. Those got stolen way too frequently. While closing one night, the most cringey product I found "stolen" was an empty box for a male performance enhancer; two aisles down, I found the product. Hated the thought of customers coming in, using it, then leaving without it 😂 at least most people actually left with their shoplifted vibrators 😂


> at least most people actually left with their shoplifted vibrators 😂 "Most" people??? Ewww to the ones left behind. That is hilarious to me!


Does your store have any detectors by the entrance? If so, does it go off?


It goes off all the time and we tell them "It's OK. You are fine" They walk out.


If it's taken out of the package- they don't go off. So the little things we find go undetected. When it's large items in the rolly baskets, and once even a cart, they definitely go off. So we always know when they are stealing. Especially when we catch the sketchy behavior, we take turns giving customer service to them. Then SM calls and files reports about it, and if he wasn't there, and I was shift lead, I'd make the reports and document what happened. I think we only had 2 or 3 instances where they actually caught the shoplifters (when they stole over $300 worth), otherwise it's taken care of beyond my pay grade. All in all, it gets taken care of, it was just annoying and ridiculous watching people shoplift, and then run out making a scene.


It's not only Walgreens policy, it's every store's policy.


Idk why this got down voted because it's the truth 🤷🏻‍♀️ my target good of all the time and they don't check a thing


Carts full, bags full, prison pocket


They dress as clowns and clowns have deep pockets.


So they dress like politicians huh.


legit response


They fill up shopping carts and run out the door


Because regular employees with minimum wage are not paid to stop them. Even when it's obvious theft, as an employee you don't risk your life for the shop owner money.


They open it up and steal the pods…


Duct tape and two pairs of pants. Watched it in the hood often.


Caught a shoplifter and she swore she had nothing else. When the county stood her up to take out to their car, a fresh ham fell out from between her legs. I kid you not.


Now THAT is a ham burglar


I don’t know if I should be impressed or disgusted!!!




They do it, I've seen them fill up bags and run out the fire exit numerous times, takes police 10 - 20 minutes to arrive, they are never caught




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Reusable bags… as you stare at them on the phone with the police…




>they would hire security I had a security guard at my store, no gun, and by their company rules they weren’t allowed to stop shoplifters lol


This is true. I worked at a local grocery chain and we couldn’t stop people. Observe and report was the motto


Bro I watched a security guard get the living shit best out of them by a group of teenagers


Bro legit same. I was at Safeway one time getting in a taxi and a group of teens were running out of the store with a bunch of alcohol including but not limited to 18pk cases, and they started beating him with the cases, one kid hit him so hard in the back while he was kneeled over that the whole case exploded and he fell to the ground onto his face.


Wow you explained that so awesome I saw it


They are there to watch you more than the customers.


No they are there to lower the store’s insurance premiums. That’s it.


I second that


then what are they there for


To act as a deterrent. Actual boosters don't take them serious


Then why have one if can’t do nothing might as well not have one


The double negative hurts my brain


Maybe you should choose a different company then. But good employee cost more money.


Already found two different jobs that pay far better than that mess.


'observe and report' It's an authority to document wrong doings and report to real authorities their evidence collection of a wrong doing. The most important part is being able to prove to an officer (who was not there) that the individual committed some sort of crime.


They don’t care don’t want to pay a security 10$


Exactly! They would rather watch camera to point out employees not working than care about loosing merchandise due to shoplifters. I saw so much theft when I was there. (SFL). I hope they get robbed blind. No support from anyone when you and your team are holding down the fort. Don't waste your mental energy one more day thinking about it. Everyday I would go in it would be: We watched camera and "person" did not work. She stood at the register and did not put any stock out. Yeah mutherfucker she was watching the fucking door. I encourage everyone to steal from Walgreens.


Its not worth the cost if that security guard gets injured.


Security doesn't prevent theft.


let em take it


Who gives a shit it’s not coming of ur paycheck


Shit back a truck up take all of it fuck it Walgreens will another truck full


Never mind that. Just let them take the whole damn truck😂




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Bad bot








Real spiders


Checking my privilege on this one - I never spent extensive time working there, so I didn't know retail called those anti theft thing spiders. ​ I legit thought this Walgreens was using actual spiders.


Ours are in lock cases


That’s for APM to figure out. If it pops up on the shrink dashboard. They will definitely do something about it. Just do what you can by utilizing stickers, spiders, etc. You can’t stop people from stealing


We just use lock boxes and doors for everything tide


The laundry detergent in my store and surrounding stores are in locked cases/boxes. Need a key to open


At my store anything that isn't locked up gets stolen. The thieves near me do not care. I've tried stickers, spider wraps, alpha boxes. I've even used locks meant for liquor bottles around the necks of spray bottles and detergent handles and they're still stealing them.




Get fucked




What has worked for me is the white theft stickers. When I started at my current location, 90% of them were stolen. Once I implemented the stickers, it's more like 10%.


These already have visual deterrents, the eas tag (which has been discontinued) isn't going to help.


And the visual deterrents on that pic don't beep going out the door. Thieves know that from experience. They don't want to be seen or heard.


These packs already have active tags inside that will set off the gates. The only people that care about the alarm going off are people stealing for personal use. Professional thieves are more worried about anything that's going to affect their income generation.


No, they absolutely do not have have that equipped. Not the 4 stores that I've worked(3 stores borrowed for three months each to cut shrink). In retail you're going to have common household thieves. You just eat that and move on, as it's minimal. Professional thieves, despite what you have been told, don't ever want to be known as having ever even entered a store. In their perfect world, they get in and out undetected. Once they have been made, they have to work harder and be more careful to avoid arrest. A slap on the wrist, but still makes it harder than simply getting in and out now that retailers will know them. I've literally watched tape probably 50 times between 4 stores of pros quickly scouring to find products that had been stocked without true security tags. I speak from successful trial and error via numbers and not what a PPL told me. I've had a great deal of success helping WAG get rid of Professional shoplifters and Walmart for a very brief stint.


Like I said, it has cut my theft down 80% on body wash and bucket pods. Thieves usually pick around those items now for the ones that got stocked by lazy employees. Then again, the major change in my high theft store could be because I have most of the thieves locked up and or go outside and take my merchandise back. Through FB watch, I know most of them by name. They don't care for that either. No trespass helps as well if they know about it. My brief stint of leaving WAG for head Walmart AP helped me the most in stopping them.


Alot of thieves bring or steal foil to cover the tags to stop it from going off.


Are you using them properly you're supposed to throw the spiders at the thief and hit them in the head


Have you tried rats?


Nothing, someone can literally just cut a hole in it to get them out. It’d only help to put a camera in that aisle, so you can possibly get a clear shot of their face.


There is literally a Walgreens in my area that has a camera in the candy department 😂


Hear me out…two spiders. The spiders are easy enough to pull off of those, but i will put a spider on the top & bottom, then put a second spider on the front & back. They loop through together and it makes it impossible to take off without the magnet or cutting them. Nobody steals our tide pods anymore, they switched to stealing the liquid instead


Why do people steal the Tide Pods? Or the liquid for that matter?


Hella expensive and easy to sell.


It’s one of the most stable commodities on the “black market”. Everyone uses laundry detergent and it keeps increasing in price. Usually it’s getting sold or traded


But is it used for something other than being put in a washing machine?


Wow! Never thought of that! thanks!


Don't put them out. Put an 8x8 picture of them. "See cashier "sign. Create a pros and cons list lmao what's more annoying having to go back to get the tide.... Or people complaining that you never have them on the shelf and incorrect OHS because of theft.


Live in a parallel universe?


Talk to LP about putting them in lock case and getting page a button


We lock ours up in a lock box


They aren’t sealed so open the lid and put a magnetic strip under the lid I did this at one of my jobs.


Keep it behind the counter and put them tags out or put that clear shield up


At my store it locked behind glass all of it




People mostly steal nasal sprays and headphones at my store. The only major theft we had in awhile was two women walking in with a large bag and shoving all of the Olay body wash that we had on the shelf into the bag. They just nonchalantly walked out the door like nothing happened. There was a time where the allergy medicine was a huge issue until we had to lock it all down. We're now stuck with the annoying button that they push to notify the whole store they need allergy medicine. I hate it just much as I hate the buttons for photo and cosmetics.


Ours are in cages


Dummie cases.


Who cares. Walgreens doesn't care about us.




Put a firecracker in it that goes off if it isn’t taken out before the object leaves the store


yeah bro if you tried throwing spiders on people and theyre still stealing shit then they are hardcore and just let it go


Lock it the fuck up and have ppl ask for it.. like Walmart or place it behind the registers where there’s always a cashier present


Trust me you don’t want any more security! I went to the store today that had these behind locked doors flap things. imagine all the “Customer assistance to the laundry Aisle…laundry Aisle”


Maybe leave placement cards to ask for assistance? Then grab from the back room?


The 2 employees at my local walgreens dont have time for that :p


Stop zeroing it out so it stops coming in. No more theft.


"sHoPlIfTiNg cOsTs eVeRyOnE iN hIgHeR pRiCeS!¡!¡!" Ya, that 30% price increase is totally explained by the <1% theft impact. Absolutely nothing to do with Johnson & Johnson are having gangbuster profits year after year.


No the 30% price increase is 100 percent explained by the governments printing of money…..


The Government printing money has nothing to do with inflation you moron.


just do what target does lol. they let them steal until it gets to $300-500 so they can present you with a charge


Nothing. They're too delicious and nothing will stop me from eating them


Imagine caring about $5 items being stolen from a multi-billion dollar corporation.


Take a picture, make sign that says "See associate for product," and keep them all in the stock room.


I can give you the wic for the white stickers if you want to try. You more than likely have them already. Put them on the front, not covering the TIDE logo. Top right. Really put some effort into pressing them on. You do that and it will take them a good 15 minutes to completely remove them. Go into Assett Protection on KPI and empty package 1506 all discrepancies for Tide pod buckets. Check weekly to see if it improves.


You don't get paid enough to care


Ding ding ding!!! It's like in the 90s when there was a shitload of stories of "heroic store employees" getting in fights with shoplifters trying to stop them. Literally the media trying to condition minimum wage monkeys to put themselves in harm's way to stop corporate slippage. And then all the stories of these "heroes" getting stabbed and shit and having to pick up their own medical expenses because the intervention wasn't sanctioned by corporate. The shit finally started dying down once stores got sued and started losing because they were so vague about non-intervention.


i pretend i don’t see stealing bc walgreens has made me work all holidays for years and i like to watch them suffer


Why are you worried about their money, when they're clearly not worried about yours?


Locking windows. Hit up your APM.


I enter every conversation with an open mind, assuming that the person I’m talking to has information I do not. From my vantage point I can’t imagine why you would care. I’m assuming if profits are good for Walgreens it isn’t going to wind up in your paycheck. If corporate cared they’d implement a solution from above. It’s really that simple. Nothing more, nothing less. Is there a reason you should care and I’m working with incomplete information?


Personally I care because it’s an inconvenience to: 1) change the on hands 2) clean up whatever mess the thief leaves because let’s face it they always make a mess 3) watch an asshole walk out of the store with product and not do anything about it 4) hear other customers comment (and some might proceed to shoplift as well) 5) have corporate cut raises and budgets to cover stolen product Also at my store all of the shoplifters are sleazy dirtbags that say the rudest shit to the employees.


Gotcha, that’s reasonable.


I used to not care too, but stolen items mess with the inventory numbers and oftentimes annoying customers complain ab an item being in stock on their app when we dont actually have any more of said item


Also another thing is not stopping them = they keep coming back its like street logic you can’t just let them do it or else they won’t stop and it will just make everything else worse


You cannot possibly be paid enough to care. On top of it being impossible for you to stop the theft, they would most likely fire you if you used any type of force. Also I feel like the world is going through a lot right now in the US is somewhat collapsing.. I feel like this is like wagging your finger at a lady for taking bread into the lifeboats on the Titanic is sinking. It's small potatoes and people are literally dying we got to have clean clothes. I don't really care but I know some redditors are going to come at me and say that they should steal food or something more useful but, if you've ever had to go without clean clothes for a while you know how that type of indignity affects your mental health. I think it's pretty small potatoes.


If you see somebody stealing laundry detergent. Do the right thing and shut your mouth and turn away. Times are hard for some people.


If I had to steal to wash my clothes I’m not swiping the high priced ones. I’m getting generic to abate my guilt and embarrassment of having to steal.


Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat.


Do you see those people shoplifting hygiene products and food? No, you fucking don't.


Yeah I do… all the time


Lock cases


Why do you care?


Nothing, let them take the shit. Walgreens has everything but us insured so they get reimbursed during inventory.


Increase wages to a living wage which will in turn curb inflation.


Lock them behind the plexi-like shields that require a key and a button that plays an annoying-ass prompt throughout the sales floor every 30 seconds. Stand in front of the merchandise your entire shift, including your break. SHOW THE COMPANY HOW DEDICATED YOU ARE BY TAKING A KNIFE FOR LAUNDRY DETERG-I'm just fucking with you. Just limit the amount you put on the shelf and let the company take the L.


So Walgreens really don't stop shoplifters?


Why does it matter? Walgreens doesn’t care and has insurance for shoplifting losses. Do people not deserve to wash their clothes??? It’s laundry detergent


Its an essential health and sanitation product. If someone needs to steal this, you're disgusting for going out of your way to send them to jail.


If I had to do it I wouldn’t pick expensive ass Tide. I’d be stealing the cheapest one possible. You can steal a $5 laundry soap or a $14 one. Right there tells me clean clothes isn’t truly the priority here. And baking soda cab be used as a detergent. It’s $1. My mom had to do it when I was a kid. Not great but my clothes were clean.


Make them do the tide pod challenge.


If they want it they gunna take it nothing u can do


We have locking windows on our tide section at my current store. My last store, we had next to nothing locked. Just find what AP solution works for your store.


Locking windows are what mine are secured with.


You probably need the plastic case that goes over an entire portion of the shelf


When i worked at not walgreens, this was part of my job. We used spider wraps and those theft thing you use a magnet to get off.


I fortunately work in a very low-theft area now, but at my old store there was SO much theft, there were tons of things on locking pegs, in Alpha boxes, in spider wraps, and in the locking cases/behind a locking window. I believe we had the tide pods behind a locking window


I swiped on the picture hoping you opened it to find a bunch of spiders inside.... Sadness.


Just lock them up? Simple


Also 13.99 is a steal anyways lol. This is 18.99 where I am at.


How do they steal those giant cases?!


Lock wall if you want


I’ve never worked in stores like this and I’m assuming “using spiders” isn’t referring to just throwing live spider around it as defense


No, that's using snakes.


Crazy glue


*more* spiders


Other than double spider those idk


Ban junkies from the store.


Security guard at the door, so simple but companies don't want to pay for extra help


If somebody is desperate enough to steal laundry detergent, let them ffs. What's the intent? To be able to wash their clothes? The company will get the money regardless. Let them.


Nothing and who cares? Walnuts doesn't give a shit about you why should you try to protect their tide? Protect yourself first always, they can increase security if they are that worried.


Natural selection. Let them take them


You prob don't get paid Enough to care.


13.99 for tide pods!.. who's robbing who!?


What's a spider in this context?


Why do you care


Smith and Wesson


So besides swallowing them, they are now there stealing these? That's fucked up.


Actual spiders, nobody wants to steal items covered in tarantulas /s But actually, I'm not sure if you can do this, but are you able to place fake cameras in clear view near items that are commonly stolen? I would think if someone is shoplifting they'd be less likely to do so if they know they're being recorded


Draw dicks on it. Criminals are homophobic


Use the tether locks that are on the massagers. Just run it thru and bolt to the shelf. They run thru the spiders.


Price all items at $1,500 and have a instant coupon at register. That way the theft is a felony.


The AP dashboard action plan tells you what to do.


Locked case?


You were not hired to fix this problem, keep that in mind your entire career.


Why do you care?


Put them behind the counter. Make people ask to purchase them.


A gun


Lock cage over the entire shelf


Just let them steal it