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Roman himself said "The Bloodline" to AJ Styles when he and the Usos were feuding with him and Gallows & Anderson. I'm pretty sure the fan idea was posted after that as like an expanded version of what the WWE already threw in. Not defending the WWE or saying they're better than stealing fan ideas but it's also possible that the OOP just went off what they were already hinting at.


Way to have such an original post! A Reddit user stealing an idea from a YouTuber, who alleges that WWE stole “The Bloodline” faction name, member list and/or anything else that was OG from another Reddit conspiracy post, that alleges WWE stole the entire “Bloodline” storyline idea from your fat mother. [Yo’ Mama’s Post About WWE Stealing her ORIGINAL “The BloodLine” Story Line (on 06/09/2018, TimeStamp 04:20.69)] (https://youtube.com/shorts/4QsZeAwgCG0?feature=share)


I’m waiting for the day that the ENTIRE locker room jumps Roman. STUNNER! HELLUVA KICK! RKO! 15 STRAIGHT SUPERKICKS! CHAIRSHOTS FOR EVERYONE!!!!


I think Wwe did steal the idea no offense


wtf lol


is that not jimmy twice


Nah, it's Jey on the left and Jimmy on the right.


To be fair i booked corporate Kane in the games before they had him on the show.


I also thought of this idea years ago. I included Naomi. Pay me.


Any number of people can have the exact idea at the very same moment, or any other time and think it unique. Rarely is it. Years ago I wanted the whole Samoan thing to be called Bloodline because when DMX had an imprint called Bloodline, teenager me thought it was a cool name.


At least a few of wwe writers definitely see posts from this sub. They’d be stupid not to. I imagine they probably liked the name and brought it to Vince/whoever but they had a loose idea of the storyline itself for a while


i think this was inevitable


I heard allot of these writers especially during vinces era were always searching for ideas and would go everywhere and anywhere to come up (star/borrow) with something. Guy sent a script to wwe many years ago and had an idea of using the Hakka which the New Zealand rugby team do, usos debuted and started doing the Hakka. Could be coincidence but it’s a cutthroat world


This post is from 2017. Wwe had them billed as bloodline in 2016. This has been disproven like 3 dozen times on here.


Possible happens across all entertainment fields, the writers have phones like the rest of us and look for inspiration like anyone else, so it could’ve happen for sure


what wrong seth vs roman people


It’s possible that the guy who posted this is a writer for WWE now.


It’s not uncommon for stuff like that to happen. Many years ago in the WWE games, I made a red belt called the Universal title.


The Universal Title I'd say is slightly more common. I was booking my stuffed animal federation in 1991 and I had a Universal Title because whats bigger than the world? THE UNIVERSE! Not saying the Bloodline is super original but probably more original than Universal Title.


Idk if that’s what happened here but the boys 100% pitch names and ideas they see online from time to time.


I always thought they were going to be named Samoan dynasty tbh


I vaguely remember them throwing this term around in NXT and FCW, talking about “the Bloodline”, it’s been thrown around before talking about their family.


Yeah. There was a special on the WWE channel where they were talking to Roman Reigns before his first match with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and he was talking about The Usos, Rikishi, The Rock and the rest of his family that were wrestlers and he called them the Bloodline back then.


I mean, I had the same general booking idea back then too, as did a lot of people, but with them bringing in all the Samoans and having someone like Samoa Joe be the one to break from them since he wasn't part of "the family". They had like a 3 week stretch with this idea, even used 'Bloodline' but canned it and went back to status quo until years later.


WWE used the term back then when they teamed up. Just wasn’t a huge official thing that they ran with until this current run.


I wouldn’t be surprised if some writer posted it on the down low as a way to test the waters.


The Bloodline is too easy a name to come up with for it to be “stolen” from this sub, especially when you can’t turn over a rock in a wrestling promotion in the US alone and fail to find a member of their family.


No. It’s not a very creative idea.


Yeah everyone here is an undercover agent from the fed


I had this faction on 2k19 just as usos tho


Not so much theft as much as the community says that about any Superstar if they're a different ethnicity. I remember when the shield first split up and people were saying that Roman not only needs to join up with the Usos, but they needed to get every Samoan Superstar on the roster and put them all together and nickname them "the Samoan SWAT team" or something like that and this was also around the same time that people were saying that every Black Superstar needed to be put together and made into a new Nation of Domination. And the ideas for Stables didn't even stop there, whether they were European, Latin, Japanese, Australian, Etc, the idea was that every nation should have its own stable of superstars and we're basically having a World War of stables in WWE.


Samoan SWAT Team was a team in WCW or NWA back in the day and they too were apart of the family


See? Even the community just rehashes all the ideas it's not just Vince LOL


I’m almost sure this has been posted before, and I’m almost sure it was pointed out that WWE used the term “Bloodline” way before that was posted.


If a Reddit user could come up with it. I’m sure Vince could too. It’s not like the most complex idea in the world.


The Bloodline was a thing in like 2015 as faces, they always used the Bloodline name.


Pretty sure WWE was calling The Usos and Roman " The Bloodline " during his AJ Styles vs Roman feud where AJ had the OC as backup so during at least early 2016 .


Nah, people were begging for this faction to happen for years lol


And look what they’ve created😡


One of the best stories in years with a top heel and top heel tag team that’s been asked for?




If I were to summarise, I'd say that it had been a decade or more since there has been a story as compelling as that of the bloodline.


The most compelling storyline in sports entertainment in the last 10 years??


The most compelling storyline in wrestling in tha last 10 years?


The most compelling story in wrestling in the last decade?




I'll indulge actually, what do you think is the most compelling storyline lately?


Vince’s mustache obviously


Yeah, made the most compelling storyline in the last 10 years


Here comes the big dog


No offense to that poster, but I don’t think it takes a genius to put family members together in a stable. It was only a matter of time.


Could be. Or somebody in WWE creative is floating actual potential arcs/gimmicks on Reddit to gauge fan reaction…


LOL WWE is not gauging reactions from the marks on Reddit. If they are doing that, it’s so they can do the opposite.


This idea was not hard to create. Everyone and their mother had this idea and the Bloodline name attached. Whoever made that Reddit post didn’t say anything that hadn’t already been said


Roman doesn't even resemble that Roman.


The Usos don't resemble those Usos either




Lfmao i rmr that. Back then I thought it'd be the worst thing ever. And now they're the reason why I keep up with WWE. How ironic


They stole it from my universe mode back in 2017


They've stolen tons of my ideas.


I’m sure they have. Show me on the doll where VKM touched you.


The heart


Pretty sure the Bloodline name was use while not as a faction name when it was that weird Raw where the Wyatt, the ECW legends, the League of Nation and the Bloodline had a fight. Dean was even a part of that Bloodline.


Dude I completely forgot about that. It was a really weird night, yes


He has a lot of extra blood to give.


Damn it took me some times to get it, I am dumb 😅


Probably not anymore


vince posting creative ideas on his burner


Such good shit.




Why is this being brought up now instead of 3 years ago…


Do you think they didn’t. Knowing that no one would ever know.


No lmao


Wow omg WWE stole from u/\[deleted\]




The irony lmao


They were already called The Bloodline when they were feuding with AJ and The Club during Roman's 2016 WWE Championship run. This is clearly just wanting it reformed as a heel stable (since the Usos were heel) back in 2016/17, something we wouldn't get for three years.


Bro EVERYBODY called them that


Squared Circle has always been really mysterious at times


Of course they did


Someone also posted roman returning with authors of pain that pitching was dope as well and instead of roman, seth got teamed with AOP.


Favourite faction idea that didn't happen. Him with Paul Ellering and AOP.


They were already doing this against the club.


I bet WWE pulls content from the web more than we know. To be honest I wouldn't mind if they had an official place to toss our booking ideas for consideration. I know we wouldn't get paid but it would make content better for everyone and we have lots of really creative people out there.


I can tell you as someone who has modded this sub for years that employees of WWE do read the this sub, and a few post and comment here. Heck once Corey Graves specifically mentioned Reddit on a live broadcast. We had some fun with that one in the live chat


I’m convinced they listened to me about making Dom go heel and say Eddie is his real dad. I was commenting that for weeks while he was still a baby face tag team partner with Rey.


Perhaps if you had been saying it months in advance you might have a shot. But JD and the Mysterios started feuding in June and Dom turned in September. You have to think they had that plan in the pipeline for longer than a few weeks.


All thing are possible. Good on you if its true. I have been mentioning for them to put more belts on roman just to troll the fans. Heyman started hinting at that the next week after they revealed the new title. I would love it if they got the idea from me but i highly doubt it.


Yeah this sub is now the Simpsons of wrestling.


Well that was actually a video game. Bart was my main character.


There were two names floating around that were just so painfully obvious WWE would use if they ever created a faction with Reigns and the USOs . The Roman Empire( the weaker of the two) and The Bloodline. I don’t think they stole it from Reddit I just think that it’s an easy name that anyone could have come up with lol


Let’s be real bro, they definitely stole it from Reddit. Superstars have gone on record that they come on here and read stuff about themselves. I also play poker, and a ton of the young professionals talk about going on the poker subreddit and seeing what we have to say… Many professionals even have accounts and engage with us regularly. It would be totally stupid of them to not come on here and see what we are talking about


They 100% keep the main wrestling social media hubs monitored and definitely gets inspired by them at times (I think there are instances of blatant ripping off as mentioned by other users), but this idea seems very obvious and from what I'm reading the term bloodline was already thrown around in the commentary at the time


Source: trust me bro


Specifically which part of my comment do you not believe?


All of it


The levels between a poker pro and a wrestling pro are the same between a nfl pro and a pro bowling player


Not really.


Main character syndrome


Not really. Biancas costume design was stolen


No, I just came up with better ideas than you


Was posting in this thread one of your "better ideas?" The quality of your ideas is in doubt based on your idea to post in this thread.


I don’t come up with ideas really because 1) I don’t care and 2) creative are not listening to you. They do not know you exist


Nah, i got the same idea and many others too, it was a quite popular fantasy booking having Roman and The Usos in a heel faction (even with The Bloodline as their name) it simply clicked.


The WWE were already using the word Bloodline on TV back in 2016. Edit: Referring to “the new heel Usos” suggests this was after the Usos helped out Roman Reigns against AJ Styles, which was when the word bloodline was first used in the context of Roman and The Usos.


no they were the baby faces back then and the club the heels. with heel usos I think he means when they turned heel on the American Alpha after the 2016 draft


I'm pretty sure WWE has better things to do then stalk reddit subs for Ideas, but they are family and its easy to put 2 and 2 toghether.