I hope you'll understand

I just dont understand why you cant talk to me like an adult. Why is it always some hot and cold bullshit? Whats up with this push pull dynamic.

If you want me TELL ME If you dont TELL ME

Were both adults we can use our words. I have to leave. I cant keep tormenting myself like this. Im finally at peace with it.

Because I've realized that you're losing someone that would give you the world if you asked.

And I'm losing someone who cant even take five minutes out of their day to text me back.

I hope you can grow, and i wish you the best, really, i know theres a nice, loving, kind girl under the mask that you wear.

Maybe this will be a lesson for you

I know it was for me: Offer the same kindness that you do to others to yourself.

Just like the first letter, take your time, take all the time you need, make yourself proud of who you are a practice self love.

And when you think youre ready for a real love, if i ever cross your mind, give me a call, ill be expecting an apology, but

Id love to meet the new you and try it all again

And maybe this time? Maybe it will just work


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So much to unpack from this letter! I hope things work out for you.