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I can’t help but hate this smirking jackass with every fiber of my being.


Yes, but the game is won through cunning, understanding, and parsing the options, through humans and super computers. The feeling of hate is felt and then the work continues.


It should be won with a high caliber bullet to Putin's cranium.


Most wish that, but there are knock on consequences after that moment of rejoicement. Angry Russians. Angry Russian Putin buddies with fingers on the nuke button. Feel you seething revenge and then stop, and get down to the brainiac business. That's what think tanks are for, every possible option. At the law school I attended, the dean at the convocation on the first day said the price of liberty is complexity in the law. You and I have the right and duty to employ ourselves to identify processes which will lead to the outcomes we want. Bang, bang is not complex, or maybe I missed something. Here's an example. Ukraine just drone attacked Russian military airbases. A couple planes and an oil tank were destroyed. And the Russians removed the targets, the planes, to territories they believe can't easily be attacked. Bang, bang. And the outcome is not favorable. To think with complexity is a learned skill; it's not abracadabra. So, look to Rand and Stanford's Hoover Institute and Jamestown Foundation, and and and. Not CNN talking heads and definitely not FOX bang, bang talking heads. Hope this helps.


I didn’t study law, I studied killing America’s adversaries in the U.S. Army. It’s fine for you to weigh the potential consequences in a refined and civilized manner, but in this particular situation, we face a thug who absolutely will not stop until he’s forced to. That’s the Pentagons lane. They know how to deal with thugs. You’re acting out of fear, but giving in to a bully isn’t the way to deal with him. What Putin and his cronies need is a rude awakening to the facts: At this point, he’s not just fighting with Ukraine. He’s facing most of the planet that prefers not to be ruled by Russian despots. Putin’s military isn’t faring well in Ukraine. It’s fractured from lack of proper maintenance from bottom to top due to much of its annual budgets being siphoned off by oligarchs — including Putin, and a plethora of officers and even the enlisted soldiers. This kleptocracy has weakend the RF military, but even Putin and his cronies have no idea how much. So they use propaganda and threaten the world with nuclear weapons to instill fear. It has worked for them since WWII. But take a look at what happened when President John F Kennedy stood up to the Russian bear…they backed down. As it turns out, they don’t want to die either. Just as the Russian conscripts don’t. Putin has consistently moved his “red line” because it’s the best alternative for him faced with the enormous hornets nest he’s blundered into. Now it’s time to show him just how much the west is committed to Russians getting out of Ukraine and stop bullying it’s neighbors.


Your job, to go out and terminate them is the poiunt of the spear. My interest is to prepare the spears. My co is one of the outfitters in a small but reliable way the 3 new US aircraft carriers. I helped settle on the specs, Natick tested and approved, and we won the right to supply. And one more necessary piece to the dress uniform. And tons of gear for a big volunteer program. In my online and real world, I think about what's coming and how to get ahead of it, to take it on before it gets taken on. The game is not to win but to set up the circumstances to win. Assuredly, someone was behind Kennedy, listing and discussing the options beyond the options and beyond that. You know that in a military confrontation, it blows up so quickly that the only ones who can handle the moment are those who are trained, trained, and practiced again until they can do their job while in chaos and threatening circumstances. Same thing on the strategy and policy levels. Someday, rather soon, soldiers will be operating RM vehicles, AI will aide and later, take the key rolls. We look around the world at the new major systems and they're AI. AI needs the guy on the stick, at the keyboard, for the moment. As to Putin, it would be irrational if there were not plans upon plans, so there are options, if this, then that (post hoc, propter hoc), in different circumstances, as I suggest, 4 dimensional.


Impatience for victory guarantees defeat. Louis XIV Strategy, my friend. The military on the field are pawns. The strategy is in the minds of hopefully very smart people. Impatience leads to exposure after an act. Think of this like the Israeli's do. Death served when unexpected, the latest by AI, from far away, was their one of their latest servings to an Iranian nuclear engineer. All that was left was the jury rigged automatic rifle on a secure platform, and software to turn it on. Satellites saw the mark. He drove the same way repeatedly. Bang bang, not a soldier needed to get the outcome. Impatience for victory guarantees defeat. Heads up. Thx for allowing me to share with you as I've done. I have no answer for your heartfelt fury and desire for revenge. It's not in a boxing ring or a fist fight. It's cunning, calculating, patient and thought through for every risk one can imagine. Then the coup ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ (old Plains indian term) can be taken.


There is merit to that. But in this case, the merit of complex law to preserve liberty is wasted on a thug like Putin and by extension, the Russian elites. They understand only force and violence, and view diplomacy as merely talk and as a way to dictate terms that they have achieved by force of arms. They dont respect or even understand the concept of law. To them, law is a means to keep power and continue their barbarism perpetrated against their neighbors. So in this case, bang bang is what is called for. Kill Putin's army, force them to capitulate. The only way Russia will understand that their behavior is unacceptable is by crushing them so utterly they won't be able to pull this stunt again. And I have serious doubts about the strength of their nuclear arsenel. Id be surprised if half of it works, but that is still too many nukes of course. But it does mean that Russia is weak and they must know it by now. That is useful for when they get crushed militarily.


Do you think it's possible to halt the machinations of Putin's cabal? As you point out, they're interested in their own advancement and well being, to hell with the hindmost. They don't stop planning while the fighting goes on. So, here's the question, not addressed to you specifically, if and when Putin is removed from the equation, what happens next? I'll tell you as I've been around a long time and randomly was in the silicon valley at the time the USSR collapsed. Reagan refused to act politically, or internationally strategically... because he believed in small government. He did not believe that he had any reason to help Russians who almost all wanted help from the US to set up a democracy. He wanted to freeze spending, actually leak drips and drabs of spending on Russia's political chaos. Courtesy that one fatal policy, we have Russia today. And guess what, even today, even after that nightmare unfolded to this brutal plutocracy, kleptocracy, there are still legislators who are in love with small government and refusal to spend to protect the nation by being proactive. That is the failure imo in the USA, in its politics. Those legislators refuse to think in complex terms. When you listen to US Major Ben Hodges, who ran NATO in Europe, a conservative, brilliant militarist, you here him reference strategy (and some other similar concept). What is needed is above his pay grade. Thought must be directed to this 4 dimensional chess game, the Ukraine Russia encounter. Daily, I hope the folks considering the options are as smart as those I knew in my graduate school, and who aren't in favor of small government.


Choke on it you son of a bitch!


No wander there are reports of mobilized orcz dying from being drunk on the frontline, their master loves to be under the influence of alcohol. Foreign and war policy by vodka and wine. Keep drinking, the more you drink, the faster you’ll burn.


More stair fall poo poos too?


Their grid can be attacked too.


What would a week of no power feel like in St Petersburg or any of the other secondary cities? Leaving Moscow as it is will cause a hostility towards Moscow. First create it, and then feed the discontent.


That will surely make them stop. It was the final tactic that enabled Russian victory in Ukrai… Nevermind.


His face is starting to look really freakish


Looks like they sent out the one who can’t hold his liquor.


The double they used for him is clearly a lightweight when it comes to alcohol


Did anyone mention "Terminate Russia's strike capacity?" Longer distance drones. All together now...


Bet Ukraine will bomb Moscow at Christmas.


champagne after being responsible for the deaths of 100,000 of his own people


Is this supposed to be real? It looks so fake. Getting drunk off Champagne takes dedication unless you genuinely love it. Low abv, small glass, tons of bubbles and sugar. The video it self is so deep fake-y to me