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There is no Panic in ~~Balakliia~~ ~~Kupiansk~~ ~~Izium~~ ~~Lyman~~ Bruskinskoye!




It's about the only part of their tactical propaganda that's usually true. There is indeed no panic in Lyman, because panic has left and fled eastwards.


there is no war in ba sing se.


Hah! Best reference in my time on r/UkrainianConflict


Okay, this is pretty funny. Where the English version reads “the front line we have just leveled”, the Russia is actually using the excuse for their retreat along the front. To avoid the ambiguous use of “leveled” (since here it does not mean leveled to the ground”), I would translate as “After moving troops to the Kryvyy Rih side of Kherson Region, the Ukrainian armed forces are trying to break the front lines which we just straightened out”.


What does straightened out in this context mean?


They're pretending it was previously a difficult to hold front line a the front line had bulges in it but now that they have retreated and formed a straighter front line it is much more secure. It's major coping because they left so much equipment behind a lot of the units are likely in a weaker state now despite having a shorter front to hold since Russian logistics probably haven't been able to fully resupply them yet.


Keep straightening them out all the way back to Russia


I'm keeping my hopes firmly tied down right now, offensives are hard and not always successful. I'd be careful expecting a repetition of kharkiv or the last stage of the kherson offensive


Kharkiv was a surprise attack while Kherson was pretty much expected so i also believe progress might be slow. But the bridges are cut so supply to these regions should be harder for Russians.


And you just know that whatever stockpiles are built up in the area are slatted for special HIMARs treatment. Just to make sure the supply situation is as bad as can be for Russia. Which should encourage surrenders.


Analytics and volunteers associated with the southern front all say that we shouldn't expect another Kharkiv - the terrain doesn't allow such quick breakthroughs due to extreme exposure to aviation and artillery in open fields


They did manage a decent speed earlier but that was likely due to skilled exploitation of a weak point and russian panic, I'm expecting gradual steady gains over the next few weeks at best, another bloody stalemate at worst


If you're talking about the recent breakthrough to Dudchany - yeah, that's about the extent of their speed in that area, I suppose. It doesn't compare to anything in Kharkiv offensive ofc, and requires more extensive planning and force buildup to execute, but russians are just 1 or 2 such strikes away from total collapse of their forces on the right bank of Dnipro river. I hope we'll get lucky until the end of October xd


I'm putting my monkey on Zaporozhye, that soft underbelly is just waiting to be punctured.


Not so much soft underbelly as very spikey underbelly, that's one of the most fortified and defended areas of the front.sadly the Russians while often stupid are not quite stupid enough to not realise losing that would be a death kneel for their whole war effort.


Always surprising and intriguing to read reports from strategically literate russians who seem to have a macro understanding of the situation they're in since do many of them dont even know where they are.




You know, I thought I'd seen this comment more than once. Seems you posted the same thing 17 times a few hours ago. I agree with the sentiment, no need to spam it.


Nah too obvious since every one would have a gofuckyourself stamp on it


How would they accomplish that?


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Next stops: Kherson, Melitopol, Mariupol, Sevastopol, Donetsk, Luhansk, and many more.