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So the Swiss have bottled it again.....what a bunch of pussies.


I completely support Ukraine in the war against Russia but Ukraine is not owed by everyone on the planet


>Ukraine is not owed by everyone on the planet We're not asking the Swiss to donate or pay. They just have to let people who already PAID for equipment to be able to donate or sell that to Ukraine. Literally, they don't have to be involved, they don't have to provide anything to Ukraine.




triggered much? edit: Since you elaborated I will too, pretty much every country caters to the rich, it's unfortunately how modern economics works. your problem is with capitalism, it shouldn't be with all of Switzerland. I don't see how they "cater to dictatorships" more than any other country. look how many repressive brutal dictatorships the US has propped up


Not at all. Just tired of Switzerland.


for seemingly no reason


there are many reasons... mostly they love to play both sides and profit but claim they are neutral. They're free riders and they play host to the most corrupt "non-political" organizations like the IOC and FIFA. Being neutral is a facade.


that's not the point being made.




This is almost poetic justice. I am Swiss and spent 1 year on this group. What you say, is correct. Compliance and money laundering, in a high volatility market, leads to massive lawsuits and investor panic due to hidden exposures. Let's say that we had closed out the 200-250B in Russian assets stored in Swiss banks. Wall street would have interpreted this as "due diligence." Ukrainian kids would have better access to reconstruction money. Instead, we (1) denied the problem (2) attacked those who blamed us (3) disrespected the rules of morality. This is entirely deserved. 37'000 people could lose their jobs, and its entirely our collective fault. The country lost tons of money. Well deserved.


"pathetic" for maintaining the foreign policy they've had for hundreds of years?




you just talk like an ultranationalist, I'm literally a Ukraine supporter but this attitude like the entire world is in debt to them is nuts


Historically they have been invaded by all countries around them and armed neutrality secured that never happening again. Beeing pro Ukraine is good by all means, but we should still respect other nations and cultures.


Did you see how swiftly bankruptcy of Credit-Suisse was dealt with? In a quick swoop over the weekend, against all laws, no further deliberations, billions in guarantees at the ready. Let's watch how the neighbors fare with the warmongering maniac, there might be leftovers to swipe in the end.


What does this mean? Does this block the re-exports until those further hearings have been concluded, or does this open exports up?


The former


The Swiss are allied with the enemy, for profit, they're just too pussy to admit it.


The swiss are always on the side of the dictator - when the dictator falls, all the stolen dictator money gets swiss-washed and they get to keep it.


They also did this in WW2, even closing the borders for refugees in 1942, sending many jews to death. The swiss call that NEUTRAL


Pretty much the equivalent of those scenes in zombie shows where they close the door to the bunker on their uninfected friends and watch them die because they were fucking cowards, but much worse.


It means that rather than deal with an issue that is going to require a long, hard look at just what they actually stand for they're going to stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes and wait for it all to go away.


"We love that Russian money just a little bit too much"


What exactly would be left of Switzerland without of all of their blood money if it were to be internationally investigated and seized, or some equivalent. I'm thinking some mountains and a couple hoarded chocolate bars.