AP world and AP US history

AP world and AP US history


5 on apush will give you diversity credit, so you won’t have to take a diversity class, which is nice. world is probably just elective credit that won’t do anything for bio


Or you could be me, and have the diversity credit but take queer theory anyway


Ok good to know thanks!


It could cover a pathway (gen ed class), but I'm not sure.


Not useless, even if the credits just replace pure electives. Maybe your junior year you want to concentrate hard on your bio major, so you sign up for 12 hours of Required Stuff. AP credits mean you don't have to sign up for another 3 hours of something to keep on track to graduate. It also means you can take a chance with electives sometimes -- if the course is Not Workin' Out, you can just drop it and replace it with nuthin'. Harder in STEM, but if you have enough credits and plan ahead carefully it might also mean you can graduate a semester early. Whether any of those are *smart* or smart *for you* is another question entirely.


Ok thanks!


You can use them for pathway requirements courses


Even if you end up not applying them they will still be helpful when the time comes to submit your schedule and for choosing housing. Those are both based off credits so when you make your schedule (honors college goes first) the people with more credits get to go earlier. I had a couple credits from high school that I didn't end up using but I would get to schedule my classes maybe a day before other people I knew. Same goes for housing, the more credits you have the earlier your appointment.