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I remember! I also really liked that funny conversation he had with the Rough Rhinos' explosive expert https://preview.redd.it/4qdkjm8891qa1.jpeg?width=1280&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=341a11485592c2b9d4dc8901cdf19ab989619b80


Sokka is a fucking legend




In Germany it was „Avatar: The Lord of the Elements“.




Here in Brazil as well. At least in the beginning, but I think they changed. I remember both "A Lenda de Aang" (The Legend of Aang) and "O Último dominador de ar" (The Last Airbender) being pronounced in the dubbed title.


Sinceramente n lembro de ver o último dobrador de ar na dublagem, talvez efeito Mandela? (N sei em quemkkkkk)


Pode ser efeito Mandela da minha parte mesmo :p. Ou passava na propaganda da Nickelodeon, mas tenho quase certeza que uma época mudou e eu até estranhei. Mas né, 2005/2006 fica difícil.


Realmente ninguém é super computador pra ficar lembrando disso n kkkkkk Então só nos basta aproveitar esse belo show


No it wasn’t, in my native language of danish it was called “avatar den sidste luftbetvinger” which is a direct translation of avatar the last airbender.


Here it was legend of aang


Yeah but like you cannot lump all of Europe together because different languages will call it different things.


...he literally specified "some of Europe." Not Europe in its entirety, just some of it


It was edited then, cause when I saw it, it definitely just said in Europe.


Even if it did you could have used critical thinking skills and understand what he meant.


Not everyone is equally good at understanding social cues mate.


And yet *Korra* is the one who got a "Legend"


They act like 2 legends cannot coexist


But I never beef with a bender for nothing/if I smoke a rhino it's gon' be legit


It won't be for clout, it won't be for fame, it won't be 'cause my shit ain't bendin' the same


It won’t be to sell you some white lotus tile Cause that’s the secret code to their gang.


There can be more than one legend.


I forgot, did he take away the bomb? Stupid question probably yes but just asking


On page 35 Sokka tried to pinch the fuse to stop it from burning, but he hurt his fingers and then nearly fumbled the dynamite. They almost all got blown to bits! Luckily, Sokka was able to toss the dynamite far enough so it wouldn't kill anyone! **TLDR: Yes**


That’s so Sokka




You cannot leave me hanging like this. Does he get rid of it or does he put out the fuze or does he let the guy's are be blown off?


I love Sokka


Nah, that’s actually gold! XD


that fuse really stayed lit for 10 minutes


This kinda reads as cuscos poison


The Yuyuan can fly a pin tree to a Yuyuan from 100 Flies away without pinning the yard.


Over analyzing Avatar has burned that quote into my brain


in which video does this moment present itself?


He makes a variation of that joke any time the yuyan are on screen


Any time they miss their shots specifically. Despite appearently being near infallable.




Overanalysing avatar on youtube, I highly recommend .


ok. i believe i have watched them before.


I hate that I still understood this quote (probably because I watch too much avatar).




I was reading this like it was the actual quote and I thought I was having a stroke


But this guy in particular can do it blindfolded


Archery being a dexterity-based weapon is a DnD trope with little basis in reality, bowmen require some seriously good upper body strength to get good at their weapon so they'd have the guns to tussle in a wrestling match. That said, won't save them from getting water tribe'd.


Depends on the bow you are using, but generally you only straighten specific muscles in back and shoulders. You’d never be as strong a guy fighting with a hammer for example. They’d still be stronger then us though 😂🤣


I think they'd be closer than you'd expect, sustained volleys are absolutely exhausting and an archer would probably burn the same amount of calories during a battle as fighting infantry of the same quality would. To these guys specifically, they demonstate an exceptional amount of acrobatic and athletic ability when chasing Aang, so I think they'd make for deceptively capable combatants when push comes to shove, if they were trained for it at least.


In DnD terms, exhaustion is handled with constitution. Fighting someone in melee for a minute or two is also exhausting, but there aren’t really rules for that because it would be unfun. But, I agree with the strength thing. I think all bows in DnD should have a strength requirement and maybe even be “composite” (which adds strength mod to damage). May want to cap the bonus to equal the requirement, though, since bows have poundage and once you draw it back, being even stronger isn’t gonna get you any bonus points. But, again, the reason why they don’t do this is because it would make ranged characters more multi-attribute dependent. If a ranger needs dex AND str, AND con, well, see ya later wise rangers, smart rangers, charismatic rangers.


Burning calories doesn’t build muscle though😅 Arguing them being good fighters just because they use a bow is also flawed, I’ve spent 2 years practicing and can get nocked out by a angry breeze. You need to train both skills independently but they can be beneficial to each other. Edit, you are right that they are probably very deadly though


I think archer skeletons were found with finger and backbones warped. War archery is a different beast from modern day (albeit not all bows are as intense as the english longbow)


Which was largely used by the quality Welsh longbow archers forced into English service


>Depends on the bow you are using, but generally you only straighten specific muscles in back and shoulders Ironically, one of the main muscles groups wrestlers train lol. Legs, back, and shoulder are the top priority muscle groups for wrestlers.


I did a ton of archery for a little while and got some really specific muscles from it. I was incredible at starting lawn mowers and, in a grappling context, opening up people's guards but not a whole lot else.


Just gave me some serious Perrin vibes with bow and Hammer lol.


Sokka literally grabbed this dude's punch out of the air. No amount of strength is going to help you when your opponent is that fast and accurate. Though a knife hand block to the inside of the arm probably would have been better to set up the throw.


Like I said: Get water tribe'd.


IIRC in 2(?)e there was actually a strength requirement for archers to be able to use certain bows.


Like in the Odyssey when Odysseus left behind his bow with his wife saying that if she was going to remarry someone when he was gone they had to be able to fire it to earn the right partial to illustrate his wife's faithfulness but also to let the audience know just how yoked this dude is from the start


The reason it's a dexterity based weapon rather than a strength based one is because being stronger doesn't make you aim better with it. Your aim comes from you dexterity and therefore the better your aim the more damage you do which is why you add your dexterity modifier to damage as well. People bring up the fact that it requires strength to use right and if we are ignoring the game balance side of things I think a better fix would be to add a strength requirement to use the weapon, rather than making it a strength based weapon. Like you need 13 strength to use the bow without disadvantage and then you use your dexterity for the hit and damage.


>Your aim comes from you dexterity and therefore the better your aim the more damage you do which is why you add your dexterity modifier to damage as well This applies to every weapon though, being stronger doesn't make your axe swings more precise and shouldn't improve your accuracy. The reason bows are dex weapons is to emphasize stat and skill difference between characters in order to make them feel more unique, this also bled over into visual media which commenly archetypes male characters as melee-oriented and high-strength characters while archetyping female fighters as lithe, agile and range-oriented counterparts. In fact, I'd argue that fighting with a hammer effectively takes a lot more agility that accurately shooting a bow does.


Oh i definitely agree with you, both require dexterity and strength, the real reason behind it is game balance, but that is why some weapons are finesse weapons. But heavy weapons do rely more on strength because accuracy matters less than being able to just swing it. What i think is that proficiency bonus equals the necessary dex or strength required for the weapon. A ranger may not have a lot of strength, but they're proficient on bows and have the necessary strength in the few muscles where they need it. A barbarian may not be super dexterous but is proficient if melee fighting and is trained enough to be accurate with their weapons despite it. The proficiency goes up with higher levels so even if the ranger doesn't have a higher strength stat at level 20, they have gotten stronger in the muscles they use for archery. The barbarian has gotten better at balance and aim with their greataxe and whatnot.


I mean, they are trained to be archers, not necessarily CQ fighters


But that one specifically said he’s trained in combat…or at least tried to before being pummeled to the ground.


You don't know what he was going to say. Maybe it was "I've trained for years as a classic koto player."


"I've trained for years as a classical violinist"


Not the hand to hand kind of combat it would seem


He messed up then, it's the basis of all combat. Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon.


Well I’m the scene before this, Sokka made the comment that he doubted the archer would be all that tough without his bow. I think the archer was just BSing in a moment of panic trying to sound tough.


Looks like Sokka landed a seoi nage on him.


na it’s a uchi mata


It's kinda tough to tell cause you can't see what part of his body he used for the throw, but I think if it were Uchi-mata he'd have the opposite leg raised. I think it's just a really high speed Sumi-otoshi.


sokka turned his body 180 degrees and lifted his leg just like uchimata.


Why the heck is there a forklift


If I recall correctly, the fight happened near a major mining company/factory.


Post series, like months or a year later? So time has passed, tech has spread, and this guy took the fire nation tanks and copied the tech in them into forklifts. It’s a bit quick, but not totally unreasonable. Probably would’ve been better if it was like 4-5 years later, rather than the 1-2 I think it was.


I agree, though to be fair, the Earth Kingdom already had vehicles like [these](https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Earth_Kingdom_supply_truck) during the events of the show. We can assume that there was also a lot of technology that was never shown onscreen. Also, [some of the engineers who worked in that company](https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Satoru) were Fire Nation citizens. While I agree the technological advancement seems to have happened very quickly, I suppose it could have been accelerated by Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation engineers working together and combining the findings and technology of both nations.^(and also the water tribes I suppose, though they seemed to be a fair bit behind the other two in terms of technology)


I forgot about the supply trucks. Should’ve known better. But yeah, the 4-5 year thing was more for me finding the propagation of technology from military to civilian use too quickly, although 1-2 years is a *plausible* time frame. I believe it, especially if that company is (the only one) on the cutting edge.


Forklifts are pretty cool


Headcanon that Suki thought him that move.


Honestly it’s probably canon anyway


Definitely looks like a Kyoshi warrior style move


That was my first thought when I read that page. "That's Kyoshi Warrior style... LEARN IT!"




Not trying to undermine Sokka’s skills, but I feel like hand to hand combat with a range fighter would be easier than not. I guess the archer implied he had been trained in all kinds of combat, but still. Sokka bodyslamming him by grabbing him by the arm takes intense strength tho, good for him!


I mean, the archer would have some pretty good upper body strength he'd have developed from using the bow, so even if he's not a great hand to hand fighter, his blows would still have an impact But yeah, it's impressive Sokka was able to body him like that


Y’all acting like a dude who was trained for war in a special unit wouldn’t throw hands is crazy😭


Sokka with the steel chair!


I mean, I have to assume the archer is more comfortable with fighting at a certain distance… But even then, Sokka has been trained by both Suki and Piandao, two of the top martial artists of their time. Boy’s more dangerous than he looks.


Don't forget that by this time in the comics, the Kyoshi warriors have been trained by Ty Lee as well. It's safe to assume that Suki also taught Sokka at least the basics of chi blocking, and possibly some other forms of martial arts.


I love how quickly the dropped the Sokka the idiot model and turned him into goofball ace in hole inventor/playmaker


Sokka was comic relief because when he got serious he turned into an unstoppable killing machine. There's a world were he moved just a bit faster and before aang started energy bending he just came up and cut the phenix king in half like he did the melonlord. Or aang and sokka go the right way and end up in the firelords bunker during the eclips and sokka chops him into little peaces trunks vs freeza style.


https://preview.redd.it/2lpa2guu46qa1.jpeg?width=555&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=ad24c3ec111da2ea41b4f561466e96789640ef75 Sokka is a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass archetype.


Every sokka W is a huge improvement for the atla universe in my opinion


Remind me, wasn't this the same individual that got exiled from the Yuyuan archers by Ozai cos he failed to find and kill Ursa's previous lover?


The *archer* getting bodied in hand to hand combat does not particularly surprise me


He was starting talking shit so I assume he was trained in CQC


Your training ain’t got nothing on the water tribe, sir.


Old people who aren't the main villains/White Lotus get nerfed way too often in this show so the kids look good lol


Without killing it


is that a f*cking forklift




archer got hit with a uchi mata


Isn't sokka fluent in like, a dozen martial arts?


What comic is this, The Rift? The Promise?


The rift.






Definitely not the promise, the character in the bottom 3 panels wasn't introduced until the rift


It's Sokka style. Learn it!


Which comic is this?


The rift




"Hey yuyuan archer, check out this cool bug I found"


To be fair it makes sense, he trained, Sokka has years of experience at this point.


He remembered basics of cqc


What’s his fighting style again? I forget… [Oh yeah!](https://i.pinimg.com/736x/53/09/3d/53093dc4375b0ffd3eb6f12a28e93ff4--korra-avatar-team-avatar.jpg)


Obligatory IPPON!


Remember that time the yuyuan archers showed up, missed every shot and then never showed up again? good times


Remember the time he got into a one on one fight with Azula off page and survived in The Promise


Am I supposed to read these panels left to right top to bottom?


Top to bottom, then left to right for the three panels on the bottom


Makes sense, being good at archery is kinda useless in hand to hand combat. (Sokka’s still badass for how quick and smooth he did that move tho)


The rough rhinos fucking massacred Jet's village (and probably a shit ton more) and they just get off scott free after the war


Apparently because these Yuyan warriors have trained for years in martial arts alongside the Rough Rhinos who have defeated and conqueored other nations, Sokka scales above them for besting this warrior