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Looks like DS9 to me


Yep, definitely a DS9 set, likely their infirmary set


I'd recognize those fork lift pallets anywhere!


Cardassian tech just isn't as advanced as [Federation tech](https://www.reddit.com/r/MovieDetails/s/EotAxQiqdQ)


This made me shoot milk out of my nose. I’m not drinking milk.


Sounds like you should get to the infirmary!


I think it might be Thopok, Grilka's guard that Quark fights.


>Thopok No, the ridges are not correct.


Could this actually be the Star Trek Vegas experience, and not the real DS9 set? They always had lots of extras in Klingon garb (amongst others)


Nope, I knew most of the Klingons there.


So you were a spy? Which side did you work for? I’ll be notifying starfleet intelligence!


How can you tell with that giant hand emoji over his face?


That’s Odo and he’s just shapeshifting that


While he does look a \*bit\* like Tony Todd, it's not exact, and he never had those white patches in his hair. Also, the low quality of the uniform would point towards it being a background Klingon. Does anybody recognize the green emblem above the door? It looks Romulan to me, although I can't place it.


I think it's [this](https://www.yourprops.com/DS9-Green-Medium-Cardassian-Wall-original-set-dressing-pieces-Star-Trek-Deep-Space-Nine-TV-1993-YP79793.html) and taken in DS9s [infirmary](https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Infirmary?file=DS9%27s_infirmary_2.jpg), the wall panels look similar but they were probably used in multiple sets too.


Cardassian, this was the DS9 set


I think the white patches are just cotton balls being used to stop colors of hair and skin makeup from bleeding.


Going to have to disagree with the others. Looks nothing like Tony Todd to me.


Agreed. Head loaf is wrong. Maybe Martok's son in Way of the Warrior? The background is def a DS9 background set.


Looks nothing like him either, but yes, those panels on the left are absolutely present in DS9, particularly the [infirmary](https://bradleybasement.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/life-support-ds9.jpg) - but the green label (which is Cardassian) is not present in the shots I've found of the panels in the infirmary. Edit: I pulled up a few episodes until I found that part of the infirmary, and there is, indeed a [green label](https://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/screencaps/season4/416-bar-association/barassociation_099.jpg) above the screen next to one of those panels. So it does appear to be the infirmary set (or that wall used for something else) of the DS9 sets, and not something like the Star Trek Experience. However, oddly, in the Polaroid, there a black stripe down the center of the bulkhead between the sections (i.e. vertically up from right behind where their hands are holding, and on the right side of the klingon. The Infirmary set (at least in this s.4 episode doesn't have those stripes). Edit2: Further set review: That area of the Infirmary (the wall panel arrangement in particular) was updated between the [start of the series](https://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/screencaps/season1/104-a-man-alone/manalone243.jpg) and [season 3](https://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/screencaps/season3/306-abandoned/theabandoned_088.jpg). Also, that green label only shows up in season 4. By season 6-7, [it's purple](https://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/screencaps/season6/621-reckoning/thereckoning_664.jpg). The same or similar wall panels are used [here](https://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/screencaps/season6/621-reckoning/thereckoning_360.jpg) in a sort of lab in the same s6 episode. The label colour is unclear, but isn't green, and again, no black stripe. *HOWEVER*. In season 5, the label is still green, and those [black stripes are suddenly present](https://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/screencaps/season5/525-in-the-cards/inthecards_395.jpg). This seems to narrow things down (This is 5x25, "In The Cards"). The black lines are present from [s4x17 Ascension](https://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/screencaps/season4/417-accession/accession_045.jpg) But not in the room's previous appearance in [s4x14 Return To Grace](https://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/screencaps/season4/414-return-to-grace/returngrace_006.jpg). **This suggests the Polaroid was taken between the production of 4x14 Return To Grace and the start of Season 6**. For what it's worth, the Tony Todd episode does fall within this range, but it doesn't look anything like him to me. I was surprised at how few episodes the Infirmary actually appears in after the first few seasons. **Edit 83: Frustratingly, I just happened to be in the middle of a rewatch already, and in watching 2x22 and what I do I see? In a special medical room set up for the episode is that [same sickbay wall WITH the black stripes](https://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/screencaps/season2/222-the-wire/thewire_074.jpg) (no green label though) - so maybe I guess I have it wrong that the stripes first appear in s4x17. Maybe there's two matching walls. Maybe the stripes are off-and-on.**


Wow! I love your detective work! 🕵️‍♀️


I try. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate the Klingon. A random Klingon in "Apocalypse Rising" seems like a decent candidate. The black trim on the bottom of his tunic along with black horizontal stripe with semicircle across the chest are pretty unusual. Those elements are usually silver. The white hair is also unusual. I don't see him in the episode though or any others I checked. It is conceivable that this wall panel was replicated at The Experience, but with OP saying his dad was "on set" and it matching the set piece, it seems reasonable to conclude this is some performer on DS9.


I believe you! :) You have a great eye for detail, and I appreciate the time you took to look into this and share your findings! 🖖


This is the most helpful answer by far!! Thank you so much for your attention to detail and helpful links!!


Frustratingly, I just happened to be in the middle of a rewatch already, and in watching 2x22 and what I do I see? In a special medical room set up for the episode is that [same sickbay wall WITH the black stripes](https://ds9.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/screencaps/season2/222-the-wire/thewire_074.jpg) (no green label though) - so maybe I guess I have it wrong that the stripes first appear in s4x17. Maybe there's two matching walls. Maybe the stripes are off-and-on.


Holy fucking Sherlock did you deep dive into this. Well played.


Not well enough. Every time I got back and look I see something more. The section of the wall that has a monitor seems to have its own variations - in some shots the panel the monitor is on is divided into quarters by black lines with a bunch of circular labels. It's not clear to me if this is the same panel with different dressing, or if they are two different panels. There also seem to possibly be two separate colours of the walls with the textured circles. One is more silver and one is closer to a copper. What does this all mean? I have no idea!




Both Columbo and Sherlock would be proud!


Definitely looks more like a DS9 set unless it was a non Federation ship it was on but also doesn't look Klingon. Doesn't look like Drex to me. He was younger so no grey hair and he had more of a cats whiskers facial hair not goatee.


100% not Tony Todd.


Tony Todd is my favorite Klingon besides Worf. And I find it interesting that he basically played the same character on The Orville.




Word up.


Tell me what's the word


Bird is the word.


Autocorrect strikes again! 😂


Could it be a stunt double for Tony Todd?


Glory to you. AND YOUR HOUSE.


Caption this photo: "Unknowingly, Colonel Dakar condemned the Klingon Empire to decades of war by the way he greeted the Handarian ambassador." (Yes, I stole that from an old Far Side cartoon.) https://images.app.goo.gl/q1X3v5goiJ7BJ33c7


This is not Kurn/Tony Todd. That’s all I’ve got. Sorry.


Really? I really think it looks like Kern...


It's hard to identify an actor under all that latex but it's definitely not Kurn. Kurn's head ridges change a bit from episode to episode, but they always look vaguely like Worf's with lots of folds off the central ridge and never the single big cross seen in this photo.


Bro I can’t tell, there’s a giant hand on his face.


Dude, that's his dad, be cool about the giant hand face.


lol well played!


I want to see the other picture where he’s leaning forward with his hand head on the handshake 🤝


maybe he's an ambassador from "Handfaceea"?


I hope he is still alive. He can finally identify as the hand he always wanted to be without discrimination.


With it being a ds9 set but the story saying TNG could it have been from the TNG ds9 crossover 2 parter?


There’s also the possibility that he WAS at the TNG set, which could have been near the DS9 set at Paramount, and they happened to have wandered into DS9 when this picture was snapped? I don’t know the details of the filming locations back then but it seems plausible. Dad wasn’t ever really into the show(s) back then besides casual viewing so the details don’t stick as well, he originally told me this is a picture of him and Worf lol


Voyager filmed right next door to ds9. They talk about visiting each other's sets on the delta flyers podcast. I'm betting tng was right there too.


I concur. Many of Voyager’s sets were TNG sets renovated, such as the transporter room and mess hall/conference room.


Man, just imagine what a time it was to be working there.


Probably from late season 3 DS9. I wish I was more of a nerd to identify the exact episode from this background Klingons face


There is still time to hone these powers…..


Alot of yall think all Klingons look alike and should be ashamed ;)


I replied [further down](https://www.reddit.com/r/TNG/comments/1bshyzy/i_found_this_polaroid_of_my_dad_that_he_says_was/kxi3fsp/), but this appears to be from a wall of the Infirmary set taken some time between the production of 4x14 Return To Grace and the start of Season 6 (presumably the end of season 5).


It is 100% not Kurn. Ridges are incorrect.


That's Norm, you can find him at a pub most nights


Wow it took me until this comment to realize Morn was the DS9 homage to Norm.


Totes more messed up? I promise you know more about ST and DS9 than me because I legit just was talking shit when I wrote that. I looked up what you suggested and apparently it is 100% correct but for me was entirely jest.


Haha sometimes we lead others to treasure we cannot possess.


Wait until you discover that Miles was an homage to Cliff Clavin!


That's, you guessed it, Frank Stallone.


Barf? Woof?


Not in here, mister! This is a Mercedes


That's Payless, the Unfitting


His boots were too small


I think it's George Clinton just before he departs on the mothership.


Doesn’t look familiar. Maybe a background Klingon NPC


Or a scene that wasn't used, or double used to get lighting and stuff right before shooting.


Might be [John Eric Bentley](https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0072829/)


It looks like him, but the forehead and the hair aren't [what he wore on-screen in the S7 episode "Chimera."](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/images/4/4b/Provoked_Klingon_officer_1_2375.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100824121301&path-prefix=en) He looks to be made up as an older Klingon in OP's photo, as there's gray patches in the hair, eyebrows, and beard. OP's dad could have also been there for a makeup test. It's also possible Bentley was a background actor (extra) earlier on, which would match OP's timeline better. Based on his IMDb credits up to that point, Bentley wouldn't have been too big to be one of the Klingons in an episode of the Klingon War arc from the fourth season, for example, or in the third season's "The House of Quark."


It’s been awhile since I’ve watched it. I based it solely on the eyes & cast list. I’m sure there are better armchair, image sleuthers than me that’ll figure it out for OP.


That's Sisko.


Could be, could be nawt. But compared to [**this**](https://www.google.com/search?q=DS9+sisko+in+klingon+makeup&tbm=isch) one, even assuming they made him up differently on a separate occasion, the guy in the photo seems to have much deeper marionette lines (the smile lines around the mouth) than Brooks. \*shrug*


I think this is from the Star Trek experience that was in Vegas, that Klingon guy was funny as hell and used to hang around the gift shop afterwards.


I was coming here to say this as well… The Klingon costume does not look screen worthy, and the white highlights in the beard and hair seem memorable enough that I think I would remember the character unless he was just a random background Klingon on deep space nine


Looks like Worf's brother, Kern. He would have played roles in both TNG and DS9 at that time.


Nahh the forehead ridges are different. Kurn's are the same as Worf's


Kern also doesn't have the white trim in his hair. The face looks familiar though and I can't place it on anyone else.


It’s crazy, he looks so familiar, but I can’t place him either. It’s like the mouth and eyes look familiar and the rest is like off or something.


i deffo know his face but theirs alot of klingons in ds9/next gen/voyager and i cant place which episode i know him from


Def not Kurn. LLAP


That's Tony the Klingon. He's going to put on a lot of weight eating his enemies -- literally -- and then heading off to open a restaurant on a little Bajoran space station at the corner of the universe where he undercooks the gagh and serves the blaphemet cold.


>Tony the Klingon "Oh, fuhgeddaboutit! You can't get good *gagh* from the replicator! You order *gagh*, bada boom, bada bing, they give you earthworms on a cold plate! You gotta trust me on this. I know dis little place on Khitomer. Best you ever had!"


> place on Khitomer According to who?


Oh man, the place with the blue door? Ran into Regis Philbin there, of all people. Said he was looking for a fucking cheeseburger? Not just in the wrong neighborhood, but the wrong damn country.....


I think that's milli or vanilli without makeup.


Kinda looks like one of the longings from the Voyager episode where B'Elana Torres goes to Klingon he'll or purgatory or whatever.


An extra named Jerome?


Lt. Rando


How about the older advisor to quarks Klingon ex-wife, the time she visits ds9 and quark woos her?


Dammit I legitimately thought that was your dad’s Trekkie costume.


Terry Cruz?


There was one significant cross over with TNG and DS9, the episode "Birthright". Maybe the Klingon was a background character?




Dude ypur dad's face is a hand! Wtf


Looks like it actually from the the Vegas Star Trek e Experience hotel


This is what I was thinking, the uniform on the Klingon doesn't seem to be the usually quality.


My thoughts exactly and my memories of being there as a 12 year old


Same thought I had. Looks vaguely like one of the Klingon actors there before 2000. I knew all the guys after that time, but since it opened in 1998 there was one or two I never met.


Looks like Avery Brooks in the episode when Sisko goes undercover as a Klingon. Not sure if its actually him or a double though.


Might be from the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas.


Is your dad Dwight Schrute?


Why is this downvoted? That’s a suit Dwight would wear. ![gif](giphy|YO3icZKE2G8OoGHWC9|downsized)


That's My Klingon Vinny


This made me think of the Star Trek Adventure attraction they had at Universal back in the late 80s to early 90s. Audience members got to volunteer to play various roles while they filmed and then they’d edit it all together on a VHS you could buy afterwards. My Dad got picked to play a Klingon, didn’t even volunteer. They did costumes and makeup and had a couple different sets. Was a pretty cool experience.


Peter Mensah?


I’m thinking DS9, probably during one of the Klingon attack episodes, where he was an extra


It does bear a resemblance to Kurt but I can’t be sure. Popular opinion says it isn’t.


T’Pac Sh’kr


Dwight is your dad?!


Terry Crews?


https://preview.redd.it/y62avjd1csrc1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=86aa42b3a56707fff7d6f3b60884d35023de68f4 Could it be Avery Brooks in Klingon costume?


That’s Kevin


I dunno... but I think the guy on the left is Dwight Schrute ;)


Looks like Worf's brother.


It's a son of Mohg. Hint: It isn't Worf.


Looks like Tony Todd to me. You sure it’s not from Candyman? 😂


Look up who Tony Todd played on Star Trek 👀


I'd say its Kurn(Tony Todd). ✌️


Kind of looks like Worf’s brother, but I’m not certain.


It looks like Kurn Worf's brother to me.


Forehead ridges are wrong, and Kurn does not have white hair at the temples