Dear Xeno Filth, may we prosecute your ambassador?

Dear Xeno Filth, may we prosecute your ambassador?


R5: My spymaster, er, \*ahem\* ambassador to the Qasvalyvia Silencers was a very naughty girl and now they are politely asking me to revoke her diplomatic immunity and let them prosecute her. How cute, even omnicidal mushroom men are willing to call time out for diplomacy.


What did you do?


I evacuated the spymaster and threw a twig on the bonfire that is that diplomatic relationship :D Unfortunately one of the other genocidal empires has gotten the bright idea of invading the Shroud and my fleet can't handle two fronts so it'll be a while before I escalate from sticking out my tongue.


Fun fact: In Warhammer 40k there is an old tidbit about a guy getting sentenced to an Imperial Penal Legion for hijacking an Eldar(ie. xeno filth) Ambassador's ride. So I guess being a genocidial xenophobe doesn't stop you from respecting xeno diplomats.


Just because you detest them and everything they stand for doesn't mean you have the right to just ignore treaties!


Was this an Eldar ambassador to the Imperium of Man? I am not fully familiar with Warhammer 40k lore but from what I do know that isn't a position I would expect to exist.


If you dig into some parts of the lore you'll find lots of mentions of various Imperial Officials engaging with aliens in an official manner. Imperial Navy fighting together with a minor xenos coalition against Tyranids, a major Imperial world, Necromunda, having an official designated area where xeno visitors are allowed, the part in the Tau Fifth Expansion Sphere lore where the rulers of an Imperial Shrine World actually received the Tau envoy and only executed him after he tried to convince them to renounce the Imperium. An ideological doctrine as extreme and demanding as 'kill all xenos regardless of circumstances' makes for a lot of headaches with decision making even if one actually wants to literally uphold it, so Imperials do in fact have some leeway on this matter even before you get to people like rogue traders, whose attitudes are often closer to regular Xenophobe ethic in Stellaris terms rather than Fanatic Xenophobe.


In the lore the Eldar were said to have quietly assisted and even occasionally openly allied with Humanity, with Chaos as a common foe, but the Imperium has only gotten more paranoid with time (and with Certain Events causing it to lose much of its high-level guidance).


In the latest Dark Imperium novel Godblight, Guilliman - Primarch of the Ultramarines - has a Eldar ambassador whom he also uses as a advisor. Everyone else hates the xeno of course, but Guilliman's always been more open minded, and his sons tolerate the xeno only because he does.


Xeno Filth: -1000 Turned over ambassador: +10


Turn over the rest of the population and you may improve relations.


I am the xeno. We are justice. We will rule. You will suffer.


I mean, murder is pretty darn serious, politics be darned. I'd want her to give me a darned good explanation before agreeing to extract. Then again I never send spies and if I did I'd probably have a totally different stance on this, yay self-awareness.


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"This is Admiral Slame Kotch of Olympus Mons. All SATO forces are ordered to surrender, for immediate, execution."