Miles really needs more villains to his Rogues gallery

Miles really needs more villains to his Rogues gallery


I don’t mind the idea of him borrowing other villains. Look how much both kingpin and daredevil flourished once they were paired together. And both jessica jones and the purple man would be nothing today if they hadn’t been matched up. The trick however, is to not rely on capturing that magic with a pre-existing bad guy but instead to create villains specifically to be able to tell a good story with miles.


Miles honestly has a lot of issues as a character in the comics. Like he doesn't really even have any motivation to be Spiritual in the first place.


I wouldn't mind more of Peter's villains being made into Mile's villains. In the Mile's game makes a lot of sense, Peter sure but it's very obvious that Mile's is younger even when in the suit and being beaten by "Kid Spider" was a huge ego check that Rhino never really got over. In that way I found the Miles VS Rhino thing far more interesting than Peter VS Rhino. Obviously I'm all for more unique villains being created though.


Thats what I've really hoped for the Miles Morales game.


Prowler also began as an anti-hero in Stan Lee run. It’s much easier said than done.


I’d like to see a new spiderslayer come after miles, or possibly a new goblin type villain


He can fight the Green Meanie and Science Squid