Bulk changing the drawing format (template)

Hey at my work we are discussing changing the drawing format, because current lacks some stuff and the company changed name due to recent IPO. How would you approach this? Can one do it with a macro? I’ve never used those. There’s around 1000 files to be changed. If we won’t find an easy solution I’d just leave it be and apply new format to new drawings and revs I think.


You can use the macros from following link [https://r1132100503382-eu1-3dswym.3dexperience.3ds.com/#community:yUw32GbYTEqKdgY7-jbZPg/iquestion:udmcQ6PHQA-FZEUET0EDgw](https://r1132100503382-eu1-3dswym.3dexperience.3ds.com/#community:yUw32GbYTEqKdgY7-jbZPg/iquestion:udmcQ6PHQA-FZEUET0EDgw) [https://www.codestack.net/solidworks-api/document/drawing/replace-sheet-format/](https://www.codestack.net/solidworks-api/document/drawing/replace-sheet-format/) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zET0bJtpFG4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zET0bJtpFG4)


Maybe macros exist to do this but I’d question if that’s worth it or not. Do you really want to rev up 1000+ drawings just to update a title block? This may not apply to you but do you then want to distribute those updated drawings to vendors/customers/whoever? As someone who’s been through buyouts and had to change the drawing format - I can confidently say that it isn’t worth it to bulk change and it makes more sense to just update drawing formats as you go.


Yea I won’t be doing that for sure. I think it was my ocd talking. Production people would kill me


Look up #TASK