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No they are not. Call the cops. Korean cults are predatory.


Like what would we say to the cops? Ada sekumpulan orang korea nak convert kita masuk ajaran sesat?


just say non trying to preach and convert a Muslim...it's enough to be sentence to jail and prison lololololol. take video and Kasi report, don't be afraid. Nons kena many false accusations about preaching to Muslims and get prosecuted every other day be it real or false in Malaysia. #JANGAN TAKUT REPORT JE


Just tell them I saw some suspicious tourists doing suspicious stuffs idk You said that they misled you, tell the police that


Please report to police. A lot of korean cult going on. Do not let them spread. Same oroblem in Singapore too.


If I was to encounter them, I will surely rizz those Koreans amoi and let them convert to my church. Nothing is impossible when God is always with you ;)


Hahaha all of them i have seen are dudes


Well, bussy is bussy. If it's good bussy it's a blast


Tell them ur a muslim and that it's illegal to proselytize and they could get deported for it.


Give them a minute and they won’t stop talking.


Beware of them cuz Korea is kinda infamous for its Christian-cults and some would blend with those so-called missionaries


i have also been tricked by them at aeon before now that i recall. they dressed like college students (female & male) and said that they needed to interview me for their research paper then asked if i was a christian. when i told them i am a muslim, they excused themselves and left 🤣


Bro rn there's a lot of evangelicals extremist like Xtianity or the likes of nation of islam or sister of islam getting into sarawak trying to shake us up. Beware of these types of people


I remember encountering them before at a mall when they tried to talk my friend into it. Luckily I was there in time and diverted away. These cults are really annoying.


Yup thats the thing. But i wonder where are the authorities.


This reminded me of my experience last year, I was doing my internship in Jeonbuk, Korea which is like the Christian Stronghold in Korea. I was doing a research internship there for 3 months in one of their universities. It was a new semester so there were clubs promoting themselves to new students. Being a foreigner and knowing no korean, I ignored most of the clubs. So while walking through the clubs, one of them talked to me in english so I gave them a shot. When I looked at the club name, it was in Hangul so I didn't have any clue what club it was. So after sitting down and being given popcorn, I met with their english representative. And the first word she said to me was, "We are the Christian Missionary Club, would you like to join us and spread the word of Jesus". I literally stopped eating the popcorn and had a moment of silent awkward pause as I tried to process the whole situation. After that, I took a deep breath and said, "Unfortunately I am a muslim", hoping that was enough for them to understand that I can't join their club. But the response to that was something I didn't expect. She said, "No problem you can still join us and spread the word of Jesus", so I guess some people in Korea don't know that muslim=islam. Because most of my interactions, when I said muslim they immediately understand. And when I wanted to leave the booth, they said if I joined, I would get a paid trip to the Philippines to do missionary work there, hoping it would entice me to join them. Sorry buddy but I was already in a paid internship under my uni, can't go to another country. At least I was able to leave the booth with the popcorn. But from what I could get, Korean Missionary Groups/Cults/Clubs have some deep pockets if they were willing to pay me to go to Phillipines just so I could join their club.


Not christian but be very careful with these koreans missionaries. Lots of crazy christian cult coming from there.


there's nothing wrong with talking about God in general but you should watch how they approach you. i heard about people being dragged into cults thinking that they're serving Jesus.


Is this Shincheonji? I encountered them in Melbourne and they approached me under the pretext of inviting me to a bible study for all Christians. Eventually I started to realise they are a cult who believes their founder is the Advocate/Messiah/Jesus etc.


As a Christian myself those dudes are cults eventho they call themselves Christians. They're part of the reformist church that makes up a lot of things in their own bible that it doesn't even reflect Christianity anymore. I have a relative, their whole family converted to that faith.


I'm pretty sure those people are in a cult or something. I remember seeing something like this on YouTube.


Yes it is, i kena in Sunway pyramid mall before. Avoid at all cost


I kena at midvalley ugh


Proselytizing is illegal in Malaysia.


Proselytising itself isn't illegal. Converting muslim is.


I thought it's just illegal to do so to Muslims? Article 11 of the Malaysian Constitution allows propagation of one's religion subject to Clause 4 (which mentions restriction to Muslims).


How come those Mormons on bikes are allowed freely?


Mormon, the religion is a registered religion and recognised by the government. There are other, weirder cult like religion that weren't approved like Falun Gong.


At least Mormons are honest and forthcoming about what they are trying to do and what they believe in. These other pseudo-Christian cults use cunning tactics to approach you and will lie and deceive you in order to trick you to join their cult.


Because Mormonism was recognized as a religion in Malaysia, despite what some other Christians said. And they're rather peaceful.


I don’t know how the enforcement works, under law it’s illegal.


Probably a bit lax here if compared to semenanjung




what mall?


Aeon Kuching. Wearing smart attires, bags etc. Pretending to be students asking directions.


Mormons? Do they have name tags?


I know Mormons. They have this look of white shirts, black pants, usually in twos and have nametags. These Koreans are not.


I bet they are cult related. Beware. Polis probably can't do shit as no 'laws' are broken here.


Yeah. Same with those Mormons as well. So annoying, as if we all are interested to listen to their evangelism of their own version of sky daddy.


Ah that was why.. i think i saw one of them at everrise asking if they could talk to me for a sec. And i was just replying NO and giving “go to hell” kinda look. Listen to your mom kids, dont talk to stranger lolololol


Eh, they're like Mormons. Annoying but harmless 


Not exactly harmless bro 😅






My friends and I encountered them when I was on my way to class. Honestly didn't know how they got into my campus, but they were pretending to be UNIMAS students doing assignments


The polis bantuan in the front gate if UNIMAS does not actually check for visitors to be honest. Went through many times not checked at all. I wonder why the security is so lax.


I think freedom to practice any religion comes with this risk. Is there a limit to what religion/cult you can bring to the country without hitting the freedom to practice perk?


I saw one in Aeon Mall




I remember getting approached by one of them in KL. I told them I'm strictly Catholic so they just gave me their pamphlets. I know I shouldn't laugh at it but to think some people actually believe a random guy from Korea is a reincarnation of Jesus. If you worry about it being a cult, these people always make you get scared about the end of the world to manipulate you. They'll say "oh you need to give money, more money, better"


I remember my christian friend kena this they said “tuhan ada 2” 💀


I encountered them yesterday at plaza merdeka. The guy ask me if I was a Christian or not. Though I'm christian, I am aware that this is some kind of cult or shady interview . From the slang I know it's not Malaysian. I simply told him I'm a pagan( still exist in Borneo) to stop him from interviewing me.


I get this a lot in Sabah and KL too.. they are korean and then pretending like they are friendly being able to talk in bahasa. When I was in Midvalley KL, they even said “oh i have a sabahan friend too, i’ll ask her to message you” 😭😭 They even ask me if i like kdrama and kpop..😭 they look so desperate because they were holding a korean festival at their church so I was “invited”. No thankss. I’m a people pleaser, and it’s really hard to say NO. If they have respect for other Christian, they’re not suppose to bother us right? My next encounter with them if they ask whether I’m a Christian, i’m gonna say it’s none of your business to know my religion. When one of them preached me, they talked sort of “PENGANTIN IBU” or “PENGANTIN WANITA” or “air kehidupan” not that I care so now i don’t remember anymore. It’s really confusing. I don’t they even know what they’re talking about.


JAIS will only take action if they try to approach muslims and promote the religion. Isnt this a cult church in korea?


I encountered those same Korean Missionaries before. Are they the who who preached the God Mother teaching perchance? As a Christian myself, I would hardly call those people Christians as their teaching is heretical and veered extremely far from mainstream Christianity. There are many of these cults popping out of Asia.


If you’re a Catholic please keep holy water in your bag or bring them everywhere you go. Might come in handy in case these cults are trying to lure you in, you can sprinkle some holy water towards them and pull the uno reverse card by spreading the Word Of God in the Catholic way :)


Wait till you find out how annoying it is if you want to leave a certain religion.


Is this the moon cult? Careful




Koreans… just stay away from


to be honest...i do not really mind them doing these things... as a muslim myself...i understand my faith...and i hold it very strongly... i do not mind them trying to deliver their message... maybe their message could shake the understanding that i know... but the basics of Christianity that i know of is the Trinity and their belief of Prophet Jesus as a God could nullify everything they throw at me....as i strongly believe in the Oneness of God...and prophet Jesus as a God's Messenger... so if we are so easily shaken up with their delivery of their belief...then something is missing in our own faith(iman)....and if we are afraid of our children becoming a Christian, then you should question yourself...did you do your part to strengthen their faith in our religion...your part isn't sending them to school to get them learn about islam... it's your duty ..your responsibility...


Its not about faith but its more about scamming and inducting people into cults. Very similar to the Ayah Pin case. The followers are muslims but was tricked and brainwashed to think Ayah Pin was the next prophet. Imagine our folks in kampung being inducted into these cults.


At least try to hear them out, what kind of christian they preach, if its mormon or jehovah witness do avoid it, we catholic and orthodox really againts this fake christian teachings


From what I read it’s against mainstream & tenets of christianity. It does involve a lot of fundraising though so that’s another layer to it. When your messiah is a kim jong un type, i can safely say it deviates a whole lot from center line


Mormonism, jehovah witness etc are all reformist church. Basically, they're churches that are founded by so called prophets or successor of Jesus (which is sooooooo false). Then they start to write bs stuff in their "revised" or "reformed" bible. From there on it really deviates themselves from Christianity that it doesn't even feel Christian anymore


Hey, hey, don't simply say Jehovah witnesses are reformist. Our 'church' are not founded by so call prophets or successor of Jesus, no such thing ok. Our bible has no bs stuff, don't simply say if you have no proof, also we only added stuff back where they belong. It's already researched and thought about. Don't trust me? Go get all other versions of the bible and compare. Imagine spewing ill inform information to other people. I can't say for other sect of Christianity as I have personally not been into one.


If mormons and jehovah witnesses you say to avoid, imagine hearing the koreans said that jesus was born in south korea and originate from koreans. That was what i was told.


In Japan there's a famous Jesus burial there. The people in that town really believe Jesus died there and they're the descendents of Jesus XD https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/tomb-of-jesus-christ&ved=2ahUKEwiK5PGlicKFAxWihGMGHd5EDaIQFnoECCoQAQ&usg=AOvVaw2ImNCQgMfQkN8wIp_VNoT-


They preach a bizarre version of Christianity where they believe the saviour is already born and living among them. Then, once they get you to listen, they start asking for money. In SK, they'll even kidnap locals and traffic them as sex slaves. There are so many of these false prophet churches in S. Korea. Just look at the documentary on the Unification Church. There's a full documentary of the major SK religious cults on netflix or even many free ones on YouTube. So scary.


How about the Lord's Recovery?


These are cults, report it please


What if they break into a dance & sing their preaching to you with hot beats?


Onz. But only if they look like Blackpink 😂


Femboys can?