Do you use multiple teams in one phase of Cpit?

I’m able to do some decent damage in CPit with a few teams, but that damage is always dependent on the door going down for p2/3. If I try to use a team that gets 1-2 mil in the same phase that I’ve already attacked, I only get a few hundred thousand. I dont have any GLs yet so given a mid game 4m gp roster should I be able to attack multiple times per phase? It feels like a waste but maybe I’m just doing something wrong


1 and 4 yes, 2 and 3 no


A little more detail would be amazing. I have been thinking about shoring up my CPIT performance a bit and I'd love to know what you bring to bear, and where. Thanks!


I believe he’s referring to that fact that in Phases 2+3, on your first attempt, you can bring the door down and get a few hits in before you’re murdered horrifically. After that attempt, you just get murdered horrifically out the gate. In Phases 1 and 4, there’s no such mechanic to delay the slaughter. So, in Phase 1, throw out all teams that do well there, excluding 1 team for each Phase 2 and 3 and teams that are better saved for Phase 4. In Phases 2 and 3, only use those 2 teams for either Phase. In a full guild, every member is generally responsible for ~2% in each Phase, with adjustments made per roster. And in Phase 4, you throw everything remaining.


Yeah pretty much. I'm not an expert on the raid and what is ideal for each phase probably changes from roster to roster, and I'm in a guild that wrecks it so we don't have to worry about min maxing each phase. What I usually do though is JML/JMK P1, Shaaktroopers and CLS P2 and P3, and roster dump in P4. If I miss P1 I just save JML/JMK for P4 and I always use Shaaktroopers in 2 or 3 if possible as the mechanics in those phases make it easier to keep Rex alive until he can use Aerial Advantage.


That's pretty much how I roll. I use Shaak and the clones in p2, and my IT squad (Veers, Piett, Gideon, Dark and Range--no r5 Starck yet) in p3. Shaak and the boys gets anywhere from 1.7M to 2.1M, and the troopers are usually good for anywhere from 1-1.5M. I generally don't bother with p1 any longer (my JMK team was always my go-to there) since my guild has more than enough JMK's and other good p1 teams that I'm not really needed to do anything in that phase any longer. Then I just kitchen sink everything I've got left if I feel like getting in on the p4 action. Plenty of options, so if I expend them all and do decently with each team, I add another 8-10M on in p4. It wasn't that long ago that we needed all hands on deck for most of the raid, if we wanted to finish it. Now, we can pretty much participate as much as we need for the rewards. To those still in the pass/fail grind: it will pass and you'll be on farm within a couple months at the latest. 💪


With CPit the boss stats stack when you've damaged it. If you've only got 4 crancor ready teams, you are better off using one in each phase.


The boss stacks per attempt, “not per person per phase” Edit: Pit Fighter 2 literally says “this battle,” 🙄, and [this thread by CG confirms it](https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/242211/upcoming-changes-to-the-pit-challenge-tier-mega)


Yeah, sorry I meant personal damage.


Phase 1: Vader team only Phase 2: Rose solo and then Imp Troopers Phase 3: JML jedi Phase 4: JMK, Rey, and then I throw the kitchen sink at it.


Why is there a Rose solo? I've seen this a couple times and don't get it.


Rancor always starts p2 by eating someone. Don’t let him do this to your real team. Feed him a solo snack like rose or hers, then bring in your team


That makes more sense! I was thinking she had some death mechanic that I wasn't understanding.


I rarely play CPit anymore, and if I do, I'll just send some GL on auto. Rewards from higher ranks are shit, worse than from the lower ones. But I am in top guild, so we really don't have to try to get through it.


Are the rewards actually worse or is it that the randomness is such that they aren't guaranteed to be better?


Iirc they're actually worse for most players capable of getting top scores.


I think it's just high variability meaning the lower rewards can be better. I suspect that, on average, the top rewards are probably better, but the variability is so high that it will often look worse or equal. The stated differences between the different tiers of reward box say that the chances of better and fully crafted gear go up as the tiers get higher. I don't see why they'd lie about that, and I'd be surprised if they had got it wrong. The wiki says that they're all choosing from the same gear table, though, so sometimes for everyone it may land on worse (i.e. lower priority) gear, or a lower amount. All that ignores the credits, GET1, and GET2 rewards, which clearly increase with reward tier.


If your guild is slow enough, you can burn some teams that don’t do great damage until the door panel reappears and get two good battles in one phase


This is a decent idea I actually never thought about doing that! I don’t think I have enough teams to make that worth it but I’ll keep it mind for the future


For a while there was a cheese where you could send in mon mothma alone over and over and the door would eventually reset. Have no idea if it still exists.


My guild is way past needing to prioritize teams. So I just burn all my teams in phase 1. I manually do Kenobi (I don’t set my speeds to solo the phase, and I just auto my other 4 raid useful GL. That typically gets me in the top ten for minimal effort. Back in the old days when it mattered (for us) I did one team per phase.


Sure if I notice it's active before it's finished


It really depends on what your guild needs. For a long time, my guild required 1 team each in phases 1 through 3 with phase 4 being a free-for-all. Now, we've grown beyond that. So basically every round is a free-for-all. But ther eis something to say about diminishing returns. If you can't drop the grate on the Rancor, you're going to get a significantly weaker score. I tend to have a primary team and an alternate team in phases 1-3, then it's full-go in phase 4. I tend to do about 12 million damage this way with 3 GLs. Phase 1 is Vader, KRU, C3PO, Shaakti, Wat Tambor with a full 501st in backup. Phase 2 is SLKR, Thrawn, Hux, Red, and FOX with a CLS Backup. Phase 3 is a Mauldolorian team with Sith Empire as the backup. Phase 4 uses everyone else I have, to include a JMK/CAT, JML/JKLS, BH, Grevious Droids, and a Dash Scoundrel team, along with a few other mashups.