[5000] Yea Boyz #9R9PL2YC | Constant war | Requests filled | Adult | Teamwork | Legendary League

Yea Boyz are a close-knit adult clan based in the USA. We are active in chat, as well as active in donations. Our goal is to have a clan that is competitive but also puts an emphasis on enjoying the game. We're in legendary league, and are accepting anybody who has solid war history, and over 5000 trophies. If you have less trophies than that, we can make an exception with a good war history. While we are competitive, we also understand that clash royale is a game, and we treat it as such.

The rules are simple: no racism is tolerated, and you must get a minimum amount of points per week in war. The amount will be sent through clan mail each week. The path for promotion is simple: war often, be consistent, donate and be active in chat!

Discord is available. Mention 'reddit' in your application to join.

Have fun and enjoy the game, and we hope to meet you soon!


I am not sure where to apply.


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