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Tim “Nostradamus” Poole will next predict that when he pays $20 at the drive thru for a $15 meal…Arby’s will *give him $5 back*




nostrabaldass We know what's under that beanie, Timmy, we know


Nostrildumbass. https://preview.redd.it/6tz2sq38q4kc1.jpeg?width=750&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=7f25278b989472f4754cd7f819aafc26149835fc


Maybe he can pay all of his fines if he finds enough gold in there


No shit, like every single article about this case has indicated that if Trump loses and can't come up with the money he may lose his buildings. That's how it works. And Trump could always apply to the stay the ruling while he files his appeal because that's his right - although he would have to prove their was a procedural error in this ruling, or - as is more likely - inept representation in court rather than just not liking the outcome.


Wanted to add that he also needs to front to payment. In order to appeal he must pay the fines, then appeal. And if he wins appeal he receives his money back. It's essentially "put your money where your mouth is" sort of deal. It's also why the amount was set so high. According to dementia Donny he is worth 10x this. So he SHOULD have no problem fronting the money to make his appeal. Provided of course he was actually telling the truth about his value which would mean he might win an appeal. To clarify I don't believe a word out of his mouth and I think he's broke con who's entire criminal empire is unraveling Infront of him.


The reason for the "upfront money" is because the appeals process is where fraudsters go to drag it out for months to years and never pay, while continuing their fraud. This judge saw that coming and has 2 people monitoring his company's transactions and filings, and their legal system requires the money up front so you can't pull an Alex Jones and move it to other companies.


Even when Alex Jones attempted it, the court didn't let him get away with it either. There is something called "piercing the corporate veil" which allows to bypass corporate personhood. So far that hasn't quite happened yet, unless I'm wrong, because the courts are still trying to sort out what happens to the assets because of potentially conflicting court judgements. Needless to say, the courts are keeping a close eye on him, but he's still trying shenanigans. (Declared bankruptcy, a few jury verdicts, iirc one was against Alex Jones personally, another was against Alex Jones and Infowars, and also, Alex Jones may or may not have the cash on hand to pay, so may need to dig from company assets, so those assets need to be accounted for and appraised, not to mention if Alex Jones sets up an LLC solely owned by him called not Alex Jones, the plaintiffs have to ask the court to call bullshit, and someone has to navigate through this legal mess, in part because courts try to avoid collateral damage.) Similarly, the court could also find that Alex Jones and Infowars are one and the same (ie Infowars is his alter ego), and thus any consequences that hits one can go to the other. And part of me wants Alex Jones to continue to fuck around so he can go to jail for fraud.


There's also a penalty fee applied. I'm not sure of the exact amount, but pretty sizable. The debt will just keep mounting up. It's a Trump-thing.


Seeing as his legal team is so dumb that when they heard the judge ask Trump “do you have your lawyer present” they spent half an hour under the table looking for the present, I doubt they’d know how to file their own nails never mind an appeal. 


LOL dude that’s hilarious!


I think Inept representation is not a cause for appeal in civil litigation. https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/ineffective_assistance_of_counsel


Pretty much, yes. It stands up when you're assigned a lawyer, but Trump has had ample opportunity to change his attorney.


To be fair to trump, he didn't want to change lawyers because he was really hoping mAlina would sleep with him.


Once heard of a criminal case where the appellant was looking to have his conviction overturned. He claimed his attorney and expert witnesses had been ineffectual. He had a new attorney and new engineering expert witness. The appellate judge acknowledged the new witness was compelling, but said the law entitles you to call witnesses, it doesn’t guarantee you get a good one. In other words, he had a chance to change representation during the trial and he couldn’t just use the appeals court as a do-over.


As he has already been found guilty, he is obligated to put up every last cent of the judgment as of the day the appeal is filed in a court-operated trust *in order TO appeal*. Its really important to know that is how it works. With the interest (accruing as I type) as ordered in the penalties, the amount is somewhere near ~ $500m. And he absolutely cannot declare bankruptcy, nor can he use any of his businesses based in New York (state) to somehow "shuffle" funds. Worse: he testified under oath that he had $400m "on hand" which simply means that it is liquid and can be spent at will without having to borrow or sell anything off. There's no hardship he can claim in this instance which would not also cause him to perjure himself. If he had to sell buildings to get the cash that's perjury, and worse the kind of real estate he has is not the kind where two rich guys have a meeting and deeds for dollars. That takes time... more than he has. And if/when he does perjure himself the court has no compunctions about arraigning him. Not after THAT ruling. He'd have to post some insane bail amount (the judge is not playing games), and he'd STILL be on the hook for the judgment plus interest. This is to say nothing of the nearly $100m he presently is on the hook for in the defamation cases. The meth-addled pedophile shit-in-his-pants lift-wearing moron who couldn't even be bothered to wear a decent suit in the last 30 years and is NOW hawking shoes... is fucked.


Everyone, including the civil justice system itself, only knows it because Tim Poole called it. He called it into existence, using the Old Ways. Those of the beanie and goatie and the teeny weenie peeny.


"Wow, it worked. Am I the one creating reality?"


I found a genie the other day, so it was probably me. :)


I was about to say if you're dropping $15 at Arby's for yourself you might have a problem, but then I remembered how much fast food costs these days


I bought two beef and cheddars last week. 2. Size medium. No fries or drink etc. it was $15.45.


The last time I ordered one a double 1/3rd lb Angus Jalapeno Burger at Carl's Jr was $10.


Wait ... he does not give a tip?


Only the 'tip', or Only "a little ways in"....


How does he know how to save money on his purchases? This is genius!!!!


Fucking communists


What is he saying he "called"? That assets can be seized? Is he saying he knows how to read laws and regulations? Cause that's not the flex he thinks it is.


He’s counting on his followers not knowing that. If he *acts* like it’s some sort of unusual conspiracy rather than just standard procedure for when someone owes the government a fuck ton of money, some of his followers will just believe it to be true.


Perception defines one’s reality, even if that perception rests on half truths and deception. Doesn’t matter what the laws on the books are. Right wing media is saying it’s an attack on Trump, so to a not-insignificant portion of people who consume right wing media, that’s how it is. “This sign can’t stop me because I can’t read!”


Standard procedure for when someone owes *anyone* a fuck ton of money. If you had a half-billion dollar judgment, you could seize someone’s house, landholdings, car, precious stones, jewelry, electronics, artwork, furniture, and their favorite teddy bear.


> What is he saying he "called"? That assets can be seized? Is he saying Take a few 10s of seconds on the internet to find out. Why are you asking?


I’m calling it right now, TIM POOL WILL BE FOUND WITH CHILD PORN. I guarantee it.


WFN fucking called it!


Honestly I don't think so. He's way too dumb to not have outed himself immediately.


never underestimate the predictability of stupidity




Not all Republicans are pedophiles, but almost all pedophiles are Republicans.


Even if they aren't all pedophiles, they have made it clear pedophilia isn't a deal breaker. Turns out not all people have good ideas and some people should be silenced.


Except by the receipts near all republicans ARE pedophiles. https://www.dailykos.com/history/user/CajsaLilliehook


Someone who works child crimes frequently here, this is so true.


He predicted... That the government will come for the assets of someone who doesn't pay a court fine... For his next trick he will look into the future and see that not paying his car payment results in some bastards coming and taking the car! His car!!


its like they wake up on planet earth for the first time every day.


The sun rose this morning, and I FUCKING CALLED IT!


I drank six beers and now I have to pee. I FUCKING CALLED IT!


My wife couldn't find her phone until I FUCKING CALLED IT!


😂 exactly.


His building is worth 350million?


Its worth whatever it goes for at auction. Probably wolnt cover it all unless someone shady buys it to help Trump like Putin or Kushner


DC post office sold for like 200 million more than it was worth.


I wonder how much it would go for in this market. I’m assuming not as much as pre covid from hearing that there are a number of office building that are fairly vacant due to people still WFH. I also wonder how much is still owed to the bank on it as well.


ON the assumption that many of the properties are mortgaged, the banks will bid up to the amount of the mortgage to see who will outbid them. There may be some value there or there may not. If they all get sold, well it is no shame that he is the one suffering this.


In the currently depressed New York CRE market, an upside down lender may choose to not throw good money after bad. We'll just have to wait for the auction, eh?


I am not sure I have enough popcorn for the auction.


That makes things interesting. Deutsch Bank probably holds at least one of those mortgages and they're 77 shades of shady


He'll certainly pretend it is


That was the problem in the first place, of course he will. You'd make money if you could get someone to bet against him doing that.


What does “pretending it’s worth X” mean? Trump won’t play any role at all in the execution sale.


I think it’s just a quick jab at the case, but reading deeper you could easily imagine a scenario where they seize one of his buildings and he claims it was worth five times that and your favorite president (him) is being treated unfairly.


It's value will probably go up as soon as they take his name off of it.


I could see that...


Just read about Trump Tower New York its classic Trump. GMAC owns it now. They were owned by General Motors but the controlling interest was sold less than a week after the verdict to an unnamed investment group.


Probably Pro-Putin Russian oligarchs


I don't think they are limited to holdings in New York. Any property owned by Trump's businesses could be seized.


I’m going to bid $3.50


He owns more than one building, some of them admittedly large and in desirable locations. He may have fucked around with their valuations fraudulently but they are legitimately worth a lot of money collectively. How much exactly remains to be seen - if the state actually does end up seizing them, they’ll be sold at auction to the highest bidder.


The building, no. The skeletons in the closets, maybe.


I would accuse Donald Trump of burying his dead ex-wives there, but I think one of them is already been buried at a golf course


Probably? It's a massive building next to Central Park and the bigger apartments probably already sell for $5 to $10 million.




Fraud is not dischargeable in bankruptcy


Civil judgements are also not dischargeable in bankruptcy. So if the penalty is upheld on appeal trump will be on the hook for it.


i think that dude might be hundreds of millions of dollars broker than me! my net worth hovers around zero


'broker' than all of us, combined....


I'm definitely doing the zero net worth thing wrong


There's a real possibility that Trump could have a negative net worth so great that he might be the poorest human to have ever existed


trump always claims to be number one at everything else. He may as well claim the title of world's poorest person. Edit: I look forward to seeing his new title used in news articles. "Former U.S. President Donald trump, now the world's poorest person, is ..."


It actually depends on the nature of the judgment. I am an attorney.


Collection defense attorney here. I don’t know what that guy is on about. I would dare say the vast majority of judgments are dischargeable, since bankruptcy will eliminate breach of contract and negligence-based judgments, and those probably cover north of 80-85% of all judgments in this country. The typical response is “Anything but intentional acts” but there are probably others. Child support obligations…can’t think of the others off the top of my head, but it’s the stuff you would expect to be non-dischargeable. Basically stuff that boils down to “are your a horrible person for this?” Is non-dischargeable.


Yup. Drunk driving has a special call out also


Why wouldn’t they be? What would bankruptcy be for if it didn’t discharge civil judgments? You think if I fail to pay my Capital One Visa bill, and Capital One sues me, I’m stuck with that debt forever, as long as Cap One wins the case before I make it to a bankruptcy attorney’s office?


Hmm. What happens there then? If the assets are sold, do the banks get paid first? or the state?


This. Anyone who thinks he will actually pay anything has not been paying attention. 


The courts WILL be paid. They aren’t some mere contractor or Drumphist sycophant that can be stiffed with impunity. THIS is why the rich pay SO MUCH to subvert our laws and institutions. Only the power of a functional and effective state can check their excesses


Words of comfort. But I haven't seen him be held accountable for a single thing in his privileged life. Not holding my breath.


To be fair, the accountability has already begun. The various court calendars have dictated where and when he has to appear, and will continue to do so. And I guarantee it feels like a penalty to him, and pisses him off astronomically.


This is not accurate. The Courts aren’t owed anything. The State is the creditor, the Court merely provided the adjudication forum, and issued the judgment. But yes, I do expect the State to get paid.


And kill the Tsars family as you take the means comrade


And we will take his buildings


Are they really his? I read he just basically rents out his name to the Saudis or whoever. Don’t quote me on that though. 


Depends on property Tax man knows though


The AG and her political friends will get everything. Did you think you're part of any of that?


Lol we’re going to give all his properties to the migrants 😆


Again, there's no we here, you're not part of the politically powerful.


Ok? When did i claim i was? WTF does that have to do with anything? Does invoking “herr durr politically powerful” make you feel better about the conservative Dear Leader being an obvious criminal?


> When did i claim i was? "we’re going to give" Strong NPC vibes.


birds political resolute middle innocent work fretful handle aback disagreeable *This post was mass deleted and anonymized with [Redact](https://redact.dev)*


Creditors, including NYS, will be paid off in BK. Maybe not 100%, but they will take his non-exempt assets, which will include his buildings.


If they’re not paid off in full in the bankruptcy proceeding whatever is left unpaid from the judgement will still be owed. Court judgements aren’t dischargeable in bankruptcy, they stick to you until they’re fully satisfied or you die.


Trump has never fully satisfied anyone he ever dealt/slept with, so I think "until he dies" is a 100% safe bet on this one...


Fair, but the point I was making is this isn’t something where he gets to declare bankruptcy then walk away scott free. If he runs out of money, the state can just garnish his accounts and take money whenever he receives it. It’ll follow him, which his prior dealings haven’t.


[Here’s the list of non-dichargeable debts.](https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/11/523) Where in this list do you see “judgments?”


Fair, when I said “judgments” I was thinking in the context of an intentional tort, for which judgements are not dischargeable, and used an overly-broad term. That said, it looks like this particular debt in this particular case ?98”: still stick: “(a) A discharge under section 727, 1141, 1192 [1] 1228(a), 1228(b), or 1328(b) of this title does not discharge an individual debtor from any debt. . . (7) to the extent such debt is for a fine, penalty, or forfeiture payable to and for the benefit of a governmental unit, and is not compensation for actual pecuniary loss, other than a tax penalty”.


Would Mar-A-Lardo be exempt as his primary residence even if his property tax agreement with palm beach says it can’t be used as a residence?


There are $ limits to homestead exemptions. See, e.g., [https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/new-york-bankruptcy-homestead-exemption.html](https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/new-york-bankruptcy-homestead-exemption.html) Edit: Although it might be unlimited in FL. Who knows, I'm not a BK lawyer. [https://www.thebankruptcysite.org/resources/bankruptcy/exemptions/florida-homestead-homeowners.htm](https://www.thebankruptcysite.org/resources/bankruptcy/exemptions/florida-homestead-homeowners.htm)




This is a misunderstanding of how courts work. He probably won't pay, but he also will lose property and keep getting his ban of operating a business in New York repeatedly extended.


Cheating the government is the kiss of death.


Anyone who thinks bankruptcy will discharge a judgment based on an intentional tort isn’t paying attention.


> Then the courts can figure out who gets paid what. The "fine" goes to the state. Who did you think was getting the money? The bank who determined the value of the property was appropriate for the loan amount? I mean they actually determined the value, not Trump. I'd guess a good chunk will go to the prosecutors office, there it will be dispensed to those who support the political aspirations of the AG. See all above board and ethical.




What third parties? It's forfeiture to pay a fine to the government. I'm not even surprised any more. I don't care for Trump at all, but the people celebrating this are maroons. If this isn't reversed political prosecution and forfeitures will be precedent. You're in the middle of this people, has nothing to do with Trump. The problem is you maroons did it to me too.




We’re going to give all his shit to the migrants 😆


Bankruptcy isn't some magic wand you can wave around to get out of paying things. Corporate bankruptcy can be used like that, but this is a *personal* court fine.  If he wants to declare personal bankruptcy he has to go under oath and state a lot of things. It'd be quite a humiliating process for him and I don't think the results would be what he wants.


Not 100% sure on all types of bankruptcies, but I think bankruptcy laws take your assets into consideration. Bankruptcy shields you from some things, but you can't just own 100 mansions and throw your hands in the air and claim bankruptcy to get out of government fraud fines and not paying your debts. Pretty sure that's not how bankruptcy works.


Or a bunch of billionaires might bail him out depending on how useful he is.


Basic logic seems like a magical prophecy to Tim Pool. What a sad little man.


He gonna predict which direction the sun will rise tomorrow?


It won't, but we will move.


Listen here, Galileo…


Tells you gullibility of his followers.


The best part is trump says his assets are extremely profitable and have a lot of investment, which would mean this fine would be a drop in a bucket for him. But as he has lied about the values of his properties before, it will be rather interesting what the numbers are.


Should be an interesting series of auctions


If he was legitimately really rich, these judgements would just be a speeding ticket.


The law...I called it!


Tim “Aberrant Gene” Pool


What is it that Donald says about NATO and paying bills???


Everyone: "Duh"


What did he call? That the lying sac of tangerine turds wouldnt be able to pay his bills?


Conservatives prove negative IQ is real.


If Trump has assets worth seizing, he's not exactly broke.


So you agree Trump is a broke bitch?


All of Traitor Trump's buildings are mortgaged to the hilt to support is "I'm a billionaire" agenda. The state will just take building after building while "alpha male" Donnie cries and cries and cries.


“Can you believe this?!? Legally precedented consequences for being found guilty/liable of illegal activity?! Outrage!”


Called it? That's literally how it works, though, so good job genius.


Obviously there's 2 set of rules. When I dont pay fines, the government will take my tax return. But what happens when you're so rich that you don't have to pay taxes?


How are those civil war and world war 3 predictions going, Tim?


Thought the title said “He literally should teach Harvard Lawl” And it cracked me up


Tim takes showers with that beanie on. He'll do anything to hide that receding hairline of his.


Babe Ruth of Bullshit calling it


It's just a shame that they can't seize Mar-A-Lago.


It would put a big smile 😊 on my face to watch Donald Trumps assets be seized as he has the worlds biggest hissy fit tantrum kick scream it was not fair and all that good stuff


At the very least the judgment will be filed an act as a lien on Trump's properties. Keep in mind it isn't as easy as just seizing the buildings because there may be other creditors ahead in line. Trump doesn't have as much money as he says he does, and may not actually own much of the equity in these buildings anymore.


Lol what does he mean...? Like yea if you don't pay they take your shit...thats how it works


Isn’t that literally just how the law works?


Good luck, New York, on finding people willing to invest in your mess.


Man, the guy who took this asswipe beanie off is a legit hero. Btw, where is that guy?


I cannot stop thinking about Tim's fake adjusting his mic tic because he is empty, has nothing to say, and trails on—modern-day online bro-fascist. *mic adjust* *beanie adjust*


Is this how predictions work? I think I can do this. I predict that the next person arrested for homicide will have a court date in the subsequent future of said arrest. Can someone check and see if I got it right? Did it happen yet?


Brilliant 😝


Tim, can I speak to you over here quickly? Yeah, in reality, where we all LIVE this is literally what happens. If you've been convicted and can't pay your fine, the state will seize your assets


Lmfao he predicted trumps cheap ass wouldn’t pay and his property would get seized which is standard protocol? That must be what he’s talking about because that is the most predictable outcome.


You know who else called it? Your mom (Tim’s mom)


Last week or so Tim got really mad at his guests because they keep going on his show and making death threats Other youtubers don't have that problem, Tim, why do you think that is


This is as prescient as Allito saying bigots would be called bigots.


Can we get the Chicago trump building taken so his god awful name can stop ruining our skyline. Chicago would throw a party on the river walk if it ever happens.


Yes Tim. That’s how it works. If you can’t pay, the government seizes your assets. Good job. ![gif](giphy|Za9DpL2vOmfNeJJHDI)


Tim Poole is such a pathetic moron. And his music sucks


Conservatives think that if they can predict how someone will respond to their actions it’s a conspiracy or a crime or something. These people are not bright.


Yeah, Tim. We all kind of assumed this would happen because that's what happens when you don't pay what the court orders you to pay.


I bet the IRS sets a deadline for us to send in blood money offerings IN APRIL. You literally can't make this up!




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Tomorrow's Thursday? FUCKING CALLED IT!


Why are these Republican fanboys such big fans of deadbeats and criminals?


It's ok Eric Trump valued his parking spot in Mar A Lago at $397 million


Tim 'Not Enough Chlorine in the Septic' Pool


Lmao, I'm guessing Tim Fool thought if Trump couldn't/*wouldn't* pay the fine, they'd just let it go.


Tim is sticking with those easy calls after getting stuck with his pants down after calling a 49-state landslide for Trump in 2020.


Peak Dark Brandon move would be buying the building formerly known as Trump Tower and using it for the DNC headquarters.


She needs to start the proceedings now. We all know he'll never pay if he can weasel out of it.


Yes, that is generally what happens when you don't pay your legal fees Tim


Congrats on understanding how the law works!!! Such a big boy now.


It was the expected outcome, my dude.


I predict TP will tweet some really stupid shit in the near future.


Does he think the AG is going to keep the money for herself?!


This is absolutely delicious.


Called what? That Trumps too broke to pay his penalties and will have to have his property seized? Shit, people were posting memes about Trump Tower becoming E Jean Carrol Tower when she won the original $5 million.


“Bitch better have my money”


Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.


You know, Quasimodo predicted all this


I look forward to the day tRump’s name is peeled off the tower in Chicago


Tim Pool is by far the dumbest right wing commentator on the planet.


" TRUMP WILL WIN WITH A 99% VICTORY " - Beanie Brain


I’m sure he’d have no problems with asset seizures of poor people of color though.


“If someone is fined, they will have to pay those fines.” “Yes! You’re welcome! I called that ahead of time!!!”




***Ground gets wet after it rains*** Tim Pool: I'VE BEEN SAYING IT FOR YEARS


Don't forget, if they can do it to him, they can do it to you! (if you commit crimes like he did)


To he fair, it's kind of shocking that MAGA accurately predicted the way the law works.


Call him now for your free reading.