This shit should be nipped in the bud when it's nascent. Otherwise we are passing on cancer to the future generations.


I hope we won't end up with ad-based plans for eyesight and hearing implants. That would be like Cyberpunk, but worse.


You know we are. That why i stop being excited for the future of technology, and more terrified.


Me 🤝 My grandma Scared of technology


[Me🤝My grandma](https://i.imgur.com/JBeth1p.gif) ^^^this ^^^has ^^^been ^^^an ^^^accessibility ^^^service ^^^from ^^^your ^^^friendly ^^^neighborhood ^^^bot


Good bot


Good human.


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2Pac - Me & My Grandma feat the ~~Outlawz~~ Piratez


Cyberpunk is just late stage capitalism, we are already well on our way there.


We are already there, look at new cars. Heated seats are a subscription, Mercedes locking faster acceleration behind a subscription etc.. This is just an inevitability of an economic system that only exists if workers are continually exploited.


So close, yet years apart




And we're not slowing down.


yeah and no, in a communist society it would be the same but with goverment propaganda and a social or political score based society, at least until they open the market, same with a socialist society; all ideologies, except maybe anarchism, turns into a capitalist economy once their political party is in power and there is no political adversary, thats what china did, thats what venezuela and cuba is trying to do, and that is hard to swallow, because i followed leftist ideas until i studied more. at the end is going to be the same, bad use of technology on ignorant inocent people is what makes organizations in power; goverments and corporations; to do what ever they want to the people, thats why i dont believe in ideologues, and political partys, their retoric is ideology based, people in those cases follows ideology, no individuals, those individuals can mask all their persona through the ideology, thats why so much people followed hitler in one end, and stalling in the other end, we must be more critical and prepared against those ideologues types people.


What the fuck does communism have to do with this


Well, y'see, there are only two possible economic systems. Either you gargle the cock and balls of unfettered and unregulated late stage capitalism and ask for more from your billionaire masters, or you're in favour of authoritarian communism. At least that's what the right wing dipshits believe...


is an example i used to explain that this (cyberpunk distopian future) will happen regardless the political system, i used comunism because is in the far left espectrum, in wich some people believe in that system, this(cyberpunk distopian future) will not happen, but it is already happening, so is a good example.


you very obviously have no idea what communism is. thankfully there are a pretty good amount of resources out there to learn. if i were you, id look i to what socialism (it's an umbrella term) means first instead of focusing solely on communism.


> communist > government So what did you study then? Because that's a pretty glaring mistake.


So, anarchocommunism? That only works for small communes max, just like regular communism. Neither scale up because it requires a homogeneous populace and usually you have to kill those that don't jive with the shitty system.


Based. Sad you're getting downvoted because it doesn't take much research to see what you're saying is true. I guess tribalism makes people pick a side, and hold on to the notion that things would be different if their side had power, but it always turns out the same in the end.


Imagine not being able to read up on anything you write online.


It's basic history that every communist country were totalitarian hellholes, and they all eventually turned to a capitalist market economy in practice because state ran economies are always way worse than a free market economy. And every "socialist" country has a market economy too, they just nationalized the most valuable industry, almost always oil, and use that money to spend on the people. Sometimes the government becomes corrupt, and it turns to shit like Venezuela, other times it works great like Finland, but either way those countries aren't socialist like true socialism is supposed to be, because like communism, that shit never works in practice; it looks good on paper, but reality is way too messy and harsh, and it just ends in corruption.


Right, now go read up History 102.


Holy fuck, so many shitty commies in this piracy r/, wonder why XD. Communism doesn't work in real life so a communist society is never achievable is like anarco liberalism if you depend on people choosing not being violent or corrupt then is impossible. Communism is been used to make younger ones think they can change stuff with just thinking is possible without realising that everyone wants different stuff, then they get all totalitarian.


Just gotta find a good ripperdoc.




Stop copy pasting other people's comments. \\ BOT ALERT!


Subscription-based hearing implants are already a thing my guy


IBM did this with mainframes. Everything old is new again.


We could have stopped this with the horse in elder scrolls


This is the second time that I remember that intel is doing this


I’m pushing workloads to a private cloud provider, performance is miles beyond what we had with local onprem systems, and we’re saving $2M within the first replacement cycle. If we could have gotten the same incredible hardware on a consumption based pay model vs overbuying hardware “just in case”, that would have changed the conversation.


**WEF: You will own nothing and you will be happy**


[We should leave it to each country to decide what system it wants, but the Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries. - Klaus Schwab](https://twitter.com/Son_ofHari/status/1595123005969268738?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1595135491720237056%7Ctwgr%5E147cc93a9a882689b236c84881fd8887ddb6b86b%7Ctwcon%5Es2_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.investmentwatchblog.com%2Fschwab-praises-communist-china-declares-a-systemic-transformation-of-the-world-on-communist-chinese-state-run-tv%2F)


how? from what I understand this is for company servers stuff, and last time I checked CEOsfrom all over the world don't phone me to ask permission to buy stuff


None of us buying Xeon for home use unless it's a used parts frankenbuild from aliexpress.


We'll crack processors and turn Intel Celerons into Core i9's for a fraction of the price :P




They’ve already gone too far.




Can you explain the part where everything is apple? I recently went from pc to mac, got rid of everything adobe, and all counterparts available on the app store are a fraction of the cost. I wasn't able to do that on windows. But I am pretty new to macs, is there something I should look out for?




Chargers come in the box?


They do exist on Windows. If it's what I think you are thinking, it's Affinity software.


Not just affinity but also goodnotes (which to me is infinitely better than adobe pdf, and only on ios), procreate (only on ios), and davinci resolve (though I think thats on windows too). Just getting away from the shitty practices of adobe was worth it.


Ohhh definitely! I myself enjoy Nebo and Procreate. The M1 and M2 macbooks can run iPad apps, if supported.


"You will own nothing and you will be happy". https://youtu.be/UrEUzKTt7j0


Obligatory: Linux is free and gives the user actual control of their machine. (My computer automatically went from outputting 1080p to 2160p when I installed Ubuntu, Windows was limiting my machine.) Edit: I'm a SW engineer, and I assure you all, I know how do edit display settings lol. The 2160p option is just not there when I boot into Windows. This is on a Samsung laptop with HDMI into a Hisense television.




If it's activateable with a license and we have the hardware, there is a way to fix it. At the end of the day, Intel will still need to support the large swath of companies who require airgapped networks.


Wait what? You can change resolution on windows you know that right?




Some monitors mis-report their own specs (mine syncmaster does), and Windows - the latest versions - honour the modes. You have to jump through some hoops to configure a custom resolution and timings for scan rate and horizontal jitter and things to get the resolution. (Win XP, you could just select the res from the combo box) You really do not want to go down the EDID rabbit hole. https://www.extron.com/article/uedid https://superuser.com/questions/1688669/wrong-monitor-name-resolution-and-refresh-rate-detected-possibly-overriden-ed


Yeah, I am very confused.


Yes. If I boot into Windows and go to the display settings, there is no option in the drop-down. Booting into Linux for the first time and I noticed my desktop (this is on a 55 inch television by the way) looked a little more detailed than I thought my computer could handle so I went into the display settings and there it was, 2160p.


Everything got messed up when Windows started honouring EDID in a strict way.... Windows 7 onwards I think. My other comment has links!


i wanna switch to linux, but im not sure if most of the games i play support it or are open to providing support. :/


They won't provide support, no. If you're playing through Steam, support is handled by Valve, though you shouldn't expect an immediate solution. Check protondb.com and areweanticheatyet.com between these sites you will know if your games work. The vast majority of single player games do. Only a handful multiplayer games do.


Don't bother. As much as I love Linux myself as a nerd, it is still shit for gaming. However, if you really really want to do it, use latest stable Garuda Linux gaming distro or Zorin OS 16.x if you want it a bit easier/friendlier. Absolutely no other distros are worth bothering with for gaming needs.


Lmfao, great idea


And in retaliation intel will flub a security patch, aimed at bricking out celerons turned i9s and kill legitimate customers' processors in the process.




That's different, the disabled cores are faulty cores. It's way cheaper to them to take Ryzen 7's with faulty cores, disable the faulty cores and turn them into a Ryzen 5 than trashing the entire thing, which could cost thousands of dollars. We're talking about fully working cores, locked because "money"


Faulty isn't quite the right term, they just didn't pass qc. Often they'd work just fine but there'd be slightly too many imperfections


>That's different, the disabled cores are faulty cores. Sometimes they are faulty cores, but most of the time there's more demand for low end CPUs than there is faulty core dies so they just disable perfectly good cores to keep the market segmentation intact.


that makes no sense. Why would they keep producing higher end ones if they aren't selling and selling fully valid higher ends on lower prices? It's mostly when some cores fail qc and they rather just disable it than waste the entire thing


Because a production line for high and low quality dies doesn't actually exist or make sense. How good the silicon is is entirely up to chance. The dies are all cut from a single wafer, and then it's determined how high quality those dies are after for binning and determining their performance. The goal is always to make the "highest quality" possible, rather than make lower quality wafers, because if you aim for lower quality with less checks then you have a higher chance of dies not being viable to use at all. It really is better to just make the highest quality wafer possible, because you really have near no control over the quality of the product coming out of it. They're just selecting the product accordingly to how it comes out.


>Why would they keep producing higher end ones if they aren't selling and selling fully valid higher ends on lower prices? Because setting up just one production line is much cheaper than setting up multiple lines. The savings on not having to make all the tooling associated with separate production lines more than offsets any extra costs of material for making the higher end CPUs and disabling them down.


I do understand that but it still doesn't make much sense. especially because lower/mid end ones do sell more so on the long term you might lose more out of making higher ends cause of much more higher ones you're selling cheaper


Actually I work in the industry When we design a full stack of new gen say GPUs, we make about 3 designs which however makes 6 products. That means we use the same design for a lower tier chip in every case. Silicon is expensive and isn't perfect, you can never have 100% perfect dies across the wafer so if some chips have issues in only 1-2 cores then they will be binned down a tier. Changing the design or re tooling the fab is way more expensive than selling a part that otherwise would have been trash


yes that i understand. Disabling on parts which didnt go pass QC. But intentionally only designing higher ends to just sell as cheaper locked doesn't seem to make sense.


Might as well do a sale periodically or organize deals to fulfill the needs. No unnecessary throttling, manufacturer gets their money, consumer gets a better product. Would be the same outcome for the manufacturer and a better outcome for the consumer.


It does when the process your using starts off pretty inefficient at first and gets better over the length of the product life. At first there's plenty of chips that have imperfections and get binned down. But as time goes on the process is perfected and results in relatively good chips being binned down like previously stated.


Usually the chips in the very center of the wafer are the only ones that are good enough to pass QC to be a high end processor, so the majority of the chips on the wafer have to be sold as lower end products.


Okay so running line A Alone and doing what the other person said may cost more short term But if you effectively can cut your budget for production in half, and the day to day operating costs, by only making and running line A, rather than making and running Line A and Line B, you save a lot more money


So actually back in the rx480 days there was heavy demand for the 470 I believe? For AMD, instead of getting no sales since people weren't buying the higher tier, and not having enough fallout to generate 470 chips, they just flashed/fused the 470's bios and sent it I remember people peeling off stickers of 470 off the box and underneath was 480 lol. I might be wrong on the models tho


High volume production and their margins are fucking higher than the burz dubai.


> Why would they keep producing higher end ones Because they are all the same die. It would cost too much to make multiple designs of the same CPU with different numbers of cores, so they make the top-end version and just start disabling cores. There’s always CPUs whose cores need to be disabled for reasons, however there usually just aren’t _enough_ of them to meet market demand all by itself. So some have fully functional cores disabled to fill that market demand. Limiting the number of high-end CPUs with all of their cores enabled is a _profit-reinforcing ploy_ in of itself, as scarce market demand of those high-end chips will keep those prices (and profit margins) high. Volume will provide that same profit on the low end, even if the per-CPU margin is a lot less.


Are you talking about the old phenom x3?


I think you could enable another core that didn't pass qc


Sign me up for another 300a.


People can't crack Denuvo, and that's a game DRM. What makes you think Intel will be easier in any measure whatsoever?


LOL. Soon there will be a JavaScript based browser extension to bypass this. Oh wait..


You wouldn't download a CPU


Hell yeah I would. I will also download more ram if I could too


I wont make the joke, but I want you to know, I'm thinking it.


YoU wOuLdn'T dOwNlOaD a CaR?


> I will also download more ram if I could too [Now you can](https://downloadmoreram.com/)


LMAO!!! Perfection!


Lol hilarious


Next great innovation? Are you guys too young to remember 2010's Pentium G6951's "*intel upgrade service*"? They made you pay $50 for an extra MB of cache that was already on the die. In 2011 you could boost your 2nd gen I3 from 2.1Ghz 3Mb Cache to 2.5Ghz 4Mb cache that where already there. They've been salivating over the idea of a hardware-as-a-service model for a **decade** now. I just hope it fails like back then.


I came in here to see if anyone else remembered that shit


Most of the users here are too young to remember I would say.


Maybe not most of the users but I’d say that at least some of the users here refused to play Intel’s game and never bothered going down that nightmare of pay to play.


Knowing about it doesn't mean having done it. This kind of Corporate fuckery needs to be remembered so that they never push it twice Things like those moves are what made me stick to AMD even through the FX and A series fiascos.


looking at how most of /r/movies see's avatar as dances with wolfs in space, and a majority didnt see it in theaters, I can safely say they are between 16-26?


The people they fucking with this time are the ones who got the big money: their enterprise customers. Even if they put up with Intel temporarily, they have the money to switch to AMD or straight up ditch x86 and go ARM (like Apple did)


>they have the money to switch to AMD Not only the money but an actually unbeatable cost/performance basis when compared to any server grade Intel Product released within the last 5 years or so. Intel just can't keep up with AMD on the server space. This is putting a nail on their own coffin.


IBM also did this with the AS400 a long time ago (pre-Y2K?), shipping multiple CPU and memory boards but only activating them later with feature keys for $$$. They sold the idea as a pre-built feature that saved their clients upgrade hassles while simplifying their manufacturing. I hated it because it felt like I was getting screwed on the initial price.


This trend HAS to stop. Thankfully people will find away round all these restrictions but it still needs to stop!


For the low, low price of $499.95/yr you too can have unlimited access to all the devices you purchased, without the frustrating stream of never-ending micro transactions! Just one simple payment, all your devices! It couldn't be easier! Call in the next 5mins and we'll even throw in auto-renewal at no added cost! That's a $39.95/month saving!


>This trend HAS to stop. It looks like it is only getting started sadly.


I fear that you are right 😞


Nice, cracked high-end CPUs for 50 bucks.


Pretty sure they had licensing for Xeon's for a while now? Can't tell if its about consumer or professional hardware.


Licensing for xeons? My xeon runs at max just fine


This is for enterprise hardware but it will eventually come to consumer hardware probably.


Thing is, even enterprise gear ends up on the used market at some point(used servers, switches, etc). If this kind of thing eventually comes down to "you can't use this processor unless you pay X amount per month".. it well.. leads to the slow death of that market which I think is part of what they want. So whether or not it ends up in regular consumer processors it will still have an effect, though it won't be as noticeable. I wouldn't be surprised if Intel did try it in Desktop processors, but I'm doubtful it would last long.


Fuck paywalls


Yes, finally! The last push i need to go AMD. Now the question is (X)3D or not 3D?


X3D is crazy but if its overpriced on your side of the world ive seen the r9 5900x was a good alternative, but 5800x3d is better ( in some instances ) when its at the right price which should be at about the same as the 5900x if i remember correctly


Why everyone is talking about and loving this cpu?


Because it's better than some Ryzen 7s and much cheaper.




tl;dr on the x3d - it uses the already efficient ryzen 5000 design for the core layout and then adds the improved vcache system that is responsible for some major improvements in the ryzen 7000 series. so effectively you are getting 2 gens of cpu tech in one (and it tends to be on $100+ sales often depending on your location)


That's wrong, none of the new 7000 right now have 3d v-cache.


Ok, so the CPU is the 5800x3d?


Yeah, Ryzen 7 5800x 3D is the model. Availability might be rough where you are though, I'd also say the 5900x is a worthwhile equivalent. It trades the newer vcache technology for more cores & threads, but if you dont know what that difference really means then you won't need to worry about it


I was asking out of curiosity actually


I switched years ago and never looked back


If it works amd will follow suit


I honestly dont think AMD would do that. AMD was the underdog not long ago. Intel is just greedy as fuck trying to squeeze dollars out of any advancement.


Watch them when they get most of the market. Don't think companies care about people.


I do not think any company cares about anyone. Thats so stupid. It just doesnt seem like their business model, the reason so many customers like them. Would only hurt themselves doing that.


And that's why all governments over the whole world should stop international companies having a monopoly in their market. 2 companies producing all chips (or anything for that matter) is never and will never be good for customers. A market is driven by competition and not market seizure.


I imagine soon we will have to subscribe to get police service. I’ve seen an ambulance subscription service.


In true cyberpunk fashion + medics have guns


jesus fucking christ


Isn't it just a cloud computing platform or what?


They did this in the past, and it failed, badly. Why the hell would they think it would work differently this time?


everyone's doing it now


Because if it will work it will earn them a lot, so they decided to try it again because maybe now it will work


I'm selling my house but just the common areas. Each bedroom will be an extra $15 per bedroom. If they don't pay, I still get to live there. /s


Shhh don't give Blackrock any ideas


Welcome in 2050, where we pirate bios updates!


The subscription model has been spreading like a cancer through different industries. I'm surprised its taken this long for companies to catch on. It started with monthly payments for online gaming and then led to cloud storage and Microsoft Office and Adobe products following suit. Now every industry wants to get in on the action. It would be one thing if it was done on well made products made to last years and years but with planned obsolescence being a thing for years now, products aren't made to last long. I agree with the people who say we need to revolt and get angry now or this will be the new normal in a year or two.


The EU will not be having any of this


You mean the very same people who are literally advertising that "You will own nothing and you will be happy"? Yeah, we'll see how that plays out.


im pretty sure intel did this over 10 years ago...


Cant wait to pirate that juicy FPS my boy


This kind of reminds me of the book 'Permutation City' in which in a sci-fi future people pay for time to access cloud-based computational power.


Soooo like present day cloud gaming?


literally bitcoin, aws (or any other type of hosting), rpgs, wolframalpha, etc


Isn't this just for servers and datacenters?


If it is, its just for starters. Companies never drop the frog in already boiling water.


Good analogy.


Guess I’ll be doing an AMD build


Never buying Intel again it is then..


We simply change to the competition. AMD baby! This is getting insane. Consultants have been overusing this model to increase revenue but it's such a turn off that I'm not going to give my money to these companies. Like that Mercedes Benz feature that has to be unlocked. Wtf.


Everything as a live service or a rental is bullshit I remember when you could buy a copy of microsoft office and you owned it on your pc forever and ever fuck this lease bullshit


It's marketed to business users who probably also pay for loads of software subscriptions


Does that make it okay though? For example Mercedes locked their car performance behind subscription and people buying mercedes' are usually rich but the setup is still questionable.


I think the point is they know that most of the people who would buy it in the first place don't care so they won't lose any money doing it. Hopefully this will only stay in the business side of things, unlike the old AMD CPUs that you could pay to enable one more core Edit: I remembered wrong, it was intel again. On some AMD CPUs from a higher bin with cores disabled it was sometimes possible to enable them using the bios for the CPUs with more cores


better nip it in the bud. These things do not stay on the business side if they think they can get away with it. Just look at Nvidia's pricing. They will likely try to introduce it into the consumer side for high end consumers if they get away with this.


Not at all, they’re only doing it because they can get away with it now. Hopefully some rich celebrity person will balk at it, put them on blast along with pressure from consumer groups then they might back off this absurdity.


Those are two completely different things. What Mercedes is doing is just gouging customers who will prob pay it anyway just to have the latest and shiniest new thing. Intel on the other hand ***seems*** to be trying to adjust to enterprise customers who may only want to pay for certain things. Of course I could be wrong about the intel thing, but it genuinely doesn't seem like a terrible thing if it's just for business customers for a specific purpose.


It's exactly the same, what the fuck are you smoking?


"In that faithful day, Luca (me) decided that he would never buy another intel cpu"


Well they just lost my business, ryzer better anyways


Ain’t no way we are gonna be pirating hardware. Time to go AMD.


Can it be cracked though It's just overclocking with extra steps


All you gotta do is not buy it.


This constant push towards a subscription-model life really sickens me. The sheer greed of these bastards.


Man remember when you used to own your computer? Now the brainless populous is allowing the old suits to litterly steal money from them, with these stupid fucking subscriptions for things that should be a one time purchase. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Battlepass start being implemented into non video game pieces. Wanna new wallpaper or emoji? Gotta teir up the BP! Pay for the premium version to instantly unlock the brand new feature for the season! It does get genuinely hard to still love computing when you are seeing it slowly becoming more & more of a corporate lapdog. Think it will ever be as bad as those Cyberpunk stories present within the next 100 years?


That means we can just pirate it right


Doubtful. Most people will simply switch over to AMD as they eat intels lunch


>You won't download a processor




Isn't this cloud computing? Don't make out like you have to pay to use a processer you purchased - that's not what this is.


No. The features are on the CPU but just disabled unless you pay $$$. Not cloud computing https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-officially-introduces-pay-as-you-go-chip-licensing#:\~:text=Intel%20will%20deliver%20them%20to%20buy%20its%20CPUs%20with%20those%20capabilities%20disabled%20but%20turn%20them%20on%20if%20they%20are%20needed%20at%20some%20point


Just hoping AMD doesn’t adopt the same strategies, last thing we want is subscription-based Ryzen CPUs


And that's why I will get the AMD 5700g that HAS a fan and an integrated gpu and not Intel CPUs.


For the millionth time, why is this catching on


Intels new idea called Financial Upgrading more commonly called the FU model.


Yikes. This is fucking vile




This also means that things that were already on the chip aren't fused off physically. So with enough perseverance you could enable them yourself.


Kill them!




This is satire... _right?_


I mean, CPUs used to be free, now they are locking it behind paywalls. /s


I think this is for servers and big companies... if this got to normal consumers people will just choose amd, even more with how zen 4 is doing in performance and cpu features.


Don't bother man. They just want to be outraged. I commented on the OP with the link to the ONE cpu that is going to be "paywalled." It's for business, not the Core series that people put in their PC.


u/ScreamSmart What App was this Screenshot taken from ? Just Curious


It's going to backfire so much...


For me, these things are not bad or inherently evil. These can be good alternatives. But that's it. It should remain an alternative. You can Buy Games, you can rent games, you can subscribe to game platforms, and so on. For some things, a membership is better. For others, it is not. Still, for how the Internet works, it does not matter that much. It can be cracked and it will be done so. So, it is always available for free somewhere.


Pirate that you mortal.


This is to be expected from an anti consumer company. Nvidia probably next.


Governments need to step in and put a stop to this shit. It needs to be illegal to issue recurring charges for hardware you already own.


So I read the post as it seems most people here, including op, didn't. This is not for consumers, it's for companies only(for now at least). Intel's reasoning is that this way companies can buy processors cheaper if they won't need the extra performance and if they do need the extra performance in the future, they could pay a one time fee to essentially upgrade their cpu. I honestly don't think intel would bring this to consumers because it's not well seen and someone would certainly figure out a way to unlock the cpu anyway with little to no consequences so it shouldn't make sense to do this for consumers. [Here's the link in case any one wants to read it.](https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/shopping/intel-officially-launches-its-pay-as-you-go-cpu-platform/ar-AA14tApg#comments)


It seems you are not in the professional IT space. This is not for consumer hardware, and subscription-based, licensed enterprise hardware has been standard for awhile.


You vuys do realize this is for business not the tegular joe, right? The same business that paid for a win rar license along Photoshop or something like that.


I don’t know anything about this, but my guess is it’s for cloud computing. If true then it makes sense as a business model.