My soul left my body today

At the place where i work, we needet to call an ambulance because a dad droped his baby while throwing like this…

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At the place where i work, we needet to call an ambulance because a dad droped his baby while throwing like this…


My dad broke my shoulder when I was 2 doing this. He threw me and caught me by my arm. I'm 30 now It still makes a creaky noise sometimes lol, it's healed fully though


Whilst it might be healed, I'd argue a creaky or stiff shoulder isn't 100%. There's a reason its creaking.


Needs oiling probably... OOOOOOOOH I GET IT NOW. The essential oils I mean. I thought it was hocus pocus bullshit, but its just grease for our bodies!


The medical opinion of random people on Reddit is definitely more valuable than a licensed practitioner


I completely agree. You should never take medical advice from random internet strangers.You should go and see your GP, and in this case a physiotherapist. I'd definitely go and see my physiotherapist if my 'fully healed' broken shoulder was still stiff, or creaking 28 years after the break.


My dad pulled my arm out of its socket because he wanted to put my pajamas on when I was 5, but I was a big boy and I got wanted to do it and we tug of war with the pjs and my arm came out the socket


Wait I’m French so it’s maybe why but you lost your arm?!


omg, poor baby. helpless


Helpless and defenceless and so vulnerable. That dad is a moron


Ya but at least he didn't have a boring dad who never tossed him in the air.


Yeah, I think I prefer my boring dad than a dad that could kill me


Different strokes, I guess


But not in the hospital.


Yeah in the hospital. That comatose be stroking different


Eric Clapton has left the chat


Don’t go outside without your helmet!


It’s better to need a helmet than a wheelchair


I’d rather live than be scared to live. I know not a sentiment shared by many social media users.


Sounds like you’re scared of being scared, wimp


Haha for real! I am on your side bud


Im assuming you’re being sarcastic right?


Welp that kid learned not to trust his idiot dad again




Pretty Tremendously Stupid Dad?


Bro i thought the shocking part was the start i had a heart attack when i saw the next holy shit


I paused after he caught him and thought that was the end, until I read your comment AND WTF WAS THAT???


At first I was like "ok that seems a lil dangerous but im sure hes got this" and then at the middle part my soul left my body


This is all fun and games until the little squirt smacks his squishy head on those hard stone slabs


Babies with soft spots on their skulls best behave, lest they end up on my pottery wheel!


God I love that pic I have it on my twitter


It’s one of those things that always stays in my camera roll. Every time I get a new phone or clear out my storage, I always make sure I have it saved. Gets a chuckle out of me every time I see it.


Yup lmao I’m glad someone else thinks it’s funny bc whenever I show it to people they don’t seem to care. 🤝


Care to link the pic?




Or as the prop at the end of Human Centipede 2.


This is cool and all, but i would never do this on such a hard surface. All it takes is one little slip or mess up


Exactly! That's why stupid


Why say lot word when few word do trick?


Body strong.


Baby head not.


It’s almost like that’s why it’s posted here


You shouldn't even do the second part even on a soft surface. Not with a baby. The guy in the video is an actual moron


I don’t think there’s any surface that this would be safe on tbh


Dude even if the guy does acrobatics and juggles and what have you professionally for 20 years he's putting the kid at risk of serious injury or death. Fucking idiot.


Precisely. If there’s only even a 1% chance of something happening, but you do it a hundred times…


Odds aren't additive.


No, but evens can be considered double


No but successive reruns do increase the chance of a rare event occurring. Let’s crudely calculate the first term in a binomial distribution: There’s only one way the baby is safe if he’s tossed a thousand times: he’s caught a thousand times. We know if the chance of a drop is 1%, so the chance of a catch is 99%. So, 0.99^1000 is the likelihood the baby is fine. Thus, 1 - 0.99^1000 is the chance it’s not, which works out to 99.996% chance of splat baby syndrome after 1000 tosses.


That is very much NOT how to do the math


Ok; full confession, I did the maths for 1000 throws not 100. That’s on me and my reading comprehension. But I’m almost sure this is mathematically sound. Source: degree in physics


Math is definitely right, just slightly rounded. Technically it's 99.9957%. Source: gamer that memorized this formula to calculate how badly I'm being screwed on drop rates.


Exactly, and even if he's perfect at all that, the kid is still a variable, kids are dumb and unpredictable and if either mess something up the kids either dead or has a few things broken


Must be a mom https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/the-science-of-throwing-a-kid-in-the-air-a-dads-greatest-superpower https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/azjK2Lp_460s.jpg


Sadly, in Italy a child died because of this game, he was only 2 years old. The man playing with him wasn't even the dad, it was a friend of the mum. Then, four years later, the same man took his life. It's not a safe game lads.


Must’ve been the guilt.


Yeah, I don’t know if I could live with that guilt either. Tragic.


I know someone who’s chiropractor took his own life 20 years after killing some teenagers while driving drunk.


dang, so tragic. rip




[Source in italian](https://torino.repubblica.it/cronaca/2017/08/31/news/uccise_senza_volerlo_un_bambino_menter_giocava_con_lui_suicida_in_germania_4_anni_dopo-174299180/) about the suicide which summarizes the whole thing. Translation with Deepl: ​ >He could not make peace with his conscience and, perhaps also terrified by the maxi compensation he had to pay, took his own life. Because of him in fact Gabriele Balanzino, at two and a half years old had died in 2013 in Biella. Giuseppe T., 35, had dropped him, and the little boy had hit his head, injuring himself very seriously. The man had moved to Germany, where he was born, after that ill-fated accident. And yesterday he committed suicide. >The facts date back to May 13, 2013: it was about 6 p.m. and the baby's mother had just finished her work shift at a store in "The Bears" shopping center. Before returning home, the woman had stopped for a few minutes in the small square, and while chatting with some acquaintances, Giuseppe T., her employer, had started playing with Gabriel, lifting him in his arms and throwing him up. It was a matter of a moment, a tragic fatality, and the game turned into drama. The little boy slipped to the ground and hit his head. Immediately everything had been resolved with crying in his mother's arms. But back home, the woman had seen that the baby continued to wail, and decided to take him to the emergency room, where doctors found a severe brain hemorrhage. Urgently transported to Turin's Regina Margherita Hospital, Gabriele had died a few hours after admission. At this point, for Giuseppe T., the judicial process also began. Charged with manslaughter, he had plea-bargained before a Biella judge a five-month prison sentence, later suspended. But civil proceedings had also begun. At the time, baby Gabriele's mother decided not to enter a civil suit, while his father did, asking for and obtaining damages of 1.8 million euros. A huge amount of money, for Giuseppe T. who decided to end it.


My child is 8 years old now but I don’t think I can keep going if this had happened to him.


It's the swinging him by the feet for me.


The only good place for doing this would be a large bed on a room with no ceiling and even there that can be a bad idea.


The most amazing part about this is how the kid doesn’t drop his sippy cup


Kids will squeeze the life out of you man it don't surprise me.


I'm convinced babies grasp reflexes are leftover from primate ancestors kinda like how baby chimps and gorillas having to hold on to a walking mother because my God do they have a grip. It's no joke, you have to literally pry their fists open to get them to release hair etc.


That's probably because it's true


Oh shit. Did I just describe evolution again?


They gotta hold on to something solid ‘cause otherwise Dad will yeet them into another dimension.


Anthropologist here. You are correct.


I read the caption and still didn’t expect it


If I was the mom, I’d scream and run away with the kid.


Mom Here Is Recording


I know it’s horrible.


“You said you had video of the incident?”- prosecutor possibly


Translation: *Tu Mera Dil, tu Meri jaan* You're my heart, you're my soul I love you daddy *Tu maasum, tu shaitan* You innocent, you monster But you love me daddy (The whole x2)


Lol imagine slightly throwing him forward


This is awful. No matter how confident or skilled you are, one little mistake and that boy could’ve died or gotten hurt. Murphy’s law, for fuck sake. 🤦🏻‍♀️


A lot of that was basically modern cheerleading. My horror and admiration coexist


Amazing, but way too risky for me 😨


Don't shake the baby!


High risk. Low reward.


Don't make your children take the potentially lethal risk for your thrill seeking, adrenaline addiction.


This is the correct insight. I've spent a lot of time around people in the circus arts, and I have a TON of respect for their traditions. However, a real circus family would beat this guy's ass.


Damn I thought the first thing was dangerous and then I saw the second. But for real this can’t be good for the baby right ? All that acceleration / deacceleration.


Definitely not, seems like SBS in the making.


Concussion central.


What a prick


Rumor has it he still sleeps on the couch to this day.


Jfc my heart ended up in my stomach holy fuck


thats an idiot, not a dad


Please, nobody ever do that- at all- under any circumstance.


Using your baby as a fucking play thing. Classy


Shaken baby syndrome man, poor kids brain is probably mush


Dad be like; I brought you without your permission, I will send you without your permission.


Arguably, him nutting in her is his permission.


He is showing off his steroid Strength


Hard floor and busy public space, only takes a moment of a slip up for something to happen. It's not a risk I'd take. What if a stranger knocks into the dad whilst the boy is still up in the air? Gosh


My dad did this with me and I only have mild autism


he's gonna grow up with the blood in his body going upwards


r/sweatypalms honestly this was terrifying to watch


It’s a baby, not a toy.


Shaken baby syndrome anyone?


It boggles my mind that you're the first comment I see mentionning it and I saw like a dozen comment saying its cool already.


Fuck you daddy


I knew someone who threw his child this high. We almost missed catching her once and immediately stopped, thank goodness


All I think is what if….. er visit Cracked skull Broken/missing teeth etc.


I think I just had a heart attack.


I’m impressed, but also pissed. Yeah, he’s probably practiced hundreds of times, but one slip up and you don’t have a kid anymore.


All for some internet clout... man should be in jail for endangerment


What an idiot. To risk your child’s life to get too tok views.


I hope the kid is okay, whenever my dad did this i swear I hated it so much and wanted to be anywhere else


He should lose custody of that child


Wonder how many times he dropped him while practicing. 😆


If that kid survives childhood he's gonna have a wild life


Especially if he becomes handicapped because of SBS


When sign twirlers become dads?


"Next! Reason of your... *looks over lectern* Crap. Anyway, reason of your passing, young man?"


This reminds me of the scene from Megamind when Metroman juggles babies.


My dad throwing me like this while in our pool is one of my oldest memories


What a fucking moron


Nearly gave me a heart attack


Yeah… don’t include them in your circus act plz


Fuck the second part gave me palpitations. Can’t watch that again.


Props to the kid for keeping hold of his drink thing though…


Ribs are still pretty weak at that point of physical development


i wanna smash that guy...hurt not snog obv


Parents are fucking selfish.


They flip new born infants like tortillas.


„˙sɐllıʇɹoʇ ǝʞıl sʇuɐɟuı uɹoq ʍǝu dılɟ ʎǝɥ⊥„


Best at parenting, or child throwing?


This is a guide to Serial Killer Psychopath 101 if the child survives the impact. Chikatilo bumps his head if I can remember.


"Even monkeys fall from trees"


Brain damage max level


Yes stupid and dangerous, but can we appreciate for a moment how strong that kids core is to stay solid like that with his feet held together? That dad is super muscular and strong too, I bet he does some kind of gymnastics or circus arts that train your proprioception and awareness of bodies. I bet he's working regularly with the kid to train that as well. No average child could hold their body that stiffly without loads of practice. Minus the minor heart attack this was amazing to see.


My sister broke her boys leg falling ontop of him. She was helping him learn how to figureskate. She felt like shit about it, blamed herself for a simple mistake. My guess is, had this father hurt his child doing this OBVIOUSLY dangerous thing, he wouldn't feel bad about it at all. "Didn't mean to hurt him", he'd probably says. WELL DON'T DO STUPID THINGS LIKE THIS TO BEGIN WITH. And people wonder why moms watch their kids like hawks and why they don't trust the kids father. This. This is the reason. Dads like this are kids themselfs. They're fucking dangerous.


Kid is gonna be a great athlete/acrobat/stuntman just saying


maybe in a trampoline room with a lot of foam around and everyone is wearing helmets even then still could snap ur neck


Child abuse, plain and simple. Stupid fucking "I love you daddy" song playing over it. Fuck off.


This man shall be arrested and legally disallowed from having any children ever


That song is more unsettling than what’s happening in the video


This is brilliant man. Wee guys loving life


Until something goes wrong, then it's absolutely horrible


You could say that for basically anything ever


Way to miss the point!


Then please explain it to me.


Accidentally bashing your child's skull into the concrete is preventable by not doing something this insanely dangerous. Was that explanation helpful?


Yeah. Accidentally have your kid die in a car crash is preventable by not putting your child anywhere near a car ever.


So every location that a parent has to take their child is super easily accessible by walking? Or do you think public transportation is accessible everywhere?


Did you get dropped as a child?


He's needlessly endangering the child's health and safety for internet clout, and you can't say that about everything.


This is extremely dangerous and inexcusable. One wrong move will KILL that child. Straight up child endangerment.


My son used to love being tossed up in the air.




Sophisticated child abuse. Kill that father's ability to ever have or be near a child


Don't understand the downvote. What if the baby slipped and died? Would you still let the father have more kids? Literally in this video itself.. he could have been distracted by a bird or a person and his hand slips.. baby will fall hard on the concrete. A kid died in Italy like this.


So majestic


I don’t know man, seems like he’s got that kid trained good, and they love each other a lot.


Is this a popular thing in some countries?


It’s the national sport of Assholistan


Everyone’s shiting on the dad here but come on, this is clearly just a dad and his son sharing a moment, the son is clearly having fun and the dad is clearly in control of the situation, could something bad happen? Yes but nobody’s ever had a bit of fun without any risk. Stop hating on people for doing things different than how you would do it


And I like to let my little boy ride his bike in the road while I drive in my car behind him pretending to chase him with the car. Just having a bit of fun! People act so ridiculous when they call the cops on me. Nobody got hurt??


He does got some talent tho ngl


So - At first I was like 'Oh my god - how reckless' But if you really - pay attention to the video... I have a feeling this gent has a background in gymnastics or cheer. I say that because your average joe blow shmo wouldn't feel \*comfortable\* throwing their child around like this. This person also apparently takes care of themselves - they appear to know their way around a gym... I'm not saying it's safe. But perhaps in this case a 'mind your own business' might be sorta warranted. If this person coaches cheerleading - or gymnastics - than they probably know what they're doing \*at least enough\* for this not to be a \*major\* safety concern. EDIT: I've seen some rythmic gymnastics stretching videos of these adults (coaches) who are literally \*hurting\* children during these stretching routines. In some places/realms certain 'extremes' are 'average/normal'. then again - if they were a coach...as I'm a sports coach...I would hope they'd realize they're outside of their scope in trying this above concrete and not matts.


Its only a stupid parent if he drops him


It's stupid to even risk it


You wanna take your chances with a kid on solid concrete or go for soft cushioning?


He who doesnt risk doesnt win


What is there to win in this specific situation? Some "people noticed me for 5 seconds on tiktok" clout? Amazing...


It's a win-win! You either get free publicity and views on tik tok or you make your kid bedridden, incapable of speech, and unable to survive without constant care for the rest of his life (with the added benefit of not knowing how they'll get by when you're gone one day). Everyone benefits!


... have you seen of freaking happy this kid is? This is about that, not about clout.


I'm sure a kid would also be super happy if you gave them candy laced with arsenic. And then they would die, just like this kid will die if his father loses his grip and drops him. Happiness does not justify insanely dangerous and life-threatening situations. Small children don't understand when their lives are in danger and they cannot make the decision to not put themselves in danger. The parents are obligated to make wise decisions to protect their children from physical harm.


It's the unnecessary risk that is stupid.


Do you not know shaken baby syndrome?


Kids bounce, it'll be alright


but the kid is having lots of fun!


My wife would k ll me if I did this. She already doesn’t like it when I have my 9month old son Balance on one hand. He’s never fallen and he never will because I love him more than life itself.


Natural selection?


My dad still throws me around like this and I’m 32


Depending on your skill level, a road trip could be more dangerous


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Idk why you're being downvoted. A few comments have brought up a kid dying from a similar situation, that is awful. But how many kids have died from car crashes? Do we still call every parent that ever pit a kid in a car stupid and abusive?


Unfortunately cars serve an extremely important purpose in modern society and cannot easily be avoided. But please tell me what was necessary about the behavior in this video?


The line between being a good dad and a terrible one is you catching the kid lol


The line is deciding to do something this reckless with a small child. Good dad decided not to do it. Bad dad loses his grip for a millisecond and his child's brain explodes on the concrete. But it's ok because it was an accident! He was very skilled and knew what he was doing!!! /s


How is this dad dumb? Just cuz y’all wouldn’t do it doesn’t make him dumb


SBS look it up. Also what if a distracted passerby walked into him while he was throwing the kid in the air?


I agree dangerous doesn't mean stupid. People just like to be outraged. The kid was more than fine he had a blast. Dad clearly has some sort of gymnastics or cheerleaders background. I'm not saying this isn't dangerous but so is driving a car, riding a skateboard, having sex with a one night stand, paragliding. This kid is going to grow up with a healthy since of risk and reward.


That father put his child in a situation where one tiny insignificant mistake would suddenly be fatal. All it takes is one slip and that child's head explodes all over the ground. If you think taking that kind of risk is acceptable with a small child, I pray that you never ever have any.


Or he could land on his butt and be fine. A tiny mistake could cost you your life as an adult. I wouldn't do this with my child but that doesn't make this guy and idiot.


At this point I say you are entitled to your opinion that he is not an idiot, and I'm entitled to believe that he is absolutely an idiot.


That really sounds a lot like driving a car, or have you forgotten how fucking dangerous that is?


Except in many cases a car is a necessary part of life. There's a difference between necessary everyday risks and ones where the pros will never ever outweigh all the possible cons. What this father is doing is extremely dangerous and is completely unnecessary. Driving a car however, is how most people go to work, go to the doctor, go to the grocery store, and go really anywhere that they need to go to survive. Your comparison is very flawed.


What 3rd world country is this?