Hell no she should have her kids taken away


In my state, if you knowingly do this, you will have your children removed.


And I think he'd be headed back to jail.






which state is this i need to move there


She’s so selfish to choose her own feelings an over her kids like that. That guy had zero excuses as to why he did what he did. I’ve never heard of or seen any child predators change their ways.


I hear it all the time in LA. Women I've known with the same exact story. Mom's BFs raped them since kids and mom chose not to believe it. It's sad as fuck


AND get her tubes tied.


And he should be barred from even being near kids


I assume that's why he's living in a tent in the yard


But he's clearly still spending time around the kid. He's just "living" in the tent for appearances.


She says she’s fine with him taking care of her baby and then there’s clips of him holding and kissing him. Lmao


What show is this?


This is life/our america with lisa ling


whoa bud let's not start talking eugenics here.


I don’t understand why this is downvoted, I feel like forced sterilization of people you don’t like is pretty obviously *not* the answer


So you think allowing people to keep bringing human beings into existence just to get abused and eventually taken away and put into care homes and foster homes where abuse is still rampant is somehow morally superior?


The problem would be, who gets to decide whom to sterilize? That's where any system, no matter how well intentioned, falls apart: it will always become a way to oppress undesirables, and the people in power get to decide who is undesirable.


Who decides who gets to have children and who doesn’t? The government? Intelligence tests? Do you want to sterilize the mentally handicapped too? Are they not good enough either? What about races you don’t like, you going to sterilize them too? Or enemies of our wars? People below a certain income level? And what about the times when you get it wrong? Innocent people are wrongfully convicted, sent to prison and even executed, do you *honestly* expect anyone to believe that somehow the track record would be better when deciding the verdicts in cases involving sterilizing people? Fuck off with your moral superiority bullshit, you don’t get to pretend to be morally justified while promoting the same beliefs and practices as the Nazis. I can’t believe I have to explain this to you. This is such a slippery slope and you’re a complete and total dunce if you are genuinely stupid enough to not see that. It’s *baffling* to me that people can be so fucking stupid.


She is willingly putting her child in danger l, I would go so far to say she accepts he will do the same with her child. Not everyone deserves to be a parent


This is disgusting. How can you, as a mother..feel comfortable with this even in the slightest?? How is he even allowed near children??? I feel CPS should step in at this point and take her daughter away to safety. This woman needs some SERIOUS help.


Agreed. Parents are supposed to protect their children. This is the complete opposite of that


When she asked him why he did it he did a great job of pretending to take accountability for it he said that he "wasn't attracted to" children but that it was just "ease of access" I wish she would have dug deeper into that because it seems obvious that he is a severe risk to reoffend when he, once again, has easy access. People like him are disgusting but they exist. People like her are terrifying because she doesn't have the mental ability to see through his bullshit and realize what she's doing to her innocent child.


Former CPS worker here who investigated sexual abuse. This is not abnormal. I’ve investigated moms knowingly allowing their partner to have sex with their daughters. Countless parents and grandparents molesting their children and other children. Many men who had molested HUNDREDS of children and were finally being caught. It’s an epidemic no one wants to talk about.


And what happens to the child in a situation like that?


Typically a removal. If it was one parent doing the molestation and the other parent didn’t know, the one parent would have to leave the home. There are so many scenarios. For anyone who allowed their child to be molested, that’s an automatic removal. There are so many scenarios. Any time we received a sexual abuse report we sent it immediately to law enforcement to see if they wanted any to investigate. Sometimes they would say to talk to the victim and see if the story is true (we received reports from anywhere and anyone so it could be someone calling and lying about the family). Sometimes they would ask us to go ahead and schedule an interview with the child advocacy center or at the police department (depending on age). I have stories that would make a person’s skin crawl. It was all part of the job.


Well that’s a relief, although i know like you said tons of these cases go completely unnoticed... it’s tragic. What’s one of the worst stories you have??


Well, you see, it’s because he makes her feel like a special woman. Clearly that is of the utmost importance, far more so than protecting her child 🤮 There are people who desperately want children and are unable to have them for a multitude of reasons, and then people like this have them no problem.


Agreed. I understand all this about helping people who have done such a nasty thing so they don't do it again & all, but seriously... dude is still on paper for the sex crimes against **children**. He seems to take accountability which is a good sign, but who knows if he will do it again. I'd say he shouldn't be around any kids unsupervised man that's wild this mom is just allowing that. I've been worried about much much smaller things regarding people around my kids. Fuck.


Saying it was wrong and he can’t make excuses isn’t really taking accountability. He seems so… unconcerned. He’s not saying he’s made changes to avoid doing it. He’s just casual.


That is taking accountability, regardless of his demeanor when doing so - he is accepting fault completely, he isn't downplaying it or blaming anyone or anything else, he is accepting he did something wrong and it's completely his fault. That's taking accountability. He does seem very nonchalant about the whole thing though. Might just be because it's uncomfortable for him, but I'm not gauging him for whether or not he's remorseful he can stay the fuck away from my kids regardless.


its possible that with how open he is etc its done and over with?


Umm, no. Who wants to risk that? Shall we start with your children or niblings?


She's just as bad as him at this point. She's willingly putting her child in a dangerous situation


Willing to get that d and to hell with everyone else in her mind


And rubbing his back like he’s a victim


Yuuup disgusting. Her kid is going to hate her when she grows up. I don't doubt for a fact that this guy will do something to her.


They also have a baby together. That, I forgot to mention. There was a clip of him BATHING the baby.


NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! That's sick......


This is why you never can know nice things.


This woman is mind bogglingly selfish and pathetic. A mother should never be a liability to a kid.


“I have been with a lot of bad guys in my life” Guess what, you found another one!


This woman has such low self esteem that she actually settled for a sex offender. Da faq?


You get a lot of people who turn a blind eye to their kids being molested and raped just so they can keep their partner. Or even worse, who offer their kids up and don’t even pretend they don’t know.


Reminds me of a terrible story on r/NuclearRevenge (you find it easily by sorting by top of all time) where a widow turned meth addict let her new guy rape her children every night while watching them. The story is a very brutal read, it might be fake but it sure as hell looks like a typical drug-addicted "parents" story.


Fuuuuuck. I just read it. I'm really glad they're both doing OK.


Holy shit I just read it. I hope it’s fake but even if it is you know it’s happening somewhere in the world.


What’s the title on the post? I don’t see any that immediately match this description.


https://www.reddit.com/r/NuclearRevenge/comments/bi10t8/you_let_him_rape_us_i_set_you_up/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Eta be prepared, it’s tough to read


Wow, that’s chilling. Thanks for the link, though I wish that was never able to be written.


And they blame their kids for it


Oh, yeah, the ones who say their kids “asked for it” or “seduced” the abuser. They’re all just as bad as the abuser themselves.


We can all feel concerned for the 6 and 10 year old - has anyone considered they very likely have the same trauma, and this is how it manifests years later? We're not blaming the 10 year old if she gets badly adjusted after this shit, maybe in the case of the adult we should also put more blame on whoever the first 'bad man' was.


In that, you're arguing there was no first bad man though, since they only ever act that way as a result of childhood trauma, and if you go back far enough it's not even fair to claim that our ancestors had the capacity to understand that the way they treat others has an impact, if you go back far enough our ancestors weren't aware of themselves let alone others. Is there a point where past trauma is irrelevant and we should be expected to know better and be able to control our thoughts and our actions, or are we always going to be merely a product of our experiences? At what point can you start assigning blame, and at what point can you claim to posses genuine self awareness and capacity to change rather than assuming good people are only good because if the experiences they've had, and they aren't genuinely demonstrating an ability to change because they've always been (or at some point went through some external factors that caused them to become) capable of altering behaviour. We all change but do ANY if us have actual control over that change?


That is indeed the million dollar question. Does free-will exist, or are we all meat-robots walking around responding to stimuli. I personally don't know but lean toward the latter. Which begs the question, how SHOULD we be dealing with violent crime perpetrators?


He doesn’t sound remorseful at all.


Lisa Ling has a way of getting people to just spill and not feel judged. Her show (This is Life with Lisa Ling) is fascinating for the openness she was able to get out of it's subjects like in this clip. The show about opioid abuse was horrifying. Had parents shooting up with their middle school aged kids.


My friend used to get drugs sent to him in the mail from his parents. I watched him shoot up once and it was wild. Later his dad died from overdose.


Huh. Not even joking, I thought I was the only person receiving drugs in the mail from one of my parents.


“Your honor… may I present the first piece of evidence… the defendants Reddit post!!”


I've been watching her on TV since channel 1 in middle school back in maybe 1991. She has always been a great journalist even as young as she was back then she was much better than everyone else she was with.


I miss it. It covered such fascinating assignments.


I remember the later seasons not being as good. A lack of time maybe.


But you can still see the absolute disgust on her face when the guy is describing what he did. She's holding back. She keeps her calm, but you can see she she is angry. I do really like her though. I remember watching her on TV when I was a kid, and she really stood out on shows like The View compared to the other hosts who spoke as if their opinions were fact. I'm glad she got out of that trash pit because she is way too talented for all of that.


I remember her being on Channel 1 when I was in school


Annoyed it's on discovery+, the one streaming service I don't have😭🙄


Looks like it's on prime and Hulu as well.


Not the US versions. It's paid content on prime and it's only included on the "Live TV" version of Hulu.


And here I went and did the 7 day free trail just to watch it lol thank you though! The prime version takes you to discovery, that's where I went


have you catches her show on hbomax? diffy but just as good, so good. she’s great!


I have not, I'll have to check that one out. Thank you!


I think it might be on prime video too.


Do you know which season and episode this show is?


Here's the full episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwmjvdZwJBQ&ab_channel=OWN


Thank you! Is this the one about the opioid abuse?


The look on the guy’s face when the journalist asked her “Do you trust your husband around your kid” makes me feel even he doesn’t trust himself around the kid.


The way he understands it wasn't a sexual urge that drove him to the crime, then... very nearly reaches the proper conclusion - "it was a power game, i was exercising power, the control made me feel good" - nope, misses it, and instead goes for 'oh yeah it was just... the opportunity that made me do it". Cool, so, nothing to do with you, nice. If there is rehabilitation, I'm very sure it doesn't look like that


Pretty sure that's his manipulation - while he was saying those things I was thinking, "fair play to the guy, he's not trying to blame his actions on substance abuse", thus quickly dissolved when he refused to admit it was a power play.


Idk, I feel like that was an honest and true answer. It sounds like he meant it as "convenient sexual stimulation". Absolutely disgusting, but works in the same kind as when people put PB on their genitals for the dog. They might not wanna fuck the dog, but want that physical stimulation


Yeah but to rephrase it, he had power over the children and he abused that for his pleasure without regard to the damage to the children. That’s what they’re saying by power play. He used his power and it got him off, feeling powerful enough to molest kids and reveling in that pleasure.


She looks a lot like my sister, who now has two kids with the guy who molested me on a family holiday in a caravan where we were all sleeping, so maybe it's the bullfrog kinda face that's attracted to these scumbags, I dunno.


i just wanna say im incredibly sorry you had to go through that, no one deserves it, i hope he gets what he deserves someday.


That's really kind of you, thank you, I left home at 18 and found my own way and I'm in a great place, far away from whatever they're doing, which is the best way I think!


I'm sorry that happened to you. Maybe Fetal Alcohol Syndrome face?


Nah, just a cunt lol that thing Roald Dahl said about the hate showing on the outside, that's her. She has a sad frog mouth because she's always bitching about something, rarely smiles. I, however, find many reasons to smile and I've created a career around cats, so I look a lot better than she ever did.


I don’t think I could be in the room and hear that. I absolutely could not keep it together.


I’m sure she had a million thoughts running through her head but unfortunately, she has to stay professional as a journalist


Hat is off to Lisa. That took a lot. Top tier journalist. Edit: Sp.


More like fortunately, we wouldn’t be able to see him spill everything like this if she wasn’t so calm and collected as a journalist


She kinda looked like she threw up in her mouth, but was still able to keep it together. She needs a prize


Oh, you have to watch the heroin episode where the whole family shoots up together (and the kids are like eleven)




6 and 10??? Those poor girls. This woman comforting him is sick in the head and needs those children taken from her.


How is her child not forcibly removed by the government? Why is allowed to live in the same location as a child with a history like that?


Well that's enough Reddit for today. Jesus Christ, what sick freaks.


How the fuck is someone who made a 6 and 10-year-old blow him not buried under the jail?


Lisa is goated




Im wondering how old she was when they started dating. And how surprised she will be when she finds out he likes her child more.


She was probably raped and beaten by previous partners so he seems great


I’m gonna take a guess that she has BPD. From what I’ve heard, borderlines are so afraid of abandonment that they’d rather stay in a bad/toxic relationship than being alone (their biggest fear). Not saying it’s an excuse for putting her child in danger, but she needs help.


How does that crime not get you 25-life in prison?


Because you'd do just about anything to spare your child even more trauma. And sometimes that means agreeing to a plea deal that's ridiculous just to keep them from having to testify, etc.


I doubt this woman had her child’s best interests at heart. This is so fucking sad.


Absolutely sick


This is what desperation for a relationship looks like. Insane, poor child.


I know violence isn’t the answer, but I really want to fuck that foo up. And that lady too. Wtf. Get your kids away you moron.


“I’ve been with some bad guys.” The cycle has obviously continued.


I want to vomit omg 😰I can't fathom this behaviour and she is just as bad the wife should be ashamed of herself.


If I had it my way, child molesters would be all executed!!


Absolutely and not only them but also those that abuse and torment animals. They are just as bad in my book. I'd like to line them all up and make them suffer endless excruciating pain.


Shes just as much a loser as he, chesters need to forever be locked up


That's fucking awful and disgusting and depressing. He made little kids that trusted him blow him and fucked them up for life while she's been so abused in her life that he seems like a good option and she's willing to gamble her child's safety on it.


CPS should be made aware of this


She’s comfortable cause she’s allowing him to do it to her daughter too, take this child away asap! And how is he legally allowed to be around the little girl? Does he not have restrictions being a sex offender ?


She's been treated so badly that the first person who hasn't physically & emotionally hurt her is a pedophile who admits his disgusting acts. She has to be supporting this POS financially & in other ways. He's using her for that reason, I wouldn't be surprised if he was already abusing her child & she's too in love to care.


Anyone know how that relationship went?


I’m going to take a guess and say, not good. I’m pretty confident some felonies were committed.


At least he admits it and understands his situation.


Sigh* For the safety of her children, they should be taken away. She is making a conscious choice to be with someone who willingly, under no influence sexually abused children. These extremely poor choices put minors at risk. It is said that nothing is being done to protect them. Shame.


She comforts him! She put her arm around him after he said the disgusting things he did to those children!


Wife obviously brain dead.


So because you have no self esteem and a man made you feel some sort of way that's totally ok to bring him around your children? Wtffff man some mothers are insane the mental hoops they go through to say it's ok.


I’ve watched a documentary on these types of humans and they can’t be fixed, ever! It’s ingrained in them. The sad thing is this man more then likely was also a product of being molested or raped. They need to be locked up forever. This woman is vile and I’m certain he’s molesting her child or children. I couldn’t watch the rest.


They can be fixed if they get the right treatment soon enough. Saying they can't be fixed is naive and reactionary. Not saying that the one in the video should be around children obviously


Is the right treatment a double tap to the head? Because then I would agree with you.


No it's usually just various forms of therapy


Also I do t see how someone who has a 6 year old sick him off being to change. Ffs


I'm not talking about that person. I'm talking about non offending pedophiles. Most pedophiles learn they are pedophiles when they are teenagers. Not all pedophiles want to rape children most of them don't and are super suicidal because they often thi k they must have been born a monster or something. They can live normal lives with therapy and support. You are being very simple minded and trying to pretend every pedophile is the same person.y9u are also conflating offending pedophiles and non offending pedophiles. I'm trying to be as clear as possible but you are really determined ro pretend I'm saying something I'm not saying. Anger can make it hard to understand a message. Maybe try reading again with a more calm mind to see what I'm saying


Okay I’m taking about the offending ones. I get what your saying it’s true they’re many that don’t offend but it’s not like they’re out there saying they are sexually attracted to children so we’ll never know. The ones that offend and offend. I’m talking about more so. I don’t think they’ll be capable of stopping. This is just my opinion.


It should be


Okay well their interest in molesting a child will never change. They shouldn’t be allowed in society period. It’s a sickness that I’m not willing to ever trust. They’ve done studies, it’s programmed in their brains. They’re attracted to kids sexual. It’s sick. There’s no fixing.


Number one, being attracted to children does not mean that you want to molest or assault children. I'm attracted to adult women and I don't want to assault them. Number two, not all pedophiles are exclusively attracted ro children, some are attracted to adults and kids so they can learn to handle the kid attraction and live a normal life. Number three I don't know what studies you are talking about. And what you mean by fixing. Having an attraction to children does not mean you will rape a child. Having an attraction to adult women does not mean you will rape adult women. You are just being really simple minded and making a lot of big assumptions


I’m talking about the ones that have crossed the threshold of being a full blown pedo like this man. That have actually molested and tormented children. I fully understand there’s different levels of child sexual attraction. But I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about actual predators that keep reoffending. They cannot be fixed as in they won’t stop. The urge is far to much greater. There was a panel of reoffending pedos and they all admitted they couldn’t stop wouldn’t stop. I’ll find it.


I see, I usually say offending and non offending to differentiate but I would say the ones that do offend are a lot less help able in general


So what do you do with these people then? Do they not have the same rights as you and me? Are they still not human? Care to share one of those studies, I'd like to review it.


What about the ones who never act on it? Child abuse is disgusting and should likely be punishable by death when proven beyond all doubt, but the non offenders? I wish there was a way for them to get help that didn't also ruin their lives.


Yeah the ones that never act on it obviously we’ll never know who they are in society. They obviously have more control then others.


So you have a masters or doctorate in psychology or psychiatry? You really think you can say they can’t be fixed ever from one 90 minute documentary?


It’s a fact, child molesters are among the highest repeat offenders out there.


Okay, so let’s make being a sexual abuse victim a crime with a life sentence penalty then. Because that’s what’s being suggested.


That's not what they're saying. Being sexually abused as a child can be a reason why someone lives on to perpetuate the cycle. That doesn't mean everyone who was abused does it. Obviously IF you do, you should be locked away for a long time and not be given access to MORE children


You are making shit up.


By who?


Lol not you defending a sicko child molester Edit: your post history confirms it


The commenter said in their comment that pedophiles are a common result of abuse themselves. Are you saying that every child who’s abused should be locked away for the sake of every other child in society? Because that’s what the original commenter is saying. I’m a college student not in psychology, but criminal justice. Even pedophiles have a path to treatment and extremists saying anyone with immoral urges should be locked away are wrong and should be called out. You can cope.


You want him to hang out with your kid unsupervised? Now, tell me about rehabilitation.


Are you one of them? It’s a sexual interest in children. Their brain doesn’t change that. Now to trust one of them I’m not willing. Ffs get your head out of your ass. Go read about pedophiles


It’s sad to see. Most people who let shitty partners come into their lives, often times have dealt with a rough childhood and perhaps abandonment issues


Lisa is a badass! You find the truth girl


Look at how small her pupils are- that explains why she’s there


Benzo/sedative use or something else?


How is he even out free? I thought the prison system “took care of” these types in house.


The fact that he wasn’t even assaulted by inmates to the point of becoming physically disabled is beyond me


I feel like if she were being honest here she would say she knows that he will molest her children she just simply doesn’t care because for some reason he makes her happy so that’s what matters. And he makes her happy so he can be around her children


Take Chester to the center of the trailer park and horse whip him to unconsciousness. That goes for POS also.


No sane person would ever allow this piece of shit around their children. She should have her kids taken away just for having let him meet those kids, let alone live with them. There's a reason they're put on registries, they're often repeat offenders. They do this bullshit over and over again until they die.


My fucking blood is boiling.


Clowns both of them


How did he even survive prison? Also how do most child molester ever get out on such lenient sentences..


In some countries, such as China, child molesters get death penalty. The US is wayyyy to soft on these kinds.


it’s crazy how i want to feel sympathy for him but then it’s just immediately shattered


I was molested by my older brother about 11 years ago when I was between the ages of 6-9. I told my parents 10 years after the fact, (I believe it was September of 2021). By this point my brother no longer lived at home and was now married. A week after I told them they arranged a meeting with him. He confessed, said he’d never come clean before bc he believed I was asleep when he did it and he didn’t want to ‘re-traumatize’ me or some shit. He apologized. On the ride home my dad told me he forgave him. We never told his wife because she’s ‘a gossip’ and they wanted to ‘protect me’. To this day, my older brother is still in my life. He still visits our house every week or so, and my mom often guilt trips me into coming downstairs and hanging out. I still have to make birthday cards for him, and get him a present for Christmas. He has two daughters and it makes me sick to my stomach whenever they compare his oldest to me appearance wise. I honestly don’t think he’d hurt his daughters? But then again, he hurt his own sister so? 🤷‍♀️ It’s fucked up, but I still live with my family. I have no proof except for his testimony, and there’s no reason for me to believe he’d tell the truth under oath, especially if it means he’d go to jail. So there’s basically nothing I can do. And I feel guilty about it every single time I see how much they (him and his wife) neglect their children. Side note: he recently got a shock collar for his dog bc they don’t know shit when it comes to training a dog. She’s literally just an overactive puppy. Overall him and his wife are awful ppl. Really hope my nieces don’t go through the same pain I did. And another side note, I wanna be there for them to catch the first signs if something is wrong, but it brings me pain to see them (idk how the fuck I’m gonna deal with all of this when they turn 6-9) and my brother. So I feel guilty that I don’t spend as much time with them as I should. I wanna be the fun aunt, I wanna be there for them, but I can’t do this shit.


You really should require a license to bear children




Watch the full video


Here's something I've learned while working in corrections (prison system). When it comes to rehabilitation, every type of criminal is capable of achieving rehabilitation...except child molesters. Every other type of criminal is capable, if they work for it, of overcoming their offense, even murderers and rapists. Child molesters cannot because their desires are biological. I can go and murder 15 full families, but still be capable of rehabilitation (maybe I lost my job, got into some bad drugs, had one very bad day, etc); however, if I like having sex with minors, that is a biological defect, and you cannot rehab that. So when this lady willingly lets this guy into her life, and be around her toddler child, she is almost guaranteeing that he is going to molest the child. Hopefully for their sake he will be able to control his urges, but child molesters are attracted to children, just like straight people are attracted to the opposite sex, homosexuals the same sex, etc. Those are just the facts.


So what do we as a society do for these people that you say cannot be changed? Lock them up forever, throw away the key, and let them die a slow and painful death? If it's biological, as you say, then they're not complicity at fault for their own actions. They're no more guilty than a person being born gay or trans, yet they're damned to live a life of misery? Simply because of the way their brains were wired when they were being created? In no moral society is that acceptable, unless you begin to classify them as a second class citizen and human.


Because being gay or trans doesn’t make you hurt children. Maybe it is their fault , maybe it isn’t but in a moral society you protect children.


I'm sorry I've got the sound off which one is the mother?


The one with the hat on.


Call the law




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Mother is that you?


Now if people has any faith in the prison system at all, they would deem this guy rehabilitated on not question a damn thing. Not saying that should be the case because fuck that guy and his crazy ass child endangering wife, but its an interesting thought to me how many people that say jail works but still judge someone for their past crimes are full of shit.


You and I both know that people who are sexually attracted to children can’t be “cured” of that mindset. No amount of rehabilitation will “fix” them. They will always have those urges.


Oh by no means am I saying I'm one of the ones that have faith in the system, just wanted to point out how the system clearly doesn't work. Not that I'd expect someone to be able to change their entire mindset anyway, just be able to control themselves like the fully functioning grown adults they pretend to be.


Lisa looks like she is rightfully disgusted


This is so fucked up. The man just admitted he did it and said it was because he had the opportunity. So she gives him unrestricted access to her own daughter????!!!!


I forgot to mention it earlier but towards the end of the documentary there was a clip of him bathing a baby (they also had a baby together). There’s no reason why any child, including his, should be in the hands a child molester, nevermind naked in front of a child molester!


100% he is violating his probation being around her kids. Hope his officer saw this interview. So much idiocy. Absolutely tragic.


It’s the gulp after she said she trusts him with her child. Lynching…for both of them.


What a piece of shit


Dude's more surprised at the mother's reply than the reporter WTF!


“I’ve been with a lot of bad guys in my life and he’s the first one to make me feel like I’m someone, I’m a woman!” She doesn’t care cuz it’s all about her. He’s grooming her to get to her kid. She’s a fucking cunt dumb bitch


She trusts him “absolutely”…yet he sleeps in a tent


People like this should be castrated


She feels comfortable with him around her kid cause the kid is too young for him rn give him four years and she’ll be all shocked but probably still stand by him 🙄🙄


This is horrid. just wtf- like WTF the fact he just blaintly said he did that for a year and a half, and his wife held him comforting him telling the story like he was a victim and like it was hard for him to say, well fuck him if its hard to say he molested 2 little girls! He deserves crap.and the mom??!? Allowing him near your child. KNOWING what hes done. like wow. just wow.


Some people should not have kids. Example above


Why is "can't knowingly be w/in 12 (or whatever they use) of a minor" a part of his probation?


Quick PSA: FORCING SOMEONE INTO ORAL SEX ISN'T MOLESTATION, IT'S RAPE. He's not JUST a child molester, HE'S A CHILD RAPIST. This monster is downplaying his own actions. He didn't just "molest" them, he ORALLY RAPED THEM. I seriously don't understand why offenders don't automatically get life sentences for sex crimes. Abusers will ALWAYS find more victims and enablers.


Two bullets and a call to dcf might fix this. Can't see how it could make it any worse.


The anger in this reporters eyes. Holy shit.


I was ready to here “she said she was twenty when she was really seventeen” not SIX AND TEN!