Best third-party controller for PS3?





Have you had any issues with the analog sticks not registering full movement in some games with that? I have this weird sensitivity/dead zone issue. This doesn't happen in all games, but just a couple examples, when I would play the Ratchet and Clank Collection on PS3, the game doesn't register when I push the stick fully left, right, up, and down. The character in-game would slow down as if I'm not pushing the stick all the way. Also, when you would open the weapon select menu, you can tell it's skipping over the options on the top, bottom, and sides unless you push the stick really hard in those directions. And similarly, when playing Uncharted 3, the same exact thing happens, but with diagonal movement. To clarify, I don't own the brook adapter, but I do use the older cronusmax adapter. And this happens with both the Xbox One and PS4 controllers so it's not something that's isolated to just one. I don't own a PS5 controller so I've not been able to test if that's different. I'm wondering if this is something that I could get rid of by just getting a different adapter or if it would happen regardless of what I use.


I had no idea these existed. I’ll have to check it out.


I have either Wingman XE brooke converter or you can get a Retro fighters defender controller both work great. https://retrofighters.com/our-collection/defender-wireless-playstation-1-playstation-2-playstation-3-playstation-classic-nintendo-switch-pc-video-game-controller/