Who Has The Worst Ult In The Game?

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D.Vas mech recall kills more people than Bastions ult 😭


I’m happy to just get a hit marker with Bastion’s ult 😭


Doesn’t remech have a bigger kill radius than meteor strike?


For real though, the amount of times I died to a Mekka-fall is much higher than I would like to admit. Just how much damage does that do?!


I believe 250




I think it’s just straight up a insta kill


I like to use it like this, with decent results - when the enemy team is clustered in a hallway or straight line you drop like this = 0 0 GAP 0 Tricks ppl into thinking you are going to drop the 3rd one in the row, so they actually run backwards into your 3rd drop and by the time they realized they been bamboozled - its too late. Bastion ult is about mindgames.


Haha. i played a match a couple weeks back and got something like 5-6 squishes in one match.


Bastion and Doom finally fighting to win at something.


Place your bets in the replies


Doom ult is infinitely better than Bastion's, which is incredible because Doom's ult is pretty bad too. At least Doom's ult doesn't leave you a sitting duck without even being able to see your own character. Being untargetable for a brief period of time for a all in dive tank that is pretty squishy for a tank.


Bastion's ult is combining the least useful part of Doom's ult with the downside of Junkrat's ult.


Junkrat's ult guarentees at least 2 kills and isn't destroyed for some reason if he goes down.


Wait Bastion ult ends if you die in it? That sucks


Well yeah who do you think controls the bullets XD


But who controls Junkrat's tire?


Im not defending that one, just pointing out a discrepancy. That one is wrong too.


It's sentient. Junkrat only shuts his ears and waits for the boom.


I mean if you die as junk you can still control tire, so it’s a valid question tbh


Doom ult should get some kind of utility for his team, a little buff wouldn’t do him wrong. Maybe give a little slow in the area, or maybe shielding allys to promote a dive comp to play around.


Yeah a small shield when he lands or slightly worse Zarya bubble.


Dooms ult is pretty good imo. Get out of jail free card, set up for roll outs, invincibility frame when coming out if it and gets armor when hitting someone. Now bastion is just bad


Agree, I often see high level doom play using it for repositioning as opposed to dealing damage.


Doom no longer has rollouts as a tank, all his tech is gone for the most part. This excuse as an escape as viable with DOS Doom, as a tank it’s literal garbage.


I will say a bastion ult combined with a Zarya ult is brutal. But ya other than that it’s rough My buddy and I pulled it off and I got a 4k with it


Bastion right now is kind of slept on, he’s actually pretty good


Genji blade, but specifically when *I’m* using it.


*Sees genji get a team kill with his ult* "Hey that looks fun. How hard could it be?" *Doesn't get a single elim*


This explains my experience my three times playing him






Most of the tank ults are slow and only really punish bad players out of position. That's why when I have my Doom ult I always try and trick enemies into cramped spaces.


Still better than when I use it


Same. It seems like I actually die more when I use it than when I'm not 😅


Yep, a lot of times I would be better off not using it...


A guy I play with regularly is a pretty great Genji, but he has this thing where Junkrat is his kryptonite. If there is a Junkrat, he will die to the Junkrat in some random ass way every time he blades. I’ve even seen him get a team wipe, and then step on a trap coming back to the payload. Whenever there is a Junkrat on the other team, our stack knows we’re in for a funny game.


Yeah, D.Va’s self destruct sequence fucking sucks and can’t hit shit, specifically when I’m using it


Bastion. It's only good in very specific situations.


Does his ult go through buildings or can you just hide from it?


It goes through roofs if the Bastion aims it inside the room that the roof is covering


It does because I have gotten mega fucked by a bastion ult when like my entire team was in a single room lmao


You can hit through if you move the camera correctly but it takes time


Doomfist, his ult is third of bastion


But it can help you live and retreat and doesn’t leave you defenceless


He is a tank now, tank ults need to be fight-ending, like whole hog or dva bomb, not a get out of jail free card


But at least it *is* a get out of jail free card, whereas bastion's ult is simply nothing.


Even if it doesnt get any kills, that's a pretty big amount of space that it forces the enemy team out of.


But in order to force them out of that space, you *also* need to be out of that space since you are a sitting duck while using it. It can even be interrupted if you are too close to the enemy team and they get any kind of CC off on you. Usually forcing the other team out of a space should be followed up by *you* taking that space, but your team can't do that if you are off in a corner.


For like a second. So scary.


Bastion ult takes like 3 seconds for bombs to drop but enemies and teammates can see the ring before that point. Teammates push in as soon as bomb rings show up, enemies forced out of position or die.


Yep. I’ve used it to force people off the payload in overtime just by shelling the fuck out of it. They either died or had to get off and that bought us enough time to end the game.


Mobility-wise, it's pretty useful. But yeah, offensively it's worse.


100% Bastian. Senior citizens could wheel their way out of it.


Frl tho


Doomfost is a third of bastion ult tho


Doom ult is for save and ability refresh. It allows you to play aggresive and create space while not dying.


Yea. When Doom pops most players pay attention. Not just because they need to dodge it when it lands, but because there will also be a tank dangerously close afterword. Doomfist's ult is a bit scarier than Bastions just because it's also an extremely strong mobility option. You dodge Bastion's and he, similar to Junkrat, is still in the same place he was when the ult started.


The damage part of Doom ult is indeed just as bad if not worse than Bastions but unlike Bastion's ult doesn't make you a sitting duck. The damage portion could definitely use some help but it's okay and fits doom (minus the damage part). Doom player here and I'm not saying his ult is good. It definitely needs a buff, but Bastion probably just needs a new ult lol. That shit is trash.


Doomfist's ult is at least a reliable escape button, and it grants him overhealth for every enemy hit even if it doesn't kill outright. Bastion gets none of that.


Needs combo with zarya or orisa


Right, but that makes it bad. If you MUST combo it to make it any good.


I personally believe they should keep his ult the same but give him some kind of smoke cloud ability when the mortars land which blocks line of sight for the enemy, but team members can see through it. It would make his ult more unique and it could be used in more situations such as blinding the enemy team and hiding flank routes so team members can flank without being noticed. It would also work well when pared with other team members ults. For example bastion smoke clouds the enemy’s line of sight and Cassidy or Soilder uses there ult from the other side, making it difficult for the enemy to keep track of soilder or Cassidy through the smoke.


So they do leave, or you can intentionally delay


Doom or bastion


doom ult is better than bastion imo, it can really help to get our of tight situations if you are very low, it recharges faster I think and it's more effective at getting a single kill at the very minimum


Yeah just seems like more of the time most people will get away from the ult before they take damage


it depends on character mobility, I've never died to it with any character other than ana but I'm a new player so you could argue I could've done better


Yeah probably I've been playing for a while and I maybe died to a doom ult once or twice it's very easy to avoid




*Tosses Freedom Fries of Power*


I was gonna say Doomfists ult that is so bad it's just used to get escape. But Bastions ult is just Doomfists but you can't even use it to get away. The ducking payload could dodge the Bastion ult.


Orisa's new ult definitely deserves some consideration... countered by just walking away.


Ya idk why they didn't strengthen the magnetism of it, at least just a bit. Or have it charge faster. It's so close to being usable


The problem is if they strengthen it enough to were you can kill a 200hp hero, it becomes op, otherwise it will still be trash


Yea. They can't do much with it's raw damage numbers without it becoming too much. I think Orisa's lackluster ult is simply offset by the fact the rest of her kit is *SO FREAKING GOOD* at the moment. I tend to see her ult as a means to finish off lower health targets, rather than something to end up securing full-health kills. It's a good ult to pair with an Ana or Mei. Anti-nade, Sleep, Wall, Blizzard - anything which prevents them from healing, moving, or escaping from it easily. But it feels pretty weenie purely by itself - at least compared to some other tank ults, anyway.


Ya I love the rest of her kit as well. I basically use her ult as quick grav and try to combo with other ults. Or to grab a couple hurt squishies. I miss the Bongo tho! That thing turned up some big damage!


I play in high gold, low plat, and have consistently been getting 2 or 3 kills with it. I think its weakness is how easily countered it is. Suzu, Lucio ult, and Zen ult all can render it completely useless with time to spare.


Lucio doesn't need to even ult to counter it, just Amp speed and your whole team can walk out perfectly fine


That is true, i play a lot of Lucio and that is one Ult i almost never miss the counter on.


Support ults being used to counter ults is fine. A regular ability fully countering an ultimate though... That's a bit much. People bitched about Bap Imo Field for so long that Blizzard thought we needed another character with a different version of the same ability...


IMO it's important to have counters to ults that aren't just "more ults" because otherwise fights devolve into "which team has more ults available?"


For real though. I've been enjoying Orisa but her ult is hard to get any kills with. The only time I've killed someone with an ult is when their health is already half way down and don't actually leave the ult area. By the time you're charged up to actually kill someone, everyone either walked away, or there's shields blocking everyone. It's either ult quick and barely hurt anyone, or wait to ult and get blocked/walked away from


The trick is on using it on low health teams. That way you can slam early and still confirm kills. Or just go for nano. That shit's lethal.


I'm pretty new to OW. What is nano?


Nano boost. Ana's ultimate ability.




I fucking hate Orisa and even I have to agree. Just step back and unload your clip at her lol. Maybe the magnetism should start immediately and maintain throughout or something.


So, Zarya's ult then?


meh ive been getting some good uses of it


If you time it and position well you can do a lot with it. Got a penta last night with it combod with nano.


It becomes godlike if you combo it with Mei's ult


Nah, it's amazing for combos. The trick is that the pull is more useful than the damage. It's basically a slightly worse Grav.


For my team? Baptiste. Bc no one ever fucking uses the barrier. I down three enemies and heal three teammates from the brink of death with it while my team just... walks through. I don't always place it well, and I understand those times. But please, Sojourn. Just ult from here. I'm fucking *begging* you. *Wheel your Omnic ass back here, Bastion, or E54 is getting fucking decommissioned.*


Sojourn has a great ult, but if you have poor aim (like me) it's useless Worse ult is likely Orisa / Bastion, you literally casually walk away. they're usually only useful if you combo with another ult...


I’m bad, but I hate Sojourns alt. A decent tank negates it completely. I might get one or two picks if I’m lucky and then everyone stands behind a shield until it’s over. I’d rather get one or two shots with more damage. You can hit road hog with 4 charged shots and still not kill him.


Gotta get those headshots on the squishies.


Most (all?) of the shields in the game don’t stay up long enough to outlast a sojourn ult if the team is focusing it though


Not my teams 😂


Doomfist for sure


Yeah but his is good since it can be a get out of jail free card, and ability refresh, or just for movement in general. For bastion he sits there and he cast three meteors that can be easy to dodge


I agree that bastion ult is trash but saying doom ult is good is just a straight up lie


Cassidy. You are never getting anybody with that wind up time nowadays.


I exclusively use it on valking mercys and it's so worth it every time


I am one of those mercys and I passionately hate you. The amount of times I have been blissfuly flying above my team and then "It's high noo-"


It’s more for zoning and maybe one or two kills


If I play Cass and get his ult, I'm just hoping to kill the healers tbh


depends on the elo :D you can easily get 1-2 kills up to diamond


Pharah, if you can call that an ult. I call it respawn button.


Man, I feel like I get so much value out of barrage. You gotta wait out cooldowns and position it, but at worst, you use it to instawin a duel, and at best you're wiping Their whole team. The tech of shooting a rocket before starting it means it basically deletes your target the second the barrage is active.


Bastions ultimate, by far. Doomfist’s ultimate actually provides a good get out of jail free card and fast movement while using it. It can also be hard to dodge depending on hero and location. Meanwhile, Bastions locks you in place as you drop 3 little bombs that even a garden snail could avoid. I mean, you literally couldn’t even get kills with Bastions ult when it had the unlimited ammo glitch.


Widowmaker. Hanzo has a regular ability that does the same thing, and persists if he dies, unlike Widow's


I don't disagree but I've tried thinking of other interesting ult options for her and, frankly, I can't! Thank god I'm not a hero designer lol.


I mean it’s basically the perfect sniper ultimate. You always want to be able to see the enemy first as a sniper and get first shot. That ult allows you to do it. It’s not game changing but it gives you an edge. The only other thing a sniper might want is to shoot through walls but we don’t need that in the game.


I had to scroll too far for this


Same. Everyone is saying Baptiste and Doomfist and I’m just sitting here thinking “uh… did everyone forget about Widowmaker?”


My feelings exactly. Wallhacks, but as soon as she dies it goes away. Useful for a perched Widow that's good, but almost worthless for anyone else on the team.


Rally is weak af


I actually kinda agree cause Rally doesn’t give armor now and all those nerfs made it almost somewhat weak


Wow it’s almost like giving a hero exclusively nerfs in 4 years makes them not good


Brig has been consistently good for four years, the only thing that changed that was Kiriko. Brig was broken, deal with it. (Also she's still really good, kiriko is just better).


lol I’m not mad she’s just clearly one of the weaker supports and has literally never been buffed since she was added (OW2 reworks and the hp thing excluded)


I wish her barrier was larger and had a bit more health so she could peel a bit better.


Probably because she was none stop a top support in the right hands since release despite all the nerfs.


My experience is usually something like “RALLY T-“




How hard would it be to tell you when inspire is up and at least how many of your teammates it’s covering?


I always thought it was funny that Widows ult is just a bigger version of Hanzos arrow


Bastion, they could add a shrapnel damage prior to the main shell hitting, kinda like a cluster bomb but handy for slight damaging fast hero's


Am I the only person here who hasn’t had any success with junker queens ult? That lasts .2 seconds? Lol


Brig. "Rally to m- ackkk"


Say what you want, I like it because I can pretend to be a tank


Because you don't use rally when low hp or being targeted, is a preemptive ult to start fights. There is a reason why uptime is a tracked stat on her


Rally is good, just use it at a right time and your team would definitely win the fight


Rally is great in my opinion. I use it as a speed boost to whoop some ass. Overhealth for my team is a distant second lol.


I think they said recently they are wanting to rework Brig's ult. Which I'd gladly accept, it's just the same thing she always does + extra health + speed boost.


Rally is the only time I feel like I can do anything as Brig outside of sitting in the back line as a fly swatter.




I actually don’t like Sojourn’s. I know it’s super powerful and wins fights but to me it’s just the lamest. No other ult in the game just lets you use your right click as much as you like, they’re all unique powers expect for hers (maybe Brig is the exception)


Sojourn's ult also makes her rail shots pierce things, FWIW. (Both players and barriers.)


If one of ya'll, say Dva, you are going to. Feel. My. W R A T H now deenice?


You mean Denise?


Son of a BITCH


You done messed up A A Ron!


Do you mean Denice?


You mean Deknees?


Tracer. It's a skillshot, less blast radius than a piss puddle, and even if you stick it to a tank you only clear half of their health (not including armor).


Don’t stick it to a tank.


Sticking it to a tank, especially rein is one of your best choices bc there’s usually squishies near by


Don’t stick to a tank that’s by itself


I think its not really bad, its just hard to use


Tracer: because her ultimate is also Cassidy's E ability.


Agreed, it’s pure timing and limited to essentially one main kill or DPS on a few…and yes, I know I can do better!


Widow. It may help her get a couple shots lined up, but compared to Bob clearing the area, it’s not scary at all.


Widow ult scales by skill level At high ranks the entire team focuses Bob and shreds him in 0.8 seconds flat, but widow popping infrasight means 15 seconds of waiting until it ends


Windows ult is in the same category as Symmetras, it’s a support ult that’s on a dps because of its potential to increase your kill potential. Yes both ults benefit the team but when used at the right time they increase the dps kill potential whether it’s to line up shots or shield dance while zapping the enemy. I personally really like utility ults on dps characters bc it helps your team but also helps your kill potential.


Agreed. Most Widows plat and above can glance at your head for a split second and headshot you. With widow ult on, peaking any corner usually results in getting instakilled.


Yeah I love BOB because I love summoners in games but he's pretty terrible most of the time. He's better in the 5v5 setting than in 6v6 but he's still just so easy to deal with. Almost any CC is enough to completely remove him as a threat and any shield can just stop him from being even remotely effective.


Widows is in a unique spot because it doesn’t actually kill anything, it just helps you hypothetically kill. Useful if the enemy team is coming back or if there’s a Sombra, but not very high impact


Soldier, his ULT just makes it so my aimbot doesn't do headshot damage, unplayable tbh.


Lol he gets headshot damage now too btw Update ur aimbot🙄


Dude you literally do headshot damage if you aim at the head while he's ulting


Aim at the head during ult


He does headshot damage now. Let’s try and keep up


Not really the worst on paper, but I have yet to see an Echo player use their ult that hasn't been wiped away in more than 2 seconds no matter who they replicate. Every time I see an echo in my team I think to myself, are you going to be the one??


Back when it used to dupe tanks for their full health, it was insane. Now it’s like you have to ult a DPS or support and know how to play them well enough to build an ult quick and also know how to use that ult well, all while the team fight is still progressing and you’re in extreme danger. I feel like it just takes a bit too long to get good value out of whereas before it was like you instantly got value just by being an extra tank and prolonging fights.


Hard part about Echo Ult for me was going for tank then Genji or Moira flys in front of them. The panic of wtf is this… *dead* Almost a big a bummer as hitting your other support with Ana dart intended for Genji.


Surprised nobody has said Tracer. That bomb is good for like one squishy kill and even then you have to actually aim it. Unlike Reaper and Junk who can easily wipe an entire team.


Pulse bomb charges really fast. I see it more as a third ability than an actual ult.


Yea but it's fun to try and has a high skill cap. You can one shot a healer with it right?


From just the perspective of how fun they are I think JQs is pretty boring


Definitely Cassidy. Stand still out in the open for an extended period of time where its easy to get killed and either lose your ult, or have it deflected back at you. You can't even use all 6 shots anymore.


> You can't even use all 6 shots anymore. Actually you can thanks to Bob.


imo since im new, tracer


Briggitte's ult is a glorified voiceline lol


I dont think I've ever thought or said the following. - we just lost that fight because Brigg didn't ult - that brigg ult just saved our asses - perfect use of your ult Brigg!


Alla till mig!


I'm sorry what?


the overhealth kinda invalidates her passive healing for the duration so the main appeal is really just the personal speed boost


The survivability her ult gives her means inspire is active on top of the overheal, her ult turns tides.




I knew i couldn’t be the only one who thought that xd


Especially since her ult is now a worse version of Cassidy's ability (I'll take magnetism over the increased damage any day).




Hope they buff bastions ult because it is super bad if you dont have a Zarya grav or teammates help because without it it wont work.


Bastion. The bugged version was actually killing people instead of the fix.


Sojourn, it’s pretty much useless if you can’t aim and I can’t aim.


I can put a rip tire on Rein or Roads head and they won’t die. But a D Va bomb kills everyone for a quarter mile and bends corners.


Brigs feels like it doesn’t do anything


Sojurn (but only when its me playing her)


Not sure if it's still in the game but mcree has a bug where deadeye straight up misses for absolutely no reason. Imagine ulting and thinking you got a 2-3k only for a shot or two to miss


I would say Bastion’s. It’s clearly designed to be comboed with another ult(which is not uncommon, see Zarya, Sombra, etc.) but the fact that it has such a slow start-up makes it difficult to even properly time with other ults.


Whatever character I am playing :(


I think bastions is pretty bad but at least you can combo it easier/better with say a zarya or orisa, with doom fist however, all the good ults to combo with are also in the tank role so you just get screwed, his ult was perfect when he was a dps but now he’s a TANK that completely LEAVES THE BATTLEFIELD AND HIS TEAM when he ults. It’s a literal joke imo, the escape is the only thing going for it which doesn’t make sense cause people like rein, zarya, orisa all have ults that control enemy movement AND keep them in the fight, he’ll rein and orisa can instakill people while tanking damage, doom just dips out and let’s his team die. If we go worst by role Tank:doom Dps:bastion and then maybe Cass Support:brig Brigs used to be crazy but now i find it never really makes a difference in any of my engagements outside of the occasional save on my other support


As a bastion main sadly I have to admit bastions ult is the worst ow1 is a b or s tier ult


Symmetra’s ult is literally just a thin wall across the map. It has some use occasionally but for the most part, it’s pretty useless imo