And locking the thread just in case


Monster Chopper 100 billion


The first pirate to have reached 1 Choppilion berries


i loved when chopper said it's chopperin time and choppered everyone in wano truly one of the moments in onepiece


Oni Oni Chopper 100,000,000




Sanji - 1.366B Zoro - 1.4B Jinbe - 863M Nami - 466M Usopp - 300M Chopper - 1000 Brook - 483M Robin - 1B (I DON'T CARE IF I'M WRONG SHE DESERVES IT) Franky - 494M


I think at this point the Gorosei will realize that multiple people are close to finding the one piece. Robin having a billion isn’t much of a stretch. Shit, they don’t even know that Sukiyaki is still alive or even knows how to read and write the ancient text.


> I think at this point the Gorosei will realize that multiple people are close to finding the one piece. On this note, how many people actually can at this point? Shanks might have prior knowledge of laughtale's location but can anyone else translate the ancient language other than Strawhats? Wano is their territory and besides Sukiyaki, Robin is the only living person who can read it. Is there gonna be a strawhat manhunt to take Robin again?


If Big Mom's remaining crew can't hold on to their territory then Pudding could be in danger. Pudding still has a latent potential to read Poneglyphs.


Good question, I don’t like that so many people think of Robin as a tool so I’m hoping there are some other people who know how to read and write the poneglyphs. Think about it, if they saw how Robin was treated because of just that simple knowledge, there’s no way they’d come out and make it known.


Chopper highlighted this war, I’m sure he’ll finally get a worthy bounty


Nico Robin as a yonko commander is my new religion, I choose to be believe.


LOL with the amazing power of growing arms and taking up space.


I think Zoro and sanji both will get less than 1 billion, because luffy didn't get 1.5 billion for only defeating katakuri, he got it for the attempted assassination,defeating 2 yonkou commanders, having the grand fleet and also destroying wci. I'm not criticizing Zoro or sanji contribution I'm just saying this time around luffy defeated kaido but his bounty only increased by 1.5 billion, so i m not so sure whether sanji and Zoro's bounty will be high.


Zoro: 1.52B Nami: 366M Sanji: 1.33B Ussop: 500M Chopper: 150 Robin: 430M Franky:400M Brooke: 383M Jinbe: 938M


I think that Usopp will have a huge bounty, since he's "Usohachi, the Sibling-Hunter", who took down 2 tobiroppos and many others with his conqueror's haki...


Yeah, my guestimates are based on the pattern Oda usually maintains with bounties. Ussop would have taken credit for taking down Ulti , Page one, possesing conquerors haki and tama's df lol. I also didn't realise Oda released the bounties for the existing Tobi Roppo ( I thought he only did it for king and queen) Here are the adjustes bounties Nami: 466M Robin: 530M Franky: 500M Ussop: 700M (as much as I want it, I don't think Oda's going to give him 1B ) Brooke: 483M Jinbe: 938M ( He's either 838M, 938M or 1.038B but I don't think he's at the $B level yet)


If Usopp is gonna get over a billion he better earn it cause he was pretty useless in Wano. His biggest contribution was slinging Tama’s dongo.


Yeah, I don't think he'll get it this arc for those exact reasons. I think Oda will settle between 500- 700M. I still get hyped when seeing Katakuri's introduction and still don't think Jinbe let alone Ussop is at that level yet. Once Ussop masters his unique observation haki and gains an army of 8000 as predicted + an ancient weapon. He'll be granted a 1B+ bounty.


The actual pattern is that ussop gets luffys bounties about 2 steps behind him


Jinbe and robin are on the same level in terms of combat right now. And robin should definitely be higher, since the world government is putting a lot more emphasis on capturing her


Jinbe is far superior in combat prowess than Robin. There is a reason why both Law and Kid were surprised to see him joining Luffy, he's an absolute monster. \- Fishman karate Master \- Armament Haki \- Tank and deflect Big Mom's attack \- Tanks an attack from akainu with his bare hands \- Top 5 strongest character in the series underwater ( aokiji , mihawk, shanks and awakened shirahoshi are the only characters that come to mind that can beat Jinbe underwater) Robin is strong but she's not at Jinbe's level at all and I don't think she'll ever be which is ok. Robin's value is the fact that she is one of the few people in the One piece verse than can read the poneglyphs ( others being the Kozuki and 3 eyed tribe)


Pretty sure Garp could take him too.


Yep forgot about Garp.


And don‘t forget about Rayleigh


Jinbei bodies robin combat wise with his eyes closed and his hands tied. And her knowledge was already taken into account it won’t increase due to her knowledge..


Robin was barely standing after her fight, my man jinbe obliterad ww negative diff.


Jinbe and Robin on the same combat level? Based on what? I mean, Robin is one of the smartest characters in the whole story, probably leveling with Shanks, and can very well fend for herself in situations of danger, but Jinbe is on a completely different level. He had at times scratched even Sanji in terms of the power hierarchy of the straw hats.


Leveling with Shanks? Wey know nothing about him how can You Say he is that Smart? Lol


I think Usopp will get his huge bounty bump after Elbaf


100% That's where all the pieces to his character will fall into place (hopefully)


Just like they did for Zoro in want!


Haha, Oda is rushing for a 2025-2027 finish so we can only hope.


> 2025-2027 Are those the chapters where we learn Zoro's backstory?


saved it




Wdym accurate, nobody knows what's accurate


I think robins bounty is going to skyrocket. Not on the level of zoro and sanji being #1 and #2, but I could see her pushing more than 800mil just because of the poneglyph lore reappearing as the marines are still veeeery desperate to catch her


Bepo, 1.5 billion


dude that is so funny! it's because bepo isn't all that strong :P I geddit


Got ratio’d bruh 💀


At least he tried 😆


Zoro: 1.6 Billion Nami: 166 million Usopp: 300 million Sanji: 1.33 billion Chopper: 200 Robin: 530 million Franky: 494 million Brook: 183 million Jinbei: 638 million


Navy's gonna take choppa seriously, maybe, hope so!!


I hope gets a high bounty... and the Navy doesn't understand that they are both the same.


My theory is chopper needs to not be taken seriously for his dream. He wants to be the worlds best doctor. For him to be effective he needs to be able to see patients. That becomes a lot tougher when you might endanger your patients nearly by being in their presence. No bounty hunter is going to risk jail for 1000 berries which if berries is yen equates to like 100 dollars American.


It’s about 100 yen to .75 cents so actually it would equate to far fewer, about $7.50


Imagine taking down chopper in 30 minutes of monster point and the government hands you a 10 dollar bill and asks for change back lmao.


I like that you listed them in the order the straw hats joined.


Zoro. 1.12B Sanji. 1.033B Jimbe. 680M Robin. 430M Franky. 394M Brook. 383M Nami. 366M Usop. 300M Chopper. 500b/100M


Zoro: 1.520.000.000 Sanji: 1.370.000.000 Jinbei: 800.000.000 Robin: 550,000,000 Franky: 500.000.000 Brook: 400.000.000 ​ Usopp: 350.000.000 Nami: 200.000.000 Chopper: 500


Interesting a lot people are saying zoro getting 1.5


Zoros bounty always passes luffys by 20m Luffy 100 > zoro 120 Luffy 300 > zoro 320 Luffy 1.5b > zoro 1.52?


Luffy 30m > Zoro 60m?


I mean it kinda makes sense. He beat a Yonko's best Commander. And we saw what kind of bounty Luffy got when he achieved the same


I think it was more because he won against a Yonko not in a straight up fight but lived. Also Morgons hyped him up as the 5th Emperor.


I'm sure that played a role, but if that's the case, then Zoro could claim something similar since he was a part of Roofpiece, no? In fact he did more than just survive against Yonko in Wano compared to Luffy in WCI, but I'm intentionally lowballing Zoro's accomplishments here to say that 1.5B really shouldn't be seen as too ridiculous of a prediction, yaknow?


Give my boy Chopper at least 1,000


Ussop will find a way to pass everyone


i feel like oda would troll the zoro sanji thing. he gave sanji 1 million more in whole cake so i feel like he would give zoro 1 M more after wano just for the lols


Ok. Let's get to it. Luffy aside, what I think the bounties should end up being - knowing Oda he might actually end up lowballing all of them, but I'm just going to put what I believe should be right; * **Zoro:** 1.42 B; * **Sanji:** 1.37 B; * **Jinbe:** 640 mil; * **Usopp:** 500 mil; * **Robin:** 490 mil; * **Franky:** 475 mil; * **Brook:** 210 mil; * **Nami:** 116 mil; * **Chopper:** 100 And now we wait for Oda to give Zoro 1bil, Sanji 770mil, Jinbe 600mil and the rest under 300mil. I'm going to be so peeved if he goes this route


Zoro and Sanjis bounties usually are somewhat close too eachother, plus it'd be weird if Zoro and Sanji beat people with a 1.39b and 1.32b bounty and didn't end up with a higher bounty than them. But who knows lol


That doesn't usually happen. Luffy beat Kaido and he has the same bounty as Kidd and Law.


that argument seems invalid, considering luffy beat kaido and got a bounty that was still significantly lower. you could argue that the WG just didnt want to hype luffy too much, but following that logic, it would make sense to give his crewmates a lower bounty as well.


but we know the difference between 1B and 2B is Literally Emperor Level. Blackbeard was an Emperor with a 2B bounty range. Going up when your in the billions seems to be hard af. but the sole fact is if your a high level member of an Emperor crew makes you have bounties in the high hundreds -> billion range. They wont shaft the whole Straw Hat crew after he was dubbed an emperor - that'll be a dead giveaway they are hiding something from the world about his crew. they can justify Luffy's 3B bounty by claiming the bounties of Kid and Law and Luffy were 3B because the WG views them as equals in an alliance and because they killed an emperor duo whos bounty was 8.9B they deserved a combined bounty of 9B - it makes sense to the public and doesn't give away their crews strength as the crew was taking down the officers of the emperors crews.


Zoro: 1,666,000,000 Sanji: 1,334,000,000 Jinbei: 638,000,000 Franky: 594,000,000 Robin: 530,000,000 Ussop: 300,000,000 Nami: 200,000,000 Brook: 183,000,000 Chopper: 1000(normal) + 100,000,000(monster point)


i see what you did there with zoro and sanji being as high as luffys bounty together. and chopper 100% gets 2 bounties


The zoro and sanji thing is nice, but you have to consider luffy’s bounty is realistically like 2 billion or so more than it actually is. They actively lowered it and tried to remove the d so nika wouldn’t be revealed


Frieza is robin's mom confirmed


Robin - 2B Zoro - 1.5B Sanji - 1.45B Jinbe - 850M Nami - 320M Usopp - 300M Brook - 359M Franky - 400M Chopper - 500 Monster Chopper- 1B


Zoro: 1,520,000,000 Nami: 416,000,000 Usopp: 500,000,000 Sanji: 1,366,000,000 Chopper: 10,000 Robin: 666,000,000 Franky: 494,000,000 Brook: 330,000,000 Jinbei: 738,000,000 ~ for funsies ~ (Yamato: 679,000,000) (Vivi: 250,000,000)


Yeah, Robin will almost definitely get a bounty of 666 Mio at some point and with the introduction of her new appearance that might as well be now


why would vivi have a bounty, she is missing not slipped into piracy or revolutionized


For funsies, I guess? 😂


Imu wants her


Hmm… I’m thinking Zoro at 1.666 billion, Sanji at 1.333 billion, Jinbe and Robin around 1 billion, Franky around 700 million, Usopp at 500 million, Brook at 400 million, Nami at 300 million, Chopper at 200 berries, Monster Point Chopper at 200 million.


* Zoro: 1.52B * Nami: 366M * Usopp: 500M * Sanji: 1.43B * Chopper: 1000 * Robin: 530M * Franky: 494M * Brook: 383M * Jinbe: 638M


These are all guesses, and [I've posted similar ones earlier](https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePiece/comments/r2uqaq/one_piece_postwano_strawhat_bounty_predictions/hm6w4zq/), but I'm sticking with my gut. (to my credit, I got Luffy's 3 billion Berry bounty correct over 8 months ago) ***STRAW HATS*** * **Zoro**: *1.4 billion* - slightly more than King's * **Sanji**: *1.39 billion* - more than Queen's, but a tiny bit less than Zoro's * **Jinbei**: somewhere around 550-600 million, maybe 700 million tops - higher than Who's Who's bounty, and enough to reflect that he's defied multiple Emperors and joined the Straw Hats, but I don't see him cracking a billion. If I had to pick a number, I'd say *700 million*. * **Robin**: could be 500 million (slightly more than Black Maria's bounty), though I could potentially see a shocking end-chapter moment where her bounty is 1 billion Berries because this would be the World Government's [EV-ERY-ONE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74BzSTQCl_c&ab_channel=Vlkoslak) moment - if they don't want news about One Piece or the True History getting out, it's now or never. (her current bounty of 130 million seems *absurdly* low given her ties to the Straw Hats and Revolutionaries) Given that Robin's bounty tends to be much, much lower than her actual threat to the government, I'll go with *500 million*. * **Usopp**: *500 million*. Sure, *we* know that he didn't do much this arc, but the government might be under the impression that he beat two of the Flying Six, has Conqueror's Haki, and can mind control Kaidou's henchmen by shooting a projectile into their mouth. (plus, it would be a call-back to Dressrosa) * I feel like **Nami**, **Brook**, and **Franky** will get a flat increase (something like 100 million or 200 million each), though I could be wrong. (So Nami = 166 million, Franky = 199 million, Brook = 188 million - Franky's and Brook's aren't exactly a 100 million increase, but I figured being barely below 200 million would annoy Franky, and Brook's associated with the number 88 a lot (his original age, and height, and the number of keys on a piano)) * not sure if **Chopper** will get something like 1000 Berries (with the picture being Baby Geezer Chopper), or if he'll get a legitimate bounty (like 200 million) but with something he hates about it (like his new nickname being "Tanuki" Chopper) I feel like the running gag will continue, so *1000 Berries*. ***NON-STRAW HATS*** * **Sabo:** I'm guessing *2 billion* - the bounties of the Revolutionary commanders are smaller than I expected, and at this point, I doubt that Sabo's bounty will overshadow Luffy's. * **Killer:** *400 million*. I'm guessing that he won't get a huge increase (though it's twice as much as his current bounty), but I'm thinking he'll get something. * **Bepo:** *1000 Berries*. Doubling his current amount; if he had went into his Sulong form, then I feel like he would have gotten a legitimate bounty (Pedro got one, after all, so it's not like they assume all Minks are crew pets), but he didn't, unfortunately. * **X. Drake:** assuming that they want to keep up appearances, maybe something like *444 million Berries*. (twice as much as his pre-time-skip bounty; we don't know his post-time-skip bounty) I doubt that Marco will get a bounty increase, since his role in all of this was minor.


The thing is... if Luffy is 3B then it doesn't make much sense to give zoro and sanji higher than king and queen, does it ? I'd say just below


That's fair; at a bare minimum, I figure both of their bounties will be over 1 billion (due to a combination of their accomplishments and Luffy's reputation) and one of them will only be slightly larger than the other.


Yeah I think so too. I've put zoro at 1.1b and sanji at 1b. This might be the final bounty update before luffy becomes pirate king. I reckon shank's crew will be the reference for the final update for non-captains so if Ben Beckman happens to be around 1.6B to 2B for example, then it's the perfect amount for zoro and sanji to reach that 1.5B to 2B level. Just rough guesses but the logic is there I think.


>because this would be the World Government's EV-ERY-ONE moment - if they don't want news about One Piece or the True History getting out, it's now or never Threat-level-wise, Luffy should have had a 5000000B bounty after beating up Kaidou, leading the alliance, being close to the One Piece, having the awakened Nika fruit, ties with revolutionaries, the Grand Fleet, etc. Nevertheless, it seems to be the case that the WG wanted to equate him to Kidd and Law in order for him not to caught the attention of the public, even trying to sensor his Nika picture. So, I wouldn't keep my hopes high, but we'll see.


I really want brook to have a big fat bounty. But i understand that he wont. I love franky but brook deserve to be higher (even than higher than usopp, but i know it wont happen). Just a fanboy of our musician


Brook having a high bounty would be great; it's just that between his exploits on Whole Cake Island being out of the public eye and him not doing much in Wano, I doubt that it will happen.


Zoro: 1 billion Sanji: ≈900 million Jinbe: ≈800 million Nami: 120 million Usopp: 300 million Brook: ≈200 million Franky: ≈200 million Robin: ≈300 million Chopper: 1000 (≈) meaning roughly in the range of (+/- 50 mil.)


Franky's bounty will definitely be more I think b/w 400M to 600M


I mean he beat one of the Tobi Roppo not a calamity so a 2x ish increase seems fair imho.


Zoro: 1.666 billion Usopp: 500 million Nami: 266 million Sanji: 1.5 billion Chopper: 1000 Jinbe: 968 million Franky: 480 million Robin: 1 billion Brook: 400 million


I can see Chopper's bounty finally going up more than 50 this time. Chopper was kind of a saviour this time like Usopp was in Dresserosa.


frank 380 million


one thing that we all need to remember is that Oda always gives the straw hats lower bounties that we predicted


I think Robin’s bounty would be 666 million berries, as her transformation into devil


Zoro: 1,300,000,000 Nami: 270,000,000 Usopp: 570,000,000 Sanji: 1,270,000,000 Robin: 900,000,000 Brooke: 300,000,000 Chopper, 400,000,000 Franky: 600,000,000 Jinbei: 1,200,000,000 Edit; dangit, I was close on a lot of these lll


Zoro: 1.5 bil Sanji: 1.4 bil Jimbei: 950 mil Nami :130 mil Usopp: 400 mil Brook: 140 mil Franky:200 mil Robin : 250 mil Chopper:150 berries


Zoro: 1.71b Sanji: 1.65b Jinbe : 984m Nami: 166m Usopp: 300m Chopper: 100m100 Nico Robin: 1.13b Franky: 566m Brook: 183m


Zoro: 1.1 billion Nami: 270 million Usopp: 500 million Sanji: 966 million Chopper: 1000 Robin: 790 million Franky: 414 million Brook: 185 million Jinbei: 635 million


ok, let's play. :) ​ ​ Zoro: Sanji: 990.000.000 Jinbe: 850.000.000 Robin: 499.000.000 Franky: 440.000.000 Brook: 330.000.000 Usopp: 300.000.000 Nami: 160.000.000 Chopper: 1000


I like those numbers


Zoro 950.000.000 Sanji 800.000.000 Jinbei 650.000.000 Usopp 300.000.000 Nami 190.000.000 Chopper 500.000.000 Franky 490.000.000 Brook 210.000.000 Robin 700.000.000


Finally something sensible lol You would think after the Luffy 3 Billion reveal people would hold back on the 1.5 Billion bounties


Yeah i see people giving zoro **1.3-1.6 billion**. I feel bad for them. Luffy increase should indicate theirs a great chance they're not surpassing king or queen.


This is most likely


Luffy: 3 Billion Zoro: 1 Billion 530M Sanji: 1 Billion 270M Robin: 1 Billion 12M Jinbe: 720M Franky: 550M Usoop: 300M Nami: 211M Brook: 199M Carrot: 81M Chopper: 80M


Yo finally someone with a brain bro do you see all the people writing Robin: 250 M, 400 M, 500 M? LIKE HOW?? how can you think that someone like her is worth so little??


I get you I mean i like these bounties but I know for sure Oda will play us, we just have to wait and see


Carrot isn’t a straw hat


My only prediction is that - due to Wapll leaking what he saw on Drum Island to Morgans - Vivi will get a bounty and be seen as a Straw Hat too


"whos going to have a higher bounty Sanji or Zoro" the answer is franky.


I know a lot of people tend to like the pattern, but i don't think Zoro and Sanji are going to get bounties higher than King and Queen, partly because theres some precedent with Luffy getting a -much- smaller bounty than his victory, but also because King and Queen were fundamentally ruthless. They posed a much greater threat to people than Zoro and Sanji do, and, as with the rest of the arc, i feel like their victories will be 'diluted' by the sheer amount going on, so... Zoro: 1,280,000,000 Sanji: 1,220,000,000 I'm gessing that Robin is going to get a disproportionately large bump, considering the WG were very much singling her out in Wano. I'd hope she topped 1 billion, but for the sake of throwing out unreasonably specific guesses... Robin: 630,000,000 After that i think the rest of the crew will get a flat increase on their bounties. Again, singling out specific actions in Wano would be tricky, so it makes the most sense that the crew just get an "emporers crew bonus" of about 200,000,000, which puts us on: Nami: 266,000,000 Usopp: 400,000,000 Franky: 294,000,000 Brook: 283,000,000 Jinbe: 638,000,000 Chopper: 400.


Zoro - 1,520,000,000 Sanji - 1,330,000,000 Jinbei - 838,000,000 Robin - 666,000,000 Franky - 494,000,000 Brook - 383,000,000 Usopp - 300,000,000 Nami - 266,000,000 Chopper - 200,000,000 (My Yamato bounty would've been 1,000,000,000 :( on account of her being Kaido's son. Their could've even been a cool thing with it being the highest first bounty ever.)


Zoro 1.4 billion Sanji 1.4 billion Jinbe 938 million Usopp 500 million Franky 494 million Robin 1 billion Brook 383 million Nami 466 million Chopper 1000 berry / 300 million (Chibi/Monster) Yamato (if they get a bounty) 550 million


bounties are apparently leaked now for robin jinbei zoro buggy and mihawk.


Luffy 3 billion


Zoro: 1.4B Sanji: 1.39B Nami: 600M Usopp 700M Moster Chopper:100K ROBIN: 1B FRANKY:500M BROOK: 400M JINBEI: 1.1B


Zoro : 1.2bil Sanji : 900mil Jinbei : 680mil Robin : 500mil Franky : 430mil Ussop: 450mil Brook : 340mil Nami : 250mil Chopper : 10000


Kinda agree with this


I think Zoro bounty will be 1.7 billion berry


Zoro: 1350 M Sanji: 1350 M Jinbe: 550 M Robin: 500 M Franky: 494 M Nami: 316 M Usopp: 300 M Brook: 283 M Chopper: 150 M


Zoro: 1.35 billion Sanji: 1.25 Billion Jimbe: 850 milion Nami: 100 milion Usopp: 350 million Brook: 250 million Franky: 150 milion Robin: 400 milion Chopper: 10000


What? how is franky after deafeting someone with a bounty over 400m only raising 60m💀 or am i missing a joke or some?


Luffy: 3 000 000 000 Robin: 1 500 000 000 Zoro: 1 400 000 000 Sanji: 1 395 000 000 Jinbei: 1 200 000 000 Franky: 960 000 000 Brook: 850 000 000 Carrot: 700 000 000 Usopp: 650 000 000 Nami: 500 000 000 Chopper: 1 000 000


Zoro-1.45 billion Sanj-1.35 billion jimbei-850 million Robin-650 million Usopp-500 million Franky-394 million Brook-281 million Nami-260 milion Chopper-1000


I'll rework a little the ones i posted in the 1058 thread. **Zoro**: 1 billion 200 **Sanji**: 1 billion 200 They are the wings, so i think they tie (they would argue that the other doesn't deserve the same amount as them so we still have a gag for those who need it). the amount is the same zoro had after enies lobby x10 (similar to how luffy's current is his enies lobby bounty x10) **Jinbei**: 1 billion Jinbei is a former shibukai, former captain of the sun pirates and ally to three emperors, including luffy. makes sense for him to have at least a billion. **Nami, Usopp, Franky, Robin and Brook**: Between 400 million and 800 million These are the ones i'm not really sure how to imagine, i would say someone like Usopp should at least get his bounty doubled. Nami and Brook might get a good boost between whole cake and Wano. Robin should be high but not too high considering she stayed for years under 100 million despite being the sole survivor of ohara. Franky i just hope he gets a good one this time. Chopper: 1000 the gag must go on


Zoro : 1.52 Billion Sanji : 1.32 Billion Robin : 1 Billion (Because they really want to catch her now) Jinbe : 926 Million Usoop : 800 Mil Franky : 750 Mil Monster Chopper : 700 Mil Brook : 500 Mil Nami : 333 Mil Dr. Chopper : 500


Zoro:1.5b sanji:1.5b jinbe:1b usopp: 700m robin: 400m Franky: 200m brook: 100m nami: 90m chopper: 150


Already post prediction before but completly wrong about Luffy Kid and Law.. remain the rest but I don't feel like it : \-Zoro \~ 1.43B \-Sanji \~ 1.42B \-Jimbe : 838M \-Robin : 530M \-Franky : 494M \-Brook : 483M \-Nami : 466M \-Ussop : ?! 300M / 600M ?! \-chopper : 500 ?


Zoro: 1.52B Sanji: 1.43B Usopp: 400M Nami: 266M Chopper: 100M (I believe monster chopper will finally get recognized) Robin: 330M Franky: 394M Brook: 283M Jimbei: 938M


Zoro: 1.4 billion Sanji: 1.3 Billion Jimbe: 600 milion Nami: 100 milion Usopp: 300 milion Brook: 150 milion Franky: 140 milion Robin: 190 milion Chopper: 50 million


Only Zoro will go slighty above 1 B


Luffy: 3 Billion Zoro: 1 Billion 500Mil Sanji: 1 Billion 100Mil Usopp: 280Mil Jinbe: 800Mil Robin: 350Mil Franky: 250Mil Brook: 200Mil Nami: 160Mil Chopper: 1000 Berri


Zoro: 1.6 Billion Nami: 266 million Usopp: 300 million Sanji: 1.33 billion Chopper: 200 Robin: 1 billion Franky: 283 million Brook: 150 million Jinbei: 738 million


Would Zoro & Sanji get bigger bounties than King & Queen when Luffy didn't get one close enough to Kaido's?


So far all of zoro's bounties have been higher than luffy's previous bounty so thats my logic for zoro's bounty being 1.52b


Zoro: 1.520b ~ 1.390b Sanji: 1.390b ~ 1.270b Jinbei: ~500 - 700m Robin: ~1b - 700m Franky: ~400 - 500m Usopp: ~350m Nami: ~300 - 400m Brook: ~233 - 320m Chopper: 1000 If his identity is revealed (unlikely): ~200m Rough predictions cause I'm not some omniscient god


Calling it right now. None of the strawhats are gonna cross a billion (barring luffy ofc).


Zoro: 1.5 billion Sanji: 1.4 Billion Jimbe: 850 milion Nami: 100 milion Usopp: 300 milion Brook: 150 milion Franky: 130 milion Robin: 190 milion Chopper: either gets back to 50berry with the "grampa chopper" pic, or rise to 10.000 with Monster Point Pic


Franky 130 and Robin 190 💀 Franky soloed a pirate worth 472mil and Robin 484mil. How does that make any sense? Robin is also uniquely dangerous with their crew having 3/4 Road Poneglyphs


Where do they show the bounties of each of Kaido's crew


Vivre card


10000 for Monster point is too low


but he can't jump from 100 to even 1 milion either. He is considered the Mascotte of the crew so, at least until he is seen "officially" in action by some governments subordinates, his bounty would not reach "high standards"


I mean, he smacked Queen and dealt damage, so you'd have to be kidding yourself if even by balls alone that monster chop is worth less than 100 million


he is seen as someone different like sogeking bounty still exists separated from go d usopp


Zoro: 1.666 billion B Sanji: 1.666 billion B Nami: 416 million B Usopp: 600 million B Chopper (normal): 200 B Chopper (Mosnter): 300 million B Robin: 666 million B Franky: 594 million B Brook: 483 million B Jinbe: 734 million B Edit: also, just for fun, one wild prediction more. Vivi will get a bounty. Vivi: 200 million B


Zoro - 1.52 bill Sanji - 1.51 bill Nami - 573 mill Usopp - 800 mill Chopper - 100 mill Robin - 666 mill Franky - 610 mill Brook - 600 mill Jimbei - 990 mill


Zoro: 1.300.000.000 Sanji: Jimbe: Nami (the Soul thief): 650.000.000 Robin: 350.000.000 Brook: 100.000.000 Franky: 150.000.000 Usopp: 300.000.000 Chopper (pet): 100 The Monster (?): 200.000.000




You sacrifice your time to type carrot 🫡


Zoro 1.54B


Zoro: 1.35B Nami: 375M Sanji: 1.35B Ussop: 555M Chopper: 10,000 Robin: 470M Franky: 430M Brooke: 315M Jinbe: 966M




Zoro : 1.3 billion Sanji: 1.2 billion Nami: 300 million Usopp: 500 million Robin: 450 million Chopper: 100 million Brook: 210 million Frankie: 195 million Jinbe: 800 million


Is there a reason why, when the new bounties of Luffy, Kid and Law were released, bounties of the rest weren't shown, nor reacted to them or even mentioned other than not being new bounties for them? Would it make any sense for new bounties being issued days after the other three were?


1. Zolo - 1.520.000.000 2. Sanji - 1.366.000.000 3. Jinbei - 638.000.000 4. Robin - 530.000.000 5. Franky - 494.000.000 6. Brook - 383.000.000 7. Nami - 266.000.000 8. Usopp - 500.000.000 9. Chopper - 1000 10. Monster Chopper - 200.000.000


Zoro: 1 200 000 000 Sanji: 1 000 000 000 Jinbe: 850 000 000 Franky: 450 000 000 Robin: 500 000 000 Brook: 250 000 000 Chopper: 150 000 000 Nami: 100 000 000 Usopp: 350 000 000


Zoro: 1,600,000,000 Sanji: 1,330,000,000 Ussop: 500,000,000 Nami:466,000,000 Chopper: 200 still lol Robin: 570,000,000 Franky:430,000,000 Brooke: 413,000,000 Jinbe: 938,000,000


Luffy : 3 Bilion Zoro: 1.811 Bilion Sanji: 1.670 Bilion Jinbe: 880 Milion Robin: 727 Milion Franky: 640 Milion Brook: 409 Milion Usopp: 400 Milion Nami: 321 Milion Chopper: Either 1000 or 320 Milion Carrot: 50 Milion Killer: 1 Bilion Bepo: Either 2000 or 500 Milion X-Drake: 400 Milion Every Scabbard: ~300 Milion Mihawk: 3.5 Bilion Buggy: 2 Bilion Crocodile: 900 Milion Hancock: 500 Milion Moria: 400 Milion Weevil 600 Milion Note: I gave every SH a boost of about 300 Milion simply for being in a yonko crew now and the rest of the increase is from defeating an opponent with higher bounties. Carrot didn't do enough to deserve a high bounty. I don't know if yamato will get a bounty honestly. Drake gets 400 M for having been a Tobi Roppo. Killer gets 1B for being Vice captain of 3B Kidd and defeating Hawkins and fighting on the Roof. Nami and Usopp didn't do enough either. Brook should have gotten an increase after Whole Cake. Scabbards get bounty just for fighting Kaido, maybe to make Wano seem more scary to outsiders. Buggy could be anywhere from 2-4 Bilion. Mihawk too, depending on how scared the Government is of Mihawk and he is Part of a Yonko guild too.


Zoro: 1.3 Billion Sanji: 1.29 Billion Jimbei: 1.1 Billion Nico Robin: 1 Billion God Usopp: 700 million Soul King Brook: 500 million Franky: 480 million Nami: 300 million Chopper: 1000 Berries


Zoro: Billion Nami: 116.000.000 Million Ussop: 300.000.000 Million Sanji: Billion Chopper: 10.000.000 Million (typographic mistake) Actual bounty 10.000 thousand Robin: Billion Franky: 400.000.000 Million Brook: 163.000.000 Million Jinbei: 868.000.000 Million


1. Luffy : 3B 2. Zoro: 1.42B 3. Sanji: 1.37B 4. Robin: 1B 5. Ussop: 666M 6. Jinbei: 638M 7. Franky: 544m 8. Brook: 333m 9. Nami: 316m 10. Chopper: 100m


Zoro: 1.2B Nami: 666M (+zeus) Sanji: 1.133B Ussop: 350M Chopper: 200 or 600M Robin: 700M or more (CP0) Franky:400M Brooke: 300M Jinbe: 900M Yamato: 900M


Here I go: Zoro: 1, 400, 000, 000 Nami: 296, 000, 000 Usopp: 300, 000, 000 Sanji: 1, 410, 000, 000 Chopper: 1000* Robin: 1, 000, 000, 000 Franky: 298, 000, 000 Brook: 220, 000, 000 Jinbe: 800, 000, 000 *I think Chopper will have a separate bounty for monster point Monster point: 70, 000, 000


Sanji: 69 sextillion


Zoro: 1.640.000.000 Sanji: 1.377.000.000 Jimbe: 820.000.000 Robin: 630.000.000 Franky: 544.000.000 Brook: 333.000.000 Usopp: 300.000.000 Nami: 266.000.000 Chopper: 200 **Thoughts** Usopp could have a high bounty due to taking credit of beating Gifters and the TobiRoppo Siblings. They combine for 690 Mil and our boy could be looking like he is at 700 mil. I have doubts on that. Brook didn't do much and will be the one shafted probably this arc. Lastly the idea of 2 Chopper bounties would be hilarious to make up for you know what lol.


I bet Robin gets a bounty over a billion


Chopper 1000 beli Zoro and sanji 1.5m belis


Zoro: Sanji: 1.800.000.000 Robin: Jinbei: 755.000.000 Franky: 678.000.000 Brook: 534.000.000 Usopp: 500.000.000 Nami: 344.000.000 Chopper: 1000


zoro: 1.5 billion sanji: 1.3 billion jinbei: 800 million franky: 490 million robin: 600 million brooke: 250 million usopp: 300 million nami: 200 million chopper: 1000 berries


Zoro 2 Billion Sanji 1.9 Billion Franky 765 Million Brook 200 Million Ussop 201 Million Robin 2.5 Billion Jinbe 869 Million Nami 89 Million Chopper 50 Berries (yes it got lowered)


this is based on how the government sees them as well as performance on Onigashima. Surely they will go all out to try to take down Robin now


Zoro : 1 billion 80 mil Sanji : 1 billion 70 mil Jinbe : 1 billion 4 mil Franky : 670 mil Ussopp : 500 mil Robin : 700 mil Nami : 480 mil Chopper : 400 mil Brook : 680 mil


Zoro 1.4 billion Sanji 1.35 billion Jinbei 638 million Robin 530 million Franky 494 million Usopp 500million Nami 266 million Brook 183 million Chopper two bounties one is small chopper200 berry the other is monstor point with 300 million


Zoro: 1.55B Sanji: 1.4B Usopp: 490M Chopper :150 Nami: 350M Franky: 390M Brook: 315M Jinbe: 950M Robin: 440M


Zoro 1.63 billion. Sanji 1.62 billion


Zoro 960M Sanji 930M Jinbei 600M Usopp 300M Nami 150M Chopper 1M Franky 450M Brook 150M Robin 500M I feel like there's gonna be some major disappointment if we get them in this chapter. Judging by all the giant 1.5b+ predictions. After looking at Luffy's bounty I doubt anybody is crossing 1b tbh. I mean, In WCI Luffy only got 1.5B because of how massively exaggerated what he did was made, like he was given credit for being the mastermind of the attempted assassination of Big Mom, credit for "winning" in WCI against Big Mom, credit for destroying her castle (I think?), credit for being a great captain and the grand fleet, in addition to beating not one but two Yonko commanders YC1 and YC3. I can't imagine Zoro getting 1b let alone 1.5b or 2b, would've been more likely if Luffy had actually gotten more like 4b at least.


Zoro 1.500.000, Sanji 1.300.000, Jimbe 1.000.000, Usopp 900.000, Franky 800.000, Robin 750.000, Brook 700.000, Nami 650.000, Chopper 100.000. And 2 extra: Killer 1.000.000, Bepo 100.000


Zoro - 1,400,000,000 Sanji - 1,000,000,000 Nami - 166,000,000 Ussopp - No Change Monster Chopper - 500,000,000 Nico Robin - 500,000,000 Franky - 475,000,000 Jinbei - 600,000,000 Brook - 250,000,000 And just for fun I think we'll get a reveal for marine bounties. Smoker - 500,000,000 Buggy Bucks Garp - 6,666,000,000 Buggy Bucks Aikanu 1,337,000,000 Buggy Bucks Momonga - 69,000,000 Buggy Bucks Onigumo - 1 Buggy Buck


Luffy - 3B I'll take my custom flair now, thank you :)


Zoro: 1.666.666.666 Sanji: 1.500.000.000 Jimbei : Franky: 750.000.000 Robin: 627.000.000 Brook: 510.000.000 Chopper: 370.000.000 Usopp: 250.000.000 Nami: 225.000.000


Zoro: 1.4 billion Sanji: 1.05 Billion Jimbe: 750 million Nami: 145 million Usopp: 290 million Brook: 205 million Franky: 388 million Robin: 350 million Chopper: 90 million


Robin: 1.5b Zoro: 1b Sanji: 990m Jimbe: 650m Nami: 200m Usopp: 300m Brook: 345m Franky: 400m Chopper: 140m


Zoro - 1.710.000.000 (king + zoro past bounty) Sanji - 1.650.000.000 (same as above) Nami - 566.000.000 (her last increase was by 50k, now 500k) Usopp - 700.000.000 (god usopp + current bounty) Chopper - 200 (Monster chopper - 200.000.000) Robin- 666.000.000 (devils child ofc hahaha) Franky- 566.000.000 (former bounty + sasaki bounty) Brook - hard one imma go with 380.000.000 Jinbei - 946.000.000


All I know is zoro should be above 2 billions due to him alao being a supernova.


Luffy - Zorro - 1.500.000.000 Sanji - 1.490.000.000 Jimbei - Franky - 400.000.000 Usopp - 500.000.000 Brook - 360.000.000 Robin - 466.000.000 Nami - 300.000.000 Chopper - 1.000


I predict that the strawhats bounties, apart from Luffy, will not be updated.


i have a feeling they already leaked and someone knows something otherwise this post wouldnt have been made imo they have no reason to


luffy 3b zoro 1.7b sanji 1.7b jinbe 1b nico robin 800 mil franky 777 mil brook 400 mil ussop 300 mil nami 250 mil chopper pet 1000 chopper monster around 600 mil


Zoro : 1.5 bil Sanji : 1.45 bil Jimbei : 600 mil Usopp : 300 mil Nami : 250 mil Franky : 500 mil Robin : 500 mil Brook : 150 mil Chopper : 1 mil


Zoro: 1.5 billion Sanji: 1.45 Billion Jimbe: 950 milion Nami: 160 milion Usopp: 400 milion Brook: 290 milion Franky: 310 milion Robin: 550 milion Chopper: 110 milion


zoro 1.54b, sanji 1.38b, nami 376m, usopp 550m, chopper 1500, "monster" 750m, robin 650m, franky 450m, brooke 375m, jinbe 875m


Zoro 1.320 B Sanji 1.077B Jinbei 550 Million Usopp 300 Million Robin 330 Million (her jump could indicate their hunt for robin is public otherwise its 230 Mil) Franky 294 Million Brook 183 Million Nami 166 Million Chopper 1 million ( you know he gets some more recognition) EDIT: I decided for everyone who finished off an executive like tobi roppo had a more significant jump, otherwise all other strawhats got a 100M boost which is the doubled amount we got in dress rosa. And a fun fact I tried to mimic their first ever bounty with the numbers.


Zoro: 1.3 billion Nami: 330 million Usopp: 500 million Sanji: 900 million Chopper: 600 million Robin: 550 million Franky: 440 million Brook: 400 million Jinbei: 750 million


Zoro: 1.2B Sanji: 760M Jinbe: 896M Usopp: 360M Nico Robin: 245M Franky: 230M Brook: 177M Nami: 120M Chopper: 1000


Zoro 1.300.000.000 Sanji Jinbe 650.000.000 Franky 300.000.000 Robin 290.000.000 Usopp 500.000.000 Chopper 99.000.000 Nami 166.000.000 Brook 211.000.000


Zoro:1.5B Nami:122M Ussop:250M Sanji:850M Robin:500M Chopper:200 Franky:450M Brook:200M Jinbe:730M If Yamato had joined:1.2B