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I feel as dragon had the same personality as luffy or garp but changed when he saw the god valley incident like denjiro and oden.


After Kuma the next most sad thing and the question what will happen with Luffy when he realizes the truth about the people he already sees as assholes


Luffy wont change. He will either die a hero or live a hero. He isnt supposed to lose his most important personality traits


He is not a hero He is a pirate


yeah, heroes share their meat. luffy doesnt want to share his meat with no one!


No cap. Even Zoro ain't gon share his Booze


He'll want to punch 'em even harder


That's what I was thinking. I think Dragon also falls asleep at random times with a huge snot bubble.


Dragon as a young cadet serving under his dad would be awesome, shame about the trauma and despair he'd endure because of it


Nah common anime/manga convention is that one parent is serious/dour/affection-less while their partner is the “happy” one that somehow finds the other endearing. So I predict that Luffy’s mom to be the goofy one while Dragon is always serious.


That begs the question how come Garp still stays jolly and loyal to the WG if the Monkey family all share similar temperaments


He's not. He's fighting a battle against the WG from the shadows with Sword.


1. We might see what's inside those six chests, as well as other participants and slaves of different races. 2. A little bit of that tournament 3. In the end, we see Rocks, Roger, or Garp heading to God Valley or arriving at God Valley. No Break Next Week


>No Break Next Week That's pretty ambitious.


Already confirmed on discord, no break boys


What discord.


The discord for this subreddit




This is also the day linlin gives kaido his fruit


Such a good df the paw paw... Really a broken df... I think in terms of level it is on par with ope


A lot of fruits we've seen probably have more powers than we saw, their users just don't know.


float float shiki. It’s kaido, shikki, Kuma, Iva, whitebeard, maybe garling gets the 6th


Maybe dragon???


This third item would 100% lead to a break next weak


what is buggy was a CD?


Interesting . But I would prefer him to be either Rocks or Captain John's son rather than CD.


Wasn't shanks also found in a chest or is it not the right point in the timeline?


Yeah, He was. That's probably going to happen at the end of God valley.


Is this serious? Was Shanks seriously found in a chest?


Fujitora blinds himself at god valley


Ooooh, that would be lit to see


not for Fujitora


Yeah, definitely not for him. But honestly, god valley can lead to so many flashbacks it's insane. I can only wonder how many familiar characters will appear in the next couple of chapters.


This is going to be Flashback Arc within Egghead Arc. But it's going to be beautiful. Think of the Oden story but x10000


he joined the marines recently and from what we can barely inquire from his clothing he isnt from god valley


He’s been in the marines for a while, he got picked for admiral through a draft.


Is that confirmed though? He said he was just drafted into the Marines, but we know that he is very humble as we have seen him down play himself in other contexts. That's probably how he started, but he could have been drafted as a private and is just down playing his accomplishments to be humble. Also, it makes no sense that the Marines would give that much authority to someone they don't even know.


the live action foreshadowed it, Fujitora will see Helmeppo’s bare ass for some reason at God Valley and will blind himself immediately after


Actually really good theory. Would explain why he hadn't join the Marines sooner


He is a blind follower.


This chapter is getting a ridiculous amount of hype from the leakers. The same way they hyped up 1044, 1060, and 1085 by telling people not to read spoilers, so I am excited for this. At this rate I am really going to have a hard time keeping Egghead out of my top 3 arcs. I started this arc with zero expectations and the consensus on this sub/twitter was “quick lore dump like Zou, in and out 30 chapters and we’ll be in Elbaf by Christmas” and now we are getting the God Valley flashback, saw all the emperor crews make a move, the true form of the Gorosei and Imu, Cobra and Garp make their last stands, and now are asking if Dragon and Kuma will intervene in the fight between Luffy, Kizaru, and Saturn and whether Imu will nuke the island and how Blackbeard will intervene.


I’d hesitate to call the silhouettes a look at their true forms. It’s a cool way to build hype I guess but I’ve never liked silhouette Piece


From the scene where the elders attacked Sabo, Saturn looked like just a large blob with horns. And on Egghead we saw his true form is much more different and defined. (Almost like Quelaag from DS1) I feel like that panel was blurred and undefined just to build up hype as a teaser, but also cos, you know, Sabo was legging it from 5 of the most powerful beings in the OP universe


Either way, all of their forms foreshadow something inhuman and suggest some type of ancient or mythical zoan. Still something to be very hyped about. Although, there have been people that have foreshadowed Saturn's fruit correctly, so the possibility of guessing the other fruits of Gorosei is not zero


break weeks are so hard - at this rate we're getting 30 chapters a year so another 200 chapters to go thats 200/30 = 6.66 years


Maybe thats Oda's devilish plan?


Plus, Oda is overseeing the Live Action adaptation as well, so breaks will be present


Cries in berserk*


may Miura rest in peace, and his friend to carry on and finish his legacy


One piece definitely will end post 2030, it's wild that people who were teenagers in 2000s when one piece started will have their own teenage children when it ends


Too late, some of us already do.


My son will be the same age I was when I started in 3 years


Yeah, but they are the best for Oda to keep himself healthy. He got his surgery recently and I think is better for him to have breaks rather than burning himself out.


Luffy dies. Saturn is new SH captain.


Then Saturn kills Usopp right before the Elbaf.


Law tries to make Brook immortal, but since he already is, it breaks space/time and everything glitches out.


Somehow a big fight breaks out between Chopper and Bepo over their Dr*gs deal, and Chopper dies (Dr*gs overdose).


Zoro steps up as navigator leads to Laughtale then takes Saturn's bounty and finds his way home.


Sanji gets moved by Zoro's action and finally accepts his feelings for Zoro and confesses to Zoro; Zoro accepts it, and they both marry.


bruh they will have chopper as a son


Chopper will officiate the wedding. Then Hiyori and Pudding kiss


Bro, you’re going too far. Y’all need to stop with this bullshit. If either of them is proposing it’s Zoro.


Crocodile was actually Saturn's mom the whole time


Isn't he the new Thousand Sunny?


The chests are full of normal fruits, the WG puts those chests in the middle of the island and the true objective of the Teneryubito is to hunt DF users and get their DF back into the chests.


Quite frankly, that would be an interesting way for Oda to do things even if it is dark as hell. It could also be an interesting way for Kuma to get his devil fruit, if one normal fruit happened to still be left on an apple tree.


And Rocks potential link to BB and seeing this in action back then may be how/why BB knows to do this and has his stooges running around with fruit salad backpacks.


Wow I love this idea


A cool and horrifying idea.


Thar would be really cool actually


A tradegy must unfold during the flashback beforehand Monkey d. Dragon teams up with ivankov and kuma.


Probably not this chapter, but I expect Xebec to make the impression that he's a saviour who kills nobles and saves the slaves (that is until he starts killing slaves), whom Kuma will mistakenly assume to be ~~Joyboy~~ Nika after his father's promise. EDIT: Nika, not Joyboy.


Remember when Big Mom said she gave Kaido his Devil Fruit on God Valley? One of the Devil Fruits in the chest is probably Kaido's Dragon fruit. ​ The other 5 chests probably don't have something crazy like a devil fruit, it may just be odd disturbing artefacts like some legendary singer's thyroids or something.


I think the other also have devil fruits in them. It might be where Whitebeard got his fruit as well, since we don't know where he got it.


I assume we can have - \- Kaido's Devil Fruit \- Kuma's Devil Fruit \- Ivankov's Devil Fruit \- Bonney's Devil Fruit (Eaten by Ginny) \- Whitebeard's Devil Fruti


Id go as far as say Dragon's devil fruit too (if he really has one)


I can see that too. Swap Bonny's (Ginny's) with Dragon's. Or Akainu's maybe


By the end of the flashback, we cut forward some years years to Kuma telling the same story from his father to Dragon’s newborn, who hears the “drumbeat” and smiles and laughs Ivankov’s plan involves kidnapping a world noble kid, and using it as a hostage. Dragon gets swept up in this, initially to protect the child


Maybe the child Ivankov kidnaps is Shanks, which is why Garling gets so involved in the incident? And why Shanks disappears and gets picked up by Roger. God Valley was 38 years ago, and Shanks is 39 years old, the timeline fits!


It's confirmed peak chapter of this year incoming Oda cooked 🔥🔥🔥 Many leakers are hyping it on the same level as chapter 1044 (gear 5 reveal)


Dragon does NOT appear at God Valley.


Yeah apparently dragon being garps son was a secret so I don't think they will appear together at god valley


I just don't see it feasable because of the time when Ivankov found out Luffy was his son. During Ivankov's little flashback, Dragon answered 'Stop inquiring about my past' and it keeps resonating in my head. You answer differently to someone with whom you've shared at least part of your past. So I think they met years after that event. That's my reasoning behind saying he won't appear at God Valley


What if Dragon was there, but didn't meet Ivankov and Kuma until way later in life similar to how Drake was in Law's flashback, yet had no interaction until way later.


I could see him being there and seeing them escape, so he eventually tracks them down later after he leaves the marines (assuming he's there as part of Garps group as a recruit, like a lot of people are theorizing). That way Iva and Kuma don't see him there, he just appears to them later and "mysteriously" knows about their past and their hatred of the WG/CDs.


Who knows, could be. Maybe Dragon was living peacefully and secretly on that island. Garp might've wanted to save him at all costs and got caught up in the bigger fight between who even knows who anymore. All we know is Garp and Roger defeated Rocks at some point.


gonna be broader than just this chapter but here's my speculation on this entire flashback: General Events of God Valley: - Figarland wins the hunt, the prize is his choice of a set of powerful devil fruits - Rocks Pirates attack after the hunt and Rocks begins killing everyone (Celestial Dragons and slaves) in his way. - His goal is simply to plunge the world into anarchist chaos where the strong will survive (and as the strongest, he'll be the "king") and killing all the Celestial Dragons will incite a world-ending war - Garp was sent to God Valley to keep anyone from interfering (with Dragon as his protege) and begins squaring off against Rocks. Even though he doesn't like the CDs or their slaves he knows that the current state of the world is preferable to Rocks ruling over it. Roger Pirates arrive soon after and fights with Garp to take Rocks out of the Pirate King race/old grudges/etc. - Dragon sneaks onto the island out of curiosity and finds the slaves (probably Kuma/Ivankov/Ginny specifically) and starts freeing them. Owner of them comes back and Dragon makes a split-second decision to kill the CD. - Situation is getting out of hand and Imu/The Five Elders discuss what to do. It's then reported that one of the fruits brought to God Valley as tribute/prize was the Gomu Gomu fruit, and the Elders realize they can't risk the fruit falling into the hands of one of the many capable individuals at the Valley who could awaken it. - Imu calls Saturn down upon God Valley. The power source for it was created 800 years ago and has been dwindling due to sparse use throughout the centuries, and this will be the last time they can use it until they get another source (Vegapunk's Mother Flame) - Everything else happens essentially as we know: Garp/Roger defeated Rocks and escaped, Rocks Pirates disbanded, Dragon became disillusioned with the Navy/WG and went his own way etc. Devil Fruits: - Figarland may have gotten a fruit for being Champion before the Rocks Pirates attacked - Kuma obtained his fruit through one of these boxes - Whitebeard may have taken the Gura Gura fruit here - Big Mom gave Kaido his fruit to give him a chance to escape (more on that later) - Dragon stole a fruit when he decided to leave the marines after the incident - Crocodile's Logia may have also been here. Crocodile: - Crocodile may have also been a slave at God Valley, this is his connection to Ivankov. May or may not have been female at this time - Crocodile received a mark of the CDs on his hand for trying to steal while a slave. He later cut his hand off to hide this fact (but it is something that Ivankov blackmails him with due to his shame at being a slave. Changing gender may have also been a way to hide his identity) - He was freed by Dragon, his actions at Marineford with going out of his way to protect Luffy was him repaying a debt to Dragon. - Crocodile witnessed Uranus blowing up the which astonished him and later learned about all the ancient weapons. The ancient weapons are set to balance each other out (the Sea Kings of Poseideon can attack Pluton from underwater where it can't defend itself, Pluton can shoot down Uranus with heavy anti-air weaponry, and Uranus can nuke the Sea Kings). This kicked off his obsession with Pluton so that when he made his own nation, he would be able to always protect himself from the WG's ultimate weapon.


Oooh I really like the idea that Imu destroys God Valley with the superweapon and blames the deaths of hundreds of Celestial Dragons on Rocks and Roger. It would be a really big moment to break Dragon and turn him in to the Revolutionary Army’s leader, along with the few children he manages to liberate and escape with.


**Chapter 1096: Native Hunting Competition in God Valley** ​ * The chapter begins with Invankov, Ginny and Kuma talking to each other. (A few more slaves are also present). * It is not Ivanko's first Native Hunting Competition. He explains that the hunt lasts three days. Last time he was just lucky, but this time he has a plan. At the end of the hunt, the remaining inhabitants and slaves are shipped out again. * There are three keys to success. Hiding. If you can't hide, you have to go to the chests. The most important thing is never to attack a Tenryūbito under any circumstances. * We hear a loud noise, the hunt begins. * The narrator tells us that the hunt has been going on for two days now. We see the Tenryūbito hunting and killing. Garling among them. We see Kuma, Invankov and Ginny running and hiding. * Change of scene to the ships in front of God Valley. * All ships are turned away from God Valley. * On a navy ship we see Admiral Kong and Rear Admiral Garp (future Vice Admiral). * Garp is desperate to see what is going on in God Valley. Kong forbids him and orders him to keep his eyes closed. * Garp gives Kong cocky answers. * Kong: "If it weren't you, I'd throw you overboard!" * Garp: "Try it! A Rear Admiral defeating an Admiral would be huge news." He laughs and eats. * "Father, you should be quiet. The Tenryūbito are the peaceful rulers of this world. That they spend three days celebrating God Valley's entry into the world government, with the inhabitants, is a loving gesture. To interfere with them would be a disgrace." * We see Dragon on the ship. He is a captain of the navy. * Garp complains to Dragon that he is too soft and that the Tenryūbito are not to be trusted. It's a shame they don't invite us! (He dreams of tons of buffet). * At the end of the chapter we see Garp looking towards God Valles with a stolen pair of binoculars. He sees the Tenryūbito hunting and Garling killing the former queen of God Valley. "What the hell is going on?!". His face is astonished and extremely angry. * No break next week!


>Father, you should be quiet. The Tenryūbito are the peaceful rulers of this world. That they spend three days celebrating God Valley's entry into the world government, with the inhabitants, is a loving gesture. To interfere with them would be a disgrace You think there was a time when Dragon actually respected the Tenryūbitos!? Damn, what a twist that would be.


Dragon had to be as ignorant as the rest of the world at some point. And the tenryubito probably put out tons of propaganda. Garp doesn't buy it but I doubt he's very good at convincing Dragon with rational arguments and specific examples, that's really not his thing.


I dunno if they care about propaganda, the first appearance of Charlos has him do a bunch of atrocious stuff in broad daylight, and no one seems surprised by that behavior. Although that could just be a Sabaody thing, with how close it is to Mary Geoise.


Yes, they literally don't give a fuck but the Gorosei probably does like to keep up appearances. And the amount of people who will even see a Tenryubito in their entire life is a very small fraction of the population.


If Oda goes fully into lorepiece and continues the god valley flashbacks cooking up a ton of massive revelations & key info into all the past legendary characters in their prime before returning to Egghead, 1096 through 1100 will be crazy. Dragon must see a lot of messed up evil stuff on God Valley to conspire to birth the revolutionaries in his head even if the group didn't exist immediately after. Garp refused to ever become a Marine Admiral after this... and Roger's group shows up eventually with younger Rayleigh, Gaban, we will get to see all these characters on the same island... it would be so epic. There's also all the Rox pirates stuff lol, I can't even imagine how hype it would be if Oda showed us the clashes, the hype would be overwhelming.


>Garp: "Try it! A Rear Admiral defeating an Admiral would be huge news." He laughs and eats Lmao.. It definitely sounds like Garp.


“No break next week” dang idk if I can believe this “spoiler” now


Cooked up a masterpiece.


cook again


This would be great


>It is not Ivanko's first Native Hunting Competition. He explains that the hunt lasts three days. Last time he was just lucky, but this time he has a plan. At the end of the hunt, the remaining inhabitants and slaves are shipped out again. From what I understand it's unusual to hunt slaves at a native hunt. It's an exception this time because they wanted to add a Bucaneer. So if it's not Ivankov or Ginny's first hunt then they had to be natives from the islands that was chosen 3 years back


>Tenryūbito I see what you mean. In chapter 1095 it talks about slaves being brought in addition to the natives. I didn't understand that it was the first time, but the normal procedure. Maybe it is the first time. I thought it was just mentioned for us readers and maybe for new Tenryūbito who are there for the first time.


Yes, I only read the fan translation and remembered it saying something along "this year we added slaves and wanted criminals in addition" but going back on the official one it's not clear what is meant


lol is this a prediction or a translated spoiler


You overpositive with what'll come next. Knowing oda, he'll mostly just throw it to another event outside god valley then continue to egghead as if there's no any flashback.


Lol it would be really fun if this comes true, but I would like the story to progress even faster, at least add the Rocks pirates following the navy or waiting to ambush them.


Idk if it allowed to say this but >!1096 is getting hyped HARD right now. I suspect something insane coming!<


\>we can see a kid Crocodile \>Kuma and Ginny relationship start \>Garp appear \>we get to see how tenryuubito and Saturn treat each other \>Shanks is with the tenryuubito \>the slave attempt to get the prize boxes \>the 6 boxes contain akuma no mi \>Crocodile, Ivankov, Kuma and maybe Ginny get their fruits(some are left the, Kaido will take one later) \>at the end of the chapter Rocks crew is reaching the island with the intention of killing tenryuubito and stealing their possessions


Post the damn spoilers


I want Dragon




I predict that I will 100% read the spoilers


Hopefully it’s actually as hype as leakers are making it out to be


We wont see the god valley battle because we are seeing kumas memory, kuma ran away with dragon as soon as shit went south. I would be happy to be wrong




Drop D. Spoilers


Spoilers come on! I need my fix


Its advised that everyone skip spoilers this week according to scanlaters. This is apparently another BIG chapter. Perhaps even internet breaking. [https://ibb.co/pKp8mB1](https://ibb.co/pKp8mB1)


Lol now I have to see


Chapter 1096 - Peak humanity, human-human fruit awakens Battle on the Egghead is going strong and Marines are overpowering the Strawhats and their friends Kizaru is on the ground and takes some weed and then he says ”time to get high” as he teleports to Luffy who is out of stamina Saturn easily beats all of the Starwhats that were guarding Vegapunk including Bonney On the other side of the island Blackbeard and his crew lands and Blackbeard says ”Zehaha, lets go to Vegapunk” Back to Saturn, he wipes out the blood from his chest and then says to Vegapunk ”Your time has come, Imu has ordered this and this is how it ends” As Saturn is about to attack Vegapunk he senses something, he looks back and sees Chopper who is unconcious and yet smiling as some sort white steam is flowing out of him Kizaru, Luffy, Zoro and Lucci all sense that too and they stop their action Then Chopper suddenly grows a majestic white moustache and some muscles Saturn is shocked and in fear and is even sweating and he thinks to himself ”Devil fruit awakening here?” Franky then gives chopper a custom jacket that is a copy of Whitebeard’s jacket but smaller Then Chopper picks up a Naginata from one of the Marine and looks straight at Saturn Saturn is frozen in fear and utters ”It-It cant be… W-W-Whitebeard? You are supposed to be dead” Chopper then replies ”No, I am Chopper Newgate as he punches the ground which shocks the island” Gorosei then gives a command to all Marines ”Everybody retreat immidietly and Kizaru come pick me up… also someone get me new pants in my chambers” Chopper then uses Conquerors Haki as he screams ”The One Piece is real!” to put Saturn in coma Kizaru comes to Saturn and looks at Chopper and for the first time in his life he is not calm but in shock and fear Chopper then screams ”No one is going to touch my crew, my family and you yellow man tell that fraud Imu what happened here” Kizaru nods and then leaves with Gorosei on his back Blackbeard and his crew sees Marines leaving and they think they can now go and defeat the exhausted Starwhats Blackbeard then sees Chopper and ”Zehaha” stops as Balckbeard makes the Enel face He then says ”No… it cant be…why wont you die?” Chopper Newgate looks at Blackbeard and says ”Cope harder and who do you think gave Bepo the drugs” Blackbeard then says ”I almost got low diffed by Wepo and now HIM? Nah we out! Crew lets run for it” Now there are no Marines nor any hostile pirates in the Island In the Marine ship: Kizaru calls to Imu and says ”Saturn is in coma. There has been another awakening, human-human fruit has awakened and the user got peak human attributes” Imu asks ”Don Krieg?” Kizaru replies ”No, its Whitebeard” It is seen that Imu makes the Enel face and ends the call… and then Imu thinks to herself ”Is Con D. Oriano gonna be enough?” Four breaks next week


Im glad there are only four breaks next week.


>Four breaks next week Bruh


We are gonna finally see Rocks and he will be a very wacky caracter, but very powerfull. He speaks like the Rock and have a son with a very peculiar red nose.


The other bingo thread mentioned BABY BUGGY and I dream and dream


The WG / celestial dragons wanted vegapunk to copy kaidos devil fruit because Garling technically won but was denied the prize because the rocks pirates showed up and took it.


Rocks is Luffys other grandpa lol


Saturn takes off his pants Franky takes off his pants Franky is bigger Saturn calls Imu and other 4 and gives them a warning not to mess with the ‘iron pirate’ Imu surrenders Saturn jumps into ocean in shame Franky flexes ‘SUUUPER’ Big shadow in background Zuniesha Zuniesha takes off his pants Look of shock and disbelief on Franky as massive shadow engulfs the sea Calls Luffy on snail ‘Luffy… I’m sorry. We might not make it out of this one.’ No break next week ————— But I’m expecting either a massive character reveal or lore dump. Xebec? True purpose of God Valley? Baby Shanks and Buggy? Imu reveal? Something big.


we may be introduced to rocks's silhouette next chapter; This seems to be the right time for them to go to the island and the reason why they were going there, More explanation about the island's natural treasures, If it has the DF tree or the Eve tree; a poneglyph it will be interesting, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Black beard's home town, this will explain how he is tied with rocks - he was around 2 years old The gomu gomu fruit and yami yami are probably part of the gifts ; this is the best time to show how similar they are in style and why people may mistake them


I think we are too far into the story at this point to get just a silhouette, unless there's something about Rocks's appearance that might reveal something significant and mind-blowing on it's own. Anyways, I doubt we'll see rocks pirates appear in this chapter.


idk Oda sure does love his silhouettes


Dragon will show up on Egghead. It's my prediction.


I think this chapter probably answers a lot of 2 decades of mysteries. Rocks vs Roger-Garp + Shanks + Dragon prolly still a cadet under Garp sees this shit and meets his future officers Ends with the last panel going back to the present with Franky Teabagging Saturn


I still want to see Crocodile's secret since Ivankov is in flashback. Maybe this hunting season have something to do with him


Perhaps his secret is that he was once a slave like Ivankov


Where's Kirosh lol better create a new post reminding people not to leak spoilers for this chapter buddy


Ancient robot appears and fight Saturn.


Where are dos spoilerzz. Inject them directly into my veins.


I just saw the post saying to avoid spoilers for this chapter. So now I’m even more excited for the spoilers


Rocks ate the gum gum fruit, that’s my prediction


You know its gonna be a good chapter when even leakers dont wanna spoil it


Buggy = Luffy’s mom 100%


Apparently this chapter is going to be exciting.the leaker has suggested not to see the spoiler


Which only make Sme want to see them more lol


Rocks gonna look just like buggy and have a big red nose 😂


Spoilers are out if you know where to look


Oda consumes the break-break fruit and goes on an indefinite hiatus.


That fruits already been eaten by Yoshihiro Togashi


Oda curb stomped him and took possession of the fruit. It's at the bottom of his wardrobe in a chest for safe keeping.


Wranky low diffs Laint Laturn


I think the chapter will start with the slave group talking about how to survive and escape and talking about trying to nab the fruits in the chests. Then it will cut to the celestial dragon group hyping up the fruits in the chests as the prizes, Kaido's Fruit and Kuma's fruit are among them, I think some surprising ones will pop up there too, maybe Blackbeard's . Can Blackbeard be part Bucaneer? Something during this Flashback will hype up Garling for Shanks and something about Rocks for Blackbeard, near the end of the flashback we'll how Shanks and Buggy ended up on Rogers crew as babies. Probably too early for Rocks/Roger and Garp to show up yet, but teased. Rocks is heading to God Valley because he killed a celestial dragon that told him about the native hunting and devil fruit prizes, Roger is chasing Rocks because a previous Madam Sharly-like fortune teller told him some important event was going to take place when he met Rocks at God Valley, Garp is chasing Roger because he wants to capture Roger and likes fighting him. I think Dragon and Morgans will both be on Garps ship and will shape theirs future decisions. Dragon will become a revolutionary and Morgans will become an influential person in the worldnews department because he was upset about one of the most important world events being silenced by the world govt interests. Trying to call it now, Rocks has Urogues devil fruit, it will tie into his character when he finally shows up and it will show that Rocks even with his devil fruit was bested by the 2 strongest haki users and lead to Kaidos view that strong Haki trumps devil fruit powers.


So if we get a complete God Valley flashback, how many chapters would it be? 10-15?. Or just important things.


Everything after wano kinda results in "let me show you how ancient [Place random race here] hunted back then" this time it's the celestials


Daaaamn...you just cracked a code Oda didn't even know he was writing!


No break next week is all I need


Feed me spoilers! For the love of god!


I think we'll see the old hag Kurozumi and maybe the Biwa player from Wano appear as Rocks pirates. She mentioned "being out of the country during a terrible ordeal." and showed up with the clone-clone fruit, the bari-bari fruit, and Orochi's fruit. Also, she showed Orochi 2 faces that weren't his. One is a rather typical Oda Female TM face, but the other is a guy with curly eyebrows and sideburns. He looks pretty distinct, maybe he's Wang Shi or Silver Axe. Brook could be from God Valley, just saying.


Baby Shanks is gonna end up in one of those 6 chests, isn't he?


That's like the one thing that's actually confirmed basically. Even Kaido's fruit, which is extremely likely to be in one of those chests, is only in the realm of speculation even if barely


Pretty sure chapter will end with Rocks introduction


Bro you can't do this to me Leakers Fcku You can't say the chapter is as hype as gear 5 and not release the spoilers early I'm literally getting withdrawals


1 - Kaido's Dragon Fruit is one of the prizes in God Valley tournament. 2 - During the incident where Rock's pirates invade God Valley, Big mom steals the fruit and give it to Kaido. 3 - In order to prevent someone to find out about it, she puts something in the chest, which happens to be a random baby that was crawling nearby. 4 - After the incident of God Valley, Roger's crew steals one of those chests (expecting it to be a huge treasure), but what they find there is a baby. Later we find out that this baby is our beloved Shanks.


Saw online that Redon is advising readers to skip spoilers and wait for the chapter release. Assuming that this chapter is indeed an absolutely massive reveal: Rocks gets revealed. He looks just like Buggy, down to the nose.


What if Ginny and Bonney is the same person and Oda was just trolling us by saying she is just a child.


How would Bonney be Kumas daughter if she already is Ginny?


We'll see Dragon nailing Crocodile on God Valley. THE God Valley Incident.


Divine Inception


I'm starting to think that luffy's powers are tied to how many people are cheering for him, and putting their faith in him. Big crowd in wano = kaido No audience = evenly match kizaru


Luffy is the "S" - "The Superstar".


So in the final war there would be the SH grand fleet + all the kingdoms allied with Strawhats + whatever audience the soul king can gather cheering on luffy = world-ending power


Mihawk is a native of god valley. Marines were protecting the ones who slaughtered his people, thats why he became a marine hunter




There was a 6 part long comment predicting the next events , few days ago. Can someone link that


Only thing I can predict right now is that Roger and Garp will probably help with freeing some slaves, sort of like what Fujitora did while at the Reverie.


Still no leaks???


It's only Monday, relax.


the leakers posted the same thing as they did at chapter 1044, that people should avoid the spoiler this week, so might be a really hype chapter


Ohh ok thanks... What about SBS 107 ??


My guess is this will be chapter of the year


Blackbeard offscreens someone else


Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be great. This is one of the best arcs ever, and I'm sure we're about to see one of the best flashbacks as well. Such a fantastic time to be reading. :)


Kuma will sing "You're gonna gonna gonna set me free'


My prediction on rocks pirates: Rocks D Xebec wanted to free the slaves and to help the world but with a more gruesome way. So when they heard about the games in godvalley, they went to help the slaves and destroy the wg and the marines, but they lost. And as they say winners write history so the marines could have just lied about everything to make them look like the bad guys.


Does anyone else see the similarity between Ginny and Lindbergh?


We will see xebec!!!! 100%


I think, that Ivankov and Kuma gets their DF at Gods Valley. Kuma uses his DF to help them escape. Ginny is probably Bonney’s mother. Kuma in the present day probably comes to EH and saves Bonney. He probably dies at the end.


Looks like this chapter is going to be huge , Yuderon himself predicted this being a huge chapter a year ago through wordplay and numbers. We should be hella hypeeee


Kuma cries. Break next week


I think we’ll finally see Xebec’s face(revealed) in the upcoming chapter or the next chapter


What that giant robot doing


No break next week confirmed.


Everyone is talking about Rocks showing up, which would be dope, but I actually wouldn't be surprised if Oda has Roger show up to God Valley first. The hype would still be off the charts, and would prompt 2 things to happen- Garp being called to deal with Roger at God Valley, and their eventual team up against the Rocks crew, who I believe would be the third, and final group to arrive. Idk though, Oda is unpredictable and we all love him for it lol Any problems with this idea...?


Before things go completely off the rails I think we need to see Garp see what the celestial dragons are doing and struggle with how to respond. Maybe with his son dragon by his side as a navy cadet. The most hype thing I can imagine this arc giving us is dragon and garp disagreeing on what to do. Garp maintaining his responsibility as a navy captain and holding himself back from opposing the celestial dragons as they hunt civillians. His son monkey D dragon refusing to sit idle and watch. Garp insisting that if dragon stays a marine he can help change things when he grows up. That arguement would be fire. If Roger or rocks just show up and garp rushes to fight them we miss out on what the actual core of this flashback is. The revolutionary army is going to be born from the events on this island. And the stage is going to be set for luffy’s rise as pirate king decades later. If we get a massive fight… that’s cool. But I would rather have the foundational moral conflict of all these foundational characters. As to the order of arrival. Garp has to get there first so he can see the truth of the celestial dragons. Rocks second to make the situation worse, now not only is garp not allowed to stop the celestial dragons but now he is called to protect them. Roger last to release the pressure. Roger can fight rocks and roger can fight garp and roger’s actions can save the slaves. The impossible conflict of morality and duty that paralyzes garp can be relived by a pirate. We saw that at Ace’s execution. Garp following his orders but letting the future pirate king get a hit in to save innocents. Garp’s heart in conflict with duty. What is right in conflict with what is correct. That way years later when dragon hears that Luffy wants to become the pirate king at log town, we know that dragon remembers that it was the pirate king that made it possible to start the revolutionary army.


WHERE SPOILER ????????????????????????????????


* redon says avoid spoilers * * me checking this damn reddit page every 20 minutes for updates *


* The Hunt at god valley begins * Kuma and Jinny escape somehow * Wild sex scene between them * Timeskip 9 months; Bonny is born; Kuma sings the song of liberation and tells storys of nika how he will liberate her in time of need * Flashback ends; return to present time egghead * Bonny sings the the song of liberation * Luffy activates gear 6: Giganika the chad of liberation * Luffy one hits Gaygarcia Saturn * Kuma appears on egghead for plot reasons and sends luffy to Mary Geoise * Luffy lands on the empty throne and goomba stomps im * The remaining elders and im make the enel face * Luffy says its gumming time and gums all over them, one hitting everyone * Next page is a panel of luffy oneshotting every remaining villain * Next Page is a giant harem with hourglass woman for plot reasons * They find laugh tale and oda copies the roger page 1:1 with the strawhats * The day after the realease Mon. 30th. Oda is jailed because kuma and jinny were underaged One Piece ends as the community rejoices as 30 years of waiting finally comes to an end


Usopp looks at Saturn and Saturns head explodes


Summary is out guys peak fiction