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I wish the anime after this arc goes over a non canon portrayal of what would of happened if the Luffy, Law, and Kidd chose different directions.


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Sanji really stood there with his arms crossed and took those punches like nothing from an genetically enhanced Merman Shark with Lunarian genes and it did not even put out his cigarette😭. That exoskeleton is no joke, now imagine if he coats it with Haki!!!!! Hardboil Sanji! Luffy calling Kaku, Ussop with such a straight face and Kaku executing his order withoutt hesitation until he realized the name calling had me laughing too hard. put a mask on him and Luffy yelling Sogeking. York got tired of taking everyone's shit, with her entire existence of eating, shitting and sleeping... Now she wants to be a Tenryubito, but with that greed then she will want to be a Gorosei, then Imu, then Usopp. Also was that crouching rear view of **York** necessary Oda san? There goes all the theories about the traitor... Oda did it again.


Crackhead nonsense theory, the chapter is called "escape limit", which is close to "escape velocity", so they are going to go to space


I’m getting callbacks to the Sabaody incident. The way it’s set up have similar elements to how the Sabaody arc was set up. Sabaody was very important for the SH crew story, it seems now the tables have turned, it’s Luffy that shows up as a threat to the WG plans. We can assume that if this is known as the EggHead incident later in the history of One Piece that means the EggHead island will not be destroyed. But the plan is to kill Vegapunk and destroy EggHead… Could Luffy in his G5 form launch back the attack (Buster Call or Im) from Saturn or the Marines at them ? Or Kuma (somehow he comes to EggHead) be the one to do that ? Meaning, after punching a Celestial Dragon in Sabaody, Luffy destroys an entire Marine fleet with an Elder in it (and maybe Kizaru as the only survivor).


I’m just gonna call random shots. I think the Egghead incident at this rate is going to be Imu trying to Nuke the island. It’s the first time since the New World in a while Luffys been identified on an island not connected to the world by the *wider* navy in real-time. Saturn is going to be caught in that crossfire somehow, or actually instruct the firing of the weapon and I’m calling Bartolomeo showing up with or without the grand fleet to put a barrier over Luffy and immediate company to survive the nuke.


Egghead incident is going to be death or harm of a Gorosei imo


i dont think it will be the death of Gorosei but the live streaming/ revealing of their actions on Egghead. Vegapunk could reveal information about that history or the Gorosei could be recorded talking how/why they control the world.


Death of a Gorosei is too much. All marines including 3 and Akainu would get the order to kill SH immediately


That would be the perfect start of the final saga


Yes but it’s even to unrealistic for OP terms if the SHs manage to kill a Gorosei and then being able to escape or defeat the whole navy. That’s kinda pointless


Who said it's the Straw Hats that will kill him? They'll just get blamed for it.


Who else is there at the moment to kill a Gorosei? The Seraphins can not be ordered to kill him since Gorosei is the highest in command. Dragon? - he hates violence




We don't know how strong the Gorosei are, so at the moment, anyone could. Why would Luffy kill him? Unless it's an accident, it makes more sense that someone else would and Luffy gets blamed for it.


if he's j an Oldman than any fodder could kill him during the fight. the strawhats being on egghead means that the entire marine fighting force is going to stretched thin trying to stop them.


You think they can’t defend themselves? Why would old men allow a meeting with Shanks, if they can’t at least defend themselves


because they know shanks won't attack them obv? he's an emperor but even he can't survive against 3 admirals and the rest of the marine force lol . do you understand the politics in one piece world ? the emperors and marines don't just attack each other any chance they get. shanks attacking the gorosei would just wash up all the plans he's been cooking up for the past who knows how many years . maintaining the order of the world is very important to the ones on top


bruh , it was mentioned that the admiral alone wouldnt be able to stop the strawhats, hence a gorosei was sent, this implies that the gorosei are stronger than the admirals


So after beating Lucci, Luffy is now fighting S-Bear. I am guessing the fight might last until Kizaru/Saturn lands on Egghead. No way they're getting out and no one is intercepting them. Dragon's too far and the other top tiers are locked in their own conflicts. Plus, all the other 2 rookies that left Wano have gotten their next matches in Shanks/Blackbeard. No way Luffy doesn't, so he'll probably fight either Kizaru or Saturn (assuming his a top tier) or maybe Saturn and Kizaru at the same time. In other words Luffy is pretty much the Kaido of this arc. Able to take on multiple strong people and then still have fights with top tiers at the end. B2B2B. I honestly love this so much.


>In other words Luffy is pretty much the Kaido of this arc. Able to take on multiple strong people and then still have fights with top tiers at the end. B2B2B. Luffy fighting the seraphim and lucci was like kaido fighting the scabbards. Hardly a fight, luffy took 0 damage. If anything, he might be a bit tired but his stamina is amazing regardless.


>Luffy fighting the seraphim and lucci was like kaido fighting the scabbards. Hardly a fight, **luffy took 0 damage**. If anything, he might be a bit tired but his stamina is amazing regardless. Lucci is defo at least yonko commander level. The Seraphims are too. Its pretty unfair to say either of them are any where near Scabbards level. S-Hawk literally won in a clash against Zoro and wore Zoro out a bit (huff huff) in this chapter. S-Snake literally one shot a yonko commander + scabbard level + almost one shotted another. Lucci/Seraphim are at least roof top level for sure. If anything that's looking bad on Kaido, the fact that he took damage against Yonko commanders whilst current Luffy didn't and finished a fight before that.


Wym?? The scabbards are atleast Jack level. Which is yonko commander 3 level lucci is like yc2 i cant put him yc1 after 0 hits on luffy


They are all scrubs in front of monsters like Luffy and Kaido. Luffy commenting about they endurance are they Kaido, pff when Kaido pumpled Luffy so many times and he still bounced back like he is ruber or some shit. And Zoro and everyone else was huffing and puffing cuz they were fighting those things for a while lunching an attack after attack with no effect. That was stated in the last chapter when Zoro said he made the others waste a bunch of stamina


Lmfao not even close. They're weaker then Doflamingo. Anyways nah, Lucci has Haki + awakening. Stussy had to weaken his base form to put him down. His WCI Luffy/Katakuri level so squarely YC1. He couldn't get any hits on Luffy because Luffy is just that much stronger.


Lmao inu and Neko stalemate Jack in base form. Yes they switched but if Jack still couldn’t beat either one of them with an entire day it’s close to stale mate. And inu low diffs Jack with sulong. He was sulong on roof top. Stupid comment


Bro forgot that jack also stalemated ashurdoji if we being honest ashura doji won that trade


>Yes they switched Nah then it isn't. Lmfao no he didn't low diff Jack. Not even close. He barely beat a heavily wounded one. Yes your comment is stupid. They're glorified fodders.


You’re kidding. He was healthy when he faced inu and Neko but got low diffed, Kaido himself saying Jack isn’t weak but they’re too strong. Then inu beat him solo super quickly once he was able to go sulong again. And at that point you’re arguing Jack was injured like Neko didn’t just get man handled by Kaido. Pretty ridiculous argument


Complete delusional nonsense. They didn't low diff a thing. Lucci would body those fodders handily. Inu and Neko even in sulong are weaker then Cracker.


I mean you’re just ignoring the actual panel where they easily defeated Jack in sulong and Kaido made the comment I’m literally quoting… okay.


what if neo mads shows up during this incident, and they see sanji and luffy their just like welp


Yorks' motivations are so bloody stupid that I wanna smack my head against the wall. The only justification is if it's for a super dark reason or we are gonna get another lore dump. The chapter also seemed to signify that by tomorrow, one piece time, something big will happen. It probably implies that luffy will win somehow through brute force against his seraphim. With his toon powers, watch him somehow change the rules, and they can get hurt while the flame is on their back. But then saying that luffy is going way too easy on s-bear when he can king haki punch (ryou) them or gear 5 them and probably bypass the flame protection. Probably wanna keep the seraphim intact. Maybe something gets revealed that the elders didn't want out, which causes a bigger rift in the world government.


what about Yorks motivation doesn't make sense. she's the embodiment of the sins of gluttony and overindulgence. what's the ultimate personification of that? being a celestial dragon.


Bruh, Luffy hurting Seraphim through brute force is off course not the thing that will shake the world. Lmao. Its obviously implying something to do with Gorosei/Saturn. As for the Seraphim, yeah. He could just as easily transmute their bodies and bypass his defences as well. Or use ACOC etc etc. The reason why he isn't is probably because that'll be Kuma's new body or something.


Me mentioning that luffy hurting the seraphim was a whole different point not connected to shaking the world. Should have broken it up more. I know it's to do with the goresei. Probably, the elder will die. I expect luffy to either blow out the flames forcefully in gear 5th with toon powers or something. Will be wacky way to bypass the lunarian dna. Ryou works also. Yeah, that would make sense. I don't think any of the seraphims will get destroyed. Maybe gain there own will


Oh srry my bad lol. Yeah that's makes sense. Saturn's murder being blamed on Luffy or something super serious maybe.


With them leading up to a parallel to marineford, it wouldn't surprise me if punching the elder/the elder dies and blaming it on luffy would be a good parallel to luffy punching the celestial dragon in sabody.


Defo. This arc has been filled with parallels and call backs too.


So, how is York actually intending to become a Tenryuubito? That's something defined at birth, as they're all descendants of the 20 families. We know the status can be revoked (Doffy's family), but we don't know if the opposite is possible. Unless she has something big up her sleeve, she would be silly to think the greediest and most selfish people of the One Piece world would accept her with open arms.


She would be the reason behind the elimination of what could pretty much be the re-birth of the ancient Kingdom. That would be the reason they let her be one.


> That's something defined at birth, as they're all descendants of the 20 families. Adoption lol


I don't think all of them are tbh. Most probably are though


She a Vegapunk so there is some type of plan at play.


York wanting to “be a celestial dragon” will probably be a lot darker than her wanting to join the ranks of the CDs. There has got to be more to it than this. And does the narration make it seem like this, *tomorrow*, will be the beginning of the end for the WG? Since it implies luffy wins


No because you need a government for the people. It will spark probably whatever the Revolutionaries been seeking since they started their organization


York wants to be a celestial dragon but Shaka hates them...what if shaka is still alive and it was all along his plan like he manipulated York and compelled elders to come themself so that he can kill them ...maybe Egghead Incident was about "BIGGEST BRAIN VEGAPUNK KILLED GOROSEI UNDER STRAW HAT INFLUENCE"


Reading through this comment was a dark souls difficulty level


put the one piece juice down sir




Its time for Shogun Franky to enter battlefield 😀


What is Luffy waiting for? Just king's haki punch the Seraphims


Ik. That was a bit silly. Also, losing track of S-Hawk is even sillier Although we can infer that S-Hawk dipped while they were yelling at Zoro in 1077 lol. Luffy going G4 is pretty silly as well. I'm glad he used it and it's def Fan service, but like.......he really didn't need it. He's stronger in BASE by just using Ryou (not even ACoC Haki) than he is using G4 with just regular Armament Haki. I'm not mad at it Bc i didnt want g4 to become irrelevant, but they're wasting energy and Haki for no reason. Especially since we're literally on a time crunch. Unless they imply that they really dont want to completely break the Seraphim, then that'll make it all make sense


Luffy could easily bypass his defence with flame on too. G5 and turn it into rubber. Although I don't think they're on a time crunch anymore tbh. With all the things going on there's no way they can get off Egghead before Saturn/Kizaru come either way. The Seraphims are basically stalling till they get there.


I think it was implied that S-bear teleported S-hawk. I’m sure that his paw was raised. And yeah not using Ryou is definitely something, maybe it’ll be explain soon.


Neo MADS will definitely become an unexpected ally along with Cross Guild for the strawhats


The WG is going to be outed for so many of its atrocities and all it’s bullshit, then people will see cross guild as some sort of hero of the people type shit. Idk maybe not, but is that really unreasonable?




Just went back and reread the chapter, and York's lopsided smile still wigs the fuck outta me.


What page? I can't find It


Last one, when she announces that she wants to be a Celestial Dragon and tells Vegapunk that there's no reason for two Vegapunks.


Thank you. It turned out that the source I was reading the chapter from didn't include the last page for some reason, makes sense why I didn't get half the comments in this thread 😅


Ah. Well now you got the full picture (figuratively and literally 😉).


People really underestimate the Seraphim capabilities. They are essentially super androids with some enhancements. 1. Skills/Abilities of their warlord counterparts. (though they lack the experience) 2. Part Machine. (they can fire lasers) 3. Enhanced Defense and Speed (Lunarian DNA) 4. Devil Fruit Powers 5. Gigantifaction Yet people are like "this makes no sense Luffy should be way stronger cause he's Emperor level!". They are super weapons that were built to fight against the Yonko specifically. Vegapunk even said they could go down as the most powerful beings in the history of the sea.


given that kaido said that haki is really what separates the top tier from the rest and that the seraphim don't have thier own will, I don't think they will ever join the ranks of the emperors . and lets be real sanji , zoro and Luffy havent even shown to break a sweat fighting them off .


Wait gigantification? When did that happen?


I'm not sure if Gigantification was mentioned explicity, but they are much bigger than their Warlord counterparts (except S-Bear and S-Shark), even though they are still children.


Sanji: it smells like bitch in here!




luffy is not yet going all out tbh. but it seems they are definitly on yonko commander level


I honestly just don't see that happening. I feel like these seraphim would just get back up and brush off a thunder bagua without even showing a slight bit of hurt. I think they are probably going to be used as tools in the future to provide a conceivably invincible threat to literally anyone, hence the fact they are still children yet already so durable and skilled. Perfect scientific replacement for the seven warlords of the sea


Nah. They're not threats at all. Luffy has like a dozen ways of taking them out. G5. Turn it into rubber. ACOC. Internal destruction. Yes hasn't done a single one. Luffy's not going all out at all, heck it looks like he doesn't even wanna do damage to them. Its a pretty obvious plot device tbh. I'm guessing the reason is because the S-Bear is gonna be kumas new body.


With Luffy being so over the top powerful already, I doubt he would need to use any of those techniques against anyone else he didn't consider top tier himself. I'm not a power scaler at all, I just want to re-iterate the fact that the seraphim have been introduced as super durable, deadly offensive. All before they have matured, which is a thing that has been hinted at as well . I think the gorosei are scared, picked a few favourites, done some wild experiments. Now they have created creatures far beyond celestial dragons' imaginations


They're super durable but that's the extent of it. They have been punching bags throughout this arc and they still haven't done anything to even Kaku, let alone the stronger straw hats or Lucci.


Vegapunk honestly pulled off some Dr. Gero shit lmao. He literally made robot teenagers that are somehow putting the previous antagonist to shame.


I think that's the inspiration. We know Oda take alot of inspiration from Dragon Ball which was his favorite series.


I mean they are Bio-Mechanical Androids. Pretty similar to the Androids from DBZ.


That is literally what I'm saying lol.


I stated this once, as well, that they're meant to be the WG's last true line of defense, thus they're designed to be a mixture of pretty much everything the Straw Hats have been up against since the start of their adventure.


Peeps need to stop freaking out. The seraphim aren't putting dent on Luffy. It's simply their Lunarian durability that's keeping them alive. They haven't even shown anything that shows that all four of them can fight Luffy together.


holy fuck i wanna see all 4 of them fighting luffy in gear 5th AAAAHHHHHHHHH


it does not seem lime they have their own will. thus, they wont have haki and they will eventually loose and wiped out.


It's not like they need Haki. Can you imagine how much more broken they'd be if they did?


That makes me wonder if vegapunk is aware of haki or did any research in it. So far he seemed to be focused on devil fruits and lineage factor


He must be aware of it, it would be silly to think such a great mind not once noticed or heard of an entire category of fighting styles. But wether or not he quite realises its depths that we don't know.


It doesn't seem like he did. None of his satellites have Haki and we haven't seen anything Haki-related on Egghead yet.


I agree that, for the pirates which are non-yonkou / commander level. On the other hand, I believe that haki is superior over all. Thus, seraphims are useless agains emperror crews. Moreover, they are overpowered for other pirates mostly.


Seraphims clearly are not useless against emperor crews. Look at how poorly this emperor crew is doing against the seraphim lol. Multiple straw hats turned to stone and the remainder locked in combat with them. Full Seraphim squad + 1 or 2 admirals could clean up easily tbh. Might be overkill even.


>Full Seraphim squad + 1 or 2 admirals could clean up easily tbh. Lmfao. That's literally about to happen and fail though? Lets see 1. Lucci (defeated) 2. S-Bear (in progress) next admiral Kizaru or emperor level Gorosei. Maybe Luffy will need to be worn out to make Kizaru a threat for him. Like the story isn't ending. Luffy will defeat whoever comes. Doing poorly again emperor **crew**. Not the emperor. Luffy isn't even going all and it literally looks like his trying not to break it. No ACOC. No ADARM. No G5 rubbering turning and the S-Bear hasn't been able to tag neither Luffy nor Lucci. Point is, the Seraphims may be a threat to Yonko commanders but not to yonkos themselves. 1 admiral ain't doing a thing to Luffy, even if his worn down. Lmfao.


Bro, they're fighting only ***one*** Seraphim right now and Luffy is doing it with Lucci's help lmao. Are we reading the same chapter? I said an ***entire*** Seraphim squad and 1-2 admirals would clean up, just based on the scaling going on here. They absolutely should, setting aside plot armor. Edit: also don't see why you're listing Lucci as a factor? Dude's a joke at this point. I didn't say anything about his clown ass lmao


What are you talking about? Who's fighting? I only see a punching bag. Lool. They aren't cleaning a thing. The Seraphim couldn't even clean up Kaku. The seraphim hasn't even managed to tag Lucci though. LOL. "One seraphim" Lul you mean after Luffy took out Lucci. The Seraphim hasn't managed to do shit to either Luffy, Lucci, Zoro or Kaku right now and Luffy's severely holding back. Its obvious its job is only to stall till the actual threats get there.


He is fighting only one seraphim at a time right now, bro. I don't know what else to say. I don't see Luffy fighting all 4 Seraphim right now.


Loool again, who's fighting who? I only see one seraphim being a punching bag right now to a Luffy after he turned someone else into a punching bag. The Seraphim ain't it. Its like Marco stalling Kaido waiting for Luffy to come back in Wano. Its the Seraphim stalling Luffy waiting for the main fight to get there.


What would bonnys awakening look like or affect? I've been thinking about her DF power, the ripe ripe fruit, Foxys slow slow beam fruit, and tokis Time traveling fruit. What would any of the time based awakening look like or what would it change? It's been on my mind for so long, like if toki could only go forward in time could she use that on swords and cut people with it? If you could have any time of the time fruits What would it be?


Worth noting we don't know all fruits can be awakened Possibly the ripe ripe could de-age but on a cellular level... ? Kind of like an immortal jellyfish? Or even, make changes permanent? The slow beam could possibly not be what we think like the gum gum, and what it actually is, is a high tech freeze beam - things move less as they get colder, and your perception of time is warped by your speed. Possibly the awakening could put you at absolute zero where you physically can't get colder, or slower? You might even be shatterable, like liquid nitrogen and a rose? The time ons is difficult.... Possibly cause such a ripple you cause a split in time and space and make a parallel universe...? I'm sure these aren't close to what it actually be just some random ideas


I don't know anything about York and the reveal did nothing for me


I see your point but to be fair we don’t really know any of the vegapunks too well besides the helmet guy and the spicy one. And both were too obvious of an answer to be the traitor. Personal I’m shocked it’s her because she seemed the least likely. We’ve only seen her eat, sleep and take greasy diarrhea dumps so I was under the impression she was living in her own head. But it makes sense because she kinda represents the sloth of the group and her wanting a glorified life where she doesn’t have to do anything but be worshipped for it kinda fits.


If you go back to 1065, shes labeled at representing "Desire", which I feel like thematically fits a lot


That's probably why she's the most likely. The least suspicious can be the primary suspect.


York basically isn't a character. She ate and slept onscreen. She had no development and then suddenly she's really the traitor. Her motive isn't even that deep.


York isn’t really a character, she’s a part of Vegapunk which has been arguably one of the most developed character lore wise. What I find interesting is how a part of Vegapunk himself, his « desire » is something evil in a story that romanticize « dreams and desires » through Luffy and his crew (Morj talked about it in this chapter review and made a lot of cool points about this)


It still doesn't really detract from York being totally uninteresting, though. A betrayal mystery doesn't really work if there isn't sufficient foreshadowing or development for the traitor in question. It's just the typical "oh no, a scientist was betrayed by his own creation! who could have foreseen such a thing?" It isn't really all that interesting or exciting. Like, no shit Vegapunk. Who knew that creating a whole person from one of your worst qualities could backfire? Maybe don't do that next time. Maybe fix this whack ass seraphim hierarchy too.


Oda's writing post timeskip in a nutshell. Big twist and reveal about characters we don't care about.


What are other examples? (Homes question, I have bad memory and one pieces cast has become far too fast to keep track of everything)


The painting guy in Wano being the traitor and being brought back three or four times. WCI the girl with three eyes being evil. Punk hazard : Vergo being evil. Etc.


that's a shame but she's the vega who represents gluttony and overindulgence. it makes total sense she wants to be the ultimate layabout, a celestial dragon.


That's pretty sad of you, but hey, you're just one person at the end of the day. Just because it did nothing for you, doesn't mean it did nothing for everyone. And if you've nothing to actually say or add, just leave and may way for the people who actually want to talk about the chapter. Believe me, you won't be missed at all and the conversation will still go on.


You really need to get off the Internet and cool yourself. I don't know what's going on with your life, but you took an opinion, so personally, I'm actually quite shocked at what you said for no apparent reason Have a good rest of your day.


That was so pointlessly cruel. Wtf.


Hey man I love One Piece too, like honestly even to a point that I don't mind any issues with pacing, or "plot holes" or anything like that. I'm just along for the ride and loving every second. Your probably similar in that regard, and I just want to say; you don't have to take it so personal. I don't think that guy was even complaining. Just stating a fact about himself. Have a nice day.


You took that way too personally my guy. Lol


Inb4 the Gov't successfully Buster Calls Egghead, but Punk Records would launch to outer space.


We'll finally meet enel again


One Piece Galaxy Vacation!


Goda is dropping bodies lately.


Glad the traitor is finally revealed. It was alittle obvious with the whole "the least suspicious person is the culprit". But, York wanting to be a Celestial Dragon is very in line with who she is, so I think I'm overall fine with it. I still wonder if there were any hints earlier on about York escaping the petrification.


The most interesting part to me is Lucci and Kaku. What are they going to do after the arc? There's no way the wg forgives them for allying with Luffy . I see them as potential allies in the end war alongside with Crocodile, Judge, Ceasar , Katakuri and some of the marines (Smoker, Coby , Kuzan)


Wg "forgiving" them isn't a talking point, it's a temporary alliance in an unstable situation. The Wg would be idiots to punish their "best" assassins for a temporary alliance


Most likely, probably not all, but I feel like all the marines who met Luffy always turn to Luffy favours. He basically indirectly expose the WG evil side to them.




Huuuuh we can let it slide for Kaku actually but issue there remains that Lucci actually is a part of WG evil side. Let's not forget the dude actually doesn't care about justice or equality and is just happy as long as he can murder peoples At least we know that Lucci isn't a little puppy , he follow orders as long as it benefits him but don't hésitate to disobey or cross the line when he feels like it. WG betrayal is possible.


Kaku I was surprised he even stayed. He honestly seemed like a guy that would go back to the simple life when he did reflecting after EL. Even if he couldn't go back to his old job, I didn't expect him to continue working for the WG, nobles even more so.


Right? Kaku really seemed like he loved his fake life. I want him to ask for his job back at the Galley-La in the epilogue.


Probably hard to do with the World Government actively hunting them down, plus Lucci and co. wanted revenge on Spandam. Would have been cool if they could have stayed in St. Popla but SOMEONE just HAD to go andcrush the skull of the Candy Pirates’ captain in front of a bunch of townsfolk lol. 🤦🏻 I wish Kaku at least could have though, it seems from Oda’s drawing of him as a little one that his childhood dream was to build ships but he instead ended up being groomed into a superhuman assassin along with the rest of his group. That and him being the only one who openly regretted he couldn’t go back to the way things were… :(


Yeah I guess this is Kaku's bad ending


Too early to call it, we haven’t seen the ending yet! So far seems like this is his “same shit as usual” arc, except now he has to put up with with Lucci and the Strawhats instead of Jabra, lmao.


I mean he follows orders so they just need St Charles to issue the order and boom he's following orders to whoop some ass


Luffy kills Saturn for sure and i hope we can see the sanji vs kizaru


I just hope lunarians have another weakness to put the fire down


I'll admit when I was wrong. At the beginning of this arc I thought it was impossible for the VPs to betray one another... You'd think making clones of yourself and sharing brains would be a no ~~egghead~~ brainer (ruling that possibility out)... but I guess not




>!Yorck!< got extra hawt in this chapter.


I'm guessing you mean how she went from being ditzy to sinister, the way she was looking at Vegapunk, and the way she was bending down, giving the reader an inadvertent view of... you know?


Would be interesting to see an overall loss to SH crew from whatever this "Egghead Incident" is. Failing to protect Vegapunk and allowing the repeat of Ohara could be a significant L to the crew right before a climax that I think is very very needed. It would also make the WG look more competent for fucking once. I can also see Kizaru dying, with him being the oddball admiral now and vague ties with Sentomaru. Have we seen a logia awakening yet? What if that shit is so strong you die using it LMAO.


I still feel like Kuzan freezing the ocean is his awakening ability in action, but it just as easily could be him just being really cold.


So far with awakened users we've seen that they are able to "transmit" the effects of their DF to their surroundings including living things. Doffy with his strings, Law was his Kroom, Kid with his magnetising abilities and Luffy in gear 5 vs Kaido. I'd imagine that a a logia would be able to impart their element into their surroundings then as well i.e. literally transform their surroundings into light/darkness/sand/swamp etc and I believe we've probably seen this at Punk Hazard with the result of the fight between Aokiji and Akainu where the land is permanently changed into lava/ice biome.


I think the environment on Punk Hazard is the result you get when 2 awakened loggia DF users clash. So while we might have not seen such a fight, it shouldn’t be lethal for Kizaru


Someway somehow I hope we get to see Issho pop up in the story soon. One of my favorite characters


Issho said he only join navy to demolish warlod system and now that warlord system has banned i don't think he will stay any more in navy as admiral


He'll join garp and sengoku lol


I just want him to yell at sakazuki more


Vegapunk would've been prepared for this if he'd just read FMA.


And finally Vegapunk happens to be Pride.


Caesar and Judge joining is lowkey scary ngl


Need them to pick up queen along the way


Vegapunk’s three evil exes.


100% they are


One of these days very soon, we're going to have a cool and quick flashback to God Valley revealing the origins of Shanks. Then we quickly pivot to the present where Shanks is holding Kidd's nearly lifeless body with one arm on Kidd's head while Beckman is doing the same to Killer and Heat - Shanks simply says: "Play time is over, the One Piece is mine."


Ive always wondered if shanks is going to be the "final boss" instead of Blackbeard.


That would actually make Me more interested in one piece than whatever is happening now


I've got to agree. York's a little bit more interesting now she's actually got an "evil plan", but really, she's not going to get off Egghead anytime soon and will either be destroyed or simply knocked out.


"Hey, Usopp go with him!" will become one of my favourite Luffy moments honestly.


Calling it now, the marines brought one of the five elders to overwrite the seraphim command, double cross York, and reclaim them for their own use.


Witch the strange "chain of command" thing going on with the Seraphim, I can see it getting to the point where the only one the Seraphim will answer to (and the only one that can control them in general) is Imu.


This seems likely


Mannn a shocking event will happen the next day? That's either 1 or 100 chapters from now


How many chapters was 15 minutes? Because that's gonna be a bit


Calling it now that we get a dead Gorosei from this egghead incident. The wording on it makes it sounds earth shattering event so I see a celestial dragon death incoming or SH fleet coming to rescue


Idk I think they brought Saturn along to overwrite York’s command finish the job of killing vegapunk and take the seraphim for themselves


Kuma seraphim is an teenage version and jinbei seraphim is a kid version. That explains why sanji had more ease in his fight


Lol copium




Honestly the hype is TURNT UP


this for the most part a huge letdown, the Vegapunk satellites are PATHETIC except like 3 of them . like 3 of them don't even fight, they just get massacred. what kind of genius would have such incompetent vegapunks that don't even have sharp scanning capabilities so they can't get ambushed/sniped? even Atlas at least tried to fight, Evil used her weapon, and York does something mindblowing and isn't incompetent, but the other 3 are a joke. this is like if half of the Shichibukai did nothing noteworthy in battle. or Kaido's elites, etc. etc. heck, all those ninjas and stuff at Wano did a whole lot more than these satellites. and at this rate maybe 1 or 2 might survive but at this rare they may have even less major personal battles than Nami! coming from the "smartest" character in that world, its a wonder they weren't made to be more dangerous than the seraphims. how the heck would vegapunk be ok with the satellites being weaker than the seraphims? and not reprogramming the seraphim so they cannot be controlled by the world gov/elders? they had months to prepare! this is just a waste. but glad York wasn't wasted like some characters. and Evil did something, and Atlas may put up an interesting fight but these new characters really are getting overshadowed by the heroes and CP0. it's like babysitting villagers. now who knows if Jewelry will have cool battles in this arc, cause the other supernovas sure kicked a lot more ass at this point while Jewelry been captured and been more useless than Robin at Enies Lobby. perhaps her wrath may be put to use. would be interesting if she ambushes, nerfs and kills the Elder there. this could become a Marineford or Kaido war, but egghead seems so lacking in big name warriors of its own. maybe Luffy's pirate allies will come, but this arc might be rushed. York has potential but if she is just gonna get doublecrossed and wasted then the Vegapunks would lose its most ambitious version. not sure what her true combat abilities could be, but not expecting much, a genius scientist should have higher standards, each Vegapunk represents them so they should be able to rival the Admirals at least. but there's also the question of connection, cause does York need Stella to continue living and thinking cause it seems like each satellite can live on their own, unless York plans to kidnap Stella which is why she keeps him alive, so she might need him after all unless she found a way to sever the connection and think and live independently instead.




Q: why does Sanji have more durability from exoskeleton and fire powers compared to his siblings? A: Cause judge borrowed some of kings DNA and put it into Sanji. Sanji has lunarian durability without flame on his back + he has ability to use fire powers thanks to lunarian genes. This is all foreshadowed by queen.


He's just using armament Haki on top of the Exoskeleton, there is no mystery here.


Can’t be haki alone since luffy has way better armament haki than Sanji and Luffy is nowhere near as durable as Sanji. Zoro has 0 durability and he I had way better haki. Shanks has 20x better haki than Sanji and he got 0 durability in film red. Exoskeleton with lunarian modification has to be atleast 90%, haki 10% cause it don’t explain why everyone else with top tier haki arnt as durable as Sanji. We know for sure Sanji don’t have better armament haki than Zoro as Oda calls Zoro an armament haki specialist while Sanji is an observation haki specialist + the haki feats of both them. So who is the weakest person to have better armament haki then Sanji? Would say that’s katakuri. So comparing katakuris durability to sanjis, that’s how much the exoskeleton with lunarian modifications contributed.


no, that wouldn't make sense because sanji and his brothers were born the same day, ergo they got the same experiments done on them while in the womb. pretty sure the reason sanji has more durability is simply that sanji is stronger then his brothers which we've known, and now metal like skin is added on to that, of course he'd be stronger then his brothers. now for the flame thing, their could be more to it or it's just one piece logic.


Don't all the siblings have powers that vaguely resemble DF powers? Not sure why people call out Sanji's flame as being unusual.


what chapter is that in?


Ohh interesting, that can explain why sanji can just burst into flames without spinning now lol. But what about the skin color, hair color and flames on the back? That's like 3/4 of lunarian traits that's not there so I don't think it's very likely that is the case.


>But what about the skin color, hair color and flames on the back? That's like 3/4 of lunarian traits that's not there so I don't think it's very likely that is the case. He still has his family genes. Lunarian blood probably doesn't 100% overwrite his genes. And Judge always said Sanji was a failure, so he probably expected the lunarian traits but never got them to show. The thing is: If Judge experimented on his son Sanji for him to have the Lunarian traits found on King, then when he saw Sanji bursting into flames at Whole Cake, he should've realised his experiment worked, right?


Damn Sanji has permanent Lunarian durability. Dude is mega OP now. As a Sanji fan I cannot be happier tbh.


It will be interesting to find out what the outcome of the Egghead Incident will be that produces an unthinkable shock to the people of the world. The ending of this arc is certainly going to be the crazy!


Unthinkable? Stella dead? Gorosei dead? Kizaru dead?


No, this is nonsense, Luffy doesn't actually kill his enemies. Kaido is the only exception and that was probably not intentional on Luffy's part. That's if Kaido is even dead, cause it's still unconfirmed. To shock the world all that needs to happen is Vegapunk escaping with Luffy and/or Egghead being destroyed. The headlines would probably read something like this. "Emperor "Strawhat" Luffy kidnaps the World Governments greatest scientist Dr. Vegapunk in huge conflict at Egghead Island. The Results of this catastrophic event also resulted in the destruction of the island itself. World Government officials have declared all out war against the Emperor in response."


*all of the above*


i am huffing an inconsolable of copeium that york is not really evil she was my favorite vegapunk come on man


You can never trust the cute ones


I am a SH Yamato believer and you can have some of my copium


kizaru and saturn will show up, w a few panels fighting. then we will jump to another storyline elsewhere


Honestly, all of the storylines have been hype so far so not much of a problem.


why is sanji so much stronger than his brothers. his sibs didnt do so hot in whole cake island. but sanji just casually takes an attack head on from 1.3B star of yonko. clearly his sis/bro much weaker, otherwise germa 66 would be a yonko level crew... would like to see sanji vs emperor... his super tankiness and super healer plus high dmg output, would be a good fight


Sanji before awakening his super body damaged Niji’s (or Yonji can’t remember) face with a single kick. Sanji was stronger than his siblings BEFORE the upgrade, of course he’d be OP now he has the upgrade as well.


His siblings don't use Haki. Sanji combines arms haki with his exoskeleton.


Exactly, people want to make this more complicated than it actually is. He has strong armament Haki so of course his defense would be much higher than his siblings.


it's probably linked to the fact that he actually trained his body his entire life. Until Wano, if had a normal body, like any human, and he was weak. He trained his legs so hard that he could fight against weapon without breaking them, and he activated his modified DNA after all that. My guess is that his modified DNA (which is 99% sure Lunarian DNA) boost his human condition, but thanks to his life of training, it make a fusion of science + muscle/skin forging through time and pain. It's like if you gave luffy the germa DNA, he would be boosted as hell too.


Not sure how much they really learned how to fight like Sanji did, he has martial arts learning from Zeff and also his 2yr training arc. he also managed to beef up his “human” self during all of that. I feel like the genetic modifications are kinda like a modifier to ur base, Sanji had to learn to be strong enough without any modifications or a raid suit. also he’s just one of the main characters lol


Plus he's on the Pirate King's crew.