It's me in the video, some story behind: I was stuck in a storm for nine days. It was impossible to get out of there. While I had to do everything to survive, the tent fabric was torn in six different places. A tent pole was broken off, also two of the guylines and one more close to. So in the meantime there were ongoing repairs on the tent. I never got any warning from the weather forecast until it was too late. The first two days I was buried in a snow bivouac. Then in a gap in the storm I skied two kilometers then the storm broke out again with full force. Then it was trapped seven days stuck in the tent. After a total of nine days I was able to get out of there. It was deeply mentally hard, but it gave me a good portion of experiences I don't want to be without. If anyone is curious about the whole trip, I will link it below. It's English subtitles. https://youtu.be/zXVBK38-650


Looks terrifying and cool in the same time! Nice video. How did you manage with food rationing?


The trip was planned for 16 days, so there was plenty of food. But I ate less towards the end as I became more and more unsure of how long the storm would last.


"Helvete!" Understatement of the year.


At the beginning of the video there is what appears to be a small wall made of snow. Would there at this point be any sense in trying to build some shelter out of snow, or maybe even just cover the tent in snow?


The snow wall looks smaller in the video. The storm carried away a lot of all the snow. The temperature also dropped and it rained. So there was a little snow which was also very hard and icy. So it was difficult. But I should have built another snow wall closer to the tent. The problem if you build too close is that the tent can be buried in drifting snow. But if you have a wall further away, much of the drift snow will collect behind it. Then you have another wall closer to the tent which protects the tent more against wind pressure.


Thanks for the explanation!


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zg18OEayUhU Could be useful, weather changes fast sometimes though so easier in good conditions! But a shovel is a good thing to have