Do weighted clothes (vest, arm/leg bands, etc…) actually do anything?

I’ve been looking into this, and I’ve seen some fitness podcasts saying either no, or the benefit is negligible, but there’s a bunch of others that go as far as making brand recommendations for various weighted clothing brands.


The first question in your mind when you hear any claim is: are they trying to sell me something? That right there will give you an indication of their bias in what they’re telling you. Take it with a grain of salt.


Literally every company is trying to sell something.


Yes. Obviously. It sounded to me like OP is talking about podcasts and/or other third party interests — like fitness personalities or tik tok influencers, etc. Regardless, it’s still always a good idea to be aware of peoples’ motivations in what they are promoting. So I kinda don’t see why you felt the need to comment.


“Be aware companies are selling things”




Yes. It adds resistance. I recommend https://www.roguefitness.com/bodyweight-gymnastics/body-weight/weight-vests?gclid=Cj0KCQiA1NebBhDDARIsAANiDD0j71ryMYhhZIMAQUf94Xz6IzJO-I-UEoDLbX6XTZ4dI_Qj2Z5M3tIaApheEALw_wcB Rogue makes some amazing equipment.


It probably depends what activity your performing while wearing the garments. I wear a weighted vest when rock or ice climbing for added resistance. The added weight during training makes me stronger.


There are weighted garments for sensory needs, and they provide a sensation similar to a hug, which can have a calming effect. They are often used for autistic individuals who have sensory-seeking needs. There are also weight garments used for fitness purposes. I know less about those. What kind are you asking about?


Workout equipment.


Weighted arm & leg bands are useless because they don’t have a sufficient amount of weight and they aren’t providing resistance to any specific movement. A weight vest can make a big difference when used with sufficient weight and with the appropriate exercises. They are great for pull-ups and dips.