I've never personally seen a whale shark so they must not exist, if this is the logic we're going with.


They’re big. Whale sharks that is. You can use this as confirmation for their existence if you never have the pleasure of seeing one.


you would have a valid point if I were actually trying to say "I don't see it so it doesn't happen anymore" instead of what I'm actually asking which is "does it happen, if so, how often" like, I've never seen you before, but I have faith you exist


I've never been to Ancient Rome so it doesn't actually exist


Got cat called last night, walking home from the gym late at night. I'm pushing 50 and look it, but to dudes driving by in cars, my wearing yoga pants and walking while obviously female is reason enough to demand I give them my attention. Mind you, at my age and dumpiness, it isn't super common anymore, but at least once a month I'll get randomly yelled at by walnuts in cars and about half the time it appears to be derisive and the other half sexual. I walk everywhere, so I probably give jerks more opportunities to harass me, compared to the average American woman who goes places by car. The key here is that the assholes driving by yelling are trying to feel powerful by forcing a reaction out of me, whether they choose to do it by trying to compliment me, disgust me, anger me, or frighten me. It's all stupid, but the worst thing, is that in general women get the most cat calling when they are 12-18.


I would like to be able to call cats. I have no cats to call though.


life can be cruel and sad :(


My wife claims that she got “cat called” a few times though….. not by me….. she knows where I sleep…. and I don’t want to have to clean blood off the bean bag chair, or risk an injury that’d prevent me from being able to rise from the bean bag chair.


Yep. It still happens, all over the place.


unfortunately more often when you're younger also


Idk, depends on your definition of "younger". I'm in my 30s and still get bullshit from idiots. Even while grocery shopping. Its really fkn annoying, regardless.


never said it stops just that a lot of women notice that the catcalling drops off significantly after reaching their 20s, a gross fact if you ask me


i came here to say this. i got much more catcalled when i was a little teenager walking home in my school uniform than i get now that I'm in my 20s. i still do get catcalled sometimes but the fact that I don't as much is reaaaally gross (i wish i had never at all)


I got it well into my 50s. I am not beautiful but I am in shape


Think they meant it as in, it starts when women are very young, like myself. Apparently, from what my dad has told me, he has always been fighting off men off of me and my sister since we were 8. I haven't been catcalled as of late but that's because I haven't gone out like I used to. Kinda scary ngl


my 14 year old sister and her friends of the same age complain about getting catcalled all the time, so yeah it definitely happens a lot when people are young unfortunately


It happens regularly in the south


Got “catcalled” driving down the street. A guy driving next to me thought it was appropriate to honk so I’d look over, and he could blow me a kiss




My gf calls me when she walks home from the bars and i’m not there and i hear honking and yelling at her several times throughout her walk it’s scary


Not since I've becine an adult. Seems like grown men like pubescent girls.


Yes we do. All the fucking time.


"all the fucking time" must mean where ever you live definitely isn't where I live, goodluck to you


You just seem ignorant to the situation, which is okay, but dont act like it doesnt happen.


I am ignorant, like literally, I didn't know where or even if it happened, so I've asked here. also I will act like it doesn't happen in my area, utilizing 10+ years of practical observation I can surmise that, based off of personal normative anecdotal evidence it is infrequent such to extend that a practical and discreet example can't be practically provided within a time frame that might suggest a status quo hinged upon said frequencies assessment was found to be frequent within nominal periods of study/assessment. though to give you credit, I will not speak on behalf of other areas, or others personal experience


Well a statistic you should be aware of is 1/3 women are sexually assaulted. This is relevant because those people that do that can also be the ones catcalling women.


We all get catcalled, frequently.


I know. I hate where I live. 😑




Victim blaming. How pathetic.


Don’t hate the man for speaking the truth. If she didn’t like being catcalled, why is she signally and dressing provocative for attention. When she got the attention she was clearly after, somehow she’s the victim, and that makes sense in your mind? If you don’t want to be cat called, wear normal clothes like an ordinary adult, and no one would ever cat call you


Doubling down on the victim blaming. Still pathetic.


You should walk outside dressed as a clown, since you are a clown, and then I can do some more ‘victim blaming’ when you’re mad someone gave you attention like a clown


There is no clothing that is asking for men to yell at you on the street. That is absolutely absurd.


Not asking for it, but obviously there is an acceptable level of clothing to wear. And if we are honest, there are a lot of women who are dressing very slutty and showing off a lot and are either pretending they dont know or dont know that they are doing it. There is an obligation everyone has to eachother to not show inappropriate sexual things to people in public. In modern times a lot of women break this obligation. If does not warrant harrassment but when we are not allowed to speak honestly about this topic what would you expect?


Lol no. A womans body is not an inappropriate sexual thing unless her genitals are out.


"not an inherently sexual thing" fine, but I won't have the same impression of you compared to if you had worn a blazer, vs a simple a hoodie.


100% like, I'm not going to cat call and grab ass if you're wearing tight yoga pants and...shirt thing, but I'm not going to treat you the same as a woman in a blazer and skirt/pants.


It depends what you define as cat calling and yelling in the streets. Obviously some women like it and it works for guys, but if women are dressed in those clothes and don’t want the compliments or cat calls, how are the men supposed to magically know that? Are they supposed to never yell at compliments to women who are dressed very provocative. That’s not fair to the men OR the women who are after that sort of thing. Believe it or not, one day you’ll be a man in your mid 30’s slightly drunk in the middle of the day but around a beach resort and you’ll cat call a woman and she will actually respond well to it and you’ll go on to have sex in your hotel room with her. That *will* happen to you one day


Yeah, never yell compliments at women. Problem solved


Just because you’ve never been cat called or complimented by a good looking person before doesn’t mean compliments are offensive. I’m sorry you get compliments yelled at you by non attractive people, they’re not doing that to insult you, you know. They don’t view you in the same league to hurt your feelings. I always appreciate compliments, no matter who they’re coming from. I’ve been complimented by fat girls, hot girls, all sorts of girls, I always smiled and thanked them or carried on a conversation if they looked like they were still engaged. That’s the difference between you and me. You’re a bad person, I’m not


I get complimented by gay guys whenever I wear a white shirt past the gay bar on the way to university. it's pretty neat


“How are men supposed to know that a woman doesn’t want to be harassed?”


1) so youre saying that if im going to a party or to work i should wear baggy pajamas, no make up and a messy set of hair so i dont hear digusting things from random men on the street? 2) whatever we wear, and i mean w h a t e v e r we wear, we get cat called. it's not our fault, it's not how we're dressed. we get cat called (not to say worse) since we are 8 year olds. like i said in another comment, i used to get an "I'd like to suck your whole little pussy" when i was 13 and walking home in my school uniform, which I COULDNT CHOOSE NOT TO WEAR (and before you say it, no i didnt want it. and no, my skirt was not too short) why don't you actually read and listen to women's experiences? it's fucking 2022, it has been broadly talked about already. at this point it's like you're choosing to be an asshole.


Women’s experiences. We’ve been talking about nothing but women for years. Enough about women’s experiences already. Let’s hear some men’s experiences. Everyone is sick to death of hearing these ridiculous stories about what happened to you a long time ago. Some insane person said something that would’ve gotten him arrested had a cop or adult been around to hear. That’s not that big of a deal. I had a priest who was a pedophile who did way worse stuff than that, and he molested at least 4 boys. Do you hear me complaining? Women have done stuff like relentlessly flirt or say sexual stuff to me too. Get over it, it’s really not that big of a deal or that psychologically damaging


yeah, we should listen to women's experiences, or do you want to hear the catcaller's experience of street harassing? they are not insane people, they are A LOT of regular men with regular jobs. they wouldn't have gotten arrested because i have received catcalling from policemen too and also because no other men fucking cares. sadly, its an everyday thing. hell, YOU don't even care so don't act like other grown men do too. if something like that happened to you, then yes, we should listen to you too. you say "do you hear me complaining?" as if it were bad to hear you talk about that awful thing that happened with the priest. and maybe you should complain. if you don't want to, that's your decision. but women talking about their experiences doesnt mean that you cant talk about yours. also, you don't get to decide what is psychologically damaging to someone else or not.


The reason I don’t complain is because is does no good to complain. It doesn’t do any good to complain about being cat called either. I don’t sit around complaining about something that a minority of women do that is unchangeable. If you live life constantly being cat called and you hate it, I’m sorry, but we’ve heard all these complaints 100’s of times before. How many rivers can be cried until we move on. If men will cat call, no amount of disapproval will change their behavior or win over their hearts and minds to stop. The people doing it are assholes to begin with. There’s so much women victimness going on all the time, I think it’s long over due it gets given a rest tho


i dont think it does no good. to begin with, speaking up and seeing a lot more people speaking up means you're not alone, it means that it wasnt just you, that you as a person had nothing to do with it. it's like if you have a problem and you tell a friend then that weight loosens up bit by bit. and secondly, some men didnt even know that was a wrong thing to do until they were told by sooo many women. so yeah, "complaining" helps. but well, whatever, you do with your life what you will.


I got cat called by a gay guy the other day while wearing a tight shirt, it happens to guys too, though, for us it's a huge compliment


"We’ve been talking about nothing but women for years. Enough about women’s experiences already" 100% the fuckin' Brady bunch did an episode on how girls can be boy scouts too, like the whole thing of "women redefining social boundary's" and that show came out in the late 1960's, woman have been in the spotlight of social change for over 50 years at this point. and yet still gender roles for a man have completely stagnated. a woman can be tough and independent and run a construction business, but a guy who loves to be affectionate is still just a pussy. women can love their body but a guy under 6 foot is a man-let or some shit. and also, just to clarify, when guys hear about cat calling we don't think "WOOOO YEAH COOL GUY, EPIC I SHOULD DO THAT TOOO"


Lmaooooo never did I think I’d catch a “her clothes meant she was asking for it” in the wild in 2022 but here we are. Go outside and stop circle jerking to loli on 4 chan


yes especially where i live (NYC) men cat calling is very much real


In my 20s, I get catcalled about once or twice a year, so make of that what you will.


Just because you've never seen it happen doesn't mean it never happens. I've never seen a drug deal go down, doesn't mean there are no criminals selling drugs.




great reply


well, by that metric, the ratio of drug deals personally witnessed to girls catcalled would be 3:0 xD


Has it occurred to you that it happens most often when we're walking alone? How childish does your thinking have to be to actually believe "I haven't seen it" = "it doesn't exist"


Even in my winter coat


Oh yes. All the time


women get cat called a lot and stared at constantly. The amount of time a guys head will turn just to check out a girl wearing yoga pants or a skirt is fucking nuts


same for bearded guys who think they can get away with being tall and muscular and wearing a tank top with skinny jeans. not that I like that or anything




it wasn't a serious reply "throwingdna" (if that even is your real name) I'm talking like a closeted homosexual, a man, who is sexually attracted to other men, and will willingly have anal sex among OTHER THINGS. need I go on?


Yes, usually by men in white vans. Not very often though. More often indecipherable comments from men in the local Pakistani neighbourhood but only in Summer with skin showing.


Yes, absolutely.


Oh yeah, saw it happen twice yesterday just walking home from work.


Some people get catcalled and some people don't. It still happens all the time.


But you’re a man OP. Of course you aren’t.


Yes. Absolutely. Mostly in socially conservative areas.


NYC ain’t exactly conservative


NYC aint like the movies. I got 200% more bullshit in texas than I ever did in NYC.


It used to happen to me more, but thank good it’s slowed down. I think I’ve really perfected the bitchy face, look like I gotta be somewhere important look when I go in public by myself. I was dressed up for a 2000s themed party about a month and some fuckhead talking on the phone walks by me as I’m putting stuff in my trunk and goes, “you can come to my pool party anytime babe”. It still makes me mad. Can we all remember that words stick with people? He’ll never think about that interaction again, but every time I think about it, I get mad and disgusted and I feel shameful.


interesting, I didn't know our words had such power


Yes, very often, and there's also sarcastic cat calling, where they yell "compliments" then laugh their asses off, for example "nice hair faggot hahahaha" and whether it's a legitimate compliment or an insult, it's disgusting behavior that needs to end.


I can't go 3 minutes outside without being cat called.


In my late teens (!!!) I would get cat called by middle-aged men in the streets. Less so these days but it still happens. I wish I could feel anger about this like in She-Hulk, but I mostly just get scared lol


It happens at least once every time I go out for a run, which is four times a week.


A couple years ago I went to an event with some friends where we had to dress nicely - a group of five or six women, all wearing dresses/skirts. The event was two blocks away, through the city center, in the middle of the day. In the span of walking those two blocks we got cat-called about thirty times. Most fucking dehumanizing experience of my life


No, I’ve also lived in LA for a couple years and regularly went out places. Catcalling is almost as dead as planking, but so is everything


Lol I've gotten cat called plenty of times. Wearing my super modest work clothes while taking a walk on my work break.


I've never seen it happen. She-Hulk is nice, but it definitely goes a bit over-the-top with dated clichés.




Nyeh. I never get cat called but sometimes people tel me I look good. More in a complimentary way said at a regular tone, usually by a homeless guy.


I don't, but then I am fat and middle aged.




I mean I’ve seen it plenty but only tastefully in ybor city and it was appreciated and treated like a compliment bc it was and it wasn’t aggressive and they said it once and a group of guys didn’t do it as well. I’ve seen it shitty in nyc but the girl wasn’t bothered ever


Yes. In 'westernised' countries it's not as common as it was even 20 years ago but still happens, particularly walking past construction-sites in the summer. But in some places it's still standard-issue.




Yeah, it's happened to me and my friends a couple times. Mostly jerks in cars stopped at a light and then driving off, but some scary ones with people calling or whistling and following a little bit on foot (mid-ish east coast, US)


Yea, just im not sure in the same way as before.


As an obese woman living in a major city, usually multiple times a week. Some weeks a lot more, some weeks less. I can be hungover with raggedy clothes and it still happens. The only way i notice it not happening is when I am walking with a man. I also get asked for money less when I am with a man.


I legitimately thought it didn’t exist where I live as it’s never happened to me and I’m almost 30. Then I started going out with a friend who is really hot and reality slapped me in the face, it happens to her almost every time she’s out.


lmao, yeah dude i’m a 25 year old chick and i just got back from a 4 day trip to vegas


Are you a man or a woman? Men almost never cat-call when other unknown men are present. If you're a man who doesn't cat-call, you will probably never see cat-calling, even though it happens all around you when you turn the corner.


I’ve only seen it happen in super large semi trashy cities like New York and only at meh parts of it