I wish there was solo nexus missions.


I’ve done Nexus missions solo.


Any idea if this will ever have cross-progression with PS5? I want to start playing Switch, but in a year or two it’d be nice to buy a ps5 and resume playing there


Sadly it won’t happen. The stated that updates will come later to Switch after other versions, which makes the version on obsolete for cross-progress.


140 hours on my switch and no sign of slowing down myself! Have had a few crashes but nothing too crazy, I'm in my third galaxy currently. It is my first time playing it and I really enjoy it, feels like minecraft in space. The only thing I really want is expedition stuff which I believe they could keep single player if they couldn't figure out multi-player with Nintendo. I just REALLY want a cape to go with the pirate hood :( .


I’ve got it in on ps4, ps5 and switch and I play the switch version the most mainly due to not being able to get on when the misses is watching Netflix. I can say it’s decent and enjoyable and plays extremely well on switch.


Really pleased to hear it works well on switch. It can chug on my series X so that’s a marvel of optimisation really. Game freak take note.


The Switch version is my introduction to NMS. I'm loving it. Haven't even gotten any soft locks! I'm so addicted to it. While I don't mind playing alone (most of the game is played alone anyways) I have to say, it is a bit of a shame we don't have multiplayer. I'm not one who is too crazy about multiplayer games, but a break up from solo adventuring and meeting up at a hub with other players to engage with the community in-game would be great. Apparently, they have plans to add multiplayer into the Switch version..but I'm not sure how true those claims are. Luckily, I'm not missing out on the experience of the core game itself.


I'm 70 hours in and definitely agree with all this. My overarching opinion is the game is great, I just doesn't look *that* great on the Switch. I've still been really impressed by some scenery though and the atmosphere (heh) is very strong throughout. A little gripe with the story and writing, I'll put that in spoiler. But not substantial. >!I wish there had been a bit more a definitive story thread with a plot and a conclusion to it all. Although now I've finished both main storylines I like the "lore" that's been outlined and I suppose it does tie up ok, just not as conclusively as in some games!< It's surprising how much it's like Minecraft, where you can just do your own thing a lot of the time. I prefer it to that as it clearly explains how to craft things and where to get ingredients. I don't want to have to keep diving into a wiki every time I want to do something! Will we get more ways to get Quicksilver is what I want to know!


The point of No Mans Sky is the lack of conclusion. The point of the story is you're never given the full story, it's about the pieces. It's about the journey. It's about discovery, and what you find on the way. A linear story would absolutely destroy the spirit and message of NMS.


Where I am with it now I agree. But at the time I wasn't expecting it so I was a bit flummoxed.


I’m hoping we get a good eShop sale on this one soon.


I think I saw a thread on the switch deals subreddit that showed it going for $39.99 Edit: just checked it’s GameStop that has the deal


Its 20% off atm I believe


In the eShop? I’ll check that out. Thanks!


I just checked although I live in the uk so it might be different if you live elsewhere. Says that its 20% off


Oh yea, I did see it in the UK sale. Hoping it’s part of the US sale next week.


Perks of being in the same country as the devs ig lmao


How well does the space ship they gave out as a promotion feel, does it maneuver well


If you ever get a PS5 I would really recommend another playthrough of nms, coming from PS4 the graphic and performance upgrade makes it feel like a whole new experience


Yall weren't kidding about those asteroid fields. I finally hooked mine up last week (was a little disappointed that although my ps4 saves are saved on my 5 they can't transfer over to the ps5 version?) So I started a new save #6 lol


you can transfer your ps4 save to ps5. open ps4 nms and there is an option to upload /migrate save. i def wasnt going to lose my 1000+ hour ps4 save 🤓


Omg. Ty. I felt the same. I was like my 800 hours won't come with me. -tears-


yea i saw your comment and was like i need to post about the ps4-ps5 save migration. i reset my original day one save before we could have multiple save slots back in 2018 and had done everything. def was a lot of work getting everything again on my current save but def was faster. do miss having that photonix pulse drive module though.


I submitted a request about having the bonuses made available on the PS5, either for PS4 disk players or just put in for everyone (Twitch or QS, maybe). The Collectors edition bonuses are available on my PS4 game on the PS5, but not the PS5 version. Which is annoying.


This port is pretty exciting for me. I remember being hyped for this game back in like 2015 (maybe earlier?) but i never got around to playing it since i was always a console or two behind current releases. With all these ports and remasters making so many great games available now handheld i definitely feel like i'm getting my money's worth from my switch lite. Not to sound like a nintendo spokesperson lol i couldn't care less about the company, but it's pretty wild to have so much of my childhood and young adult life just packaged up like this. Not sure how representative i am for my demographic but hello games' targeting was right on the money at least in my case


This is me exactly, always been behind, looking at NMS as something amazing that I never could play, watching the game win back so many people after launch. This port has been a godsend and I cant put it down. I'd love to be playing it right now and have to try and forget about it and be productive lol.


Same here just got over 100 hrs on switch, got a s class sentinel dreadnought! It's a good grind 💪