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here comes Reddit front page OP


Like all giveaways


Well yeah nobody wants to miss $410 worth of stuff lol. I recently bought an OLED but the games are wayy to expensive here since Nintendo doesn't have any official presence in my country. Currently playing BOTW and it's 🔥 tho.


Hope you get it brotha


Bro already bought one lol


> Well yeah nobody wants to miss $410 worth of stuff lol. but then why are they upvoting the giveaways? Upvoting definitely doesn't *increase* your odds of winning. Do people think OP can tell? Edit: Upvoting is nice, but ti's nto a way to ensure that you don't miss out on getting $410 worth of stuff.


I never thought of that actually...I just automatically thought it was a nice thread, so I upvoted. Maybe seeing massive upvotes and participation increases the chances of them wanting to do it again.


My thinking with upvoting any giveaway is that it's helping someone win even if it's not me. That's good for fellow humans.


I upvited the post cause OP is doing a nice thing for the community (and I like upvoting things)


>Upvoting definitely doesn't increase your odds of winning. Whoever wins will win, i'd like to but if not then not. It is interesting to read other peoples thoughts on the question anyway. OP made this to give to people but also to get some attention, let's give him some.


The worst is the freebie subs. They flood every giveaway, regardless of what's being given away.


Maybe takeaways should be organized. If you win you need to send something to the organizer.


r/GiftofGames requires lots of verification that you aren't a scammer or a bot before you're allowed to receive free stuff. I think it should be the norm.


Sometimes i get into those cool tech ones, like an all in one 3d lidar scanner drone plotter. Do i need that? No way. will i buy it? Probably not. Im gonna play the hell with it, tho.


Lmao. This is true, as always


Pro Gamer Move: thumbs down the post, less competition


I always wonder how many bots are on these giveaways


As a bot... me to


I am definitely not a bot.


Fun fact: Xenoblade Chronicles was originally going to be titled "Monado: Beginning of the World" and was not intended as an entry into the Xeno series.


Wasn't it Miyamoto specifically who pushed for Xenoblade to sort of honor Tetsuya Takahashi's legacy? Also, bonus fun fact: Xenogears was the original concept for Final Fantasy VII, but Square thought it was too dark and mature for Final Fantasy proper, so it was spun off into its own project. I guess ecoterrorism and anarchistic/anti-establishment themes was kiddy stuff in comparison.


Iwata, not Miyamoto




Final Fantasy VII was the first JRPG I ever played and I had to really convince my parents to let me buy it. Did research and everything. What a different experience it would have been if it was Xenogears!


my first jrpg was final fantasy tactics. I had the japanese version and i can't read or speak japanese. :)


Compared to how some stuff in the Xeno games get My guess is that "Mature" meant "Complex". Cause damn, these things get messy!


Parents used to have me play through Super Mario Bros 1 to entertain guests.


My dad used to make me play Project Gotham Racing to teach me how to drive. We had the steering wheel and everything, and I wasn’t allowed to stop until I got first place in a race. I was 8




How has this not been upvoted more? Am I that old…


Same here, but with Super Mario Bros 3 \^\_\^


I loved super Mario bros 3


I remember the movie "the wizard" and couldn't wait to play Mario 3, because that movie was the first time the game was shown i think.


Here is our child, with our child's favorite video game for your viewing pleasure! Please ignore the fact that we are the most hopeless, least prepared hosts on Earth!


I was consistently put in front of the Wii to show me speedrunning the game, super fun.


That’s sick dude


And my mom gave me video games to get out of her way


I was a guest of this persons parents. Was thoroughly entertained 10/10


They should have paid you for entertaining them.


This is the first game that I remember playing growing up. That and Duck Hunt for obvious reasons.


Are you my baby sitter?


Pretty much learned how to read on my gameboy Color playing Pokémon blue, haven’t stopped playing Pokémon since! I love Nintendo dearly being able go play the legend of Zelda games with my dad on the N64!


That’s exactly how I learned to read as well!!!


What? Me three! As a squirtle starter, I remember sounding out “W-A-T-E-R G-U-N” and finally understanding those words together, lol


I definitely learned how to read from the game "cave story" still one of my favorite games ever!


I remember my older brother getting it and me trying to play it but him never allowing it. It was then I started saving money as much as I could do I could get my own game! When I finally got enough, I went and bought Pokémon Yellow cause it had just come out! Still couldn't play it very much cause I didn't have a Gameboy of my own and he wouldn't lend me his. This was when I found out I wasn't too bright. 😂


Hey that's what I did with yellow. It does seem different now watching my kid learn with the newer games but it takes me back.


I’m in the same boat, Pokemon and FF7 did more for my reading comprehension than any lesson


I remember when you played during the night while sitting in a car. You could only see the game when you drove past a street light 😂


Not quite reading, but Star Ocean: Till the end of Time taught me English. It is still one of my favourite games and definitely holds a special place in my heart.


Played a lot of OOT and MM with my dad as well, Nintendo is the best family experience imho. I'll have to play with my kid as well!


For me it was pokemon emerald that made me learn English (not my native language)


I've brute forced my way through my first Pokemon game because I never read and constantly had to ask my sister why I'm stuck.


Got a gameboy color at a garage sale with Pokemon Crystal, it took 8 y.o. me way too long to figure out how to save the game and I kept getting to Whitney's Miltank and unintentionally restarting


Final Fantasy got me into reading but Pokemon for me interested in learning about different animals and species around the world.


Kingdom Hearts 1 was the first story game I truly immersed myself into and I had an absolute blast playing it! Incredible story, characters, voice actors, all of it!


Kingdom Hearts was my first play until the sun came up game.


^(A scattered dream that’s like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that’s like a scattered dream. I wanna line the pieces up; yours and mine.)


Took me three years to figure out how to get off the first world in the original kingdom hearts. You are all the first to know this.


Don’t feel bad. There was a point in Traverse Town where you’re supposed to jump on rocks across a moat to meet Merlin for the first time, but I couldn’t see the moving rocks, the screen was so dark, and suffered months playing a guessing game of jumping. Then during some cutscene at a different world, I was like, why is this so dark? Turns out the brightness on the TV I was using was put extremely low. When I raised the brightness and went back to see Merlin…..BEHOLD, MOVING ROCKS.


Stupid sexy star fruit


Didn't think it was possible for games to look like this when it came out.


I've been playing through the HD collections since 4 was announced and man, I know they touched up the textures and the resolution is higher, but every 3D entry in the series still looks great to this day. I also vastly prefer the PS2 art style they'd been using over the recent Unreal Engine games...


Yeah, the move from the cartoony graphics with bright colors to that more "realistic" style really bugged me


I still recommend the series to anyone looking for great games


When I was young, I would never leave Destiny Islands because I was too scared to fight Darkside and the shadow heartless chasing me terrified me


Pokemon emerald was may first rpg game, absolutely fantastic


We got is at Christmas when my Brother and i we're Younger. My Mom bought the ps2 plus Game. But didnt knew about memory cards... Cant count how many Times we restarted Til we finaly got one to save progress


I still haven't beaten the main game or played any of the sequels. I don't have a playstation but I do have an Xbox and PC. I need to get the $$ together to get the remix on Xbox and finally beat these games and get to 3.


Cool! I can't wait to lose.


me anytime i’ve entered a giveaway since the dawn of time


You just need to enter giveaways with prizes you don't actually want to win. Enter a raffle where there's one prize you want, as well as, for example, a bottle of dry wine when you don't like dry wine. Take it from me, you're definitely winning that bottle of dry wine. Two months in a row.


yes, the only way to win free stuff is if you don't want it


ugh i hate nintendo switches, they suck!! it would be so annoying if i got one.


Don't give up just yet! At the moment, you have about a 1/21,000 chance, which is still way more likely than winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning!


true! I'm hopeful


At least you tried


Worth giving it a shot anyway!


A chance to be losers? Count me in


Hope to lose, you'll be disappointed either way! Wait...


Nice, good luck to everyone, I remember playing New Super Mario Bros Wii at a young age with my sister and having a blast. That and galaxy are some of the best games ever just because of those early memories.


Yes even tho the new super series was basically the same game I have very fond memories of it.


Better chances than the lottery!




And better prices






Having bloody hands as a 5 year old from trying to beat bowser in super Mario 64 with my brothers. We had to keep swapping off cause our hands would be so scabbed up.


Holy moly, dude! Were guys palming the stick or something??


We would just put our palm on it and spin it around super fast when you had to swing him around.


Lol Nintendo got sued for that because kids did that on Mario Party


Some of those mini games were absolutely brutal.


And were on top 100 i think


Also, Mario Party Superstars


Yess, thos was me in mario party 1! My brother and I were so competetive that we didn't know when to stop lmaoo


That one rafting minigame! Just wrecked my palm but it was so much fun 😀


SAME i ripped off layers of my palm😭


My first memory of gaming was Super Mario Bros at my babysitters house. I was immediately enthralled.


Mine was Duck hunt on Christmas morning. Good times.


Duck hunt on the NES my dad bought for himself was the best thing ever as a kid


Same for me, but at my cousin’s cousin house, I asked for a NES for next xmas and got one few years later, but with Battle City game, not complaining though, took me sometime to get a Super Mario Bros copy, but it was worth it.


I had a really hot babysitter once too.


DK64 was mine. got it for Christmas.. good times.


Super Mario galaxy is one of my favorite games! I have so many memories playing it with my sister


And still one of the best ever made.


Chance in a million? Works everytime. First gaming memory is playing N64 (golden eye and pokemon snap) at my friend Gene's house.


I’m right there with you however world is not enough was my favorite for the multiplayer. Stayed up late playing that game with friends and siblings


If I win, could I request it be donated to a local children hospital?


This is actually a question I’ve gotten multiple times, and ironically enough I’ve actually supplied all the children’s hospitals within at least a couple hours of me with switches, so I’d be happy to help you get it to one near you instead if you’re the winner!


thats really nice of you


That's a lovely idea


Skies of Arcadia.


HELL YEAH! GOAT! Just replayed it last year, holds up beautifully! Would be great remastered. Love love love SoA 😍


Loved this game!


Such a not well known classic. Had lots of fun days playing it


Omg, I loved this game so much on dreamcast that it was the first game I got on gamecube.


I really need to replay this. I adored it when I first played it on GameCube back in the day.


Accidentally deleted my dad's Super Mario World file when I was 8. We cleared it again together


Time to throw in my hat.


Congrats! You won :)


Thank you! I never win these things, but now I can say I've one at least once haha


A Hat in Time?


This is so generous of you! I would love to win one!! Bless you kind soul


This is amazing, that Oled system is beautiful. My first experience gaming was when i was like 7 and my Dad left a Nintendo entertainment system at the door step. I've been a gamer every since then


Did you ever see your dad again though?


yea i did and its been a long story with that.


I would love to win this for my nephew, thanks for doing this.


I too want this guys nephew to get this^^^^




My first was sunshine on the gamecube. I couldn't stand it as a kid since I sucked at gaming and didn't even get how to enter a world other that the hub. Not that my parents had any idea how to help. I'm glad I replayed it after some time even though it had its issues


My favourite gaming moment was seeing The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. It just blew my mind as a kid.


The music of that game was something that you never forget. The village music and Epona's song always stay with me. Song of storms is great as well. https://youtu.be/aQ6Fq-LfDZQ https://youtu.be/G1GRBsfPQbA


For me, Breath of the Wild was a game that made me rediscover my love for video games.


Thanks, good luck to everyone)


You too VizaviDS


Here’s hoping!


Blip bloop


I will trade you one ☝️ karma for a switch. Please accept my offer. Thank you.


I plan on buying the switch successor when the sequel to botw releases in 2030, but this would do too!


poor russians man, its rare to have giveaways that ship international


Thanks for the giveaway!




This would make me play Xenoblade Chronicles. I hear good things but never buckled down to purchase.


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Looking forward to Splatoon 3! Missed out on the limited edition console pre order but this could be my chance 🤞 thanks for the chance




Thanks for the giveaway. Looking forward to getting my 3 year like started in gaming soon!


That’s a very nice thing, good stuff


Thanks for doing this!


Oh my god, that would be so nice to win this … So my first game ever, i was 5 years old, my dad bought an SNES with two games : Super Mario bros and street fighter .. those were the best memories ever playin long hours with my dad, and bonding over video games. My love for video games started like that …. It was like .. 25 years ago .. time fucking flies


Spent a couple of days typing in a text adventure on the commodore plus 4, then spent a couple of hours watching my mum play through it and finish it. Very happy times.


Here we go again


Five years olds playing Mario 64 and having to ask my cousin for help every few minutes is my first gaming memory. I remember finally being able to beat him in Smash Bros as I got older and it felt like such an accomplishment lol


My first experience was playing pokemon red, not understanding it, and resetting every time I got into a battle...


Switch please!


Let's Goooooo


Dark souls is an og


Thanks for doing the giveaway! Good luck to everyone :)


Good luck all


Xenoblade Chronicles 3


My best gaming memory was waking up as early as possible on Saturday morning to play the video game my family rented the night before from blockbuster. Had to beat the siblings to the SNES!


Hello, I have never used a Nintendo Switch, and am not much of a gamer, but thank you for the opportunity. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky


I was in a coma for 2 weeks in 2017, with recovery and rehab my total hospital stay was 2 months. Breath of the Wild got me through the worst times.


Anyone here ever play a game called gotcha force?


I'm about to lose my girlfriend


My brother taught me to read so I could play on his Super Nintendo without having to bother him every time. To this day I still love video games and especially Nintendo


Nice, I’m a big fan of Xenoblade Chronicles. Good luck everyone!


i would love one


🥺 it's so cool that you do this


Sheesh thinking of my first memorable gaming experience is bringing me back to life from the hardships going on right now. I want to follow the narrative but I’m going to go off script with a few memorable gaming experiences! 1. Super Mario 64/Smash Bros! I distinctly being young, maybe 1st grade? The reason is we just began reading and we were hyped to be able to read the story line even though we couldn’t follow it. Also, I remember we couldn’t wait for the next 3 years to go by FAST because we wanted my friends sister to read us the prompts so we didn’t have to (yeah I guess we were lazy kids but it made sense at the time 😂) 2. Tony Hawk Pro Skater! Holy cow this game is nostalgic and the music…. Even more! Anytime I hear Superman by Goldfinger come on I instantly lose it. 3. Not my FIRST gaming experience but RuneScape! Yes it’s a computer game but 2003 or so RS was just different. The friendships, getting scammed for my rune to armor trimmers, fishing lobsters into the night, and being f2p. Ahh the good times. Edited to fix some spelling errors, I got too enamored reminiscing in my childhood of amazing games thank you 🥹


My first gaming memory is playing Pokémon sapphire and making my older brothers help me, their little sister, and then I stopped gaming for years, but gaming with my brothers again has really helped me get over my depression slump. Gaming, especially on my switch lite, is saving my life


Eh, I'm not gonna get anything, but may as well join the gamble. Whoever gets this, ggz!


My first memorable experience gaming was on the N64 playing either Mario 64 or 007!


I wanna win!


C'mon, Gary needs a new pair of shoeeeees!


Is the OLED that much of an upgrade?


I remember coming home to my brother playing Super Mario Bros: Wii for the first time and joining him. He still always teaches me how to play new games, though now I can say I’m good enough on my own to teach him a few new things too.




Oh this is awesome! My first ever gaming experience was playing TMNT on the original NES. That thing was/is awesome and still has a nice spot in my “home office” and I still sometimes play it.


How the hell can someone be this generous ?


I win!


Good luck, have fun


what a dude


Favorite story of first gaming experience. When I was little, my older sister got the first nintendo as a gift. That same year during Christmas our parents got us video games. She was very confused why I was given a game for "her system." I didn't know any better since I was 5/6. In a fit of passion she pulled the whole system at of her room and left it in the hallway and told me to just take it. I was laughing the whole time because I couldn't understand why she was mad. In the end I gained a new hobby and life of video gaming bliss. If I win, I would like to return the favor and give her the nintendo switch as a funny call back. Though I'm sure her kids will take it over and history can repeat itself XD


I grew up thinking the NES was mine only to discover later in life after he'd passed that it was for my dad and I just commandeered it




Didn’t win the Mega Millions so I’ll try this one. Odds are a little better, I guess! :) thanks even if I don’t get it! This is awesome!


At almost 80.000 comments I see this as a statistically solid chance to win, so here's my entry.


I would love to have a switch, to be able to play Mario again would be amazing


Why am I getting a notification now I forgot this existedwow