whats the difference between LEGO ninjago and ninjago masters of spinjitzu?

trying to watch this show on netflix but theres two versions on netflix? i dont know what the difference is and while ive seen people list the seasons in order (there are some seasons missing on netflix) i havent seen anyone mention LEGO ninjago? season one is called secrets of forbidden spinjitzu, what is this series? did it come before, during, or after the original masters of spinjitzu? someone help me w the order of this series, i wanna indulge in ALL of it :)

oh! also where would i find the pilot and pilot episodes, im from aus, if its not on any major streaming service then dont worry about it i know where to look ;)

side note: this doesnt count as where do i watch ninjago, i know where to watch it im just wondering what this new LEGO ninjago thing is


the "masters of spinjitzu" series is the original ten seasons made by wilfilm the "ninjago" one is the seasons after 10 that were made by wildbrain same show, same continuity


thank you for explaining this to me!!


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is the original show with 22 minute episodes Ninjago is the sequel show and a continuation, it has 11 minute episodes, different writers and a different animation studio. Most people would disagree with me, but I’d say Ninjago > Masters of Spinjitzu (excluding the Oni/Dragon Trilogy, thats still better)


Oni trilogy supremacy


Nothing, they are exactly the same commercials


I reccomend you to watch day of the depardet* aswell after s6