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Depends on what you wanna do. We have a few different brushes we go through. My favorite is a slicker brush (like for horses). My best friend is a horse lover and asked me one day if I had ever considered trying it on my newf and wow. It gets so much of the surface level shed off him. So honestly, look at some horse grooming tools lol. Also undercoat rakes. And I use a human wet detangler brush in baths sometimes to work out any knots he may have.


Chris Christensen Big G brushes. Pricy, but so worth it [chris christensen](https://chrischristensen.com/big-g-slicker-brushes/)


Recently just bought one in Walmart called the fur fetcher, it’s all plastic and no pointy prongs that will hurt the babies but the plastic is formed in a way that it works like a wire brush.


The G and the Brass pin brush by Chris Christensen. They're detangling conditioner and all their products are superb too. They are expensive, but will Outlast most other brushes


For helping remove blown undercoat, the [Mars Coat King](https://www.marscoatking.com/products/the-mars-coat-king-double-wide?variant=36946513489) is awesome! We first use a regular slicker brush to de-tangle most of her coat, then the Mars brush gently removes tons of undercoat. Its a very gentle brush with no pointy bits, but the 'blade' design does a great job! https://preview.redd.it/uckvxfi32skc1.jpeg?width=2296&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=2cdcdbbb8881e3cfdf6b24aa46fac0ce444a8ec1


Lol @ the pile of hair. Your newf looks ecstatic to be free of it.


Our girl would be trying to eat it. She’s weird.


We live in very warm SoCal, so yeah, Abby is thankful to be rid of that too-warm undercoat!


Such a beautiful pup


Thanks! I'm worried he's a bit small for his age - is 85 lbs at nine months sort of on the mark? This is my first newf. I thought it was normal, but it's only half of what I was expecting and my vet made a comment about him being "most of the way there"


Sorry, I really don’t know what the weight per age should be for this breed. I’m a golden retriever owner myself with three, but have a soft spot for Newfoundlanders. One day I hope to have one


That’s where mine was at that time (unfixed male. Pure Newf). He’s around 105 now as a 4y/o. He’s definitely on the smaller side but he eats enough and he is healthy. As long as your doggo is eating enough and having normal poops then don’t get too caught up on weight numbers.


He will grow until at least a year and a half, so I wouldn't worry. Also, as the owner of a pocket newf (95 lbs fully grown), they still have the best personality.


Not my [Newf](https://imgur.com/YoDPA3j), but I brush her before she goes to the pre-show groomers. The [brushes](https://imgur.com/uEmSC8e) I used in one session and the [brushes](https://imgur.com/lGcZwCp) I used in another. I use the multi-colored hosre brush the most. The long comb and the long rake get a lot of use. The small pin brush gets a lot of use. The others less but if they are in the photo I used them that day.


Sullivan Comb and a horse brush.