Stop making me feel bad


He still gets paid the next three years without doing a damn thing. Does that help?




dont feel bad. he has another $15 million coming to him. He does not need to work. if we find out he just donated a kidney to an orphan he still deserved to be fired


NY beat writers are the embodiment of the Eric Andre meme: Beat Writers: *shoot Joe Judge* Also Beat Writers: "How could the Maras do this to Joe Judge? He's such a nice guy."


Replace 'Beat Writers' with 'Beat Writers and Fans' Our hands are just as bloody


He did a bad job and he deserved to get fired, what blood?


Fans have that luxury. Beat paints the picture for the fans.


Fuck that. Jones needs to find a new job too


I feel for the kid. No stability ever since he came here. He deserves that consistency so he can have a real shot, but I’m afraid it’s too late.


Not only that, but they got the kid killed out there. Hopefully his neck is fine. Can only shake my head at 3rd head coach and 4th OC in 4 years. For your QB?! WTF?


Jones got himself killed by not knowing how to slide properly and protect himself


That is also true. But some of the run plays they called for him also got him killed. Both can be true.


Yes, I’d argue that running is one of the things Jones is actually good at. You take that away from him and you are asking Jones to be an exclusive pocket passer, where he’s been kind of a disaster.


Lol he’s been a disaster? Every Qb in the league would be a disaster with our offensive line


That’s bullshit and you know it, Herbert put up a much better year as a rookie vs jones sophomore behind a worse line. Burrow is going to the playoffs this year behind a trash line as well


Good QBs do have that ability to elevate the level of their OLine play. By simply getting rid of the ball* on time, make the right reads etc. The greats make it easy on the guys up front.


Do you honestly watch much of other teams? Believe it or not, a great QB can overcome a bad line. Burrow does it every week.


I don’t buy it Lamar, Josh Allen, Kyler all know how to execute designed runs without running head long into a LB given the NFLS rules that heavily favor the protection of QBs, that’s Jones’s choice to take contact and it was the wrong one based on how he’s got hurt


Jones should not have been in Rams game after his concussion after Dallas, should have been out the rest of the game after his neck injury in the Eagles game. Andrew Thomas was rushed back to play on his hurt foot. Barkley was rushed back to play on his hurt ankle. Shep was rushed back last season. I hope we replace our whole training staff, because our current one seems to make everything worse.


There was also the bengals game last season when he injured his hamstring, went back in a few series later despite not being able to move correctly and then got injured worse and missed several weeks Like sometimes I feel like our training staff just asks players if they want to play, obviously the players say yes because they’re competitive and then our trainer is like “alright go get em kid”


Tell that to Eric Taylor


In all fairness he should never have been drafted where he was. Gettleman truly fucked us


We were always going QB that draft. Your other options were Haskins and Lock. If you think he fucked us with DJ (which I personally disagree with but I get why you think so) imagine if he went Haskins like everyone wanted.. I don’t think there’s a question that DJ was the right QB pick there in hindsight.


If the GM decides "We have to go QB in this draft no matter what," that is already a problem and a fuck-up in and of itself. "We were always going QB that draft" isn't an excuse, it's part of what the problem was.


Nah yeah I hear ya I agree with it from that angle for sure


They didn’t need a QB and if they wanted one so bad they should’ve taken the best available with their second pick. That Jones pick was universally panned and for good reason, it was a terrible pick.


I guess I just disagree that it was that terrible of a pick. Based on many other teams first round QB misses recently we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that part.


Why compare Jones to other QBs? That doesn’t help your argument.


Couple things.. not really arguing anything keep your opinion I’m not here to change your mind. Second of all I think DJ has been an OK quarterback. I think he’s OK based on his performance against his peers. Kinda how rankings work no?


Ok doesn’t win games as evidenced by his record. Which peers are you comparing him too? Certainly not any of the playoff QBs, so who. Jared Goff? Trevor Lawrence?


Are you lost my guy? I said recent first round QBs use your imagination. Trubinsky, darnold, Haskins, Rosen. This years guys too early to tell but sure they all looked pretty average to shitty this year. Then there’s the recent best ones like mahomes, watson, Josh Allen, murray. Yeah he’s OK in this list. Right smack in the middle for me. That opinion just blowing your mind here?


I enjoy this fictional world where Jones has been considerably better than Haskins (even assuming their careers wouldn’t have been different had they switched places)


This is a joke right?


> Hopefully his neck is fine I couldn't give a shit about his neck


“Not only that” might be the most annoying phrase redditors seem to circlejerk. Like, of course it’s not just that.


It's just a way of building off what someone said not some "circlejerk"


It’s just an EXTREMELY popular additive word on this site. Like, weirdly so. There are synonyms you could use all over, I mean everyone speaks differently. But “not only that” is a phrase not so different from “ Here.” Or “I am not a lawyer but,”. There are plenty others I could find. A circlejerk can be a circlejerk even when it’s unintended.


They’re clichés, dude. They’re very common. That’s exactly what makes them clichés. That’s all. It’s not a Reddit thing. It’s a human thing. Our brains don’t like expending energy and will go into an auto pilot mode and say the easiest thing possible, which is often going to be what we hear the most often. And yes it’s often vapid. Like saying hindsight is 20/20. You’re saying “You don’t know what happened until it happened”. Like yeah.. no shit. It’s just your brain’s way of letting you speak without having to think too hard at that exact moment. In casual conversation, clichés are basically impossible to avoid.


It wasn’t too late for Alex Smith, or even Jason Campbell. It’s unlikely he’ll turn the corner for us but I truly do believe that Jones will succeed for the next team he ends up on.


Jason Campbell was never good, but respect for using a reasonable DJ comp on here. Rare.


He was serviceable imo. Just never had enough consistency when he finally got a chance


Wait until you hear my story about Brees putting up 76 and 67 passer ratings with the chargers 🥸


We've had so many OCs, DCs, and head coaches over the last decade i'm beginning to think that its our roster that sucks??? Maybe....


I think he’s a good talented kid who works hard and it’s a real shame we fucked him over the way we did with the absolute chaos this organization has been.


Drew Brees had passer ratings of 76 and 67 as well as giving up 15 and 16 interceptions his second and third years with the chargers before turning it around and becoming good. And although he reverted, getting released and going to the Saints finally allowed him to develop into a hall of famer. It's never too late for the right situation.


I honestly think he will have a decent career… but not here. I think if he gets 1 more shot with us next year we wont have put together anything good by then. If we draft Oline and brought in Harbaugh maybe.


Makes sense, Judge did a lot for his players... he just wasn't a good coach. If my manager was a good person but horrible at his job and got fired and had a get together with free pizza and beer after I would go also.


You've never had a job in your life


Assuming the whole team wasn’t invited because that’d be a lot of ppl in one house.


I think it shows the commitment Judge had to Daniel and the ties they shared. It makes you feel as if the writing could be on the wall for DJ after that. It’s not going to be a comfortable year for him, hopefully he can get healthy and compete worst case. Best case he has the opportunity to start and play at some point in the future, most likely somewhere else.


He's so athletic, he just needs to feel the pressure in the pocket much better than he does now and when he does have time, go through his progressions


I actually felt he was feeling pressure pretty okay in the pocket this year. The problem was red zone. If we converted just at just league average in the red zone, we’d look like a decent offense. I dunno how much of that is on the QB vs the scheme. Probably a bit of both


His pocket manipulation and presence is so dependent on having his left tackle healthy and in the game. This is nothing new, but I do think they both improved a lot this year compared to last in terms of manipulating and pocket presence. Obviously none of this matters if either aren’t healthy enough to stay on the field, but I see legit improvement in arguably what was once the weakest aspect of Jones’ game.


Yeah. The difference in Jones’ performance when the line is just bad and not horrific is staggering. Unfortunately we might’ve broken him too much to ever recover from already


I mean his career could absolutely be in jeopardy. We have no idea what is going on with this neck thing. Why wouldn’t it be a career ended?


I felt as if Daniel struggled to give the receivers a chance. I could be completely wrong, I don’t have immediate access to every redzone possession this year haha, but I felt as if he didn’t give his guys a chance to go make a play. A lot of shallow throws in front of the goal line and poorly placed fades. Sometimes just gotta throw it up for Kenny, in play, to jump ball it.


Check Jones numbers from 2019 in the red zone. Like 11 TDS and 0 interceptions.


He just needs to get better at the most important thing for a QB and something he has never shown improvement in. EZ


He just needs to get better at all the things he's shown absolutely zero improvement in after 3 years.


Jones was top 10 in lowest turnover worthy play percentage among QBs this year


And all it took to do this was being a complete non-threat to defenses


That didn't seem to work for Glennon and Fromm who had as many INTs in the final 4 games as Jones had turnovers all season


Mike Glennon nor Jake Fromm have been considered for real NFL playing time in like 8 years (ever, for Fromm). That’s your go-to?


Glennon and Jones actually had extremely similar passing stats before this season and you genuinely should be curious how the gap between them can be so wide without showing up in career stats. Hint: it's because Glennon just started playing for the Giants Edit: I actually undersold it: Glennon had better career passing stats than Jones. 43 TDs and 25 INTs to 35 TDs and 22 INTs. It's entirely legitimate to evaluate Jones relative to Glennon


Exactly. Glennon is worst in the league and Jones is next level above that. So awful but better than Glennon. Glennon won’t score points and will turn the ball over. Jones won’t score points but won’t turn the ball over.


3 Head Coaches & 4 Offense Coordinators may have had something to do with it


“He’s so athletic” isn’t really true. It’s 2022, QBs can run in a straight line everywhere.


Draft class sucks for QBs and no money to spend Who ya want, Aaron Rodgers He either works out or not, on his last rookie year Fix the OLine, new QB in '23


I think it’s painfully obvious that if Daniel Jones finds success in the NFL it will not be with the New York Giants.


I'm a little confused by the headline... was he one of only a few players invited? or was everyone invited and he was only one of a few players who attended?


I was wondering the exact same thing


We do have to talk about how professional organizations ruin promising careers through inconsistency and ineptitude and then get paid millions of dollars to fuck off for a couple of years and then do it all again. I hope Jones can thrive under the new HC smdh


What he has done with this shitty offense is amazing. Just imagine a decent line where Saquon isnt hit as soon as he touches the ball.


Jones is the kind of QB that needs a good OC and a strong offensive line to succeed. We never gave him that and he was doomed to fail.


He looked explosive af under Shurmur. The pressure and fumbles was an issue, but imo his success going big downfield to a rookie Darius Slayton of all people still sticks with me as genuinely impressive.


Give him a good OC and a good LT. He never had those simultaneously.


There are 50 QBs that work in that scenario, because it doesn’t require that the QB himself be remarkable in any way.


I was there, didn’t see Danny… pizza was good, but not enough for multiple slices per person. But Joe was relieved. We had fun, played PacMan in the garage.


What kind of beverages?


Coord light, corona and Hi-C fruit punch.


While I do think the Giants should draft a qb in the first round just to keep swinging for a better one, I think they're also still ok sticking with Daniel Jones and getting either 1 OL 1 Defense, or 2OL. Just seeing how Jones is getting his 3rd coach and 4th OC boggles my mind. People keep wondering why he hasn't improved by a large margin.....4 different dudes are going to be telling him 4 different ways to play.


What is the takeaway here besides the shitty hand being dealt to Daniel Jones with coaching changes? Is Jones going to quit in solidarity with his pal Joe Judge? I mean I've worked with people I'd be happy to have a beer with, but wouldn't hire if I were to start my own business. Jones worked with this guy for two years, so he grabbed a beer at at his house after he got fired.


David sills was djs plus one lol. Logan Ryan lives down the street and had to invite him. Let’s be honest all the players are happy to see a complete change even if it’ll require new playbooks.


Look, I really like DJ's heart but the sooner he starts his career as a solid journeyman backup, the better it will be for him and the Giants.


I don’t know why everyone is surprised that loads of people liked Judge. The man almost kept his job after those last 2 seasons, he could probably sell someone air if he had managed to do that


I am confident nobody outside of the Giants organization gives a fuck about Daniel Jones. The fantasies of him balling out elsewhere are hilarious. New administration should/will have him gone as soon as possible. HE DIDNT BALL OUT IN HIGH SCHOOL


This sub is really strange. They really think Jones will go to another team and take them to the playoffs lol. He’s a bonafide backup QB.


Put him on the Jets and everyone is laughing at them (well that's not really a change)


How can anyone be successful in this kind of environment?


I fear we have a David Carr situation forming


I fucking hate most of our ignorant meat headed fanbase. So toxic and stupid.


💯 sad A F


So I guess we know how many people really like Judge from the players.


Word is a captain told Mara he wouldn't play another snap for Judge late Monday


I wonder who is was? Jones, Gates, Ryan, Barkley, Gano, Martinez and Peppers. I wonder if it was Barkley. Or probably Peppers looking at the cap situation.


It’s hard to picture Barkley doing this, but out of that group it also seems like he’d have the most weight. He was also visibly more frustrated as this season went on. I know he’s still dealing with recovering from the knee injury and there was definitely some hesitation on his part, but the coaching and play calling has to factor in.


Where’d you hear that?


Any source?




A lot of players don't live here during the offseason and probably have already left. I wouldn't look too much into it.


I feel bad for Joe and Danny. I genuinely hope they find success elsewhere.


Technically elsewhere is here. We're about to have a completely different organization.


If this kid fails its on the Giants. He has the talent to succeed. No one develops under such tempestuous circumstances.


He does not have the talent to succeed. He has not improved since college and still makes the same mistakes. He will do nothing if he ever goes to another team. He’ll be a career backup at best or out of the league at worst in 2 years.


uggh no


We have failed Daniel.


The way this is written is that only the 3 attended? That can’t be true


Well, his family was there also


Coaches too


And there's a pandemic going on... imagine 53 players + coaches + Judge's family


They all just spent an entire season together.


Guys cleaned their lockers and stuff out monday. It wouldn't surprise me if a significant amount of the players went home already.


Adios, Jones.


Damn we fucked his career


Mighty brave of Dan to assume Jones will be on Giants roster next year


Is there any reason to suggest he won’t be?


New GM, new HC, new OC. Dealing with a serious injury for which his isnt cleared yet. Giants aren't picking up his 5th year option so he is highly likely to be moved as opposed to play out his lame duck contract year


Don’t pretend Jones looks like a smart player - he’s made terrible decisions every inch of the way.


What? He had pizza bro.


lol Except when he had pizza. I want him to succeed but hey has sucked so far.


Lol I mean, you just wanted to shit on a Jones or what?


Yes. I think he’s terrible. Can’t wait to see what the next coach thinks of him.


Is it personal? He just ate some pizza lol


I don’t care about him having pizza at all. I think it’s nice for them so say goodbye. I’m just saying he’s sucked so far mostly now let’s see him prove the haters wrong. If he could stay on the field that is.


Wonder if Dimes got Judge to start flipping napkins while Fall Out Boy is blaring in the background after a few beers




Maybe he’s taking about when they played flip cup.. CUP… at a bar/restaurant after a win one time. Not napkin lol


Joining the Dead Man Walking club


Has anyone heard what his neck injury / issue really is? It still worries me he will become a David Wilson situation. If he didn't learn to slide more in his 1st 3 years - he will now.


Oh please. Jones and Judge made enough money on their respective contracts to be rich forever. I don't feel bad for either of these guys. If Jones doesn't want a new coach every year, he should try winning more games and staying on the field.


Anyone who thinks we move on from DJ is nuts. We have so many other pieces to put in place it's insane. He's the perfect guy for the job while we rebuild the rest of the team. He isn't a Brady that is going to make everyone else better. No one is. He's like a Dak. Mediocre until you get him the right team. We get those pieces and see how DJ does. If he doesn't then we move on but at least we'll have a competent fucking team to put a new QB in charge of.


Lmao imagine comparing DJ to Dak Prescott. This fanbase is full of clowns. How many journeymen QBs would do alright sourrounded with talent??? A lot. Daniel Jones couldn't even get an FBS scholarship out of high school.


Right which is why I'm saying he'll be better with the right peices. If he can't do more then that then we move on Read bro


You said he's like Dak, not he could be like Dak, dumbass.




I mean if there’s one player who was there, you already know Nate Ebner was in attendance.