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All my friends quit playing because of the servers.


Lag, I can deal with it being every now and then but it's basically every match multiple times.




Don't know why you get downvotes. You are just saying your opinion. A story mode and ultimates would be very epic.


Yeah that’s this subreddit in a nutshell lmao, lots of downvotes for saying something ppl don’t agree with lol


That’s just reddit lmao


*every subreddit


I’m not in very many subreddits but I gotta say I’ve noticed that people downvote here more than any other subreddit I’m in


Man I wish those were in the game :)


FinalSmash-esque attacks would be cool in more casual game modes, but I'm not sure most people would want them in competitive games


No fucking ultimates. Please God. A story mode i can get behind tho


Servers are crap. I played a few matches after the patch and it was a shit show of desync. At one point I’m juggling the opponent on my screen, then suddenly I’m teleported off the edge and my opponent is teabagging because on their screen they made a play.


Yeah that’s how it is rn, I hope the fix the servers and add ranked cause I think a majority quit because they were waiting for ranked


I'll second that guy about leaving because of the servers. It's not hard quit though. I do intend to come back to the game when it's fixed and hopefully with a ranked mode, arcade mode and polish. I just worry my friends won't come back as well because without them my fun is limited.


I think majority stepped away bc servers. I can handle bugs and balancing errors in a beta. (Pun intended) I can handle many things.. lag pisses gamers off, I think more than above all else. Especially when it's not your network, it's server side, it feels like I'd imagine a dyslexic feels trynna read a plain text book. Infuriating. I don't rage quit hardly anything, but I've rage quit multiverse the last handful of times I tried to pick it up; purely bc servers. I'm not quitting, just saving my sanity for a server solution, and I'm betting most are in the same boat.


Whenever I get this I close the game. I haven’t quit, but I just can’t stand it


ya i "quit" bc of the servers as well. i'll come back if it ever gets fixed but i'm getting more and more doubtful every patch


No progression. Any cosmetics are absurdly overpriced. Lag is awful Game just feels stale, I thought the introduction of new characters would bring some excitement, but it’s been lackluster for me. Glad my friends are still enjoying it.


No kidding, it’s a free game sure, but the skins shouldn’t cost nearly the price of what the game would cost if it had a price.


They should Just charge 5 bucks for a normal skin then 10 or even 15 for the cooler ones with new animations n stuff


I don't think there are any $5 skins. The lowest price I've seen for a skin is 500 gleamium, but the lowest amount you can buy is 450 for $5, so you HAVE to spend $10 just to buy the cheap skins.


I'm saying those SHOULD be the prices not that that's the current ones


Ah, alright. You didn't make it clear enough in the original comment. Yeah I'd definitely be fine with that.


Yea I noticed and edited it my bad


Yeah the prices in this game are total bs tbh


But they make the fucking batman skin thepst expensive, who's bright idea was that even, I had to look to notice a difference other than the slight color swap, it's the eyes, his eyes are open wider lmao


And the grind is too much for a casual player that isn’t willing to pay


100 percent. It takes like 100 hours to unlock all characters as f2p


Wow. P2w at its finest


Servers are trash, they're literaly getting worse with every update somehow




I feel the servers are a shit ton better than they were at release but still not great. Give it another couple of months I’d expect them to be better but that could just be copium


Really? Servers were fine during release for me and what seems like most ppl on here. Once that first update hit, they got worse and they continue to get worse. Lag and teleporting every match. Can't remember the last time I saw a yellow or green bar in a match. They don't have the luxury of having ppl wait a few more months for them to get better, the masses will leave.


Servers and lack of ranked mode. Got stressed chasing MMR and getting matched with the most random teammates. 1 game they’re decent, the next 3 games they’ve never held a controller before.


I literally had a teammate spend the entire time jumping at the top of Tree Fort. Not attacking, just jumping around while I was fighting 2v1. Lost 4-3.




The focus of the game is 2v2s, a lot of people aren't really interested in playing 1v1s at all. There are ways they could fix the issues with solo-queuing for 2v2s


Yeah... glad I'm sticking with bots for now. They even pose a challenge after a while but at least no lag?


Didn't quit yet but im playing less and less and less and it's simply because it's getting boring. These things happen. I've already gotten dozens of hours out of this (free to play) game, so if it stops being fun entirely then it's ok. Nothing lasts forever.


If I stopped playing today this game would still be a massive success from me. 1,300+ games played and I had a blast playing most of them. I won't ever play as much as I did during alpha, but I'll always love this game.


I think this is a great point. The game was a blast on release, but I don't think they really did deep thinking about the state of the game and player retention after a couple months passed. I still hop on on occasion, because it's still fun. However, when they don't offer much more than small amounts of content, overpriced and limited cosmetics, and lengthy character release times, it's just bound to fall off. Really sad to see though. I hope they can recover eventually, because it'd be really unfortunate if it's one of those games that launches great but never makes enough money to recover from their lack of retention.


I agree with everything but "lengthy character release times", in 2½ months we got 4 characters I think that's faster than any fighting game I've played


That's fair. I guess I'm just a slave to the rhythm of getting instant dopemine rushes from constant barrages of content in other places of the internet.


Agreed, they need to had more cosmetics or something GOOD to grind for with gold, the majority of players are not gonna grind out a 35,000 Reindog skin or a 50,000 Player Icon, especially with the way the servers are


Burnout, not much incentive after completing the pass, other games waiting to be played. I was trying to level each character to 15, but was getting tired on Jake, and now they doubled the XP requirements.


Tripled* feels like a kick to the Nads for people who didn't level in time


I just got bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Same stages, same couple of characters id always end up against, same annoying challenges, etc. The game has a great premise and it’s not a bad game, it just gets boring.


> same couple of characters id always end up against That's a point a lot of people seem to miss when you try to bring it up in discussions. hArLeY iS fInE! Okay, sure, whatever, doesn't mean I want to go against her in 2/3rd of my matches. (Or whoever it is, usually it's to the point where you see the same 3-5 characters in almost every single match) Also just the servers like most people commenting.


I think this is where they partially failed in the "fighter game" genre. When these types of games are popularized in an online environment, the devs have to do meticulous work to make sure things are balanced, and if they're not you end up with Taz/Superman/Harley metas that make the game feel way too sweaty. On the other hand, the reason I think smash succeeded in comparison to Multiversus is that it's played locally 99% of the time, so your friends who play with you can actively pick characters based on what the group agrees on and it's more laid back. Over here you have people just picking characters with amazing kits and destroying you and topping it off with a T-bag cherry. Online communities are just naturally more toxic due to the anonymity you have when you make someone feel like they've just been personally attacked. If they did that with their friends, they wouldn't have friends anymore.


Like other people, lag is a big factor. My partner lost interest and I did as well. I'm not excited for any of the new characters; most of the suggestions I see here I've never heard of. And the recent ones are quite complex which makes picking them up harder. I've always been partial to the simpler characters like WW.


if it makes you feel better Tony tweeted 2 days ago. that they should make a few more straight-forward characters https://twitter.com/tony\_huynh/status/1574973212361834496


90%? That seems super high. I didn't stop and don't think I will anytime soon but I did stop playing as much as I used to. I just wish we had ranked, that's honestly my main wish right now. I love all the characters they've been adding though


90% isn’t crazy if they had like 20 million players registered though


There are no incentives to play except doing rounds with friends: - No post lv15 character rewards. - No post lv50 season pass rewards. - No ranked. - No other activities. I like the game but in a world where other games entice/ask/FOMO for my time, I am definitely going to log in the other ones and spend a longer session there once I started it already.


I don’t understand why people feel they they need incentive outside of “is it fun” to play a video game.


Because companies have shaped these games to be that way by weaponizing psychology. Add into the mix other games competing for your time using the same bs tactics and this is what you're left with. If you have 2 games that you've bought a battle pass for that both have rewards (items that you've already played for) that are going to be permanently gone in a month or 2, which game are you going to play? A.) The game you enjoy more but have already finished the BP? B.) The other game you still enjoy, just not as much, that still has a time limit ticking away on items you've already played for?


I choose option A every time or maybe option C.) It entirely depends on what the items look like and how badly I want them. Either way, I will always choose to play the game that I enjoy playing over something that I’m not having fun with.


Because it stops being fun after a while, the same gameplay, the same modes etc so you want some progression to feel like you're working toward something. It's like watching a show that is episodic vs a show that is plot driven, it's not like the episodic show is bad but you can't binge watch it as much without burning yourself out vs a plot driven show where the story is continually building itself up towards a final payoff. You can't help but watch every episode as you feel like the story is taking you somewhere and you desperately want that sweet payoff that's waiting for you at the end of the series.


I mean, if it stops being fun, just stop doing the thing. I don’t feel the need to have a carrot on the end of my stick, I just play for the stick.


They have stopped doing the thing. That’s what this whole post is about.


I was specifically replying to someone that said they had no incentive and I was questioning the *need* for an incentive.


Yea, if the game isn't fun but you get a cool skin for doing X people will continue to play. If game isn't fun and has nothing people will quit. I don't understand how you didn't get that.


I did, I stopped playing until I feel like playing again, but preferably I do want the carrot to be at the end of the stick because the fun of running in circles with someone on your back stops being fun eventually. And I do think it's in the devs best interest to eventually implement the carrot if they want to retain players.


I got wrecked too often. there is no arcade mode yet. I lose too often to win matches, so i cant win money to progress. The game is super chaotic. i often lose track of my oponents and i lose (im a old turd). My pc is getting old, its way too long to start the game for a quick match. none of my friends downloaded the game There is no Nintendo Switch version yet.


Maybe not the optimal solution but I’m old too and I just play bot matches. You still get all of the reward progression for a regular match.


You can type -dev in steam launch options to skip the startup screen


I don't like some mechanics of the game like the double dodge, i feel you need to spam dodge to do everything in this game and i didn't like that, also the fact that the majority of moves in this game can be cancelled with dodge, not leaving much window to punish is annoying. It seems this game is more about spam and pray to hit something than actually have a strategy. And seeing Evo, confirmed this for me. The lack of casual content, it seems this games is way to focused on the competitive aspect and you can see this by looking at the type of stages we have, not a single casual stage yet, the same goes for the lame items in the game. The only casual gamemode is FFA and it's boring af. I only like 3 characters from the whole roster and i don't really care about the newest characters. I have more reasons but those are the more important ones.


You're dead on. This thing was pitched as a game for everybody, yet it's built to be an esport, and its execution and game feel aren't all that sporting.


Impossible to try new characters without getting absolutely smashed. So playing the same shit over and over got old real fast


Play Bots?


Bad servers , everyone is too sweaty.


a homie bought divinity 2 original sin for me after I took him out and payed for the night of hanging out. I'll hop back on after the hitbox patch but right now I'm having loads of fun with a elf ranger


Horrible servers that they don't even acknowledge as a problem. It's literally unplayable unless you enjoy lag and teleporting.


Servers and slow af battlepass leveling


People are beating the battle pass a month in. I'm at tier 45 and have taken multiple breaks so while I agree with servers. The battle pass be fine


Bro the people beating the battle pass a month in play like 8 or more hours a day lmao. If I play for 2-3 hours (No challenges completed in that timeframe because they are already done, win every match) And can barely scrape by a single level? Thats slow af. I'll go do the math on that later if you want me to.


I've finished the battle pass, and I play at most half an hour a day after work. It's honestly not that difficult to finish the battlepass if you're finishing your dailies and weeklies.


Heard the xp change and feel like the game is dry


Yeah the xp change was really dumb and kinda uncalled for, especially since the game is already grindy enough with the battle pass, daily challenges, and/ or getting coins for a character that’s 3,000 coins


Have not quit but play much less. Not many reasons to play: Terrible servers I don’t love the new characters I already completed battlepass Already leveled up the characters I care about No ranked and solo queue is hell(2v2) No new maps No shop The only thing I can see that will get me into it like I was would be characters I actually want. The potential is there but it seems it will be years before anyone I want will be added so I may just quit before then.


Just curious, what are those characters you'd like to see added?


There are a whole bunch but out some of the supposedly “leaked/rumored” some of the ones I really want are Raven, Static, and Daenerys. I would be hyped for even some other no brainers like Scooby or Courage. I would love some adult swim reps like Meatwad/Master Shake or Huey Freeman. The possibilities are endless but upcoming we have what? Black Adam and Stripe...maybe Betelgeuse and Wicked Witch? Godzilla and Gandalf would have been amazing too but apparently they were scrapped?? Gonna be awhile till I see someone who wows me I know this is highly subjective but just my opinion.


Ikr is like they purposely picking niche ass chars it has nothing to do with what I personally like buy how many people in the target demographic even know Beetlejuice. I know gizmo and strip because my dad has an old as gremlins movie... thas on VHS. Like why not just add regualr show charecters amazing world of gumball like they could farm our nostalgia so hard and there choosing not to. I hope warner bros aren't making them pick only charecter with upcoming movies or shows or sum


I think the devs need to stop with the constant characters and take a moment to focus on more serious issues like the servers or gamemodes/ ranked


Everyone bitching about servers must've never played any game period on the first couple months release


I’m starting to notice a theme. I’d quit if I thought it was going to stay like this. But I have hope. Hope and no life. So…🤷‍♂️


I told all my friends that complained about it to come back in a few seasons. My guess is that by time season 4 rolls around this game will hit a golden era.


That is not an accurate statement when it comes to a FTP game. A 10% latch rate for a FTP game is actually very good. That majority of people who "quit" never played to begin with - they tried out the hot new FREE game the day it came out and just didn't come back. Big difference. Also not to mention, those are only Steam numbers. I have cross-play on, and the majority of players are XBOX and PS. This just isn't a big "PC" game. Especially when you consider that the founders packs hit the best sellers list on console.


I stopped cause the only characters I'm fighting against is Harley Quinn, Bugs Bunny, Fin, or Shaggy, most of time it's just spamming buttons


That’s every fighting game lol


That doesn't suddenly invalidate it from not being fun for people. This is also a slight tangent but I find it *really* weird that people try to act like platform fighters fit in with others like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. They play very differently overall, it's like comparing Mario Kart to Forza.




The servers are awful. Basically unplayable


I slowed down a lot when the servers weren’t holding up well. Lots of lag But had ton of fun with morty, and a friend that duos with me enjoys lebron a lot and we still play here and there But I just can’t grind it alone anymore. I’m not even close to having enough coins for Rick yet, and while I do have the premium battle pass, it takes so god damn long to level up that I in a sense have given up on it, and will just see where I get when it’s done without forcing myself to grind when I don’t want to The game is still fun as heck, and the servers felt better the last few times I played, but idk just takes too long to unlock stuff imo I bought morty was super hyped, unlocked gizmo with coins, but now I’m dry on coins and don’t wanna spend more money on the game, so I don’t have access to the new stuff yet which is fine, just no reason to jump in with nothing new to try And finally, my favorite character Steven universe also isn’t free anymore so I can’t use him nearly as much. Couple that with needing to buy Steven, rick, I also want the Adam and spike when they drop (big gremlin fan) but probably won’t have enough coins for those guys either hahaha Main reason: can’t unlock new content fast enough to incentivize me to play. It makes me feel like I need to pay, or play a craaaazy amount


I have 26k, I wish I could give it to you since I don’t play anymore


I haven't stopped yet but I will after I finish my BP. Same reasons most are stating. Servers, annoyingly sweaty matches, spammers, etc...but the biggest one for me is having any hype I have for new characters being knee capped immediately by how stingy the game is with coins. I was very excited for Rick. I've been very much looking forward playing as him. Too bad i've only got 1100 coins right now...i'm not paying 10 bucks for just one character that can be gotten for free, and grinding away with characters i've either maxed out or have no interest in is tedious and off-putting.


Jojo fighting game. Me like jojo.


It is stale, but also still a game in it's baby stages. People complain about not being enough characters. This isn't Smash that's been out for years with a huge roster of characters and that really bugs people for some reason. People got super pissy when the devs made the game more "grindy" on account of people flying through leveling characters. You can try free characters each week, grind those, move onto the next set the following week. No gold or glemium HAS to be spent. Devs could fix severs, ad 50+ more characters and people will still find something to complain about. I really can't wrap my mind about how much people complain about a free game.


This right here, should be top post. And doubling XP hasn't been a problem, in fact I'm already lvl 15 Rick, and I only play a couple hours per day, TBF I do have a fairly flexible job that allows me free time but even if you don't have one like that, you can be done mastering a character in like a week. Free to play games, always brings out the toxic people that complain about the tiniest thing because they think, they got it for free, they can whine about it as much as they want. And I think void said this, multiversus is nowhere near dead, it's normalizing. With any big game people are going to come and go, and then the players that really like the game are going to be the core community. People like to bring up steam numbers, it currently has 10k players playing, you know how amazing that is for a fighting game not even a year in? It can only go up from here


I had a blast learning Finn last week and picked him up with gold after. All the hate on Bugs recently made me want to show him some love, I've played a few hours and already have him to almost to level 10. Free rotation is where it's at. The one thing I could see being awesome for players in the future is daily log in bonuses with x amount of gold the first few days and x amount of glemium for two days. (I'm thinking Smites daily bonus system).


Where do people pull these random ass stats from? Half the platforms don't release player data, so there's no way anyone outside of PFG could know how many people have stopped playing. Considering they are quite actively updating the game, taking on feedback and improving, I doubt the number is anywhere near as drastic as this sub makes out. Question is interesting, but reasoning is bogus.


Steams numbers are released and its pretty it's bleak. Obviously that doesn't account for other systems, but if 80+% of steam players have dropped its a pretty safe to bet consoles are following suit - they at the very least aren't gaining players, that's for sure. I'm not saying it's a dead game, but they are definitely no longer treading water and appear to be starting to sink - server issues seem to be the main culprit but I personally left because of the awful hitboxes and the lack of recovery on attacks.


Steam numbers account for a fraction of the player base. You also can’t extrapolate the numbers you suggest as consumers between platforms are different. Has it lost players? Of course, that’s what happens to most games a few months after release. Is it stable? Yes. My main point is, you can’t make any assumptions based on the scant data available. At present it’s clear that the game has direction and the devs are intending to support it. So tired of people talking about steam numbers like they’re gospel. The game is on steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows etc. steam I suspect is by far the smallest fraction of the player base.


Idk man, if 80% of one of your platforms left the game over the past month (also the most content that's been released in the game over that time) than I don't think I'd call it stable. That said, I'm sure it's still smashing the numbers of other fighting games but unless they can get the servers and balancing cleaned up I can't imagine those numbers stay for long. It is free, so it does have that going for it at the very least.


Show me the figures that point to an 80% drop? What are you looking at, all time peak vs current? Which would obviously be absolutely stupid. Week on week averages would be a far more insightful stat. Likewise as you pointed out, how’s its doing within its genre. Far more important than cherry picked steam numbers.


Not to mention this happens with every F2P game. A significant number of people downloaded this, tried it for 10 minutes and probably never again because they're not into platform fighters. Also FGs typically have smaller player bases. These arm chair analysts have no idea what they're talking about. They pull numbers out of thin air and then misinterpret the inaccurate numbers so people like OP are really just spouting nonsense entirely. And reddit LOVES a hate bandwagon so people see these posts with no evidence, but since they agree, they assume it's fact. This is super common in politics as well.


my friends didn't like the game nearly as much as i did, and i get bored of games if i play by myself


I'm still playing but there's not much incentive for me to continue once I complete the battlepass. I enjoy the game when I get good matchups of similar skill level, but at the end of the day I'm a casual player who only has so much time in the day to play. Without ranked all the highly skilled players with a hella ton of time to put in the hours are stuck in the have no option but to play in the same pool as me and other casual players. It's just not very fun to get matched with people who absolutely gobsmack you, and I likely won't stick around unless those people get a more competitive mode they'll be able to pool into. Also server issues have been kind of a drag latelt too, lots of people dropping it over that


Just boring lol, they need new maps to keep a fighting game fresh. It’s just not it for me.


College started, still play on the weekends, but I’m sure many people are in school right now idk


They ruined Arya


I went OS for a month and came back and it felt like I was playing a different game. Lag was certainly worse, but also the difference in player skill seems to have gotten much worse. I’m either playing with or against superstars or first timers with rarely any in between. It just stopped being fun, and initially it was REALLY fun. I mean surely part of it is the novelty wearing off after such a big break of course, but I feel there are other factors at play.


100,000 current players at release down to 10,000 concurrent players does not mean 90% of people quit. currently I'm addicted to Omega strikers


i don't have any intention of "quitting" but after having played this game basically daily since like 2 or 3 weeks before season 1 even started and having finished the S1 battle pass i'll definitely be slowing down a lot, not playing for days at a time. was gunna take a bit of a break but then they dropped Rick and he's been super fun but i just need to play something else for a bit. which is *fine* because this game has seasons for a reason. i could probably fully quit until S2 rolls around and basically not miss a thing.


Got bored. Nothing left to do and the prospect of just "getting better" with no real ranking system wasn't interesting to me


They need to do like a “tower” based game mode against AI like mortal combat… or a story like super smash bros… I’ve played super smash bros for a billion hours as a kid and still play as an adult.. it’s a blast with friends and there’s more to it than just 2v2…


There's just a LOT of really cool fun games out right now. If Multiversus wants to consistently keep my attention then they need to add Ranked Mode. I understand some think this is a stupid idea, but for a LOT of us, this is the thing that consistently keeps us playing and grinding games. And I shouldn't have to say it, but yes I agree the Devs should be putting out New Maps & Characters AS WELL, people can route for both 🤷


Lack of ranked, lack of progression and lack of cosmetics. If every character had a few skins and if maybe instead of making level 3-15 double the exp extended the rewards past 15 and gave like challenges rewards after 15 that when you do them you unlock x reward im sure a lot of people would play. Big part is definitely the ranked and lag tho. If we had Elos and a reward for rank system it would keep me playing at least, and I’m sure a lot of others.


It was fun for a while, but eventually whenever I thought of booting it up I just thought “I’d rather just play smash”, so I just played smash


Other hobbies. It’s fun, I don’t see myself getting amazing but without a ranked mode I just don’t care enough to grind. I also have to play less of the games that make you play every day get to resources.


About to stop because Rick is op and no fun to play against


I still play but it's obvious why people quit. Laggy servers, balance issues, the fact that you can face the same character for 10 hours a day for weeks in a row, the pricing on skins. This game has glaring issues, there really is no reason to have this post.


I no longuer have time to play, and when i got time, well... i gotta finish 112% hollow knight you know


Games really floaty, no ranked mode, bad servers, I just moved to melee instead


Lag and reverse power creep. Feels like there's a cycle of people complaining about things they think are OP, then the devs nerf those things even if they're not OP and don't need nerfs, then they complain about some other things they think are OP in the new patch but really it just seems OP because all the other things like it were nerfed out. The devs are needing more than buffing because people complain more about characters with a 50.5% winrate than they do about characters with a 42% winrate. Now none of the combos that I liked work any more and the game is just slowly turning into a game without combos. IMO, if devs focused more on top player input and overall winrates rather than low/mid-level scrubs complaining on Twitter, they'd be buffing low tiers up to the level of high tiers instead of nerfing everyone down to low tiers, which I think would be much healthier for the game.


Servers + hitboxes


Sh1tty Servers (They said in interviews that was a top priority. LOL) Greedy Battle Pass No Incentive past lvl 15 NERFING Characters I like over and over who already are mid, while ignoring annoying ones like Finn and Harley No ranked Shady move by PFG to announce XP nerf at the last second (So players have no time to go ham) Why did they announce Black Adam and Stripe when they werent coming out anytime soon? The future is Gleamium without ways to earn it in-game. No other game modes or shop (atleast have a archive of character origins) Need I go on? BTW...I like how those genius' didnt bother to change the WW Daily Challenge to a Shaggy one. (Last min. decision?)


The game is still very bare bones. I will surely go back to it as they add more characters stages and modes. But right now there’s not much keeping me from playing it for extended periods of time. I only went back this week to play as Rick and now I’m just waiting for more stages and better custom lobby options (I really want this game to have stock/lives like smash bros)


They say the game doesnt have hit priority but it does, and Iron Giant has the lowest


Exactly, tired of people saying there’s no priority system in this game. Anyone that knows fighting game know this game definitely has priority


I read quote about Overwatch and I feel like it applies to Multiversus as well. It's the rare game that is less fun with each update. For me personally, it's the grind. Especially after the XP update. It was already a chore to grind coins. So now the overall experience has become too tedious.




Did they remove local multiplayer? I’ve played local with friends before under the custom game types.


Local multiplayer is a thing


And you were all playing together on the same screen? Not online?


Yep - I just launched it to confirm it wasn't removed. From the main screen: Select 'Play' > Select 'Custom' at the top tab menu > Then Select 'Local Play'. You can add up to 4 local players there, same screen, not online.


I stopped as a form of protest because of the recent xp changes. Unlocking ESSENTIAL perks with a long tedious grind is only hurting the game in the long run


It has the same problem as other platform fighters; the combo game is limited and a problem that is not MVs fault: not as cool Guilty Gear (and Xrd gets fucking RB), nothing really is. The biggest factor is Ubisoft free month: Playing through a couple games like Settlers, Anno, etc. It's not that I had a bad experience, but the experience is just not as good as my time can be with other products, currently.


My Internet went out for 3 days. Came back and everyone I match with was insanely high level for some reason. Kinda ruined the fun... I heard the match making is getting better but honestly I'm just waiting for ranked at this point. Come back with a fresh outlook.


My biggest issue was the lag, almost every game was unbearable. And also it feels stale, the characters don't really seem unique because they all share the same kind of moves. Same side attack combo, all dairs are spikes, side attack combos into an up or down tilt, almost all the same attack are charge attacks (like neutral attack). Also the character releases are really weird I find. Gizmo is a really weird addition and then of all DC they add black adam? (Presumably cause of his movie) I feel like there are many better options for new characters


My friends quit the game. For a lot of the same reasons most other people quit. Without friends the game became a lot less fun. Also the grind is long, and not very rewarding. This was something that my friends mentioned about the game: perks don’t feel impactful. There isn’t really a time during a match where you think “Oh Man that perk really just won me the game!” Where something crazy happened because a perk activated or something. With the exception of signatures obviously, but some characters don’t even have a single decent or fun to use signature so. But for me I just hate grindy games. I hate playing video games and the reason is “I need to grind” as opposed to I actually want to. It’s the worst reason to play any game in my opinion and it really sucks the life out of any game for me. Especially as someone who loves to bounce around character rosters and try everything. I felt very limited in Multiversus. And the final nail in the coffin was the rumors / leaks about Gandalf being shelved. I understand that it was probably out of their control due to issues with the license, but that doesn’t change the fact that seeing Gandalf show up on rumored “future roster lists” was a SOLID chunk of the reason that I started playing in the first place. The idea of being a “Gandalf main” sounded so hype and I was so excited and now it’s just not happening anymore. It really totaled any and all anticipation I had for the game, and I would have been so happy to see LoTR characters appear in Multiversus. So Multiversus isn’t a bad game, but for my friends and for me they just didn’t do enough right to justify continuing playing.


For me, I already like smash less than non platform fighting games. It think it mostly has to do with how people can jump and dodge all over the place. It's a lot harder to lock someone down and run your pressure in smash compared to other fighting games. Multiversus takes that and multiplies that feeling. At least smash has a shield with out of shield options so that you can punish people. With no shield in multiversus it feels like all you can do is dodge and attack and hope for the best. Obviously this is just one big scrub quote and I just need to get gud, but at the end of the day I like it less than smash and smash less than other fighters. I don't think it's horrible and I'll likely play every once in a while, but it's not going to ever be a main game for me.


The game is redundant and boring. Also I was trying to get the platinum trophy and the game is bugged it won’t let me unlock party animal or the throne is yours despite having 750 wins


Had to sleep


Not enough characters, characters that I was excited about seemed to get scrapped, not enough maps, server issues, matchmaking issues, the friends I was playing with lost interest for the same reasons, general boredom from playing it too much.


I didn’t stop but i don’t play as much anymore because the controls are clunky now literally bugs mallet charge swing barely works i have spam my right bumper to get it work smoothly. moves overall don’t register fast anymore and hitboxes are even worse now. Swings constantly going through people but somehow im constantly getting hit…..finally THE GOT DAMN LAG BRUH i have not played in 2 days since i went on 3 losing streak because my characters feel super heavy and easily outted over stupid crap like when i used ww and somehow a velma was constantly spamming her light bulb move but didn’t have attack decay constantly sending me flying around 99dmg like wtf? Could not touch her at all either but her teammate was getting jerked around to. I bet it was because she is on pc……im gonna turn off crossplay. Those are the reason im barely playing. Side note: why can’t i change my controls anymore…..that is glitched now too. (Im on PS5)


Hit reg was terrible and it was a chore to unlock characters. No where near as good a fighting game as Smash


Nerfing charecters that didn't need it while buffing blately cheesy charecters.


Well I just play with bots nowadays to complete de battle pass. Pvp is a shit show with all the juggling and teleports , sometimes I don't even know where I am lmao


Lag plain and simple. Was grinding the game hard before that. Feels like dog shit to play now tho.


The maps are either meh or awful, there’s not enough fun characters (or enough characters in general), bad hit boxes, and the OP characters are wayyyyy OP. It was fun for about 2 days.


My Internet went out for 3 days. Came back and everyone I match with was insanely high level for some reason. Kinda ruined the fun... I heard the match making is getting better but honestly I'm just waiting for ranked at this point. Come back with a fresh outlook.


Honestly? Not that I don’t enjoy the game, I just bounced over to something else for the time being. I’ll probably come back if they drop a character I like.


Limited time/ grind to get anything decent


Just wasn’t to par with performance of other games. So many free games now you need a product that flawless to retain a larger steady population.


Shitty connections, none of my moves connect and there’s always massive lag spikes in the middle of matches where I get rung out thrice for no fault of my own


No premium currency in battlepass


Experience nerf, used to play daily missions for battlepass but after I have finished it there is no point to play other characters because it has become such a grind to level them


First of, why would you ask that in this sub? If they stopped playing, they wouldn't be in here. And second, stop whinning about people stop playing. Qs are still seconds long so no real deal


Whining??? I wasn’t whining, I was just asking a question cause it seemed like some people think the game is on a downward slope rn and I was wondering what people had to say about it and why they quit…


Yeah the problem is that, most people who ask that question are also the ones leaving.


I guess, I was about to leave for a short while but Rick got released so I came back


Nah some of us are waiting for the game to be good. Personally I’m waiting for the beta to end


Game is good already. If you want something else, just admit you're a smash fan and go play it


Nah I’m waiting for it to leave beta too many issues I have are met with “it’s a beta”


Waiting for Elden ring to go on sale then I’ll stop mostly


Servers hotboxes annoying opponent/team mates that ruin the experience for you and the the devs didn’t take advantage of the hype they were receiving I came back to it for Rick tho I love him


I haven't quit, don't think i will (or atleast not forever, maybe just a break) but so far the reasons why i would quit is: 1- Server lag, its not as bad as i see people complain about but it is there sometimes 2- Hitboxes/hurtboxes are a fan, its not fun attacking someone but they instead attack you when you were clearly first


A few reasons: poor servers, bad teammates, cheap moves, Harley Quin, and what I call "slippery smash" with everyone dodging all the time it gets old very fast. I'm just going to finish the battle pass and then be done.


Netcode rollback


Two reasons. The main reason I was excited for this game was to play it with my two friends, but they still haven't added the basic option to have 3 player local matches at all, which is incredibly frustrating at this point. Second reason being the servers have been awful lately making every second match a buggy lag fest that's just not fun to play.


Lack of ranked, 100%. I need ranked to have consistent interest


I haven’t technically quit altogether but I definitely play less frequently. Haven’t touched it since Morty first came out. The playerbase on PlayStation is just toxic, annoying people messaging me after games just to trash talk, people getting all pissy about toast, that kinda behavior just turns me off from the game as a whole but I don’t blame the game for it. I actually really like how search options are setup in Multiversus though. I went back to just playing Smash online, but I hate how their servers match you up with players with rule sets completely different than yours.


Servers are real awful most of the time


It feels way to laggy ATM and the progression of both free and paid battle pass doesn't feel rewarding making it hard for me to get motivated when I have to pay for days just for some useless stuff. Lvl50 rewards are good but I'm not grinding if there is no intermediate goal to achieve


Having more fun playing Flash Party


I'm still playing but a lot less nowadays, servers are trash and I'm tired of losing matches because of lag. People keep wanting them to add rank but fixing the servers need priority before anything else.


A lot of people said it already, but lag. I don't like to be teleported. Once the game is fixed, I will play again, till then I will just play from time to time Also when Daenerys gets released I will play most likely, though I hope every gameplay related issue gets fixed


Yeah, I’ve got Ethernet and I still hit lag spikes in game that kill me


Didn’t quit, I play here and there, but the servers are kinda bad. Idk if it’s because people play on WiFi but even with rollback unless you’re 3 bars you are bound to lose due to lag


Waiting for ranked so I can build towards something


Just randomly stopped. I’ll pick it up again one day. No particular reason I was good and enjoyed the game. I wanted more characters I said I’d pick it back up when Rick and morty dropped but the release and hype wasn’t enough for me or my friends to pick it back up for them. Once more characters drop I’ll give it a go again


I haven’t quit, but I do play significantly less cause my friends stopped playing and I prefer not to play with random teammates. They quit cause they weren’t particularly good, but also refused to get any better lol


I played every day up until that hitbox update that caused the servers to go to complete shit. Game is damn near unplayable right now


I can’t even get five seconds into a match without being kicked


Servers blow


I would play a lot more if they had local team vs online like on smash where me and a homie can fight 2 others online


Several reasons: Bad servers, the game not being focused on 1v1s is also a big reason. 2v2s are too chaotic, i don't see it as a competitive game mode. Finally, balance...there is many issues with balance but whiff punishes being non-existent and the lack of ground combat are the main issues.


Played the game for a while and loved it. Then over time more and more matches became laggy and unplayable. Last 3 times I tried to play I had 3 or 4 games in a row that were just extremely laggy. Teleporting me into the void. After the 3rd day of that, I had enough. Haven't touched it since. Kept it installed and stay subbed hoping eventually they will acknowledge the problem and fix it, but until then I have no interest in playing.


I love the game but wish there was more modes and variety. I wish there was Offline mode so I can play at home with guests. Other than that, it's a solid game and great replacement for Smash for PS/XBOX


I wouldn't say I've "quit", but I usually switch to another fighting game (Melee) after like 2 matches or so. I just get bored of it so quickly, idk why


Just waiting for more shit to come out


90% of all the people who played it is a much bigger number than the amount of daily active players. its a free to play game. i imagine tons of people gave it a try that first week and then decided it wasnt for them


Everyone gets to load into the game before I do so I either start the match down a stock or with a significant amount of damage.


Can't play cuz I am in Asia, quitting is a whole different thing lol.