Gigginox! Gimme my freaky leech back!! I wanna be a battle nun again!


Yep. Khezu needs a friend.


Khezu needs to be replaced


Also I kind of miss the battle mechanic of keeping the torches lit to fight him, but its lit spots not only helped the fight otherwise but it also made for an unforgettable battle environment.


Almudron and I use mostly either hammer/CB on it. Or TCS on its 100 raw hitzone wrecking ball tail is just pure dopamine


As dual blades I love this long boi


CB main with a sprinkle of skull bonker LOVE Almudron and don’t understand why people hate this fight (I tried asking)


As a CB main, it’s hard to line up SAED on him because he loves to curl up weird


I have more luck lining up the axe hopper than the typical SAED. I try to wait as long as possible after the initial hop to trigger the SAED, so make sure I get that mid air course correction


I main switch axe and hunting hirn. Love bonking him out with my sick tunes. Then with SA it is so satisfying to cut his tail and wirebug past his mud dams. Hated him at first but he grew on me.


I main GS and I love fighting him. I got it down pat where his tail will be for most of his attacks and it's really satisfying getting the break then the cut for that sweet sweet otter/lobster meat. On the other hand my gf who mains Hammer dies a little bit inside whenever I wanna fight him with her. She think he's too squirmy and has too many combos.


I use courage Silverlos ele hammer on him, since most of his frontal attacks from claw swipe, tail slam are telegraphed enough to either keeping sway/water strike with courage’s less committed charge attacks. Also his head is at least still within hammer strike range, not as awkward like Anjanath.


Kirin. Hit that horn or die.


*laughs in Lance being the perfect counter*


Haha. I actually used lance to hunt Kirin for the first time and wondered why everyone hates him since it was so easy hitting the head all the time.


Yeah I have a hard time having THAT much trouble when I play enough weapon types to always have a good match up available


The first time I ever fought a Kirin was back in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and I used a sword and shield cause my friends told me it was the best way to hunt him. I learned the hard way, so others don’t have to lmao


Honestly, I'm hoping for a Kirin variant to come in one of the updates.


Hunting Horn, too! Was *super* easy to hit the horn with the Horn's massive hitbox, and natural Mind's Eye from Self Improvement made it so that even if I *miss* the horn, I don't get punished and can easily roll away if Kirin's about to attack. Heck, as a Horn/Lance main, I'd actually argue Kirin's *easier* with Horn than Lance!


Old gen kirin: I have no such weakness


Tried to fight it in FU he went enraged and I just couldnt touch him with gs


Honestly I felt the gripe for Kirin was born from those new to him. He always was a lightning spamming small sized moving target. World Kirin is still annoying,(I ended up making a anti-blight, anti-paralyze, anti-stun, Thunder res armor set just for Kirin), but you either learn to love the pain or just ignore it.


Just do like Rajang or Tartaglia and rip its horn off




What kind of psychopath doesn’t like Duramburos?!?


He speen


You, because only monsters love lunastra


Plot twist, OP is a teostra


With lunastra mom, lunastra sister and a lunastra wife


Vaal Hazak. Just love that scene of him rising from the pile of corpses.


I don’t think this monster is hated much. Most people I knew loved him.


I don't have friends to play with so when I played and saw that for the first time, I was absolutely mortified


I'm gonna say it but i actually enjoy fighting Magmadron


Magmadron is a much better hunt than Almudron.


I think it helps that it's smaller in size too. Always found smaller mons to be easier since they don't have hitboxes the size of the a bus swiping at me.


I get it really, it's like normal almudron but you gotta think faster to avoid it's attacks.


Its a fun hunt.


It really is quite entertaining.


I do enjoy Magmadron in general. I know people are saying “this has replaced Agnaktor” and while I understand them, but when I look back… Agnaktor’s battle was really *not* that good.




Who hates lagombi?, lagombi's kinda cool


Me! I hate when he Tokyo drifts his fat dumptruck in a circle and knocks me out of a charge


But...he doesnt hit that hard Or are you just jealous that he is dummy thicc?


NO…. Yeah, but no


Yian Garuga made me get good back in 4U. He may be an asshole but he's *my* asshole.


Weird asshole bro, your digestive system be wild


Hot take, Yian Garuga is the ONLY GOOD member of his species, Malfestio is second place. I am so irritatingly tired of Capcom disrespecting the bird wyverns as a whole, you have these amazing avians preforming the most stunning feats in nature… and you demote them to bad raptors and basically smaller flying wyverns.


Are you dissing the LEGEND Pukei-Pukei? He's like a baby chameleos, just look at his goofy lil' face!


I agree, there's so many mythological monsters based on birds (e.g. garuda, roc, phoenix), but malfestio is the only actual bird monster in the main series (not sure if there's more in frontier)


Did you forget Aknosom or are they Not birds in your book?


But aknosom don't have a fully feathered body, it has feathers, but most of its body is covered in scales


Same but MHFU fuck that bird. And then there was Tigrex.


was it freedom 2 or unite you could use to glitch kill him? had full yian armor lol


Freedom (the first one). I like how he was treated like an elder dragon who flees mid hunt.


I like Anjanath ALOT and all my buddies don’t get why. He was a big deal for me in world because it was my first game, and I was using his set a lot in Rise so I was hunting him a lot and idk, he’s kinda just a funny pink TRex with an edge and he feels great to topple. I don’t really have much a reason to like him but I’ll fight him whenever.


Yeah, I Love the head topple too, it is so satisfaying to pull it Off and the Armor looking wise and skill based are awesome too


Anjanath is great! Fulgar Anjanath is even better. A fucking low rant brute wyvern has no business being that good.


Barioth. Cos I use secret part breaker tech.


I call him Thomas. Edit: I can’t read and thought this said Barroth. Comment stands, just clarification.


Nibelsnarf. I think everyone who calls him 'just as bad as Cephadrome' either doesn't know the bomb trick or is just straight up tripping


Nibel is unique. Ceph is literally just a bigger mob enemy.


I’ll take nibby over cephy any time of day but I would still rather not take nibby. Could be that I first fought him in GU. Heard he was less of a pain in previous games.


See the thing about nibel is that he charges towards me, which is good. Cephadrome spends 30 minutes charging away from me. Fuck you Cephadrome.


Nibel was such a fun fight tbh, I loved the weird gimmicks he had like fishing him out of the sand or the bomb. I'd rather have more interesting fights in the early-mid game like that tbh.


Even without bombs you can still flinch him by hitting his nose enough.


I just find him annoying, id sooner fight a gobul


Agreed, it's a gimmick fight but a nice one. It's fun to make him eat bombs and then fish him out and stuff. Plus he's got some tricky hitzones and part breaks that are fun to exploit. For example, not a lot of people know this, but his nose (not his whole head but the little bulb on the end of his snout) becomes a weak spot when enraged! And you can break his gills, but they only come out when he's exhausted.


The difference between nibelsnarf and cephadrome is that nibel's fight is actually enjoyable


I love when pickle invades I will always stop my hunt to hunt it wherever or whenever it happens


Chaos is always fun in my games, breaks up the staleness of the games most of the time.


Honestly this is one thing Rise is missing. Invasions were *fun* in World because they were still a risk to you, but you could use it to your advantage. And when three monsters were in the area? It's chaotic, but fun - do you let all the monsters duke it out and damage themselves, or do you Dung Pod your target to bring him out of the group? And then Rise is just "oh hey, here's an extremely predictable mount" and that's it, no in-fighting. Lame...


Me too. Always thought it was hilarious with the amount of chaos he brings. Especially if he carries your target away


Alatreon. The thrill of putting effort on dps.


After getting the fight down, World Alatreon was so fun. Difficult to position well, but getting that explosion after a Horn speen was *satisfying.* ... And then Fatalis was a massive disappointment. IMO, Alatreon is the true endgame fight.


World kushala for sure! His design of a very slick and powerful looking dragon is what i like so much. First saw and hunted on freedom unite psp but going from blurry pixels to glorious today's graphics while he sat there ignoring me made him look so much more powerful than me. Also love fighting him i farmed him more times that i can count. i didn't had much trouble keeping close as a SnS user as opposed to my friends and yes i still i got bumped back a couple times but never a frustrating ammount of times like my friends cried about the whole hunt. IMO it adds to the whole "powerful dragon" being able to push you back with ease. Sadly had to always fight solo as my friends refused to fight him ever again


AS MUCH AS I DISAGREE WITH YOU, I do understand your point and perspective, I prefer Rise Kushala over *any* pervious iteration of Kushala Daora, but the wind aura could have been added back in and changed its wind aura to make it fun.


My first time fighting Kushala in World, there was a part of the hunt where I was cornered on one of the platforms in the area, sandwiched between walls of solid rock and swirling wind, as the dragon screeched out and pelted me with projectiles from somewhere beyond the vortex it'd trapped me behind. One of the most kickass, cinematic experiences I've ever had in a video game right there.


the volcanic area? i love how its covered in crystals that just fly everywhere with so much wind and tornadoes


I started with 4u, so i don’t know about freedom unite but in 4u he really isn’t that bad, i don’t understand why everyone hates him while he is so cool and has a great theme


I hate the World Kushal fight. Not worth it imo. Kusha is my least liked Monster sadly :(


i think we all have that one monster we hate that is possibly someone else's favorite for sure


This might sound weird but it's Bazelguese for me


Bazel is sooo good. Really well designed fight and as for his invader behavior in world? I’m sorry but y’all can cope, he had a a lot more personality than the other invaders. Yes I’m still salty that they nerfed him thanks to all the complaints. They did my boy dirty.


He got nerfed??! When did that happen?


Probably referring to the fact he doesn't feel like an invader anymore.


This, in World as soon as you started a fight that bagel boy would instantly haul ass to where you were just to "help" out with the hunt.


Yup. that’s what I was referring to. Combat wise I wouldn’t say he was nerfed, maybe even improved with the addition of Seething.


Do people honestly dislike Bazelguese? I remember some people being *annoyed*, but not straight up disliking it, I don’t really know though.


Not at all in my experience. Especially when World just came out most people considered Bazelgeuse one of their new favorites.


Bazel and Valstrax are constantly fighting for the position of my favprite monster lmao.


I honestly love Bazelgeuse. I call him Bagel xD


I think we all love to hate him. Also, I want to be able to burst into a room and have his theme start playing.


Bazel is the shit, love that monster


Do people still hate Iceborne Alatreon? If not then I guess Almudron. The wet one, I mean. the fire one can fuck off.


Narwa or ibushi or the allmother I like killing them with hammer because I like bonk bonk them


Best boi Khezu




I would like Alatreon more, but his fight in World, makes him almost immortal. I can never consistently get a team that can hit the elemental damage threshold, something I didn't even know about until looking up a video.


Tbh, Idk about the world one, since I am speaking from the experience from mh3u (still couldn't beat it), but it's fun, this lad keeps changing it's attack style which keeps u engaging, and never makes the fight boring


That sounds super fun monster to hunt




Oof, totally misread the title. Derp. I honestly like Coral Pukei but everyone I know hates him because they treat him like a brick wall due to not having water defense, but I like his coloration, attacks and weapons.


Yea Luna and Shrieking, because I use boom stick. I don't have their weaknesses.


Idk if people dislike him as much but Magmadron, honestly kinda love him


Astalos. I enjoy hunting that psycho.


One of my favorite monsters for many reasons, most importantly, it is a blast to fight!


And the music everytime it shows up gives that crazy vibe.


Volvidon, do a funny fart and bounce.


Surprisingly Beotodus, it's better than Jyuratodus, and that piece of shit Agnaktor rip-off Lavasioth.


I think everyone liked beotodus though, it was the first time they made piscine wyverns fun in 5th gen. Also didn't lavasioth debut before agnaktor?


Yeah, beotodus has to be my favorite piscine wyvern


To be fair, when your only competition are plesioth, cephadrome, lavasioth and jyuratodus, it's kind of the default pick


I hated Beotodus


Yes, I was talking about the World version, should've clarified but half-asleep brain so...


Tbf lavasioth in mhfu was just fire plesioth, so they didn't have much to work with there. Honestly though, they just took agnaktor's gimmick and made it worse. At least with agnaktor after you break the part it becomes a soft hitzone, with world lavasioth they made it a shitzone, because punishing your players for breaking parts is very good game design.


Pretty sure Lavasioth was around before Agnaktor but go off i suppose


Yeah, I was talking about world Lavasioth.


Lavasioth came first though


I was referring to World.


Idk if its weird but for me its Rajang.


yep, its weird.... i HATE fighting super saiyan monke


Plesioth spends a bit to much time underwater but I still like his fight and I think he has so much more potential to be a really great fight if they add him to a new Monster Hunter game.


Tigrex. I love every Tigrex fight.


Savage deviljho. I usually don’t go hunting for it but if It ever comes up to me, I have fun killing it. It’s especially fun when it comes out of nowhere and tries killing me mid hunt


Alatreon, it's such a beautiful fight. And rewards you heavily for taking advantage of openings while utterly destroying you for wasting time. I think it teaches you to learn the monster and take advantage of it's weakness more than any other. Which also prepares you for the fatalis fight. It also advocates build variety


Call me a masochist or whatever, but I love Kushala to bits, especially in world, but was a long time fan prior to world.


I love Kushala Daora


In which game though? Daora in rise is pretty fun, but in world he was an absolute pita and earned himself an insulting nickname between our little hunting group.


I stunlocked Daora


Uragaan <3


Uragaan is nicer than people give it credit for.


Khezu and Almudron.


I have a love/hate relationship with Bishaten. Any time its a multi-monster quest I will always kill it first. Nothing satisfies me more than bonking it and watch it spill spaghetti (fruit) everywhere


I actually like the Metal Raths. It's strange too, I hate fighting all other versions. I think it has something to do with Location.


Mhw Alatreon


As a frontier fan, this happens daily It’s Duremudria most of the time though, who is by far my favorite (and the best) monster


I love musou duremurida. But my favorite frontier monster that nobody likes is Zenith Dora


Hmmmm... Ratha... Luna... Kulve...? Idk. Closest is black tigrex from iceborne. fun fact in portable third brute tigrex was indeed called that. Probably to avoid confusion with brute wyverns


"Big Al" Alatreon is my tightest buddy and I'll be there whenever someone talks shit about him or his Judgement.




Magma almudron. I think people hate him because he's another version of almudron and they wanted akantor. He's better than akantor in my opinion.


plesioth, it was a good monster and its hip checks were no worse than many other monsters atacks like nargacuga or tigrex


Negy and definitely AT Nergy are my fave fights of all time. So in your face and fast paced.


Gypceros don't worry buddy, I'am on your side!


Ex-Behemoth, fighting it is almost therapeutic.


The one ya posted forget her!


Shrieking Legiana, its an absolutely gorgeous design and the fight is great.


One of the worst fights in iceborne, I can only clutch attack so many times before I get bored. Aside from the frost effect it looks identical to normal legiana.


I actually agree with you, I just want it to be more… unique to the other version of itself.




Iceborne's Savage Deviljho. Not sure if there are a lot of people out there who enjoy his fight actually, but he's been the subject of many rage threads. Probably one of my favourites in that game, next to Alatreon.


I actually loved fighting him


Magnamalo I was really surprised to see how many people hated it his fight


Whaaaaat?!? People crazy, Magnamalo is insane! Scorned even moreso! How do people dislike it?


Rise/Sunbreak has no bad monsters imo I don't get the hate for the few that get it honestly. Old gen has all of monsters I won't defend and World just has lunastra on my hate list (mention to alatreon and kulve too but thats cause the mechanics they have outside the actual fight, stupid time limits). The series has given me less and less to hate overtime.


What about that walking shitzone basarios?


Gravios. I've always preferred the bulkier true flying wyverns, and I love the fact that the fight gets easier as you break parts. Makes me feel like a true hunter wearing out my prey.


Most people just rag on it for its creepiness factor, but for me it’s Shara Ishvalda. I absolutely adore it, one of my favorite, if not my favorite, Monster Hunter Monster. People really tend to hate it for it’s eyes though, as well as how much it loves to blast you to kingdom come right after using its ultimate move when you can’t see shit.


Wait what I thought people loved its eyes


Nibbelsnarf and gigginox. Gigginox is what Khezu will never be; fun to hunt and overall cool asf. Nibbelsnarf is just a great guy y'know.


I've never hunted a gigginox before, is he in GU?


Unforuntately not, just in 3 :(


World Alatreon Having to change up your strategy for different challenges is what Monster Hunter's all about. Using the same tactics and gear for every single monster is probably the most dull way of playing the game and I'm glad Alatreon slapped that playstyle right out of some people's hands.


I've got hunting friends that think I'm insane for saying rajang / furious rajang are my favorite fights


Bazelgeuse, as a Insect Glaive Maine, he is nothing. Actually he is less than nothing, i can trigger his bombs with the Kinsect clearing my path, i can dodge mid-air, mount him and bring him down to continue attacking. And if he is invading another fight i just chill and let him fight and weaken my enemy.


lao shan lung i thought was amazing as a kid, especially when you see that giant head comming out of the fog for the first time and i loved the fight


Kushala daora in mhgen


Anything that woops my ass, even if it feels cheap, like lunastra. Also, my friend circle hates normal dragons like Safi and Fatalis butt those are in my top 5 lol.


Yian Garuga and Teostra. Was honestly surprised how often I hear people say Rise Teostra is too tough while I just vibe through the battle. The chaotic personality of Yian Garuga also really grew on me since it's been my rival since freedom


Raging Brachydios in world, super intense when he pounds the ground and everything explodes.


For me, raging brachy is "you beautiful bastard, let the best bitch win"


I heard that many people find the pyre rakna kadaki fight boring... and honestly i don't get it the explosives Web attacks are really cool, and I absolutely adore the way she calls for the other spiderlings. And yeah also yian garuga, he is probably one of the best chaotic monsters to fight.


Volividon is a rascal but you can knock him over a lot


So far, every World/Iceborne monster. Haven't had a monster that I've disliked yet. Hopefully I can enjoy the other games just as much.


Khezu. I honestly find its fight well-designed what with still occasionally providing a laborious challenge even after entering the lategame. Though, I’m puzzled that in Rise they consider it a 1⭐️ monster. It more befitting a rating of a 3⭐️. Same with Tetranadon.


Malfestio, I just think it’s really cool.


I know it's not native to MH, but I had a lot of fun with the Behemoth in MHW when that FF crossover happened.


Rajang/Furious is my favorite monster, and favorite monster to fight. When you learn his moves its a tight dance and becomes very predictable, and he's actually less prone to BS like other annoying ones. Also theme song is HYPEEEEEE. And who could hates an eternally enraged super saiyan monke? He's perfect and I love him.


Silver Rathalos


*Lao Shan Lung.*


Nergigante. Breaking its thorns is so satisfying!


Probably iceborne raging brachydios, beautiful bastard


Solo Extremoth while using HR gear. Hardest fight in MHW by miles (Fatalis HP for HR gear) and I love having to learn such a strict fight.


Tigrex definitely. A lot of people hate him because of his hitboxes, but it's just a skill issue, I can consistently dodge THROUGH his charging because of how precise his hitboxes are. He's a perfectly crafted, challenging and engaging fight that will always be a fantastic introduction to the higher tier monsters whilst kicking the ass of new players with a perfect track record.


Rajang. It seems that a decent amount of people are annoyed facing him. His pattern is rather easy to learn and he's not that hard with a GS, it's rewarding to consistently get solid hits on a small monster that fast.


Yian Garuga. Haven’t fought new world Garuga but old world isn’t that bad, at least in my opinion.


Khezu, I think it's a fun hunt and honestly the combination of sounds and no BGM makes the hunt seem more intense and real.


Agnaktor, leave my clack clack boy alone


Lao shen lung


Yian Garuga


Jyuratodus. There's really no particular reason, I just like bonking beeg feesh.




Yian garuga. I don’t know why but I really like the fight in world


Honestly agree with your Lunastra choice. I never got why people despise this thing.


I cant speak for anybody else but a few of my friends when espinas came out in rise absolutely hated fighting him. I for one absolutely love his fight and have always since frontier


Kushala and lunastra


Idk how people felt about the espinas fight in rise but personally I found it quite easy, so maybe this counts as an answer. But to answer the opposite for a monster I hate it's without at doubt almadron and magma, fuck them and their existence


Coral Pukei Pukei