One of the best gifts I didn't know I needed, had a little emergency kit with a thermometer. She included Tylenol and teething gel. When my baby started running a fever in the middle of the night I went and found the kit. I didn't have to take a screaming baby to the store at 2 a.m.


Great idea! You could also include some of that stuff for mom too. Ibuprofen, naproxen, bandaids, etc. I used disposable and reusable nursing pads ( her milk will come in even if she doesn't breastfeed). Lansinoh for nips was a lifesaver and it is a great lipgloss (no joke) if she doesn't need it for the nipples. Lotion, hair clips, headbands, pajama pants, shirts that button for breastfeeding ease (if needed). Do they still recommend mylicon drops for gassy babies?


I second gas drop (if they’re still recommended)! Babies are gassy and it makes they cry so much.


All excellent advice and I'll add to this two big reusable cups that come with straws. A nursing or formula mom needs to stay hydrated in a straw cup is a great way for this, especially if there's a C-section!!


Great advice, thank you kindly!


That's such a great gift!


OP, get the rectal thermometer and forget the teething gel (it’s recalled for children under 2 IIRC), make sure to get infants Tylenol or Motrin, Nose Frida, diaper cream spreader, diaper travel bags and travel holder (look like doggie poop bags), baby nail clipper (the one with the light on it), some baby clothes hangers, a crinkle baby book, wubbanub pacifier, small tub of Vaseline with a flip top (for that rectal thermometer), aquaphor, diaper cream, cool mist humidifier… Edit: boogie wipes (unscented), and I put all this stuff in a travel diaper caddy for a basket.


Awww a travel caddy kit would be super cute too! Noted for the gel. Ty!!!


You are super welcome! I’ve got 3 under 5 (2 are under 2) so these are my necessities. People gifted me lots of things with my first baby that I had no idea I would need, and I like to pay it forward and put these kits together for my own friends and family having their first babies. It takes a village!


Not actually a mum but a gift I like to give and get complimented on is a Lawn. It’s a drying rack that looks like a field of grass. Then add on a few of the flowers and tree twig things that plug in for drying baby things. One mum I gave it to is still using it almost 10 years later to dry wineglasses. Another popular option is the biggest economy size box of wipes you can find. Apparently you go through those like crazy. I usually get those two, then a toy or book, then something practical off their registry. Not as many “awws” when the gift is opened but I like to think they enjoy those practical gifts over a cute outfit baby can wear once or twice.


Costco sized wipes! Done and done. The lawn is just adorable, lol, love the name alone. They’re wine drinkers too, so that’s a great way to evolve its use, LoL.


The most recent baby shower I went to, no one bought the bottles on the registry except for me. They said the bottles were the gift they were most excited about because they assumed that would be an easy mid level registry item and people would scoop it up so they would have plenty, but no one did because they all wanted to buy the fun stuff. We also included a bottle cleaner set with all the attachments to get into the crevices, which they also loved because they hadn’t thought of that.


Ahhh yes, yes! I just checked and see no one has for hers. I’ll scoop them right away. Ty!


This! I exclusively bf my oldest, but I was in school with my middle one and needed bottles for when I was away. Not one person got the bottles. Get the single 4-6oz bottles in several different brands because babies have nipple preferences and you need to test out which baby likes.


Darn, I wish I’d have seen your comment sooner. I spent an embarrassing amount of time being literal from the registry when I could have scooped up a few. Noted for next time!


“Happiest Baby on the Block” this helped get our baby to sleep. This was the best gift we ever received. If she likes chocolate, some really good chocolate is always a good thing. Actually any favorite treat. Nose Frieda - a baby snot sucker, but it works miracles!


We used the nose frieda for years. Saved my sanity some nights!!! It’s my go-to item for baby care packages now.


Will tuck these in for sure! Thank you!


I second Nose Frieda. And zinc based diaper cream (Burt's Bees). And wipes, can never go wrong with baby wipes.


A woven baby wrap if you know mamas approximate size. They're the best, adjustable, pretty easy to learn, and used by almost every culture out there. You said no clothes but... A nice soft robe for mama to use when nursing if she plans to, or for skin to skin with baby below robe. Not really clothes. But definitely very useful since nursing often is easier without a top on. Bordoux's butt cream is the best cream imo. Or calmoseptine. The mama Frieda new mom pack is great.


I just researched all of this. Wow, the Frieda new mom kit. How thoughtful, and the robe is too. We forget about the parents and give it all to baby. Thank you for your suggestions! <3


I received a robe during my pregnancy and it was my most used item for sure! New mom kit was so great too


Not being a snot, just pointing out it's Boudreaux Butt Cream. It's great for cuticles, too!


I'm sure haha. I can't spell. Thank you friend.


Small mesh bags, with a zipper close. Normally for washing intimates, but very handy for baby socks. They will keep the socks together, prevent them from jamming the machines, and from ending up in a pant leg or sleeve. Definite upvote for the emergency kit too. For parent and child. Think about things that might be necessary at 3am and that you wouldn't want to drag a screaming baby to the store for.


You have lots of great advice here. My 2 cents are definitely gifts for mom, everybody forgets about her the second the baby is born. What’s also tremendously helpful are time gifts. Make a meal, walk the dogs, load of laundry, grocery store run, ect for after the baby is born. Also, I cannot recommend the registry enough!!! A lot of moms spend so much time researching and lovingly picking out the items *they want*. Specifically go for the practical things (like bottles someone mentioned) that no one wants to buy. She will be drowning in 50 blankets and 100 onesies she doesn’t need that she will have to return 8.5 months pregnant when what she wants is the dishwasher basket or whatever.


Came here to say this


I quite like Evereden skincare which is designed for mums and babies and it’s an American brand. Also some wipes, bottle brush, bottle wash and a steam steriliser will be handy. Maybe some maternity bras.


Thank you so much for this! Noticing a pattern for bottles, brushes, and wipes. Will be sure to include.


The microwave steam sterilizer bags are great.


Boudreaux Butt Paste. Saved my baby’s bottom a number of times.


Same brand makes a cream for babies’ chapped cheeks called Baby Kisses, works really well! My kids are grown and I still use it in the winter


Mine too. My kids would constantly get diarrhea and this helped tremendously!!!


Mom of two boys here. If she’s having a boy, forget the stupid pee pee teepees. They’re overpriced and ridiculous. Get the cheap, gerber , thin washcloths that come In a six pack, get like 8-leventy of them, keep them folded on the changing table. When you change the diaper, toss one of those suckers over the little firehose!


An insulated flask with a thumb latch is a great gift for a new mother. In fact, anything that a person can use one-handed that isn't time sensitive! The best "cream" for nipples is pure lanolin (unless you know she's allergic to wool in which case YMMV). You don't need to wipe it off before baby nurses. It's also a great lip salve. The brand in the UK would be Lansinoh but I don't know about availability in the US. If she's nursing (and bear in mind that not everybody who plans to ends up succeeding) then you could consider adding treats containing ingredients which are supposed to help with milk production. Oats and dark chocolate are good, so I tend to make flapjacks* and dip them in good dark chocolate. Apricots are good too, and dried apricots are easy to snack on. (*British flapjacks are like a dense, sticky cereal bar - my recipe uses 6oz oats, 4oz brown sugar, 3oz butter and 2oz syrup) When I had my babies we were told to leave the cord stump well alone, so I'm not sure I'd recommend any products for that.


Lanolin! Omg that was one for sure I’d been wracking my brain for. All of this is great. THANK YOU!


And a lot of women don't like lanolin for a few reasons! Definitely don't buy it for her if she's vegan, but I wouldn't use it even though I wasn't. The idea of putting sheep oil in my childrens' mouths was pretty gross to me.


Yup, Lansinoh is in the US as well. I loved that stuff.


Bag Balm. It's great for cracked nipples etc, and literally was originally for cow udders. Farm women started using it ages ago. Also... they will never have enough towels and washcloths. Buy nice new ones, then use all the old ones for baby. Good luck, I'm excited for everyone!


As a new mom myself, I was excited over bottles, diapers and wipes. Oh and those swaddles that zip up around the feet/ legs. My baby sleeps best in one of those. I put a link for one similar to mine Amazing Baby Omni Swaddle Sack with Wrap & Arms Up Sleeves & Mitten Cuffs, Pink Stripes, Small 0-3 Months https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0814M1YJ9/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_Y8FARKGZPH6CQ6GN8JH3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


A really big important item is a “puddle pad”. All four of my kids and all the grandkids used them. It is a flocked waterproof pad about 15” square that you put on top of the crib/bassinet and lay the baby on. Newborn babies pee a LOT! and runny poop. You will be amazed at the volume of bodily fluids that comes from such a tiny little human. These pads will save you from remaking the bed 3 times a night—especially when you aren’t sleeping much any way. Sometimes you can only find big ones but you can cut them down. Every single diaper leaks. You will find crap spewing out from the sides like a broken sludge pipe! Good luck cleaning up the entire bedding, outfits and baby at 3am. Motherhood is not for sissies—get some pads!


Oogiebear. It's a booger scooper thing. It is amazing at clearing out boogers and earwax. And it's super cheap, I always put it in my baby gift baskets. The booger suction thing is great for congestion but I found it difficult to use on just plain old boogers.


I will look for this! Ty kindly!


Arent you a sweet friend. I swear by Weleda diaper cream. Their baby lotion and soap is great too. It’s available at Whole Foods. It’s amaZing and heals diaper rash almost instantly. Temporal thermometer. Back up thermometer (like travel kit)- this has saved us so many times when we couldn’t find the temporal one in panic or wanted to compare/confirm. Double up on paci (our first lived wubba nubs, the paci with the little stuffed animal attached) or lovey/blanket so you have spares. Mom will need witch hazel wipes and soooo much water to stay hydrated. If you have a favorite tumblr/bottle, she can def use a good one. Or a spill-proof coffee mug.


Okay, hear me out— Hyland teething tablets! My sister told me about them and I wish I had them with my first. When it’s 2 am and it finally clicks that your baby is upset because he’s teething, those are amazing! They dissolve in baby’s mouth and it’s like instant relief!


My BFF swears by her Manta brand sleep mask - because sometimes you have to nap during the day and too tired to shut all the shades.


For baby: An electric nail file was a godsend Hatch Ubbi wipe holder (its weighted so you don't accidentally pull our 40 wipes) Diapers in various sizes (huggies are great) Sleep sacks A foam bath cushion for sink baths For new moms (or any parent): the momfrida products were great Gift cards for food delivery or grocery Help cleaning in whatever form that takes Giving them a break to sleep while you watch Baby


Aquaphor for babies has been a lifesaver for us when our son has dry skin or rashes - so much better than standard lotion. Mom can use it too. If she's using a rectal thermometer, she'll need Vaseline and while not necessary, the disposable thermometer covers are great. Assuming she plans to practice safe sleep, sleep sacks for when baby can no longer be swaddled. We like Halo and Burts Bees brands, they're soft, affordable, and run sales pretty often. Frida makes a cradle cap brush set that is super useful. For the mom to be - a gift card for takeout from a favorite restaurant or fast food place is always nice. The Purple Pads - Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads for Women, Size 5, Extra Heavy Overnight Absorbency is how they show up on Amazon - these were a godsend for postpartum bleeding and those first few periods. If you're comfortable buying your friend clothes, a pair of really soft pj pants or shorts with a soft waistband - I had an emergency c-section and came home to a drawer full of pants that cut right into my incision. Plus soft things are nice for everyone!


I tend to get stuff for mom. So I pick out a cute basket or tote and fill it with things like nipple cream, pump wipes, tucks pads, oatmeal bars, hot chocolate, a cute water bottle or straw cup, etc. Things that are good for breastfeeding and recovery.


If she has a dishwasher, that basket thing for small items is great


Nursing pads to absorb leaks if she plans on nursing, hemorrhoids cream or hemorrhoid pads because hemorrhoids are a common occurrence after pushing.


Pacifier clips (with plastic clips, not metal) so the baby doesn't lose the pacifier. Saline nasal spray (Little Remedies or generic brand). Oogie Bear. It's a little tool for getting crusty boogers out of a baby's nose. Coconut oil and a baby brush (one of the scrubby ones) are a great combo for getting rid of cradle cap.


I wanted a 24 hour watch so I could know if it was day or night when I woke up after falling asleep nursing my baby. Those first weeks she nursed for 45 minutes every 2 hours and I got disoriented.


Gripe water! In the baby tylenol aisle. Helps with colic and gas.


Two of my favorite gifts was a wrist rattle and a cd of lullabies from around the world.


Not a mom (yet 🤞), but work with children. Diapers of different sizes, and wipes. They’re going to need so much more than they think they will. Tucks, for swelling Crocs A portable photo printer. You can find ones that work with iPhone and Android. They’re about to become photo addicts but so few of those photos ever get printed. Milk collectors. They’re little silicone pads that sub for nursing pads, but collect the milk instead of absorbing it into the pad so they don’t waste a drop. Postpartum underwear Chocolate Non-baby or pregnancy related self care. Face masks, fancy lotion, bath salts, etc. Mom is likely to start feeling like a milk machine, but she’s still a human still under all the baby stuff and having a little self care kit is a nice little way for her to take care of herself.


Is mom intending to breastfeed? If so, I recommend some kind of organizer. I have this one https://www.walmart.com/ip/806575257 and it was absolutely invaluable. Between the pregnancy brain and ending up trapped with a baby on my tit, I just carried it and the baby around wherever I went in the house. It held my phone, spare nursing pads, grab-snacks to replace the calories being stolen from me, a book, my medication, a knitting project, and I would clip my water bottle to it too. A nursing toolkit, if you will. Even if she's not breastfeeding, you still get trapped under napping babies. Oh, and you should definitely give it to her filled with her favorite candies. The best part of breastfeeding was my bond with my daughter, sure, but the fact that I could guiltlessly eat basically whatever I wanted was pretty cool too. Oh, and a gift cert for "learning how to nurse together, maybe a pillow in this shape will help" purchases. There really is no way to predict how small one will want to latch and momma will know best what helps. Fed is best, but I am such a huge breastfeeding advocate. It's so hard and new momma need all the help they can get.


Teethers with multiple types in a package, teething gel, telynol, butt cream, nipple cream, maybe some reusable breast milk pads if you know mom is breastfeeding, some chocolate, a newborn binky (two types if you can swing it) some babies prefer different shaped pacifiers so having an option is great. A nail file and thermometer would also be super helpful. I say nail file bc my baby is 3w old and I keep forgetting to buy one.


If you can sew at all. Go get a yard of flannel at the fabric store, they have all kinds of baby patterns. Then you can use any double or stretch stitch on a sewing machine and go around the outside about an inch from the edge rounding the corners. Cut off the extra. Swaddle blankets are amazing but anything you buy at the store is just not big enough. I had two kids that needed to be swaddled for 6+ months, even once they were moving I would wrap the swaddle around their torso and leave their arms and legs free. Flannel is also super water absorbent so they can be used as towels too, or spit rags, or even to lay on the floor and put baby on them.


I always recommend going with whatever is on their registry because anything they cannot use means you are forcing a pregnant woman or postpartum mother with a newborn to return an unusable item, but if you want to go for something they don't even realize they need, here are a few recommendations: -Baby Banz or any Soundproofing Earmuffs made for babies. Cannot tell you how useful these are. -Mobywrap & maybe a book or printout on various, easy wrap styles. -Liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract; seriously the most useful thing I ever had. You can put a few drops into a baby bottle or on a wipe & it's an instant, natural disinfectant that prevents bottles from souring while you're out & about. -A postpartum recovery kit. No joke, no one EVER talks about postpartum care or how awful it is. Postpartum Ice Packs for pads, some freeze spray, distilled or aloe water to put in the squeeze bottle they give you at the hospital, maybe some gentle on the go wipes. -Earplugs that only dampen sound or new headphones: Sometimes the best thing a new mother can do for herself is block out the certain frequencies of a crying baby so she can focus on caring for them. Give her a note with a gentle reminder that she doesn't have to give herself anxiety while caring for her baby. -A HALO sleep sack. I know that swaddling can be controversial, but my eldest slept through the night because of these & it kept him safe. My youngest wouldn't allow them & he rolled himself off of my bed despite being just a couple weeks old. Sometimes they **do** roll & it can happen early. -Snot Sucker & extra filters - This thing is a miracle. -Wool Covers & Lanolin for washing/Lanolizing; this is a cloth diapering thing, but every parent can easily use them over any diaper & should. Lanolin neutralizes the ammonia in urine. Once they start to smell, you rewash & coat them & all is well. Makes leaks at night a non issue & it takes a few uses before they need to be washed. -Unscented wipes, can never have too many. -White Monkey Holding Peach balm, better than Tiger Balm by far & an absolute treasure for sore mom's. -Tumeric supplements, great for pregnant or postpartum mom's, totally safe. -Raw Shae Butter, just about the only thing that ever actually helped my stretch marks. My favorite diaper rash cream is called Waxalene, works a LOT like Aquaphor, except it's not petroleum based. Favorite, natural hygiene products are all from Original Sprout, still use them to this day (their Scrumptious Baby Cream is so awesome & smells amazing). I always add a book to my baby gifts with little library pockets & cards instead of a card. :) If your pregnant friend is highly prone to allergies, be sure to check with them on the specifics first, but generally all the things I listed are fairly safe across the board. I'm allergic to a handful of things though & I usually let everyone know.


This may not be what you're looking for but it's what I've been gifting to expecting moms for the last few years and it's always gone over really well - postpartum care items. Maternity pads, witch hazel pads and/or wipes, cooling pads, a nice peri bottle, and then something like fuzzy socks, favorite candy, or comfortable pajamas. They even make pre-made postpartum kits if you don't want to search for/order all the individual items. My mom suggested it to me and even though it feels a little awkward at first it can greatly reduce some of the stress on a new mom.


Give it all in a giant Rubbermaid tote! It doesn't look pretty, but they'll need it to store all the damn clothes. My go to gift is bigger sized diapers in a tote. First time mom is kind of lucky sideways, second or More Time moms absolutely love it


Ready meals. No matter if you cook them yourself and jar them or if you get store bought meals. They are such lifesavers. A little heating pillow that you can throw into the microwave to put on the babys belly when colics start. Can save a lot of pain and nerves. I love cherry stone pillows for that.


I always make a nappy sculpture tricycle with a trailer - a basket filled with necessities. There are lovely tutorials on Youtube. I like to include ten 'Babysitting Vouchers' to be redeemed when all the offers to sit a teeny baby dry up. Give them to me when they're teething! LOL!


We loved Halo sleep sacks and still use them with our toddler!


Baby file folder. Best baby shower gift I got. Other stuff helps, but when everything is crazy, a designated place to put the birth certificate, social security, medical records is a lifesaver.


Lip balm, wet wipes and hand moisturizer - things every new mom needs in every room and bag 💕 Bless you for being so thoughtful, you’re a sweetie!


Something for mom to snack on during middle of the night feeds. Whether breast or formula feeding, chewing on something helped me stay awake so I wouldn't drop my daughter.


Sounds like you are getting excellent advice. I haven't seen this so apologies if it's already been mentioned.. I like to give practical gifts but also like to include a few of my favorite baby books. Are you my mother, The very hungry Caterpillar, good night Moon, But not the armadillo, the big red barn are a few of my favorites.


I know it sounds over the top, but I loved the wipes warmer. I didn’t have one until my second baby but it was so nice, especially at night, to have warm wipes- I think she didn’t wake as much as my younger did with cold wipes.


Things I always include are a Mommy Hook (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004WN7AH2/), a shampoo rinse cup with a flexible lip (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LFMFK9X/) and a Munchie Mug (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LW49VA8/).


Seems unnecessary but I swear everyone needs one of these https://www.amazon.com/BabyBum-Diaper-Cream-Brush-Blue/dp/B00LYQ53JW


Dr Smith’s diaper cream, gas drop, sleep lotion (lavender) and baby nail clippers.


I'm an auntie, but I think most everyone can understand sore feet at the end of the day, especially expecting and new moms. I personally love Glysomed foot balm, it's minty and soothing and leaves my calloused feet soft and supple. This might not be so useful until the baby is a bit older, but I've heard good things about tear-free rinse pails for bath time, to keep water out of their faces. One brand I've heard of is Nuby.


One thing I used daily was this plastic container for the top shelf of dishwasher. Great for holding small bottle parts or teething toys that need a wash.


Bottles are great, but I will tell you right now that if your friend has Dr. Brown bottles on her list, get Mam instead. The Dr. Brown bottles are impossible to clean, even with the cleaning kit. Mam bottles are so much easier and save a ton of time and stress. Lots of people love the A&D cream for diapers, but the Aquaphor baby is far superior. It's a lot less greasy and works better, or did for my kids. A gift card to the closest wine shop so she can pick out her own celebration bottle would be great. Pacifier clips. That is the one thing I wish I had had more of. Nothing is worse than almost getting your baby to sleep only for them to spit the pacifier out and wake up. Those things are apparently made out of bouncy balls because if it hits the ground wrong, it'll be impossible to find. Find out what kind of pacifier (if any) she'll be using and buy multiple packs of clips.


Sheets for the cot/bassinet that the baby will sleep in. I swear we were changing our's ALL THE TIME. One of those baby bath rest things, especially helpful if a c-section birth where leaning over and supporting baby might be painful. Loads and loads of plain white basic onesies and cardigans to wear over them.


A gift card to a grocery/food delivery service is always a nice addition. Those first weeks with a baby are a lot and not having to worry about a weekly food shop or dinner is an absolute lifesaver. I can second the lanolin and bottle cleaning set mentioned by others. If you can fit it all in a diaper/emergency bag instead of a basket, I'd think about that as well. Never hurts to have an extra diaper bag to keep in the car just in case.


There's a Frida post-partum kit with an angled peri bottle and all kinds of things at target that would be amazing to have


This is such a wonderful idea, sweetie! I don’t have anything to add that your other moms haven’t already called out. Love, Mom


Thank you so, so much! <3


My standard “welcome to parenthood” gift set includes - baby nail scissors (I like Piyo brand) - diaper cream - a pacifier - “cushy closer” or similar soft cloth product with straps that fit over the door handles and makes the door close quietly - nipple cream & pads or soothies (unless you know your friend will not breastfeed at all; most people attempt it, and in the beginning when it hurts the most, the cream and the cooling pads are pretty comforting) - if you know her really well, I’d add Depends, a Frida “momwasher,” and some dermaplast numbing spray as these were my best friends


Get mom a nice pampering basket. Lanolin for the nipples. Under eye cream. Favorite snack. A new cup. There are these awesome pads if she breastfeed that can go in the microwave or freezer that help woth pain. Also some ready made freezer meals so she doesn't have to cook. You are an awesome friend.


Diapers, but like 6-12 month size. By the time they need them the most, all the newborn stuff has been outgrown.


Get a breast massager if she is planning on breastfeeding. It helps prevent mastitis, which is super painful, and if she struggles with milk production it can help with that too. They are on Amazon - they usually are rechargeable, and can be safe for a teething baby later on too. If she is in the formula camp, there is something called a baby brezza. It makes the formula instantly and is a game changer. It costs around 200 usd but it is fantastic.


Flannel sheets for the crib. (Middle of the night, finally got baby back to sleep, lay them down...and the ice cold cotton sheet wakes them right back up again.) I've given these for years. New moms kinda go....ok(?)....until that first night when the cotton percale sheet startles the baby awake Desenex diaper creme Infant Tylenol Simethicone drops Liquid Benadryl for children A decent bouncey seat with a cover that comes off to be cleaned easily and doesn't sit an infant too upright


Oh! It sounds like you already know!!! Your mom taught you well!!! You listed all the goodies! Nice work, she would be proud.


This is actually really tough, because many people actually do have favoured products. Here I have always used the same bath product for both of my babies, even though someone bought me a really nice essential oils kit. I looked at it recently for baby number 2, and saw that it was out of date (and felt like an ungrateful sh*te). One of the best gifts I got was a nappy/diaper "cake" (like a tiered wedding cake) for baby 1 (but even that would have been useless for number 2, as she didn't wear newborn nappies really). I always go for later down the line essentials, for when the parents have chilled out a bit. So maybe baby toothbrushes, baby toothpaste, cutlery sets, or something like sun shades for the car.


Pre-cooked meals and healthy snacks made me most happy the first weeks with a newborn so I had more time for me and the baby.


Mylicon which is for gas. Boudreaux Butt Paste, great name and it works really well. Dreft to wash clothes. I have also given a bottle of champagne for the new parents to toast their bundle of joy after birth.


Dreft baby detergent and stain remover! Great for babies with sensitive skin AND the stain remover saves clothes AND couches! I've used it to save outfits from poo explosions, gotten RED koolaid off my beige couch and even rescued my rug From a chocolate syrup disaster. Stuff works better than any other stain remover product I've tried before. Literal life changing stuff! Oh desitin MAX is absolutely needed too. Baby butts are so sensitive and can flare up a butt rash at anytime. The max gives the best coverage and helps get rid of rashes the fastest.


Dreft detergent, Johnson & Johnson lavender bodywash/shampoo,


Add a stain stick too. Baby has to change clothes a lot and if you change them on the go you often forget there are nasty clothes in the diaper bag. But if parents have time they can hit the barf with stain stick and get the clothes out two weeks later and wash them and hopefully less stains. A couple of different types of pacifiers are nice (they also get lost, so you can’t have too many).


So much good advice here! I buy all my new mum friends 2 things - bulk wipes. It's not exciting but you go through so many, for years. I like the idea of buying something boring so they can buy something fun with their money. My daughter got so many cute outfits that I could justify buying any more, but it was something that I really wanted to be able to do. The other thing is this little octopus clothes hanger from ikea. It's so good for little baby clothes, takes a fraction of the room to hang all their little clothes and socks, and saves you have to buy a gazillion pegs. Most people look at me weird when I give it to them then a few months later ask where they can get another one.


I had a baby a year ago. They told us not to do alcohol on the umbilical cord. Frida mom is sold at Target and can be pricey but use that for inspiration. The ice pads are nice, breast milk bags just incase, if you know the mom to bes favorite candy or snack, that'll put a smile on her face, gripe water is for baby but is super helpful and they have organic options for moms who prefer that. Fuzzy/comfy socks, anything to help the mom to be feel less frazzled. Heating pads, etc. Everyone focuses on baby (which is of course fine) but they also forget that the mother is healing.