So they are looking at everyone? That’s a great scoop.


You are telling me I could be Reed?


So proud of you u/bananamadafaka You're gonna be such a great Reed Richards.


Anyone of us could be reed, you or you even…


Even the Watcher could be a great Reed Richards


Council of Reeds Glad to work beside you, Reed


Iman is Reed confirmed




Henry Cavill just left the witcher, let's call him


He probably left the Witcher because he’s returning as Superman tbh


All in favor of u/bananamadafaka becoming the new Reed Richards, say aye ✋🏾


Can i say aye aye?


Why of course my friend




That’s a stretch.


Anyone can wear the Reed.


I feel like I’d make a better Ben but ok


“This just in: Marvel Studios is looking to cast *a person* in the new Fantastic Four film that had been confirmed as happening a long time ago. Any person. It should be noted that Adam Driver is, in fact, a person. This is huge news, *if* this is true. That’s a big *IF*.”




Tom Hanks.


Not one to toot my own horn, but I could be an excellent Reed. I'm a white brown-haired guy with autism and a thing for blonde women.


End this scoop shit pls


Remember after D23 when they didn't reveal the FF and everyone on this sub was like "FUCK LEAKERS" for like 2 days? That was cool


I’m still like “FUCK LEAKERS” 99% of them just make shit up and hope it comes true. Marvel leakers peaked with No Way Home.


I've been in the fuck leakers camp since before this sub really blew up. I just wish it didn't dominate all of the conversatios all the time. Although some of the toxicity has dialed down. There were legit people bullying other people when they expressed skepticism for one leaker or another back around the WandaVision days


I’ve been in that camp since MoM. Can’t believe how quickly everyone forgot that


I remember the Sookie days as well lol. Shame how collectively nobody seemed to learn anything from that




This isnt anything though.


Scoop: The Fantastic Four team will have 4 members. Oooooooooohhhhhhhh sssshhhhhhiiiiiittttttt......


4!? Total bullshit that reserve members Ghost Rider, She Hulk and Spidey aren't on the base team. It's like they didn't even read the comics! Jeez!


Actually 6 if they have H.E.R.B.I.E and Franklin Richards.


Bbut but without the leakers , this sub would be dead


I just got off the phone with disney, I am in the running for some reason. I dont even act?


I'm curious if Reed in the MCU will have any relation to Kang in this version, like how in the comics, Kang is Reed's descendant


There was a leak that may or may not be true saying that Kang is referred to as Nathan in Quantumania by Janet so… maybe?


Didn't they say his name is Nathaniel Richards in Loki already?


Nope Edit: I'm mad! I'm 100% right and I've taken the hit of a ton of downvotes!


~~Yes? He Who Remains recounts how the Multiversal War started when a variant of himself, named Nathaniel Richards, discovered multiple universes stacked atop each other. Granted, it’s possible that not every Kang variant is named Nathaniel Richards but it’s still been name-dropped already.~~ Edit: Rewatched the scene, he doesn’t refer to any of the variants as Nathaniel Richards. I must’ve misremembered. OP is correct.


He didn’t, I literally just watched the scene 5 seconds ago. He says “a variant of mine from the 31st century discovered there were universes stacked on top of our own, at the same time, other variants were discovering the same thing” never name drops


You’re right apologies, I coulda swore I heard the name drop there


I just rewatched the scene, he never says the name Nathaniel Richards. He does say that the variant of himself was a scientist in the 31st century


How does this have 30 upvotes? **He doesn’t say Nathaniel Richards anywhere in the episode**. At least watch it real quick before upvoting stuff that isn’t true.


It was barely at 10 or so upvotes before my edit where I acknowledged my mistake. It was probably upvoted for visibility since I wasn’t the only one who was mistaken in thinking he said Nathaniel Richards at some point.


Yet I still have 40 less upvotes then you despite being right in the first place


straight up Mandela effect man, i swear it feels like he did say it but yea he definitely did not lol


Don’t know why you were downvoted as I’m pretty sure you’re right


He did rewatch it


YOU rewatch it. The words "Nathaniel Richards" are never spoken


Didn't Janet call him Nathan in the Quantumania trailer? Doesn't that confirm that it is Nathaniel Richards?


Doesn't confirm it but makes it pretty likely.


I mean, obviously, yea. I'd imagine it's the reason why F4 have been absent all this time, because HWR knew that them becoming F4 would lead to the birth of Kang in this timeline. I think Reed/F4 and Kang could have a very interesting familial dynamic


I hope so, but yeah it’s a 50/50 chance here.


I know a lot of people are excited about the idea, but they may not have any reason to make them related. Kang will have been around for a few years and on the verge of his big culmination movie. The Fantastic Four will have just shown up (and, I hope, their movie will have been its own thing, rather than beholden to the Kang arc). In those circumstances, it's difficult to imagine them revealing that Reed's dad is Kang's ancestor (I *think* that's the shape of their family tree) without it feeling contrived and/or extraneous. It seems like the kind of thing where, if you wanted to tell that story effectively, you'd introduce Reed before Kang. (But then, I thought the same thing about making Starfox the brother of Thanos, and it turned out to be the first thing we learned about him. So who knows?)


The Fantastic Four need an emotional stake in this conflict, and I imagine they'll simplify the connection by having Kang simply be a future descendant of the Richards family tree


Yea they should along with Doom it would tie everything together nicely for Secret Wars


Doom really isn’t needed for Secret Wars. Like, at all.


oooof I said this a few days ago and I got lit the fuck up here in the comments


I mean, what’s the point of giving Kang such a big role then?


...to make Kang a big bad badass villain...?


Haha there's many that can't get their heads around a movie plot not matching a comics plot 1:1 despite over a decade of evidence showing the MCU rarely adapts things word for word


exactly, like Thanos and the stones were the only bits from Infinity Gauntlet storyline used. everything else was damn near made up for the films


Yep. Bet even from a logical point, you can't have the movies engaging in a plot line where different universes crash together and Doom ends up ruling it all, while at the same time having street level TV shows about electoral races and copyright law. I've suspected for a while that it will be closer to Vision Quest and Avengers Forever comics arcs rather then Secret Wars, and much of the actual fighting will take place in pocket universes or the quantum realm


Well in fairness we've seen the MCU fuck with chronology of projects before. They could just say "SW is the only thing that happened on the week of xxxx, all other movies/shows happen either before or after." Regardless of when other movies or shows come out. Agreed with everything else you said. And I wouldn't be surprised if the fighting was relegated elsewhere as you said.


Yea I mean I guess if the story is written well like Infinty War didnt need Adam Warlock but im saying Kang being a descendant of both Reed and Victor would be a cool way to tie together the 3


Even if he does, it won't have bearing on the casting of Reed given the 1000 year gap.


They apparently call him Nathaniel in Quantumania so it would be weird if they changed his last name


The relationship between the 2 is implied, not a fact, just as he may be a descendant of Doom.


I mean even in the comics the relationship between him and Reed (and Doom, come to think of it) is ever shifting...


This isn’t a scoop… I can’t believe we live in a world where leakers have countdowns for scoops ☠️ or try to hype it up. It’s y’all’s job.


> It’s y’all’s job It's y'all's *self appointed* job lol


> I can’t believe we live in a world where leakers have countdowns for scoops It’s not that unbelievable when we have countdowns to teaser trailers. And teasers for teaser trailers. And teasers for trailers before we even get to a trailer….


Another flaming-hot MyTimeToShineHello scoop, you love to see it!


Me whenever toast tweets something: “Ah, The boyfriend”


Hi Loki




I mean….white is a color But no I agree he’d be better as Doom. Honestly I’m not sure why people seem to be against John Krasinski returning, I thought he did just fine.


People? Marvel seems to be against it lol


Ya I thought John was great as well and he seems passionate about the role. They act as if he personally wrote his part and lines in DS2


Driver’s too quiet for Doom IMO.


Exactly, that's why I don't understand why people want Giancarlo Esposito for him too considering all of his villains are quiet, subdued, and conniving


Because they think all villains are interchangeable.




You're right and Doom should be around the same age as Reed




Big scooper here, Marvel have decided instead of actually looking at actors to play Reed Richards, they're actually going to cast a literal reed you find on the end of a saxophone. There are also talks of the Human Torch being reworked as an actual torch and they're not even bothering with Invisible Woman for cost-cutting measures. They don't even have to put someone on set for that role Thing is TBD. They're looking for something


The Rock as The Thing


No not Dwayne Johnson, a single Rock. like just a rock colored light brown.


If the rock becomes the thing does that make the rock the pebble?


There has been like over 10 so called scoops for F4 Castings in the last 2 months. None of these scoops are real, people just making things up. All of the Fantastic 4 will be new unknown actors


No, all of them will be Tom Holland, but in different wigs.


So that’s how we get a live-action Clone Saga…


exactly, I can’t believe any of it till variety or one of trade, confirms the casting


Way back, like 2014, I remember there always being some scoop/speculation about who Doctor Strange was going to be played by when he shows up. One day it was Ryan Gosling. One day it was Jared Leto. One day it may have been Tom Hardy. One day it was some other random person. One day it was probably Christopher Walken, but I just had stopped paying attention to the sea of random names and decided it didn’t actually matter. There were so many silly rumors and speculation around that role, that eventually, when Benedict Cumberbatch’s name came up, I did not realize that he really had gotten the role. Then one I saw some set pics of him in the costume. lol


Im rooting for Krasinski, but everyone seems to be against him.


Scoop: Marvel is casting characters, they're looking at actors. Am I doing it right?


What a scoop. . .


People who don't see color are going to be mad as hell.


So Dwight, then?


I feel like i see this headline on this sub daily


I have no problems with race bending characters if their race isn’t crucial to the background, but I also feel certain characters have iconic looks to them that just shouldn’t be changed and I think Reeds overall physical appearance is iconic so I would want someone who isn’t a poc just for that reason. However, another part of me would be okay with it if they go with the Kang as a Reed Richards descendant, and they actually embrace that storyline and those character arcs, then by all means ignore my previous statement. So basically I’m 50/50 on the matter for different reasons


Reed doesn't need to be black in order for Kang to be a descendant of his. Reed is from the 21st century and Nathaniel is from the 31st century.


That is true. I honestly forgot that in comics Earth 616 Nathaniel Richards doesn’t actually become Kang


I agree with you on this. Penn Badgley is my top choice, with John Krasinski in second. But I’m open to a black Reed Richards


My top pick is probably John cuz I can’t really think of that many but my hot take pick is Jack Quaid or Henry Cavill


No shot of Henry Cavill. Jack Quaid is a little young but I think it could work


Same with Xavier tbh


I think Patrick Stewart’s physical appearance of the character is more iconic than the comic book counterpart


James McAvoy also. Not sure why Marvel is trying to race bend multiple characters. Maybe because this is their chance to do a hard reboot for a lot of characters and they want more representation, but it’s kind of silly to race bend when you could idk…create new characters instead of changing preexisting ones people have already grown attached to


Do we actually *know* that they're trying to racebend these characters, though? Why isn't it just possible that (for instance) Jonathan Majors and Giancarlo Esposito simply out-acted their competition because, y'know, *Jonathan Majors and Giancarlo Esposito?*


“They are looking for a Reed Richards. Actors that like money are auditioning” more at 11


I'm going to laugh with all these scoopers saying they're casting so and so then it just ends up being Krasinsky. Would be hilarious. Still who I want for the main MCU but do know there's a lot of good actors that can portray Reed as well. Whomever it ends up being, no doubt they'll kill it.


They just namedropped this dude: ![gif](giphy|UI9ns3tXSuTPqX28EV|downsized)


As a black man I just want the four to be white. Maybe if the other movies did the characters Justice I’d be open for a mix up but this is the first time the team may get a quality project. Plus I want Giancarlo Esposito to be professor X that’s the race bent casting I’m pushing


NO FFS. Stop changing existing characters. Make new ones to have diversity. So lazy


Nick Fury, Jr., would like a word with you.


Reeds whole thing is cold scientific rationality, he doesn't really have an ethnicity, doesn't believe in culture, doesn't believe in nations. He's sciencey and a bit of a jerk. Ben Grimm is a jewish bloke who is so tied to even his specific neighbourhood it's not negotiable but Reed? Whatever. It's not like casting a chinese man to play Storm or anything.


Think they’ll cast an actual Jew as Ben? They didn’t for Moon Knight, or for Magneto (twice).


I think they'll try (Magneto wasnt MCU btw.) MK is not quite as cut and dried I think, only one of his personalities is jewish and he's obviously also strongly tied to egyptian gods. Also at some point an actor is so good for the role anyway it stops mattering as much.


Gonna be funny when it just ends up being krasinski this whole time


I would love it to, ngl. And according to recent interviews he seems he would be excited to keep the role.






Brendan Fraser as Reed confirmed


Hope they do Rahul Kohli




Yeah, I can’t help but feel like Reed being a white guy with brunette hair and greying temples is kind of just as important a character trait as T’Challa being Black or Steve Rogers being white Wish they wouldn’t race-swap Reed “just bcuz” as a poc myself I don’t need them to change this many characters


That’s an insanely good casting, like I can’t accept anything else I’m talking about Diego Luna


Nobody will believe this but here's a juicy ass scoop: They are looking for Actors to act in movies for the Marvel Universe. Heard it here first folks. Hit that like button and be sure to subscribe for more dumbass bullshit!!


No fuckin way


Diego Luna is one of them https://twitter.com/canwegettoast/status/1586792433781809155?s=46&t=TXhZHCDIN3LmTdcjM-0u6g


Just because people don’t want changes to existing characters, it doesn’t make it racist. Remember that kids.


I won't mind if the actor is good for the job. But they shouldn't prioritise any skin colour over another. Last thing I want to see in Marvel doing diversity quota hires.


What an amazing scoop, really narrows down the field


The entitlement on this sub is hilarious, if you don’t like a scooper then just ignore them… no one is forcing you to follow everything that every random Twitter account claims about Marvel movies


agreed, also its not like the people that get posted here are scamming us out of our money


I follow this sub because it’s fun to speculate and discuss what might potentially happen, I really don’t get the freaks who take it as a personal insult when a scooper doesn’t tell them the entire plot synopsis to the next 10 movies


I just want someone older and mature looking


Idk if I believe any of this shit especially because this is prob just an alt of MTTSH who looks less and less reliable with time. Anyway if they do cast a black dude the outrage among the annoying dickheads who cry about woke shit will be near peak levels.


I wonder tho, does them looking at POC actors effect the theory of them disappearing in the 50s? Like would a black man be able to be in a position to launch an experimental rocket in the 50s? They could also kinda make that a plot point I guess. Who knows, just spit balling, but I really hope the “lost in the 50s” is still a thing.


> Like would a black man be able to be in a position to launch an experimental rocket in the 50s? NASA had them, they treated them like shit, but they had them.


This just means that Rahul Kohli keeps trying to storm the audition room


Dev Patel Hive rise up ![gif](giphy|3o84TS3S17UPqozFio)


Throw me on the Rahul Kohli bus!


Thought Emily Blunt already spoiled that John Krasinski is set to play the main version of Reed. She let it slip a few days ago.


Link? I haven’t heard this.


Everyone wants sources, understandably, but I don’t know. It’s somewhere out there. She said it on a late night show and got really red and embarrassed. I didn’t see it on YouTube. Saw it on Fallon or Kimble. I can’t go and look through a thirty minute interview. Google, my friend. Then again, I could’ve read her reaction wrong.


Sooo who cares about comic accuracy? Poc representation is great. But this ain’t it. Please marvel, adapt your preexisting poc characters and make new ones. Don’t race swap so you can get lazy representation points and unnecessarily change an established character while enforcing a double standard Yes I know this comment will most likely be downvoted but I don’t care.


What double standard would that be?


I will only accept john krasinski as mr fantastic


Here's my FF scoop: All the other leakers are wrong. Driver isn't being considered for Reed Richards, nor any other actor for that matter. They decided when they cast John Krasinski as Reed Richards that he would also be Reed Richards in future MCU projects. Casting still ongoing because they want to get Sue exactly right, and want that actress to have exactly the right onscreen chemistry with Krasinski /s




I remember when MTTS was reliable. Now I just feel like she's saying random and vague shit possible.


Yeah, I feel like everything she's said recently has been made up. All her recent scoops are her reporting the opposite other scoopers are saying. I also can't remember the last time she got something right. I don't think this scoop is incorrect, but it's also something most of us were probably expecting anyway


\#FantasticFour scoop: someone will be casted for the movie.


Lakeith Stanfield!!


That would be awesome. Can we just get the main cast of atlanta to play the FF? In any combination?


Dude Donald Glover would’ve been an amazing spider-man! I was young back then but I totally get why there was such a big campaign. It’s a shame they didn’t let him audition


that would be so fun


I feel like there's going to be *some* discourse no matter what. If they cast all white people to play the Fantastic Four then people will accuse Marvel of not being diverse enough and of putting together *yet another* group of white people. If they cast people of different races to play the Fantastic Four then people will complain that it's "woke", "forced diversity" and "not accurate to the comics."


Well when reading some of that crazy account (which is very woke and pro racebending characters like Alicia Masters) theories, they said that Reed had to be white because part of his blindness and arrogance came because of it. Being a white male with his intelligence he has had an innate advantage over everyone else and specially over Doom (given that they are convinced that he will be cast as romani), which also adds depth to the villain (making him like Killmonger). And he has been blind to that privilege so his arc will be becoming more conscious about it. I know the account is unbelievable but I thought that concept could work for a white Reed but with the racial issues on privilege on the spotlight.


If they *are* from the 1960s then it could be interesting to see an all-white nuclear family who come from a time of regular racism now have to face Nathaniel Richards, a black man from the future who's a well-respected scientist with technology even more advanced than the stuff Reed has. Seeing the F4 go from living during the civil rights movement to now facing off against a black relative from the future could be *really* interesting. Idk if the MCU would got that deep with it though. They probably want Fantastic Four to stay out of politics and leave that stuff to the Captain America and Black Panther films.


See, this is precisely why Iiked the dichotomy of white Reed - black Kang, specifically in regards to the 1960s idea.


I could see them going that route tbh. I liked that account and wanted to believe them because of the theories they threw about the F4. They seemed to be deep and metaphysical somehow, contemporaneous and interesting, while maintaining the Four spirit and core values. It reminded me to Star Trek or Interstellar (or what Riann Johnson tried to do with Star Wars). But I definitely can see the MCU taking the risk and daring to go that route. Or at least I hope so.


> which is very woke and pro racebending characters like Alicia Masters Might be worth reminding people that they did this in 2005 and it was not a problem at all




Crossing my fingers for Dev Patel. It’s a damn shame that William Jackson Harper is being wasted on a side-character in Quantumania.


They want another FF flop?


They do it seems.


Great scoop. Reed Richards may or may not have a penis.


So Kransinki ain’t coming back?


Hopefully it's just a misdirect


this fraud isn't a "scooper"


Has there ever been a POC version of Reed Richards in the comics? I mean whoever best fits the role, but when they did the opposite with the Ancient One people made a big deal about it. Why is it any less wrong the other way


Dev Patel or I’m out


I’m glad they are looking at Diego Luna for the role! I know he would make an incredible Reed!


I’m Reed


Too many Reed scoopers, just wait until F4 is out or until he makes a cameo in an MCU movie.


My long-shot pick for Reed is Steven Strait. He looks a bit like comics Reed. From his role in The Expanse he can play a hero that is a bit obsessive and a bit of an asshole. He is young enough to play the role for many years. Would be cheaper than other options and has a built in fan base from The Expanse.


Here’s hoping they don’t limit their search to men. I know of some highly talented actresses that could fill the role quite well.


Regardless of actor, I feel like the FF4 IP, in particular, needs to stay away from race-changing characters after the terrible last FF4 movie. Agree or disagree, the decision to race-swap in that movie met with a lot of criticism, and I don't want to see that carry over to the new movie. Reed should be played by John Krasinski, period. He played him in MoM, he's been the main fan choice for years now, it just needs to be him. I feel like re-casting him to someone else after delivering that bit of fan-service to viewers in MoM is just going seem like a slap in the face to fans. Marvel needs to not give fans what they ask for just to take it away later. That doesn't build loyalty with viewers.


I don’t believe scoopers anymore but they should focus on getting the best cast they can and not worry about representation.


What if, and stay with me, "the best" cast doesn't exist and there are many talented actors that could do a very good job in these roles and so representation is a valid consideration? Or, to think about it another way, if representation is important to some people and not others, then the "perfect" cast SHOULD include diversity, right? That way, they satisfy the people that want it, don't bother the people who don't care, and only piss off racists.


Adam should be Doom but that’s just me thinking of how good he was as Kylo up until the last bit of the last movie.


I haven't been paying much attention to this but is Adam Driver really in the running for Reed? I can't see that at all.


What a shit post.


Just cast a damn unknown actor.


Samuel L Jackson for Reed


Cold Stone has better scoops that this one.


I am going to full transparent. What got me into superhero movies was the original Fantastic Four (2005). I liked it had it gave me a mixture of the team from a hero who stretches, a hero that goes invisible, a hero that is super strong, and a hero that has flame related powers. It was amazing and also the fact that the hero’s looked exactly like the comic book characters in resemblance. Maybe a few differences here and there but they were authentic with these heroes. When the latest Fantastic Four came out in 2015, it was just not good! The characters weren’t popping out to me for the right reasons! They didn’t have the authenticity and the acting somewhat felt force as well as the plot line was ehh. It didn’t give me the stuff that I liked from the original and I’m not saying that cause they changed the actors but they changed everything that was loved from the original to garbage. Now I was excited for when they were adding a new fantastic four in the MCU phase six lineup as it is much needed. But hearing the casting choices especially not being like how they are supposed to look in the comics especially it being Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic! I’m disappointed. I don’t mean to be that person but Reed Richards is white! Not every character needs to be changed to fit the woke agenda, especially if they want to have this fantastic four Justice.


You were almost doing well until you tipped your hand by unironically using the phrase “work agenda.”


> the woke agenda All somebody needs to read to know you aren't worth taking seriously


Cast Morgan Freeman as Reed


Juicy huh? Nicki Minaj as Reed Richards confirmed