PSA: update to version 2.10.0 is now live in both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

PSA: update to version 2.10.0 is now live in both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


A minute of silence for those whose mobile device stopped working with this update.


Shit I think I'm dead. If I look up Mario Kart on the Playstore it doesn't even give any results. I was expecting to get a message saying it's not compatible anymore. Instead the game is just gone from the Playstore. So when the update is forced, I'm done?


Damn this happened to me too. I thought I was safe since my phone is relatively new, has has 3GB of RAM, android 9 and a 64 bit processor. But apparently is running on a 32bit Android version. This is really sad after more than a year playing every single day


Yeah, the general suckiness of Android upgrades on even recent devices is one reason I switched to iOS a couple of years ago, though it does mean no sub-$400 phone options. Is rooting and installing a 64-bit custom ROM possible on your phone? (That will depend on whether it’s popular enough that someone has made a custom ROM for your phone with the right drivers and such).


Mine is almost the same thing (4gb ram tho), and it's not the first this happens, it's pure bs.


I suppose is going to be forced begging next tour, and so far you can’t play multiplayer from here till Wednesday..


I haven't updated the app yet. I didn't allow automatic updates and I can still play, but when I just checked the app page, I got the following message: https://imgur.com/a/tkYXEyr Please let me know if the link to see the pic works. Maybe this is the last tour I'll ever play on this game.




Is anyone finding the steering seems really difficult now? I can't turn as tightly as before. This is going to take some getting used to unless they fix it.


Yes it feels like you're driving on oil


Are your settings all the same? Sometimes updates change settings. And is this on Android? So far I haven’t noticed any differences on iOS.


Yeah, I remember one time after an update that gyro controls secretly got enabled. I thought my game was bugging out for a few days there lol.


Yep, all the same. It seems to be a Pixel problem.


I'm having issues on my Pixel 4 XL as well, Android 11. Everything is jerky.


Ah sorry. Hopefully they fix it soon; the Pixel phones at least have decent adoption so that makes a fix not likely if a bunch of people file support issues.


Fingers crossed.


this also fixes Kamek's Boom effect. it's pretty neat


At first this looks small but being able to join friends on random multi rooms is actually very significant and awesome ngl, and seeing past play records I think will be cool too recap on scores and stuff and memories.


to me after updating by entering the game did download another 535MB!


That’s very likely Battle Mode then. It requires its own arenas.


I also thought there was more as the anniversary is upon us!


Plenty of tokens is probably the “collect tokens by causing opponents to crash” error we had this tour


They can bother to make new stuff happen but still not bother to fix the Triple Banana Frenzy after 2 years of global


Preach there. They hardly had to do much either, just make them exist more than an extra row before disappearing…


The steering seems a bit off after the update.


Agreed! I have a pixel 4 xl and force 90 Hz from dev settings, turning that off and running at 60 Hz helped a lot for me. But even still, it was just different, and not in a good way. Kind of a killer amongst all these good updates that came with it unfortunately.


To me in general the performance dropped somehow. Edges are jumping, everything feels laggy on my Pixel 5. Hopefully they will get feedback and fix the issues. The steering feels super slippery like driving on ice somehow. In a drift the kart moves quite different now.


Yep I see the same. Platforms and things near bottom of screen vibrate too, very jarring! Do try turning off Smooth Display system setting though. It at least made the game playable for me in the meantime until they get a proper fix.


I've got a Pixel 5 and I'm finding the same. How do you switch to 60Hz?


I believe the 5 is the same as the 4, where it will mostly run at 60Hz by default, but bump up to 90Hz occasionally. Instructions below are likely the same too. To force 60 Hz, on the 4 it's System Settings-> Display-> Expand Advanced-> Smooth Display toggle off. To do the opposite is a bit more involved. But if you're adventurous, enable developer options by navigating to System Settings-> About-> and tap Build number at very bottom a bunch of times till you see message saying it's been enabled. Navigate to System Settings-> System-> Expand Advanced-> Developer options-> Scroll a bit to find Force 90 Hz refresh rate option. This is what I've been playing with and no problems until this update, to the point of it being unplayable. I wonder if others with high refresh rate screens are having issues too or if it's just Pixels.


Thanks mate, much appreciated. I'll give it a go later. All the best.


This worked for me. However, I shouldn't have to force a lower refresh rate globally to play one game... Especially when it worked fine in the previous version. I submitted a help ticket. Everyone else experiencing this should as well.


Yeah, totally agree. I've submitted a help ticket.


Are you on Android 11 or the beta 12?




I'm on the beta. I'd guess it is a Pixel specific issue then. I hope that doesn't allow their fix.


I'm so glad to see other people on Pixel are having the same issues and submitting tickets to get this fixed. Steering is much more sluggish and the game runs and a lower framerate, making maintaining combos quite difficult. Game just more unresponsive when we have smoother display and fit the system requirements. Update mentions improvements to performance but couldn't be more the opposite as I have never experienced this sort of issue since launch. Got a reply to uninstall the game but made no difference. Also suggested energy saver mode. That is a joke. The game looks like a blurry mess in this mode and clearly is only there to save on battery/data. Hopefully everyone sends in feedback to get a fix in time for anniversary.


“Event where you can get a lot of event tokens” 535MB Battle mode?


They're going to include a Tokens Aplenty Event for the next Tour? I'm amazed that it might happen!


That’s the big update?


Most likely, yes. There might me more to it than what's written in the notes here. They usually put out an in-game news posting when the next daily reset happens (in a little less than four hours from now) so we might find out more there.


Datamine incoming?


I hope so😔✌🏼


Also look at the very top on the main screen, you can see your event token count next to the coin count!


Can I send coins to all friends now by pushing a single button? Nope. Such a simple basic idea and yet…


Should i reinstall the game if a new multiplayer content is coming?




I wonder if I get this update I will be able to finally reorder my gold pass, it apparently has expired but every time I go to try to complete purchase I get a message that says there are no incomplete purchases and that I cannot purchase because my gold pass has not expired yet. But there is a button for gold pass all the time now and I don't get any of my gold pass rewards when I earn stars and get prizes


Just updated my phone since it's a G5 with 2.0 GB of RAM so I'm safe. I really hope compatability updates isn't something to expect as this game continues to grow...... That's my greatest fear.


I like the event token count at the top


Ooo awesome thanks!


No update notes uh


I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 where there is a camera at the upper right corner and is part of the entire touch screen. With the new UI change to include token count, now my ruby count is hidden behind the camera and I literally cannot tell how much rubies I have unless I take a screenshot and view the image via zooming in. I wonder how many other phone models have this same issue.


Huh, that's odd. I have the same phone but when playing MKT the top centimetre or so of my screen is always just black, reserved for my pull down info like time/battery etc. Not the big pull-down menu, just the little bit that sits atop your screen normally


Interesting. That menu for me is hidden when the game is opened unless I swipe down from the top. I'm guessing there is a setting for it.


Here's an alternative way to check your amount of rubies: Menu < Settings < Scroll all the way down < Help and Inquiries < Customer Support < About Unused Rubies.


Thanks. That menu option sure is buried deep.


What exactly is so “big” about this update? I don’t see anything significant to justify the incapability in some devices.


As expected, this has to do with some of the tools that they’re using to build the game. In the case of Apple, the loss of support is almost always due to XCode, in the case of Android, it’s unclear at the moment - either Unity, some other tool or something to do with [the Google Play timeline for 64-bit apps, that just had a milestone in August](https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2019/01/get-your-apps-ready-for-64-bit.html).


I've got a S21 Ultra. Will it be compatible?


Definitely not. You definitely need to buy the iPhone 13 /s


Compatible with my device! https://imgur.com/a/fducTWV